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Dean stood at the alter of the small church in his FBI suit. Sam was standing by his side. His hands shook slightly so he balled them into fists and shoved them in his pants pockets. How was it that he could face down ghosts and demons and whole slew of unthinkable horrors without batting an eye but the idea of marrying someone scared him shitless? Maybe it was because deep down, Dean was okay with dying, but not living while everyone else did. Maybe he was terrified to lose another person he loved.

Sam clapped a hand on Dean's back. "Are you ready?"

"No, but let's get on with it." Dean turned to face the minister who stood a few feet away. "Let's get this show on the road."

The minister nodded and smiled. "I know you are nervous son, but that is natural. I promise it will all be okay." Then the older gentleman turned and nodded to Mr. Ford to let his wife know that it was time. Mr. Ford quickly departed only to return a few minutes later, his wife in tow.

The piano began to play softly as the back doors of the church opened to reveal Cas standing with Tara on his arm. She looked stunning. Her long brown hair was falling in waves down her back. The dress she wore hugged her just enough to hint at the curves that lie beneath, but not the show off everything. It was alluring.

Dean's jaw dropped at the sight of Tara. He had never seen anyone more beautiful in his entire life, and that was saying something considering all the women that Dean had been with. Even Lisa couldn't compare. But when Dean managed to look up to Tara's face, he saw tension and fear. This wasn't how this was supposed to be. You are supposed to be happy and excited on your wedding day, not looking like you were about to vomit.

Tara did her best to hide her fear and put a smile on her face, but she knew that everyone could see how scared she was. She tried to play it off as just nerves, but she knew that Sam, Cas, and Dean weren't buying it.

As Cas and Tara made their way down the short isle, Tara began to feel numb. Her fear was overtaking her. She had to snap out of it. It was going to be alright and she knew that.

Cas handed Tara off to Dean once he reached the alter. Dean gently placed Tara's arm through his and turned to face the minister. The ceremony went in typical fashion: there was a prayer, the mister asked if objections, the vows were traded, rings were exchanged, and finally, Dean and Tara were pronounced man and wife. It was at this moment that reality truly sunk in. Dean and Tara were married. There was no going back from this, not really.

As the minister's words rang through the church, "you may now kiss the bride," Tara and Dean almost jumped. Turning back to each other, the both leaned in for a kiss. But something strange happened when their lips touched. They almost became possessed by the action. They completely forgot everyone else in the room. All that mattered to them was each other.

They were so lost to their kiss that they didn't stop until Sam put a hand on Dean's shoulder and shook him. Dean jerked back to look at his brother, a dazed look on his face. It seemed that they had embarrassed themselves by making out in front of everyone.

"Well I think it is now time for some pictures of the happy couple then we'll have wine and cake to celebrate!" The minister's chipper voice seemed to slap both Dean and Tara back to reality. They had actually gotten married.

After a few pictures were taken of the seemingly happy couple, Mrs. Ford brought out a beautiful wedding cake. It was small but it was beautifully crafted and looked delicious. Tara may not like that she had to get married but at least there was cake! Dean grumbled about the cake though saying how "it would have been better if it was pie." Tara just laughed. Typical Dean, always wanting his pie.

There were toasts made to the couple. Mr. Ford toasted to a peaceful marriage. That was highly unlikely considering what they did for a living. The minister toasted to a joyful marriage. Again not very likely. Cas toasted to easy relations. No one but Sam, Dean and Tara understood what he meant, but it made Dean choke on the wine he was drinking. And Sam toasted to loyalty. Now that was something that hit home for both Tara and Dean.

Now when the time came for Dean to make a toast to Tara, he stood slowly, taking his time to find the right words. This was going to be very awkward, but he was going to try to make it as sincere as he could. She may not want this marriage, but at least he could give her something out of it, even if it was only a nice speech.

"Tara, you have… become my best friend. You have made me wiser and grounded me. I never in my life have felt safer than when I'm with you. I know you always have my back, even when I don't always have yours. I owe you my life a hundred times over. I only hope to protect you and keep you safe. Always."

Tara stared into his moss green eyes and could see that the words were heart felt. She was overwhelmed by the sincerity of what hey had said. A single tear slipped down her cheek. She quickly wiped it away before anyone could see, but Dean did.

Dean raised his glass to Tara and then drank. Tara did the same as did everyone else. When she looked around she saw that Mrs. Ford was wiping a tear away from her own eye and that both Sam and Cas seemed choked up. It seemed that she wasn't the only one affected by his words.

After two hours of toasts and stories and lots of wine, the small party ended. It had gotten late in the day and they knew they would have to stay one more night in the nightmare of a town. Mrs. Ford had prepared a room for Dean and Tara and practically drug them to it.

Since both Dean and Tara were deep in their cups, they gave in to the old woman, figuring that once alone they would simply just pass out. But Mrs. Ford had other plans for the newlyweds.

Stopping just outside the door of the bedroom, she turned to face Dean and Tara. "Now I know that you two have gotten married, but you aren't done yet." Dean looked to Tara in confusion. The look on her face proved that she was just as lost as he was. "It is time to consummate this marriage. I know it seems a bit old fashioned, but it is tradition around here. There are clean white sheets on the bed and an extra set in the closet as well. I won't ask you to give me the sheets as soon as you are done. I'll just collect them in the morning."

"Collect them in the morning?" Dean said confused.

"Yes son. We'll need the proof that you… completed the deed." The old woman blushed slightly.

"But… how will sheets prove that?"

Mrs. Ford sighed heavily and rolled her eyes. "Because of the blood son."

"Blood? What blood?"

"The virgin blood. When you take her virginity." She nodded her head to Tara who had turned a dark shade of pink and was very intently studying the floorboards.

Dean's head swiveled to Tara. She was a virgin?! No way. This has to be a trick.

"So you see, we have to have the sheets in the morning. Oh, you two are lucky she is a virgin, otherwise, one of us would have to listen in." The old woman smiled brightly at Dean who was still shell shocked that Tara seemed to be a virgin. "Now chop, chop you two." And with that Mrs. Ford open then bedroom door and all but shoved Dean and Tara inside.

Dean spun around to watch as the door shut and locked. What the hell?!

Sam and Cas sat on the bed of the room they were in. They hadn't really spoken much about the day. They simply took it in and enjoyed it.

"I can't believe they got married." Cas said as he flopped down onto the bed.

"Yeah men either," Sam said. "And before us. Who would have thought."

Sam laid down on the bed next to Cas. He reached over and interlocked his fingers with Cas's. They lie in silence for a few minutes, just enjoying each other's presence. It wasn't often that they got moments like these, where they were quiet and peaceful. Being hunters kept them too busy and surrounded by chaos.

"I wonder how tonight will go for them." Sam wondered aloud.

"Well I'm sure it will be interesting. I just hope that Tara will be okay."

"What do you mean?" Sam looked at Cas curiously.

"Well I have heard that the first time for females is not usually all that pleasant."

Sam jerked himself upright to look down into the angel's face. Did he understand him right?

"What do you mean first time?"

"Well…" Cas paused. "Since Tara is still a virgin, I'm guessing that tonight will not be all that pleasurable for her. I know Dean seems to have skills with making women feel pleasure but I do not know if that extends into this circumstance."

"Tara is a virgin?!" Sam couldn't believe his ears. Tara was twenty-five and was still a virgin. How did that happen? But it made sense now. The way Tara had acted earlier with being nervous and jumpy and shy. She wasn't just nervous about getting married, but about losing her virginity. And Sam knew that this backwoods town would make and Dean show proof of their consummation.

Sam shook his head and laid back down next to Cas. "Dean doesn't know does he?"

"By now I'm sure he does."

Sam chuckled at Cas's matter-of-fact tone. "It is gonna be a hell of a night for them."