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CHAPTER 40: Epilogue: The Memories Live On

Written by ByeByeBirdie

Thirteen years later…

            Remus lost his job ten years earlier after his boss found out about him being a werewolf.  Ever since then, he hasn't been able to find a permanent job.  Occasionally, he'd get lucky and earn a job somewhere, maybe as a waiter or a desk job or something completely unfulfilling, but Remus needed the money especially for Landon…though after Landon died, Remus found no need in anything anymore, especially life.  Usually, he ended up either getting laid off…or he quit.  Nothing satisfied him enough.

            But when Dumbledore sought him out and asked him if he'd be willing to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts, Remus was a little suspicious.  I mean, why would he choose Remus to teach the class?  Remus didn't have much expertise in the Dark Arts…or so he thought.  Dumbledore explained that there weren't many people willing to uphold the position and Remus was as good of a teacher as anyone.  Remus was a werewolf…he encountered strange things every day due to it. 

            …And Dumbledore reminded Remus about thirteen years earlier when Voldemort killed his friends.  When he killed his last ounce of hope and survival.  James, Lily, Savannah, Allie, Josh, etc.  Remus knew immediately that he owed it to the outside world…to the children…to his friends.  The rest of the world deserves to know what's out there.  He knew more about the Dark Arts than he thought he did, and so Remus took the job without wasting another second.

            Remus hadn't thought about any of his Hogwarts' friends until Dumbledore mentioned them, mostly because every time he remembered one of them, he'd end up going into a state of depression that only made everything worse.  His friends were all he ever had and without them in his life, he's just been wandering aimlessly trying to find some meaning.   

            But when Remus found out that Sirius had escaped from Azkaban, Remus was alert and ready to hunt him down and demand to know why he did it to his best friends.  Remus deserved the good-for-nothing, honest, forsaken truth behind it all.  He wasn't going to die until he spoke to Sirius himself…which was partly the reason why Remus has been keeping himself from remembering his friends: Suicide attempts.  Remus has thought about it, but killing himself without knowing why just didn't seem…well, fair.  Not only to himself, but to James and to Lily.  They were the ones who deserved to know why. 

            Then there was Landon. 

            He had died at the age of five.  And surprisingly (and Remus thought it fortunate), it wasn't because of Lord Voldemort.  Instead, the werewolf genes had kicked in by then and because Remus had no idea that it was hereditary, Landon had transformed on the same night as Remus.  Remus was in the shed outside his home, but Landon was inside, unsafe, and unprotected.  He had ripped himself to pieces before Remus could do anything about it.

            Remus sighed and shuddered.  Just remembering that single moment when Remus walked inside early the next morning to find a half-eaten, dead Landon Lupin on the floor of Landon's bedroom, was enough to make Remus burst into tears right then and there.  Landon was all he had left and when he had died, Remus never thought he could go on…

            But Remus shook the thought out of his mind, and began closing his eyes.  The past wasn't going to hold any answers, so Remus started thinking of the future.

            He was on the Hogwarts Express, in an empty compartment in the back of the train.  Two nights earlier, he had transformed and was still pretty exhausted from it.  He let his eyelids droop slowly and felt himself fall asleep.  He was asleep by the time the compartment door opened and three students walked in and sat down, and Remus didn't realize they were there.

            But sooner or later, a jerking of the train and the chill in the air woke Remus up.  The lights flickered and immediately shut off.  "What the-" but Remus didn't need to finish his sentence, because walking into their compartment at that second were a few Dementors.  He took out his wand and tried to summon them away, but it did no good.  Remus stood up, practically tripping over sprawled bodies on the floor, and marched them out and away angrily.  He didn't need to be taken over by a few of pathetic Dementors, who were simply on the look-out for Sirius.

            Remus turned towards the students that were in the compartment, and there were quite a few of them.  "Is everyone alright?" he said gruffly.  The compartment was still a bit dark, with the lights flickering off and on, and Remus had the chance to look around.  There were four red-headed students on the ground shaking, two that were obviously twins, a frightened pudgy brown-haired kid with widened-eyes and a tall, lanky, young brown-haired girl who was leaning against the seat muttering something to someone behind her.  He looked at whom she was standing over and gasped softly.  He knew the person on the ground. He would know him anywhere. It was Harry Potter…a fainted Harry Potter, but nonetheless it was still the Harry Potter.

            Remus took a deep breath in and out.  Just looking at Harry reminded Remus of James.  They looked exactly alike, with the messy black hair and the glasses and the brown eyes…and Remus knew that James would be standing proud right at that very moment if he were still alive, watching over Harry.

            Remus hadn't seen or even thought about Harry since the tragic deaths of the Potter.  In fact, Remus almost forgot that there was still a hint of his past living.  Remus tried to keep all of the horrible thoughts out of his head.  Thinking about the Potters and Sirius and Peter sent mixed-up emotions to Remus' head and heart.  But looking at Harry, Remus knew that he wasn't confused anymore…he wasn't upset anymore.  He was happy.  Happy to be back, reunited with him.  Happy to be able to watch over James' son.  Happy to finally know that there was something he could do in the world.  And happy to finally see James again through Harry.

            Harry Potter… Remus thought in awe.

            The memories live on…….

Memory, all alone in the moonlight

I can smile at the old days

I was beautiful then

I remember the time I knew what happiness was

Let the memory live again

Every street lamp seems to beat

A fatalistic warning

Someone mutters and a street lamp gutters

And soon it will be morning

Daylight, I must wait for the sunrise

I must think of a new life

And I mustn't give in

When the dawn comes,

Tonight will be a memory, too

And a new day will begin

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"Dream like you'd live forever; live like you'd die today…"  --James Dean

"Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose..."

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the memories that take our breath away..."