A long time ago, there was a small town called Magnolia. In the center area, there was a huge castle living by the royal family. The exterior was like those European buildings, that only made for middle and high class clans. The family, the Heartfilia, were the rulers of the town. Their King, Jude Heartfilia, was a strict man who worked everyday for the town of Magnolia. But he spared most of his time for his family, they were his joy and happiness. The king knew what he needed to do for his family, for his people, and for Magnolia. His Queen, Layla Heartfilia, was the jewel of the family. She was kind, cheerful, and a wonderful person. For Jude, she was the most beautiful woman in the world. He love her very much. And their Princess, the star of the family, Lucy Heartfilia, known as the Lucky Lucy of Heartfilia. She was a cheerful girl. So much, she resembled her mother. She was their only precious daughter in the world. They taught her of what was like to be a princess, and soon she will be a Queen. The family was happy. They have everything they wanted. Balance life in the family and their work, as a royalty, for the town of Magnolia. Happiness is what made their lives easier.

One night, on Lucy's 6th birthday, friends and family gathered together in the castle to celebrate the young princess' special day. A young prince, who came from another kingdom, handsome and intelligent, came to congratulate Lucy. Lucy was a shy girl. She would hold her mother's dress and hide behind her mother's back. But Layla told her daughter not to worry. "Lucy, this is Prince Loke. He is two years older than you. And he is known as the young Lion Leo of the Celestial Kingdom", she said. Layla wished for Lucy to be good friends with Loke. But Lucy was still shy, meeting someone she doesn't know. As Loke acted like a gentleman, he placed his left hand on his stomach, the other at the back, bowed down to her, and said, "I hope we will get along well, princess". When Lucy realized that he was trying his best, she didn't want to disrespect him. Lucy slowly walked towards Loke, showed her pretty smile, and asked to shake hands with her. "Let's be friends, okay". Loke was surprised. He moved his right hand to shook hands with the princess. "Of course, princess." When he looked at her smile, coming from a young girl, he felt a warm beating in his heart.

On the same night, they thought of playing hide and seek together. Loke was the 'it'. As Loke counted the number, Lucy didn't know where to hide. She thought that hiding in the rooms would be too easy for Loke to find her. When Lucy heard Loke's voice, she started to panic. She saw a huge hedge in the garden. When Loke's got closer, Lucy ran to the hedge and hide.


Lucy can hear Loki's voice. She closed her mouth with her both hands, not to make any noise. Once she gets caught, she will be the 'it'. Lucy tried hard not to get caught by him, or she might lose the game. When Lucy felt that Loke's appearance was getting near, she realized there was a pathway, she quietly ran. As she ended up with two pathways, left and right, she was confused of which way she would choose. She chose right.

Then she ended up with three pathways, she chose the middle. For her, she started to realized that she was inside the maze. After a lot of turnings, going left and right, straight, and finally entered the middle, she was inside the circle. Inside, there was a small open house. She went inside the open house, and sat there to wait for Loke to find her.

For five minutes of waiting, Loke hasn't found Lucy yet. Lucy was starting to feel cold. Worst, her parents might starting to get worried for her. Even if she wanted to get out of the maze, she would get lost worst. "Lucy, if you get lost, don't move from that spot, don't go anywhere, because mommy and daddy will be the one to find you. Understood?" Those were the words that her mother told her to. So, she did. She waited and waited until her parents will find her.

Lucy was shaking. She couldn't take the coldness anymore. She was starting to lose her consciousness; she was getting tired, and sleepy. She looked up at the stars thinking what she was going to do. Hoping that someone can save her.

There was a sound of a stomp—Lucy was stunned. She regained her consciousness. She stood up, turned around where she heard the footstep, and saw a child hiding on the hedge. Lucy stepped backward, frightened.

"Who is there?", she said.

No one answered.

Lucy couldn't see the child's face from the shadow. When she got out of the small open house, she tried to approached the child, and the child walked away. Lucy told the child not to go.

"Why?", the child asked.

"Eh? Uhm..."

Lucy was confused. She didn't know why she does that. On her mind, she thought, "I don't want to be alone. Don't leave me." She was afraid that she was going to be alone. For how many minutes of waiting, she already found someone to talked to. But, she doesn't know the person.

"Why don't you come out?", Lucy said.

"I can't"

"Why, not?"

"Would you get afraid?"

Lucy didn't know what the person was talking about. She giggled as if he was kidding. But the atmosphere looked serious. When the child stepped on the light, it appeared to be a boy. He had a spiky pink colored hair, with horns on his head. He wore a simple red shirt, a black knee length trouser, and black shoes. When Lucy looked what was behind him, there were wings attached to his back. "Wh-what are you?" Lucy was shocked.

The boy didn't answer.

When the boy gave Lucy the look, she noticed that his expression was different. His eyes didn't match to his angry expression. It was as if he looked depressed. The way Lucy looked at him at his appearance, especially with his horns and wings, probably made him depressed. But Lucy never meant to do so.

"I'm sorry", Lucy apologized.

"Why are you apologizing for?", he asked.

"Uhm...for being rude. I didn't mean to"

"That's okay. I mean, I'm the one who should apologize. I didn't mean to scare you with my look"

When the boy smiled, Lucy felt guilty for making him apologized. She knew the way he smiled at her, wasn't fake at all. But he still looked depressed. Lucy thought something to make it up for him.

"Let's be friends", Lucy was in a rush to say it.


"What's your name?"

"Wait—your face is so close"

Lucy didn't care. She knew the boy won't tell his name that easily. When the boy looked away, blushing, Lucy giggled. His shyness was shown. The boy wondered what Lucy was laughing about. Lucy wouldn't tell him. Though he doesn't find it fair, he let it slide.

"My name is Lucy", she smiled.

"N-Natsu...my name is Natsu"

When the boy told Lucy his name, Lucy was happy. He doesn't get why Lucy wanted to be friends with him. But the way he felt, it was his first time encounter someone. Someone who is different.

"So what are you Natsu? Are you a fairy?"

Natsu wanted to say 'stupid' to her, but he wouldn't. It would be obvious of what he was by just looking at his horns on his head and his wings on his back.

"I'm a dragon"

"What? You're a dragon? You don't look like one. I mean—aren't dragons are big ferocious beast?"

Natsu started laughing. He explained that he was a half human, half dragon. His father was a dragon. He was raised by a dragon when he was little. Lucy was confused. He figured. But he couldn't go any further. He didn't want Lucy to know all the details about dragons, most especially his powers. Lucy understood.

"So what are you doing here?", Natsu asked.

"Huh? Oh...uhm...my friend and I were playing hide and seek, and, well...uhm...I"

"You got lost, aren't you?"

Lucy didn't want to admit it. She looked down, holding her pink dress tightly. Natsu didn't say anything after. Instead, he asked her another question.

"Are you cold?"


"You sure are not honest with yourself"

Lucy was being silent. His words may be hurtful for her, but she didn't argue. Natsu was scratching his head, thinking of what he should do. He called Lucy, opened his palm to her, and a small fire just came out of his hand. Lucy was amazed.

"How did you do that?"

"Well, I am a dragon after all"

"I thought a dragon use only his breath to let out fire"

"True, but I can do anything"

Lucy started giggling. When Natsu heard her laugh, he blushed. It was his first seeing someone smiling. He wondered if Lucy was ever afraid of him. But the way she looked at his power, how she was amazed by it, it doesn't look like she was afraid at all. He thought he could see that kind of smile again.

The time they wanted to talk to each other longer, Natsu noticed, someone was coming. He led out his fire. Natsu told Lucy that he had to go. Lucy didn't want him to leave. Natsu figured that she would say that. He was afraid that if humans would found out, they would think he was doing something bad to her. They would create a misunderstanding, and he doesn't want that.

"Are we going to see each other again?", Lucy asked.

Natsu had no idea what Lucy was talking about, but when he looked at Lucy's expression, she was serious. He had a choice.

"We will. We will see each other, one day"


"I promise"

Natsu gave Lucy a huge smile. When he heard footsteps, he directly ran away. Leaving Lucy alone in the maze, until someone came to her rescue.

A familiar voice called Lucy. There were people showing up. When Jude and Layla saw Lucy, they directly came to her. Layla hugged Lucy. Just as Lucy looked into their expression, they were horrified. She apologized. Loke was there. He looked relieved, but at same time, he was sorry for playing in the dark and not finding the princess. Layla forgive the young prince. She was happy that they found their daughter.

"Lucy, are you okay? Are you hurt?", Jude asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine"

The king and queen were surprised that Lucy didn't cry. They thought she would. Normally, young kids would cry when they are lost in the maze, it's dark and they don't know what to do or where to go. Surprisingly, Lucy was okay. But her parents were still worried for her.

"Okay everyone, let's go back inside the castle now", Jude said.

"Come Lucy, let's go back inside"


Lucy held her mother's hand. She looked back wondering Natsu would still be there, hiding. But he already left. Even though she only knew him for a little while, she believe that they will still see other again. She started smiling, making her mother wondered. All that was left for Lucy was waiting for the time to pass, until the next, until the next, until the next.