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Later that evening…

Casey lay back in the seat of the cab as the cabbie began to drive to her destination. She was ready to be there already. The last two hours of her life had been completely disastrous and somewhat unexpected. She had never been so excited to get out of restaurant.

Laying her head against the seat she thought back over the last two hours.

Two hours earlier...

"Wow, Jason, when I suggested we go out to dinner tonight I didn't mean a place so fancy." Casey said walking through the door of the five star restaurant.

"Well, you know me, only the best for my girl!" Jason replied with a smile.

Casey couldn't help but roll her eyes, "Yeah, sure."

"Do you think I don't do the best for you Casey?"

"I think you are good at showing up when you want something or need something from me. You use to do the best for me Jason, but not lately." Casey deadpanned.

"Well I am doing something nice now Casey, so why don't you put a smile on your face and act appreciative. And as I recall, I spent this last weekend taking care of you, so be a little more grateful." Jason snapped as the hostess approached.

Casey wanted to turn and leave, but she didn't. She stuck it out so she could definitively say she gave it a shot. Truthfully this whole thing was a joke and she didn't even know why she was going though with it, but if it gave Alex the reassurance she needed then so be it.

Sitting in the chair Jason pulled out for her Casey quickly picked up the dinner menu. She wanted to be as prepared to order as possible so she could make her escape as quickly as possible. Seeing Jason eye her, she looks up.

"You look so beautiful tonight Casey." He whispers.

Casey feels a pang of guilt. Despite the fact that Lionel Granger completely turned the good sweet Jason to the dark side, he still had moments where his good could shine through. It's these moments that has kept her hanging on and it's these moments that are going to make leaving him hard. "Thank you Jason." She says softly.

"Anytime sweetie. So do you know what you want?"

"Yes, do you?"

"Nope. I will figure it out by the time the appetizers arrive though." Jason said with a smile as Casey internally wanted to die. This was going to be a much longer dinner than she wanted it to be.

"Great," she forced out.

The waitress arrived to take their drink orders. Casey tried to order herself a stiff drink, but Jason cancelled that order and ordered Champagne instead. She hated having her drink orders changed.

An hour later their food had arrived and they were about halfway through their meals. Jason so far had told Casey why she sucked at her job and why she needed to go work with him. Then he also implied that when they had kids he expected her to quit work and stay home with said children. By the time the waitress came back to see if they wanted dessert Casey was ready to stab him in the throat with the butter knife.

This date was a disaster and it needed to end. Casey knew she wanted Alex. She didn't need to do this again. It wasn't fair to Jason or her.

Looking at the waitress, Casey said, "No thank you. I think the check will be fine."

"I am sorry ma'am, my date is mistaken, the chef should already have the dessert prepared. I ordered it when I made the reservations it's his specialty." Jason corrected.

Casey let out a sigh. Leave it to Jason to order some ridiculous dessert. Does he remember anything about her? Casey doesn't even really like dessert.

"Jason, I know you are trying to be sweet, but I am not feeling well. Can we just go on home?" Casey asks softly.

"No Casey. This is special."

Casey suddenly get nervous. Jason never does romantics and here he is being romantic. He preordered dessert, ordered them champagne, and is demanding she stay. Casey silently prays that this isn't what she fears it might be. Then she sees the waitress with the dessert coming her way...the gleam of the ring is hard to miss.

"Oh Jason..." Whispers as the waitress sets it before her.

Jason has a beaming smile on his face. "So what do you say Casey? Will you marry me?"

Casey looks up at him, tears slipping from her eyes and whispers, "No Jason I won't."

Jason looks like he has be punched in the stomach, "Excuse me?"

"I won't marry you Jason. Why would you even ask me?"

"Because I love you..." He quietly snaps.

Casey frowns pulling the ring from the cake before cleaning it and passing it to him. It's a pretty ring, but not her style. She likes antique settings and this looks like something pulled right off your standard jewelers shelf. Taking a breath she says, "Jason you don't love me. You can even remember my simplest likes and dislikes."

"What are you talking about Casey?"

Sighing she answers, "You bring me soup when I am sick, yet I hate soup. You put pickles all over my sandwich yet I hate pickles. You think I am a Yankees fan despite the fact I love the Red Sox, you tell me I am a bad prosecutor despite the fact I have a conviction rate most dream of having. You never spend time with me and you clearly can't figure out that I am in love with my best friend. You don't know me Jason and you treat me like crap. So no, I won't marry you. I am going to go now."

"This is because of Alex!" He exclaims drawing attention of nearby patrons.

"No, Jason. This is because you are selfish Jason. Goodbye." Casey said walking out of the restaurant.

Present time...

The cabbie pulled up outside the building. Casey thanked him and paid. Walking inside she greeted the doorman and headed to the elevator. She was so ready to get out of these heels and into something comfortable. She couldn't even believe she put heels on with her ribs still healing. Removing them in the elevator she limped down the hallway in pain. Reaching the door she knocked.

It took a minute, but Alex soon opened the door with a shocked expression on her face. "Casey, I thought you were out with Jason?"

Casey doesn't even answer, she pulls Alex into her arms for a heated kiss. Breaking the kiss, Alex looks into Casey's eyes and softly asks, "Casey did you?"

"I broke up with him Alex. He proposed, I said no and wasn't nice about it. It was awful. But none of that matters, because I want to be with you Alex. I have known for a while, but there is no reason to hide it now. I didn't tell you before because I didn't want to ruin our friendship. Please Alex be with me." Casey says while Alex closes the door.

Alex looks at the redhead and slowly walks over taking her into her arms before slowly and softly kissing her. Kissing her softly and letting their emotions slowly turn the kiss into a deeper more passionate kiss both want so much more and slowly start to try and make their way towards the bedroom. Only the knock at the door stops their progress.

Groaning Alex breaks apart from Casey, "I'll be right back."

Walking to the door, Alex grasps the knob in her hand as she looks through the peep hole and sees Jason. She contemplates quickly two options...one she could open the door and punch him in the face most likely resulting in criminal charges knowing Jason, or two she could go spend the whole night enjoying Casey. Smiling at the redhead she releases the knob and walks down the hallway taking Casey's hand and walking into the bedroom.

Next Summer…

Casey lazily opens hers eyes to find her beautiful girlfriend staring back at her. "Hey beautiful, what time is it?"

"8:30. No one's up, so we aren't being lazy yet." Alex answers.

"Ally, there is nothing ever lazy about you and I in bed." Casey says with a chuckle capturing her girlfriend's lips with hers.

Enjoying the heated kiss for a minute, Alex breaks it and says, "We have to get up."

"Why, I had better plans…plans that involve you screaming my name." Casey whispers wrapping her leg around Alex's hips as she runs her tongue across Alex's lips.

Alex groans at the thought. Casey had a way with her tongue...but Alex had this strictly planned. There could be plenty of sex later, but now they had to go. Taking a breath to cool her thoughts while wiggling free from Casey's grip, she said, "No Casey, get dressed quick!"

"Alex! Why?" Casey whines.

"Because Casey, I have something special planned for you. So get up throw on some yoga pants and a hoodie and flip-flops and come on."

Casey scowls at Alex before climbing out of the bed. Quickly dressing she follows Alex from the bedroom and downstairs. As they reach the kitchen, Casey can smell fresh coffee. Looking to Alex, she asks, "Did you make coffee?"

Alex smiled pouring Casey a cup, "Of course I did baby. I know you hate to do anything in the morning before your coffee."

Taking the mug from Alex, Casey says thank you following the blonde outside. "So where are we going?"

"I thought we'd go for a walk down the beach and reminisce." Alex says with a smile.

Casey laughs a little, "Okay, what are we reminiscing about?"

"Well, do you know what today is?"

"Umm, no." Casey says with a chuckle, "What is it?"

Alex looks down the beach and smiles taking Casey's hand in hers. It's a beautiful morning and the waves are calm. This moment couldn't be any more perfect. Casey looks beautiful and so happy. Everything is right.

"One year ago today was the first time you ever kissed me." Alex says softly.

Casey's smile grows big on her face, "How on earth did I forget that! I love that you remembered it." As Casey finishes she kisses Alex.

Pressing her forehead to Casey's, Alex looks into Casey's eyes, "I love you Casey."

"I love you too."

"Read the sand for me Casey." Alex says.

Casey looks at Alex confused as she looks down at the sand and her eyes go wide reading the sand. There was a heart drawn on the beach with the words 'Will you marry me?' on the inside. Looking back at Alex she sees the blonde holding a ring out to her. "Oh my God, Alex! Are you serious?" Casey exclaims.

"Yes, I am. Will you marry me Casey?"

"Yes! God yes!" Casey says wrapping her arms around Alex's neck pulling her into a kiss. Breaking the kiss she smiles at Alex as she slides the ring on her finger. "It's perfect Alex. I love you."

"I love you to Casey. I can't wait to make you my wife." Alex says kissing Casey again.

Breaking the kiss again, Casey smiles wide. "Want to go back to our room and celebrate before everyone gets up."

"I think that's a wonderful idea baby." Alex says turning towards the house before taking off in a sprint towards the house.

"Hey! That's cheating!" Casey says running off after Alex. Life over the last year had changed for the best. She would never regret that drunken kiss it had led her to the love of her life, Alex Cabot.