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Asama Miya felt her frown grow as her phone continued to ring.

Taking a deep breath she moved towards it, ready to deal with whoever was on the other end. The only two valid options she could think of for who would be calling was either a cold caller or one of Homura's clients… but he should know better than to give her home number for such a thing.

Picking up the phone she answered.


"Asama-san," she grit her teeth at the voice on the other end.

"Sahashi-san," she said, her frown growing, "I believe I have already made it clear that I wish to be left alone."

"Unfortunately, circumstances have changed and we need to speak with you," the head scientist responsible for her species declared, "we also need to speak with every Sekirei alive, so if you could bring Matsu, Homura and Uzume with you, that would be highly appreciated."

"I believe I made it perfectly clear how much I care for your organisation the last time you sent someone to speak with me," she said, her anger growing. Surely the woman hadn't forgotten about what she had done to Karasuba back then?

"Yes, well, as it turns out, Minaka was holding back quite a lot of information that we really should have known about," the woman's voice was just as irritated, "and as much as I hate to say it, your only real choice here is to either come and have a meeting or die."

Miya blinked.

"I'm sorry, can you repeat that?" she must have misheard.

"The only real choice is to either come here or die."

She felt her eye twitch at the way the woman made that claim.

"You don't honestly believe you can kill me do you?" she asked, wondering if the woman had forgotten just who she was talking to.

"I didn't say it would be me," Takami replied, "and given what we've discovered recently… you're nowhere near as bad as we initially expected."

She felt her lip twitch.

"Do you remember what I did during the invasion Sahashi-san?" she asked.

"Unfortunately," the scientist replied.

"Well, if Minaka wishes to speak with me, then he can contact me himself," she said, preparing to put down the phone.

"Minaka has been arrested."

She froze.

"What?" that… couldn't be right, could it?

"Minaka has been arrested. Turns out that he was actually answering to a secret organisation that polices things like this," the scientist responded and she felt a hint of familiarity tugging at the corner of her mind.

"… please tell me he isn't trying to make you convince me the Men in Black are real?" she asked, hoping the man wasn't so idiotic he would believe she would fall for such a blatant lie.

"As far as we're aware, they're not," Takami replied, "but again, this organisation exists and has arrested Minaka for his actions concerning the Sekirei plan… so we need to meet with every Sekirei and figure out exactly what is going to happen next."

She took a deep breath before sighing.

"Very well, I will meet with which ever representative speaks for this organisation," she agreed, "however, I am not setting foot within MBI."

"Let me just confirm with them about this," the woman responded before putting the call on hold.

Miya waited as patiently as her irritation would allow, but soon the line was reconnected.

"Very well, where would you like to meet with them?" the senior MBI executive asked.

"Here," she responded. As much as she hated the idea of letting MBI sit in her home, it was where she was most comfortable and if these people where not MBI then she would give them the benefit of the doubt.

She heard the woman speak off the line again, though she couldn't quite make out what was being said.

"Would you be capable of gathering everyone in ten minutes?" she blinked.

"They can arrive that soon?" she asked.

"Don't question it… it's not worth the headache," the other woman responded, her own tone filled with frustration.

"Very well, goodbye Sahashi-san," and with that she hung up and readied herself to collect the Sekirei that lived under her roof.

XXX Projected Denial XXX

Homura felt irritated.

He hadn't even gotten the chance to get a decent sleep and now he was having to meet with someone?

Why couldn't they have chosen a more unsociable hour to ask for a meeting?

"So they said ten minutes didn't they?" Matsu asked. She was fidgeting more than everyone else in the room combined, but then again, she was the one with the most to lose if things went south and most to gain if everything went well.

"Yes Matsu, they said ten minutes," Miya confirmed. He just wondered how long ago that was.

"Relax Matsu, if anything goes wrong, Miya's here to protect you," Uzume said with a grin, but despite her outward appearance, her body was tense.

"And me," he confirmed. Sure he wasn't as strong as Miya, but he was still powerful.

He opened his mouth to speak again before he caught sight of a black void suddenly appearing in the centre of the room.

"What the-!" he cried out before it opened up to reveal a small group.

"Thank you Caster," an auburn haired boy said, his tone soft.

"Of course master," a hooded woman wearing a dark purple cloak and a blue dress responded. It took him a second to register that the cloak was in fact the void that had appeared in the middle of the room.

Next to them was Takami, slouched and looking almost as tired as she did immediately after a fifteen-hour shift and dealing with Minaka.

"Hello Asama-san," the auburn-haired boy spoke up easily, "my name is Emiya Shirou and I am here as a representative of the Clock Tower, one of the three branches of the mages association."

Homura blinked before looking at the other occupants in the room.

Everyone was simply gawking in slack-jawed disbelief.

"Uh… I'm Homura," he responded, "number zero six, Homura."

"Hello Homura, thank you for your time today," the man responded with a kind tone and an apologetic smile, "I've heard you work unsociable hours so I really appreciate you taking time out of your day for this meeting."

"I-it's not a problem," he responded. This man was at the very least polite about the issue.

"A-ah, I am Asama Miya," Miya finally seemed to get over her daze and introduce herself.

"W-w-w-wait!" Matsu finally started to speak again as she shot up from the cushion she had previously been seated on, "mages association?"

"Yes," Emiya responded with a sigh, "Minaka was a member of our organisation and knew better than to do what he did. Just be aware that he has been arrested and is due to be sentenced within the month."

Homura couldn't help himself.

He released a chuckle. That chuckle soon developed into a full-blown laugh.

"Uh… are you all right Homura-san?" Emiya asked.

"Yes, he is," Takami responded for him, "Homura has a personal hatred of Minaka."

"Oh," Emiya replied.

"So exactly what is this meeting about then?" Miya said and the man took on a more serious expression.

"There are certain rules that all supernatural beings are required to abide by. One of those rules is concerning secrecy, so any actions that risk the secrecy of the supernatural are prohibited," Emiya explained, "there is more that we'll need to discuss, so if it is all right with Asama-san, could we discuss this while seated?"

"Of course Emiya-san."

XXX Projected Denial XXX

Matsu wanted nothing more than to jump in and ask questions as the meeting got underway.

The mere fact that magic actually existed and was kept a secret was massive. It meant that the Sekirei were quite plausibly not even the most powerful beings in the world.

And Minaka being arrested also meant she was probably no longer in trouble with MBI.

She could easily follow the direction of the meeting, the Sekirei Plan was basically going to be scrapped. Instead of just being allowed to run amok in the city they would meet with potential Ashikabi in a controlled environment and should the Ashikabi not be a match, they would simply be let go under the pretence that they had just been given a free screening for cancer.

Admittedly, it was still strange for a private company to do that, but it was better than nothing.

Of course the Sekirei would continue fighting for control of Kouten but it would be more regulated and any Ashikabi and Sekirei that didn't want to be involved in that would be allowed to leave so long as they remained under MBI's supervision.

But despite everything… she wanted to know more.

Magic was such a game-changer that there was no way she couldn't ignore its existence now that she knew the truth.

"Okay then, thank you for your time Asama-san," Emiya responded, "this has been very enlightening."

Of course it had been, the wizard hadn't known about Kouten and the reason behind the Sekirei plan so learning the truth had allowed for an understanding to be reached.

"It is no issue Emiya-san," Miya replied, "you are certainly more tolerable than Minaka was."

"From what I'm aware, that isn't difficult," the man responded, "now, we have more that we need to deal with, so we will bid you farewell for now Asama-san."

"Wait!" Matsu shouted, causing the rest of the room to turn and face her, "you can't just leave us without teaching us about magic."

The man blinked while the cloaked woman offered what she was certain was a glare.

"… if you wish to learn more about magecraft, then come and visit MBI later, my group is currently sorting through everything there and preparing for the transfer of control that is going to happen soon," Emiya declared.

Transfer of control?

"What do you mean transfer of control?" Uzume was the one who voiced the question that was likely going through everyone's heads at that moment.

"With Minaka being arrested for his actions involving the Sekirei Plan, control of MBI is being transferred to his next of kin," Emiya responded, "in this case Sahashi Minato."

"Only because you refuse to accept that role," Takami muttered and she blinked.

"Wait, why would Emiya-san be Minaka's next of kin?" she asked.

"Because he's our oldest son."

Silence fell at that.

"And I already told you, we've got plenty to do ensuring the balance of the Clock Tower remains stable," Emiya responded, "we don't need a new organisation to micromanage."

"So… what exactly is happening with the company?" she asked.

"We're making sure the books are all accurate and accounted for, that nothing involving the Clock Tower can be traced back to us and that any magecraft related materials he had involved in the business are kept out of the hands of those who are unaware of the magical world."

She nodded.

Given the size of MBI that would probably take quite some time and require a bit of manpower.

"Now, if that is everything, we'll take our leave now," Emiya-san said and she nodded, "goodbye and have a good night."

And with that, the hooded woman wrapped her cloak around the other two and vanished into thin air.

Now she just had to go to MBI and harass those who actually knew the truth.

Hopefully they would offer actual answers.

And that's all for now.

Shadow out.