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"Casey, no we can't stop again. Can you seriously not hold it until we get there?" Alex pleads as she drives towards the beach.

Casey sighs at her best friend, "Alex, come on! I am not five years old, when I say I have to go I have to go. So will you please pull over at the next gas station or random porter potty?"

"Ew, no. Don't even joke Casey." Alex cringes at the thought of a road side porter potty. "Fine next gas station I will stop. You, however, are not allowed to get anything to drink while in there especially not another coffee. You have turned a two hour drive into a five hour marathon."

"Oh good lord, Alex, it hasn't been that bad."

"Hmm, let's see there, Case. When I picked you up at your apartment you weren't ready. It took us about forty minutes to finally reach the car, then you begged me to stop at the first Starbucks we saw so you could get the world's largest coffee known to man, then just as we exit the city you have to pee…the first time…and now a little over an hour later we have to stop again because the giant bottle of water you got from the last gas station and power drank after getting back to the car of course made you have to pee again…Casey, I think it's fair to say you have a problem, or a bladder the size of an acorn. Seriously, how do you last through a trial?"

"Adult diapers," the redhead deadpans.

Alex's jaw drops at this admission as she looks over at her silently laughing friend. Seeing Alex's look of horror Casey can't hold it in any longer and begins hysterically laughing, "Oh, your face is priceless….Oh, you thought I was serious….I am going to pee I am laughing so hard."

"I hate you, Casey Novak."

Still fighting fits of laughter Casey says, "You love me and you know it. Gas station! Pull over."

Pulling over Alex sighs, "No drinks…" Smiling as she climbs out of the Range Rover Casey nods and runs inside. Watching the redhead run into the building Alex shakes her head. They sure did have one unique friendship.

Alex remembers the day she met Casey. Branch had just assigned her to Sex Crimes to help alleviate some of the mounds of cases Alex was constantly buried under. Having just survived Valez's death threat Alex wasn't necessarily excited to have Casey join her team and was not receptive to her overly involved nature with the detectives. At the time, if Alex had been honest with herself she would have realized that she was afraid Branch was trying to move her out of the unit after she had gotten so in over her head with the cartel that it almost cost her life, however she was stubborn and refused to accept that possibility.

After a week of giving Casey the cold shoulder and a terrible verbal lashing for upsetting a victim, Alex realized just how great of a prosecutor Casey was when she continued her battle for justice and ended up saving a little girls life. That evening when Alex had walked to Casey's office to apologize and offer to take her to dinner to congratulate her win, she found Casey crying at her desk. Alex ran to her side and listened to the younger attorney tell her that she just wasn't cut out for Sex Crimes that it was too much for her to handle. Casey didn't want SVU she wanted Homicide, Branch placed her knowing that she would be excellent help for Alex.

Alex sat with her then colleague until she composed herself and then finally convinced the redhead to join her for dinner. After that dinner she realized that she had an amazing partner in her unit. She fully respected Casey's stance on how to prosecute and loved her drive to seek justice. She told Casey about how hard this unit had been for her to handle when she joined. She even told Casey how much she was haunted by some cases like Sam Cavanaugh's and that she often times would visit a psychologist when her work life started to overwhelm her personal life. She told Casey things at that first dinner that she didn't even admit to Olivia or Abbie.

After that dinner, Casey and Alex started to work together on cases and soon had the highest conviction rates in the DA's office. They were a power team and the more time they spent together the better friends they became. Eventually there was no question that Casey Novak had somehow become Alex Cabot's best friend, something Alex had never had before then. She had friends, great friends, but never a best friend because she never let anyone know all the deep personal parts of her life, of her psyche before Casey Novak.

Watching Casey reemerge from the gas station Alex shook her head. The redhead was walking up with a case of water and three two liters of coke. Hoping out of the car to open the tailgate for her Alex asked, "So what's all of this for Case?"

"So we don't have to stop again. Coke for the rum and coke's I plan to drink all weekend and a secret stash of water for our rooms!"

"Nice thinking." Alex said closing the tailgate. "Let's hit the road before everyone else is super drunk before we get there."

"Deal! Do you think Liv will bring out the English accent again if she gets tanked this year?" Casey asks with a big grin as she buckles her seatbelt.

"Oh God, I hope so. This year I am keeping my phone on me at all times so I can get all the damning evidence."

Casey laughs hard, "Just make sure you don't collect evidence on us."

"Deal Counselor, deal."

Forty minutes later they pulled up to the beach house. It had become a tradition with their friends to all get away for at least one long weekend a year to relax and just have girl time. No significant others, with the exception of Abbie and Serena because they were dating, were invited, well no men at least. So here they were walking up to the house, bags on shoulders, for one long relaxing weekend with the girls.

Opening the door, Casey hears Olivia instantly call out, "Cabot and Novak finally made it!"

"I win!" Abbie screams from down the hall.

"Damnit, you two couldn't have driven around the block for another 30 minutes could you?" Kim sighed as she plopped down on the couch, "You owe me twenty dollars Cabot."

"You all were betting on how long it was going to take us to get here? I don't know how I feel about that." Casey states taking a seat across from Kim as Olivia walks up and hands her a beer.

"Don't take it personally," Olivia starts, "It's just you and Alex are never on time for anything unless it's court then you are an hour early."

Alex laughs as she walks to the kitchen to grab her own beer and join her friends, "Yeah well that's all because Novak has a bladder the size of an acorn and is never ready on time."

"Hey, okay I give you the whole bladder acorn thing, but being ready on time is always Jason's fault. He likes to enjoy me before I go out of town, what can I say." Casey quips back at Alex with a smirk.

"Gag, is what I say." Abbie replies with a puking motion as she pushes Kim's legs from the couch as she sits. Kim frowns and moves to the other end as she asks, "Where is Serena? I need a buffer between us."

"Down the hall, she is putting on her sexy black bikini. I love seeing her in it and taking her out of it." Abbie says.

"Abbie!" Serena chastises walking down the hall in a cover up, "No one wants to know every thought in your head babe. That only works in court."

Abbie smiles as she pulls her girlfriend into her lap. "But it's so hard when it's about you."

"Now I am going to be sick." Alex states before taking a giant sip of her beer.

"You are just jealous Cabot. When are you going to start dating again?" Serena questions.

Alex shrugs as she puts her feet up on the coffee table, "I don't know. I am tired of random dates. I am taking a hiatus until I find the right girl, she's out there I just haven't met her yet."

"You'll find the right person Alex." Casey says with a sympathetic smile. She knew more than anyone else how much Alex missed being in a relationship and was ready to settle down. She really wanted her friend to be happy.

Shaking her head Alex retorts, "Yeah, well let's not forget Kim and Olivia are single too! No need to focus on me only here."

"They don't count." Abbie jokes, "Olivia is in love with a married man and Greylek I have decided is asexual."

"Hey!" Olivia and Kim yell in unison.

"I am not asexual, I am plenty sexual. I just am in love with a guy that lives on the other side of the freaking country." Kim groans.

"You know you could move out there with him Kim. He is trying to move back here but there isn't a job yet for him." Casey says with a sad smile.

"I know. But my job is here and his is there and the whole long distance thing was impossible. Ugh, I just wish Owen was here now." Kim sighs as she stands and walks into the kitchen to make a real drink.

"Geez, Abb's you drove her to the hard liquor at 4pm with your big mouth." Olivia says.

"Eh, what can I say, I need a bigger filter. Hey, Kim I am sorry. I didn't mean to be insensitive." Abbie apologizes.

Kim waves her off as she fixes her drink and pulls some strawberries out of the fridge. "Don't worry Abbie. You aren't pointing out anything to me that I don't already know. I'm a big girl I can handle it."

"Okay, well let's figure out what we are doing for dinner before Kimberly gets totally drunk." Olivia offers.

Arriving back at the house after dinner, Alex finds herself sitting on the outdoor loveseat next to Casey while she and her friends all play a ridiculous drinking game. "Okay, okay, okay…I've got it now…never have I ever been skinny dipping." Alex states as she holds up her mixed drink.

"Damn you Cabot, you're out to get me drunk aren't you." Serena states as she takes a big sip of her drink.

"Always Serena…" Alex smirks.

"Alright, you all have the right to remain silent because it's my turn." Olivia begins, "Never have I ever been in a long distance relationship."

"Boring!" Casey yells clearly already drunk.

"Fuck you." Kim flatly states taking a drink. She's drunk but can hold her liquor seemingly well.

Abbie looks to Serena and says, "Cheers baby," as they both take a big gulp and follow it with a kiss.

Abbie laughs as her turn comes up, "Okay since Novak clearly wants to get to the more fun questions and is dying to have Alex hold her hair back all night…drumroll please," Serena starts to bang her hands on the table, "never have I ever gone down on a guy."

"Aw, fuck Abbie." Serena says taking a big swig as Abbie's eyes go wide.

"What? When?" Abbie gasps as Olivia, Casey and Kim also take big swigs.

Alex proceeds to laugh hysterically at Abbie's utter shock in her girlfriend's admission. Looking at Casey, she says, "I think this game is actually getting fun now."

"See," Casey says stressing the 'e', "I told you it was a fun game." Alex smiles at her glossed eyed friend.

"Serena, tell me…" Alex hears Abbie whine.

"Fine, it was high school. I had a boyfriend for a couple of months anyway after that I broke up with him. I realized when I wanted to puke after that I needed to face the facts." Serena states.

"I can't believe I didn't know." Abbie states still shocked, then getting a glint in her eye she leans closer to her girlfriend and tries to drunkenly whisper, "Do you have any other secrets?"

Serena laughs and pushes Abbie off, "You will just have to try to guess. Okay, my turn…" Serena drums her fingers on her knee thinking. "Okay, never have I ever had sex on the beach."

Alex, Kim, and Olivia drink. While Abbie gapes at Serena again, "Seriously?"

"Abbie this isn't 'ask Serena a ton of questions' it's never have I ever. Keep some of your shock for later." Serena answers.

"No, come on now," Abbie says grabbing Serena's had as she laughs and follows Abbie out onto the dark beach.

"Well, we won't see them till morning now." Olivia says sitting back.

"Yep," Kim states, "Well I think I am going to head to bed." As Kim stands to walk inside Casey calls out, "Hey Kim, tell Owen I say hi. Oh, and tell him to call mom she's worried about him as usual."

Kim smiles, "Sure thing."

As Kim walks into the house, Olivia looks at her two friends. "So Casey, how are you and Mr. Whitaker doing really?"

Casey smiles, "Good. Honestly, I think he might propose soon."

"Really?" Alex exclaims sitting up straight. Olivia can sense Alex's displeasure at this knowledge even if Casey doesn't pick up on it. No one really likes Jason, especially Alex because she doesn't think he treats Casey well enough, but no one directly mentions it to Casey.

"Yeah, I caught him the other day trying on my rings. So either he wants to get a ring for himself, or he was trying to gauge my ring size." Casey replies taking another big sip.

"Well, congratulations I guess. Or I guess congratulations will soon be in order. Anyway, let me know if it happens." Olivia stumbles over her words.

Alex still looks plagued by this information. "Casey, are you sure you want to marry him?"

"Why wouldn't I Alex?" the redhead questions. Looking directly at Alex and trying to gauge her reaction to the information, Casey is seriously cursing herself for drinking so much. She can't tell what Alex is feeling and it's driving her nuts.

"I don't know Casey. Listen, I am tired. I am going to go to bed. See you two in the morning." Alex stands and heads upstairs.

Casey looks over to Olivia, "So are you and Elliot still having an affair?"

Olivia's eyes go shock wide. "You cannot tell anyone what you just said. Ever! You were never supposed to see us."

"Isn't that why it's called an affair?" Casey questions with a laugh.

"For your information we are not having an affair. It was a one-time thing and you walked in on it. It hasn't happened since and he is getting back with Kathy now. I would never come between him and Kathy getting back together."

"Okay, okay. Got it. Just wanted to check. Well Liv, I am going to head to bed myself. Don't wait up for the beach love birds." Casey says with a laugh as she wobbly stands.

"Never did I ever intend to." Liv replies following Casey inside.

Casey stumbles up the stairs to her and Alex's rooms. Their rooms were connected with a bathroom so it made it super easy for her to barge right on into her best friend's bedroom without knocking. Falling onto Alex's bed, Casey sighs, "Okay Ally, tell me what is bothering you."

"Ally, really? Only my mother calls me that Casey." Alex says rolling over to face her friend.

Casey smiles, and whispers, "I know that's why I said it. It was guaranteed to get your attention and make you stop fake sleeping. So why did you get upset when I told you I thought Jason was going to propose."

Alex frowns. She doesn't think it's fair for Casey to outsmart her like that. Finally she replies, "Because he doesn't treat you well enough Casey. You are always complaining about how he never wants to do anything fun with you and how he never does anything sweet, but he is going to propose and you are going to say yes. I just think you are selling yourself short Case."

"You may be right Alex, but it's not like I have a huge line of people wanting to ask me out. I want to eventually have a family Alex."

Brushing a lock of hair from Casey's face, Alex smiles, "Casey you are 28, don't sell yourself short. Just take some time to think about it. You have your whole life ahead of you. Do you really want to settle for the person you are supposed to share that amazing life with?"

Casey smiles at her friend. "Alex, I am truly blessed to call you my best friend. Thank you."

"Anytime Case," Alex says sitting up sensing Casey still wanted to talk.

Moving to join Alex in a sitting position, Casey looks her best friend in the eyes. Alex can really see just how drunk Casey is despite her ability to speak when Casey looks like she is trying to get the room to stop spinning. "Casey, I think you need to go to bed."

"I have to drink water first, plus I wanted to ask you a question." Casey admits.

"Oh really, and what is that question?" Alex asks as she goes to get Casey some water. Returning with two bottles of water, she opens one bottle and passes it to Casey. Casey takes a big sip and looks at Alex. Alex sees a blush crossing Casey's face and smiles. Whatever Casey wants to ask her must be embarrassing to her, because blushing is Casey's number one tell. "Casey, whatever it is you can ask me. I won't judge you."

"Okay," Casey says biting her lip, "Do you always come when you have sex?"

Totally not expecting this question Alex spits out the mouthful of water she had just taken a sip of all over Casey. "Oh my God, I am so sorry Casey. I didn't expect you to ask that."

"Oh, you are so getting me something really-really nice for my birthday now. That was" she pauses to wipe herself off with Alex's sheet, "so nasty."

Alex can only laugh at the absolute look of disgust on Casey's face. "Oh you think that is so funny huh?" Casey says with an evil look in her eye.

"No," Alex states firmly as Casey takes a big sip of water, "No Casey," she pleads trying to back away on the bed but she is tangled in the sheets, "No Casey!" she squeals as Casey spews the water all over her.

"Oh gross!" Alex squeals as Casey collapses next to her laughing hysterically.

"I told you it was gross." Casey says between fits of laughter watching Alex clean herself off.

Leaning over Casey, Alex looks her squarely in the eyes, "You are in for it now Novak."

"Oh am I," Casey states staring right back into Alex's blue eyes.

"Yes," Alex replies firmly.

Before the blonde even knows what is happening Casey has her flipped on her back with her arms pinned above her head. Alex thinks it was meant to be playful as usual, but the sudden change in positions has her breathing slowly as she sees the change in Casey's eyes. No longer are her green eyes filled with humor and the laughter of a few seconds prior. They are now darkened with a look of lust, and before Alex can fully register what is happening Casey's lips are pressed to hers.

At first Alex doesn't kiss back. She is completely taken off guard by everything that is occurring, but as the seconds pass and she find her hands released as Casey is now running her hands down over Alex's body Alex finds herself consumed in the moment. Feeling Casey's soft lips against hers and taking her lip between hers, feeling Casey's tongue dart against her lips asking for entrance that she willfully gives into suddenly seems so right and so amazing. As Casey's hands tangle in Alex's hair, Alex pulls her tight against her body. She feels so perfect pressed into her as if they should always be this close and this intimate. Finally breaking apart for air, Casey looks back into Alex's blue eyes letting the haze of the moment pass.

As realization of what she has done sets in, Casey quickly pushes back and runs her hands through her hair as she tightly swallows. "Um, Alex, I am sorry. I don't know what came over me. I am going to go to bed." As quickly as she finishes her statement she climbs off the bed and leaves.

Alex lies there quiet and still as she watches Casey leave. She hasn't seen Casey so drunk in a long time so she highly doubts she will remember any of this in the morning, but she is shocked by everything that just happened. Running her fingers up to feel her lips, Alex can't believe Casey Novak just kissed her.