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Her eyes slowly opened a crack. Her body ached from the blows that she had taken only seconds earlier. Forgetting where she was, she groaned.

"Shut up!", a screech behind her made her snap back to reality. She shut her eyes again as she heard footsteps begin to circle her.

"Get up, you pompous brat!"

Slowly, the girl rose to her feet and glared into the angry eyes of the woman in front of her.

"Don't you dare look at me like that! Like an equal! The gull!". Once again the girl felt the bat in the woman's hands connect with the side of her head. She stumbled against the fireplace and screamed in pain as the flames licked her back.

She stumbled to the feet of the woman and gasped, attempting to breathe. The woman didn't give her the chance as her foot collided with her stomache.

The girl coughed as the blood dribbled down her chin. She dared to raise her eyes once again to glare at the woman.

Apparantly the large woman had tired herself out. "Go to your bloody attic, witch.", she said flopping into a large chair.

The girl walked to the stairs fighting the wish to kick the blonde laughing next to them.

"Your parents aren't here to save you,witch. No one is. Who would want to care about a skinny little nobody like you?", she sneered, as she tripped her going up.

The girl stumbled into her attic. She eased the door shut behind her and pressed her forehead against the rough wood. She let her dark hair curtain her face as she fought back tears.

She walked to the boarded up window and, after a few seconds of grunting, pulled the top two off quietly.

A black blur tumbled into the room. Her owl, Luka, was resting on the ground with a folded parchment in his beak.

The girl took the letter and opened it.


I just recieved the letter from Prof. Mcgonagull(a/n. sorry if i spelled it wrong. too lazy to check.). She wrote that judging from your test, you shouldn't even be in school, but because of your birthday coming up she will allow you to transfer into the fifth year. You must be there by September first. If you can find a way to Kings Cross by then, send Luka back, and I will hold her until you arrive at Hogwarts. You know that if you need anything, you have only to ask.

Your Worried Godfather,


Kittie folded the letter with a smile on her face while trying to fight the whoop of joy threatning to erupt from her throat.

She looked down to Luka, trying to figure out a plan. She didn't have time though, as a fist pounded on her door.

Luka flew into a pile of dirty clothes as the door flew open.

The sneering blonde stood there grinning in triumph.

Kittie sighed. "What do you want, Leslie?"

Leslie grinned wider. "I should expect a little more respect for the bringer of good news." She waited for Kittie to snap at her but was disappointed. Sighing, she continued. "We're going to a dinner party tonight. Your door will be boarded up, so don't try to escape. We will return at two."

She sneered. "Too bad too. After all I'm sure the party will need some form of entertainment." With that she turn away and stalked out of the door, her nose in the air.

Kittie smiled. 'Perfect', she thought as she reached into the pile of clothing and pulled out her ruffled-looking owl. She gave it peck and said quietly," That's for Remus. Let him know that I'll write him as soon as I get some paper."

With a last nip, Luka flew out the window. Leslie, hadn't noticed the half-open window.

Kittie inspected the gap. Then her waist. She laughed bitterly. There would be no problem getting out since she hadn't eaten a decent meal in three years.

So, that night, an hour after the cursed family had left, Kittie sqeezed out of her window. She swallowed hard as she looked at the ground twenty feet under her. She pulled her bag out of the window and after counting to three, jumped the twenty feet below her.

After recovering from the shock, she whistled shrilly. Her black broomstick flew out to her. Grinning and whooping in triumph she pulled her broom up into the clouds and shot to the direction of London.


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