Sorry for posting again, but I am unable to respond to incoming reviews. Every time I try to, I get a message that says that 'Invalid Message 3.' We cannot find the review you are replying to.' Is anybody else getting that message? Please let me know. I'll just answer any reviews here and update as more come in!

Kochabilka: I had been playing with that idea but unable to get it started so, consequently, I've been stalling and trying to get some more ideas.

GeezerWench: To answer your question to chapter 1...eventually, yeah it does happen. This was a little plot bunny I had back when I was first trying my hand at Twilight stories so you're probably going to run into a lot of rough spots in my story. I had let it slide for months at a time and just recently picked it back up so it needs some major work. I just wanted to get it done for those who were following the story.