Chapter 25: International Incident

Location: Central City

Afternoon, two days later...

The United Assembly; the seat of power in the Terran Republic was a large and possibly one oldest buildings in Central City. She had expected a building of such importance to be located in the City Center, but to her surprise it was instead located in the heart of Beacon Hill. Seated in the back of the limousine, Sally was dressed in a white pant suit trimmed in black, a handbag resting at her feet. The Prime Minister Carmichael was seated next to her, gazing casually out the passenger window as the buildings whipped past. Rotor had been acting strange since her kidnapping, and had even urged her to reconsider speaking before the National Assembly. It was a ridicules request, especially when it had taken days just for all the MPs to gather for this emergency session. The vehicle suddenly pulled to a stop out in front of the building where numerous photographers and reporters waited to snap photos or get a question answered as they emerged from the vehicle.


They ignored the numerous questions being thrown at them and marched up the steps and stepped through the entryway. All individuals were subjected to the same security check, and Sally was no different as one of the security personal went through her bag. Numerous elected officials stood chatting in the cavernous hall with walls that were covered in bright wood panels with numerous portraits hanging from them, while the floors were made of slabs of black marble laced with gold.

"By the Walkers," Sally muttered, "This place is huge."

"It's the seat for the entire Terran Republic," a voice said.

Standing behind them was a middle-aged man dressed in a dark suit with dark hair and a full beard that was heavily saturated with gray.

"Arcturus, so good to see you. Princess allow me to introduce you to Arcturus Mengsk my Defence Minister," Carmichael introduced.

"It's a pleasure to finally meet you," he said, shaking her hand.

"Victor!" Deputy Prime Minister Jorgensen called out as he approached the group, "I think you might want to know that I've seen Goodall in the building."

"That's unusual. I was convinced that he and the rest of Humanity First would've boycotted the meeting."

"Well all of Humanity First is in attendance," Jorgensen stated.

"Afternoon, Prime Minister," a voice greeted.

The party turned to find a bald-headed man standing behind them, dressed in a finely tailored black suit.

"Princess Sally, allow me to introduce you to the President of the National Assembly; Anthony Godheim," the Prime Minister introduced.

"A pleasure to meet you, Princess," he said, "We'll be opening this emergency session of the National Assembly momentarily."

"We'd better get a move on then," Carmichael suggested.

The group headed into the Assembly Chamber; a large semicircular white chamber with a high ceiling that consists of 308 seats for the elected officials. There were other seats located in the middle of the chamber where the President of the National Assembly resided along with numerous other officials. The chamber was quickly filling up with people although Sally noticed that several remained vacant as she stood next to the Prime Minister, waiting for the emergency session to begin. Godheim took his position behind his desk and addressed the gathered assembly in a booming voice.

"Silence...Ladies and Gentlemen, can we please have silence," Godheim said, talking into a microphone.

Within an instant the chattering had become almost inaudible, allowing him a chance to resume talking.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, this emergency session of the Assembly will now convene," he said as he stepped aside allowing Sally to take his place.

"Ladies and Gentlemen of the United Assembly, my name is Sally Alicia Acorn; princess and envoy of the Republic of Acorn. I thank you for allowing me to stand before you and plead my case to you..."

Location: National Assembly

One hour later...

The entire Assembly Hall gave her a standing ovation following her speech, and it took great effort for Godheim to get order restored.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, we will take this moment for a short recess and reconvene in twenty minutes for debate."

The Assembly Chamber was beginning to empty, the MPs heading out into the rotunda before they were required to head back inside. Sally let out a sigh of relief, allowing herself a chance to relax now that the hard part was finally over and done with.

"Ignes Fatui," Godheim whispered under his breath as he walk past.

Sally felt her very consciousness being shoved aside, her body reacting on its own as she reached into her handbag, feeling the grip of something that hadn't been there earlier. She pulled free a pistol, one made completely of hardened plastic, and aimed it in the direction of the Prime Minister. He was speaking to Corbin Phash; his Minister of Natural Resources, completely oblivious to what was about to occur. She raged within her own mind, struggling to regain control of the body that was betraying her.

"SHE'S GOT A GUN," someone screamed from the far end of the Assembly Hall.

Those still remaining within the chamber immediately turned to see what was all the commotion was about, including the Prime Minister himself.

"Run...Please run," Sally pleaded, though no words emerged.

Carmichael registered a look of confusion on his face, which was quickly replaced with one of pure terror. She pulled the trigger, striking the Prime Minister in the chest, blood blossoming across his white shirt. He stumbled backwards, tripping and striking the back of his head on the corner of one of the tables.

"VICTOR!" Corbin cried out.

He pulled off his suit-jacket and pressed it against the wound, hoping it would be enough to keep him from bleeding out. Hearing a scream, Corbin looked up to find that several MPs had forced the Princess to the ground, prying the weapon from her grasp. Apart from the immediate, the worse thing to come out of this was the fact that it had been broadcast for the entire Terran Republic to witness.