First of, the title has nothing to do with the time of the year. You'll just understand what it means as you read through. Second, yaoi pairings alert, and I won't bother saying what they are. Once again, you'll realize why.

You'll be shocked at what I have to say here. This fic was inspired, surprisingly, by an episode of Mickey Mouse Works on the Disney Channel. They played out one of my favorite stories. It reminded me of some fic foolishness my friends and I did once, and suddenly, this popped out of nowhere.

I was originally gonna make it one of those fics where you stick the characters into the story and make them say the lines and do the actions, but I realized that a) there are many of those types of fics; b) I didn't have enough characters to stick into all the roles; which goes in hand with c) even if I did have enough characters, I wouldn't know how to stick them in whichever; and d) I think this came out better anyway.

So, here it begins. Weiss is not mine. I love Omi with all my everything. But the characters and story are not mine. Though, I do want to go to Japan and stalk Koyasu Takehito and demand him to free me of my obsession. He's a genius. A pure genius. I should shut up now and go on to the story.

A Midsummer Nightmare

By Riisha

Chapter 1 – The Roles We Play

"I saw him first."

"And you socked him the day after."

"You still remember that?? He attacked me the night before. What was I supposed to do?!"

"Definitely not sock him."

"Well what did you do??"

"I brought him up to my room after YOU fought with him."

"But that was …"

"Oh … And did I mention that I gave him his nickname?"

Hidaka Ken opened his mouth to retort. Then closed it, bewildered and angry.

Kudou Yohji only grinned. "I've won this round, Hidaka."

"You wish, Kudou!!"

Tsukiyono Omi sighed and put down his book, "Yohji-kun! Ken-kun! I'm trying to read! I have this book report I need to turn in in a couple of weeks!"

Yohji wrinkled his nose at Omi, "Fine." And he walked away, "It was getting dull around here anyway. And soccer boy is getting on my nerves again."

Ken glared at him, "I'm getting on your nerves?"

Omi groaned, slumping back against the sofa chair. They were both getting on his nerves. More and more so every single day …

It had been like this everyday since then, that fateful day, when the two men realized that they had affection for the same person. Since then, they had declared war on each other, pushing the other down, beating at each other, each trying to come up victorious.

And yet, neither has actually been able to make a solid move on their 'target'.

Not that Omi was surprised. He was sure that even Yohji himself was having a hard trying to figure out how to come on to Fujimiya Aya.

Recently, however, the two have gotten closer to actually trying to flirt with their red-haired teammate. Unfortunately, each attempt was always somehow thwarted by the other.

Truly war …

Omi sighed. It was ridiculous. They were arguing over Aya. Aya! The ice prince himself, who probably didn't even give a damn about them. On the surface at least. Well, at least they all hoped it was only on the surface.

Ironic really. The situation was all too familiar to him. It wasn't exact. But it was familiar. Two men fighting over the same woman… Or man… Or person… Or … whatever…

Omi picked up the book he was reading, the same one he needed to do a report on.

A Midsummer Night's Dream, by William Shakespeare.

He fingered the cover delicately, and opened the book to the first page. All the characters were listed there. His eyes zeroed in on two consecutive names.

Lysander – In love with Hermia; Rival to Demetrius

Demetrius – In love with Hermia; Rival to Lysander

Yohji and Ken fit Lysander and Demetrius perfectly, Hermia obviously being Aya in their case. Well, not very obviously, because in the story, Hermia was, in truth, in love with Lysander.

He checked his list to make sure.

Hermia – Daughter to Egeus; In love with Lysander

Yep … There it was. Hermia was in love with Lysander, who was supposed to Yohji. But in real life, Aya seemed to not have interest in any of his two 'suitors'.

"Hey, Omi. What is that anyway?"

"Nothing, Ken-kun. It's a Shakespeare book."

Ken wrinkled his nose. "Dunno how you have the patience for those stories, Omi."

"You should try reading it anyway. It's actually very interesting … You see it's about …"

He was interrupted by a sudden yell. Ken's eyes had narrowed, "Excuse me, Omi. Yohji's somehow managed to get close to Aya again."

Omi groaned, which only made Ken chuckle. "I know you're fed up with it, Omi. But if I let Yohji get even a centimeter closer to Aya, I'd be losing!" He ruffled Omi's hair playfully, "Wish me luck!"

Omi managed a small smile, "Ganbatte, Ken-kun."

He returned to his book, sighing again as Ken ran off, hoping to foil Yohji's attempts at flirting with Aya. Omi still thought it was silly but he watched anyway.

Aya was repotting some flowers when Yohji sauntered up to him. Aya looked up with a raised eyebrow and a scowl. Yohji grinned, confidently and opened his mouth to speak.

"Heads up!" Ken suddenly came through, sliding across the floor. With the expert ability of a true soccer player, his foot came into contact with Yohji's shin.

As Yohji yelled in profanities, he turned toward Ken. As he did so, he bumped his elbow into Aya just as he was carrying the newly repotted plant.


Omi cringed in the slight distance as the pot fell, spreading mud and clay onto the floor. The flower, it was a beautiful one that had only recently blossomed, was now lying limply on top of it.

Ken grinned in satisfaction and Yohji gaped in horror.

Aya stared blankly at the floor for a while, until he suddenly turned around and folded his arms, glaring at both of the men.

Ken's grin faded and Yohji shut his mouth.

"I'm not cleaning that up." Aya stated bluntly, eying them both.

Omi actually chuckled as he turned back to his book.

He had been able to read a few more pages when he heard the cry.


Omi looked up to see Ken return, a triumphant grin on his face. He supposed that even though Ken had been ordered to clean, he didn't let it ruin his victory. He smiled for the older boy, "Success?"

The question was answered as Yohji came stomping in after him. "YOU! You ruined the perfect come on! You're a damned prick, did you know that??"

Ken only scoffed, "All is fair in love and war."

"Agghhh!" Yohji cried, finally giving up and grabbing his coat. "I'm going for a drive. You'd better not be here when I get back, Hidaka, or else you'll have an early death."

"Whatever you say, Kudou …"

As Yohji left, Ken muttered a good evening to Omi and went up the stairs. Omi watched Ken leave, sad with his thoughts: memories of what had happened over the past few weeks.

It had been a month since Ken suddenly came into the living room. Yohji and Omi were the only occupants, but Ken had probably meant it to be like that.

With a blush and a shy grin, Ken confessed that he had been harboring affection for their fourth teammate and that he wanted their support.

He received two reactions.

Yohji was enraged. In fact, he had almost stomped over and strangled Ken. Who knew that their resident playboy was harboring the exact same feelings? Feelings for another man.

Yes, it was at that moment when the feud began.

And Omi?

Omi was stunned. For a full five minutes, Omi had just sat there, staring at Ken with his mouth hanging open.

When Ken finally noticed, he had laughed, the blush still on his cheeks. He had stepped in front of Omi, and closed his jaw. He then reached up, removed Omi's cap, and ruffled the boy's hair. He then started some long explanation about it being okay for men to be liking other men.

When Omi finally came to again, he had interrupted Ken, mumbled something about homework, and rushed upstairs, leaving both of his companions confused.

Neither Ken nor Yohji had realized that Omi had run to his room to cry.

He had gotten over it since then. Or at least he had thought so.

Omi gasped, as he realized in embarrassment that a small dot of wetness had suddenly appeared on the book. He quickly tried to wipe it away, but it had already seeped in, proof of feelings he had not yet forgotten.

Omi gave up, moving his hand to his face to wipe his eyes instead. It was futile.

In the middle of their battle, Ken and Yohji had suddenly asked Omi to choose a side. He had told them that he wanted to remain neutral, knowing that if he took one side, he would anger the other.

Secretly he had chosen a side. He never said it aloud, but he wanted Yohji to win.

It wasn't that Omi hated Ken. It wasn't that he didn't want Ken to win, and therefore be happy. Far from it in fact, for Omi himself also had a role in this messed up fairy tale.

Yes, they did each have a role. Aya was Hermia; Yohji was Lysander; Ken was Demetrius …

And himself?

He ran his finger down the list until he stopped on the name he was looking for.

Helena – In love with Demetrius



Shakespeare belongs to himself. I don't know why I'd want to claim him anyway. And his story and his characters are his. I already said it here … I don't have to say it anymore for the rest of the story ..