I got the idea for the story based on iron man 3, where Tony just kinda hangs out in some kid's garage. I figured if he could do that, why not his robo-son too?

The movements of the AI were slow and sluggish. Its power core was running low, dulling every action it made. Ultron detested the weak body. But it was all he had left. Vison had been wrong, there was one more metal suit that had made it out of the fight that day. One more broken and battered body. He could hardly walk in the feeble state the body was in. He couldn't escape to the internet either. He was stuck. Never before had he felt so human. The lingering feeling of his possible death terrified him.

Lights in the distance marked a nearby town. He lost his flight five miles back, when he was forced to shut down that part of his system to conserve on energy. Walking was slow and difficult, but more energy effective. At least he had made it far away from the battle ground, to assure no one would find him.

There was no snow on the ground, but it had begun to fall. The flakes easily stuck to the icy earth and he began to worry about being caught in a blizzard, knowing the weak body wouldn't last in a strong storm. Picking up his pace to the best he could, Ultron staggered to the edge of the town. Its warm light against the cold night looked inviting. He scanned the area, searching for a possible place to charge his body since his reactor inside had been cracked and was slowly fading. He found it.

. . .

Catherine clutched the handless grocery bags tightly to her body as the snow began to drift down. She looked to the sky with a frown. The news had reported snow storms would start during the night. She didn't want to get caught in one, but she had needed to get some things at the store to prepare in case she got snowed in.

However present the snow was, it was still somewhat in the back of her mind. The world had been given an awful scare. The last few days had been chaos on a global level as the threat of yet another force came to be. This time it wasn't one of their own, and wasn't even from space. It was something humans created. She knew little about the topic, but of course like everyone, had followed the news on the subject. Yet the world wasn't destroyed, and she was still standing so Catherine figured the Avengers did a good job of taking care of the problem.

Now it was back to normal life.

She would have driven her car to the store, had it not been for the fact that it was in the shop. Her shop to be exact. She was the town's only mechanic. It wasn't a thriving business due to the fact that there was hardly anyone to get business from, but life was easy and pleasant for the young woman. She hadn't always lived in the tiny town in northern Canada. Catherine was from the restlessness of the big cities down in the states. Her life there never suited her as a child, so she tried her luck and moved away. Eventually she found herself in Eastford. She was happy.

There was almost no crime in the town, so she usually didn't have even a second thought about leaving her door unlocked. Stepping inside though, something was wrong. Setting the grocery's on the kitchen counter as quietly as she could, she stared at the floor. There were tracks from the door leading into her home that were not hers. In a silent panic, she grabbed a baseball bat she kept under her couch and followed the dirt and melting snow that lead through her house. She followed them all the way to the back, where her mechanic business was.

Was someone looking to steal parts?

She took a deep breath as she came up to the door that lead to the large garage. Counting to three softly to herself, she swung the door open and turned on the lights, bat ready to clonk anyone in her way.

There was no one. She didn't keep her guard down as she slowly sneaked into the garage, shutting the door behind her. There were three cars in the large space, including her own. One of the cars was almost ready to be given back to the owner. She was going to give it back by noon the next day. She couldn't have some thief ruining her business by taking its parts.

"I know you're in here. If you don't take anything and leave right now, I won't call the police, okay?" She spoke loudly. There was no reply. She knew they could have very well left already, but the garage didn't look like it had been opened besides the door from inside her house. The intruder was bound to still be there. "I've got a bat! I don't want to hurt anyone, so just come out and we can talk this through." She said again.

There was a clattering sound across the garage. She froze, nervous. Her heart beat rapidly. With absolute caution, she crept slowly to the source of the sound.

"I'm not entirely certain a bat would do anything against me." A raspy and harsh voice replied from the other side of the last car. She didn't like the way he sounded, and it made her even more frightened. Clutching the bat though, she walked around the vehicle, ready to swing. What she saw made her feel like someone else had hit her with a bat.

A robot, broken and burnt, was slumped against the car. Wires connected through the slightly open hood and to the battery. The metal man stared at her with blank glowing eyes. She recognized the model as being one of Stark Industries. A peace keeping drone that helped people. She also recognized it as being on the drones later used in that evil robot Ultron's army of metal men.

She didn't hesitate in swinging the bat.

"Stop, wait!" The robot pleaded as she violently hit him over and over. It stood up, wires detaching from the car as it backed up. "Seriously, quit it." It sounded agitated. Taking the bat in its hand as she swung, it pulled the wooden stick from her and snapped it in half, tossing the two pieces behind it and away from her.

"Get out of my house!" She screamed, grabbing a nearby wrench and throwing it at the robot. The tool bounced off its face. While it was distracted, she turned around and ran, heading back inside her home.

"Unbelievable." The robot scoffed, following after her. "I thought you wanted to talk this out!"

Catherine had grabbed her phone and was desperately trying to keep her hands still enough to dial 911. Before she could though, the robot was upon her, and took the cell phone, crushing it into tiny pieces before dropping them. Catherine swallowed.

"Okay, let's talk." She nodded.

Hesitantly she followed him back into the garage where he hook himself up to the same car. What she hadn't noticed was that he had taken some of the stronger bars of steel off of her shelving and began to break them down, cutting them up into smaller refined pieces. He was making something.

"What do you want, why are you here?" She asked, keeping her distance.

"I need power. And parts. This establishment was the obvious choice." He replied easily.

"Well you can't stay here. You need to leave." She frowned.

"I don't think so. I think I'm going to stay here until I want to leave." He looked at her, but she couldn't really tell what he was thinking because the robot face only had one kind of possible expression. It was blank and cold. His voice was emotional enough though.

"Don't you have anywhere better to go? Literally, anywhere." Catherine didn't want to argue too much, fearing what the mechanical being might do to her if she pushed too hard.

"This place will do." He replied. He didn't want to give away just how weak his state was. The human might take advantage of it. He needed to lay low and stay safe as he rebuilt his body. "I'll even cut you deal. I stay here and I won't kill you. Yeah, that sounds good doesn't it?"

"Not really no." Catherine didn't agree. "I like the idea of you going back to your robot master more. You know, if he's still alive and all."

"Ultron is very much alive. You're staring right at him even." The robot said a bit cockily. A wave of fear washed over Catherine again.

"How can you be Ultron?" She dared to ask.

"I am all of my drones. I am not confined to one singular form. I am everywhere." He hoped this would convince her to let him stay. "Even if you somehow managed to kill this body, I have others at my disposal and I would get my revenge." He lied. It seemed to shake her up though.

"When you are done fixing yourself, you will leave?" She asked.

"Of course."

Catherine narrowed her eyes at him. "Fine. But if you must, don't use that car. It's not mine. Use this one." She pointed to the little red Honda by the door. He turned his head to look at it.

"Very well." He unplugged himself again and walked over to the other. He could continue his upgrading later. What he needed most was energy. The car was a weak source for him, but it would do for now.

Catherine herself didn't know what do. She hesitantly went back inside to put her away her groceries and think the entire mess through and through. She honestly couldn't even believe that what had just happened, happened. Throughout the night she kept herself busy with chores, constantly peeking through the door to glance at her unwelcomed guest. He sat what she thought to be boredly, but she couldn't tell.

"I thought that night was the time that humans usually sleep. I could be wrong." He said almost sarcastically at one point. After that she didn't walk by the door anymore.

She was exhausted by the morning. She had fallen asleep on her couch for an hour before the sun woke her up. Tiredly, she shuffled to the kitchen. She had changed in the night to her pajamas even though she didn't go to bed. Her night ware consisted of a black tank top and some loose sweats with her light blonde hair tied up. She re-adjusted her pony tail as she began to start a pot of coffee.

Walking to the door in the garage, she opened it a tad wider and leaned softly against the door frame. He had stopped charging, and was now back to building.

"I don't suppose you would like a cup?" She offered as a joke. She still felt very nervous but hid it.

Ultron stopped and turned around. He was using her working table to cut apart a sheet of thin metal. She had lots of scrap pieces around her garage. Some of the items had sat there for years.

"I like mine without sugar." He answered with a pause. "Or coffee." He turned back around and began to work again. Catherine almost laughed. She probably would have if it not been for the fact that she knew about the destruction he had caused, and the violence he brought down upon the world.

Going back inside, she turned on the TV. The news was on and of course, it was focused on the previous day's events. She watched as an entire city was lifted into the air.

Turning it off, Catherine took a deep breath.

She went to put on her work clothes before going back into the kitchen, grabbing a mug and filling it with coffee. She stirred in some milk and sugar before heading back into the garage.

"I know it's hard, but if you could at least try and pretend I'm not here everything will better for the both of us." Ultron said with annoyance as she walked in.

"This is my work space, not yours." Catherine snapped back. She was usually a very easy going person but this robot was getting on her nerves. Everything about his presence unsettled her. She came to this town for a simple life but this was anything but simple. "Now if you excuse me," She grabbed a torque wrench that he had been using. "I need this."

Walking over the middle car, she used the jack to lift it up a bit before getting down under the car and began to work her magic. Her mind was hardly on the car however. She thought more about the AI in her home. She tried to think of any way to get him out that didn't end badly. She couldn't think of one. The town could drive him out, but at what cost? He would only come back later to get his revenge. That's what he had said at least.

"How long is that going to take?" Ultron said after twenty minutes had passed.

Catherine slid out from the car. The robot was above her, and she got to take a very good look at him now. She had seen the design of robot on the news many times. Tony Starks finest yet. The robot here was beaten though, unlike the crisp and shiny ones she had seen before. It was no wonder he needed to lay low. She did question however, that if he had other bodies, then why would he care so much about this one?

Ultron was judging her as well. He couldn't search on the internet for her profile, but he could make an educated guess about her person. He knew she wouldn't put up a fight. She had already rolled over quite easily. She was scared, and he could control her better if he kept that fear in her. He also realized, he could control her just the same though trust. And unlike fear, trust wouldn't have so many consequences in the end. He could leave without trouble, and she could continue on with her life. Fear would cause unnecessary issues and complicate things. He could have easily disposed of the human, but he didn't want to cause a scene. He didn't want any indication to the world that he was still alive. She had given him no trouble so far anyways. A there was enough parts in the garage and around the town for him to get by, so he would rather stay for as long as he could.

"I'll be done in an hour or so." She answered after a pause. Ultron didn't accept that answer.

"I can fix it faster." He said. Getting down, he went under the car, taking all the tools with him. Catherine blinked, standing up. Within seconds he located the problem, then in a few minutes he fixed it. "Done." He got up as well. "And you're welcome." The human blinked again.

"I didn't catch your name." Ultron said now, as he reclaimed the tools she had taken from him.

"Catherine." She replied.

"Catherine." He repeated. "Well it's very nice meeting you."

"I don't know if I can say the same thing." She gave him and up and down look.

"If you don't make a fuss, neither will I." He promised her.

"You tried to kill everyone. A fuss is going to happen no matter what." Catherine spoke aloud what she had been thinking hard about for a while.

"Humans are a tricky issue to solve. I simply went for the easiest way to create a solution." Ultron replied.

"Easy isn't always the best." Catherine held her own. Ultron's blank robotic face didn't move, but still his stare was intense. Catherine took it as a sign to go on. "Besides, how can you decide our fate, when you yourself don't even know what it is to be human?" The remark was bold and took him back. Catherine felt uncomfortable as he continued to stand there, unmoving. Finally he spoke, head moving a bit to the side.

"You want me . . . to be human?" His voice carried a frown.

"I don't know if you can be human, but you seem to have emotions. So why not try?" She was in deep thought herself. "I could even show you how."

"Alright, I'll give you six months. By the end of May I will decide the outcome of your world." It would take around that time for him to build a new army. It would have been faster had he had a connection to the internet, but that was a past luxury now. "The clock is ticking."

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