Time has certain rules, it obeys certain principles. Unless you're Kel- then that junk goes right out the window. Lucky, really, for the twins. OCxPietro





This has AoU spoilers. Be aware. They literally happen right out of the box, so don't read unless you've seen the movie. Or don't mind it being spoiled.





Time's Optional:

Chapter One- Undone:

Clint didn't know what to do.

Fighting, killing, getting people out of harm's way- he knew how to do that. But this... He knew there was nothing he could do for someone full of holes. Not even when that someone was a punk kid who'd just saved his life. Not even when he wanted to help with every fiber of his being.

The only thing for him to do was be there.

Look into Pietro's eyes as he died and be there for him.


His eyes weren't glazed with death.

-Pietro's POV-

There was pain.

So much pain.

How could it hurt to exist?

Everything was all wrong.

They'd helped, however unwittingly, to make it so.

Rage and pain and vengeance.


He could admit the fear now.

But they made it right again.

Why did it hurt so much?

He didn't want it to hurt anymore.

Hadn't he- hadn't Wanda- hadn't they hurt enough?

Why did it still hurt so much?

Had he still not done enough?

Was this his punishment?

If he focused, he could see the man and child he'd just sacrificed himself for.

Did it normally take so long to die?

A flash of green, and he knew what must have taken out his killer.

He looked at the child.

They'd been that old once.

It was hard to remember.

Hard to believe they'd ever really been children.

They'd been together though, and now he suddenly felt alone.





A flash of red- Wanda- not Wanda.

Not a face he knew- red jeans.

Green eyes in a soft face.

Too pale.

Red staining a white shirt.

Slow movement.

Pain in the green eyes.

A hand against his face.

Calloused fingertips.

Smooth palms.

A soft voice.

He hadn't realized he wasn't hearing anything until he was suddenly hearing her.

"I got you, Handsome."

-Not Pietro's POV-

Clint wasn't sure where she came from, was too busy looking at someone who should be dead. Part of him wasn't registering- she wasn't supposed to be there. "Kel?" Last he heard, she was recovering from a very severe beat-down.

"Clint." She didn't turn her eyes away from Pietro, her voice staying calm and soothing for the injured man before her, though her head gave a quick bob in acknowledgment. "Hey. Hey, I know it hurts- I'm sorry. I've got you, promise Handsome, but I need you to stay with me, okay?"

That finally had Clint's mind kicking into gear, he was calling for medics when she cut across him, "Wanda. You need to bring Wanda here. I can't-" She cut off, intensifying her attention on the speedster. "I can't do it one at a time right now."

That was when Clint really took her in, she was bleeding, and her stance was awkward, unnatural- he remembered what he'd last heard about her. "You're supposed to have physical therapy before going anywhere near combat." It was not quite an accusation, his tone colored with concern- the psychological therapy went without saying.

Her left shoulder jerked, a shrug- he realized, and her voice was strained when she spoke again, "World ending situations trump personal problems. Don't touch him!" The medic her shout was directed at stepped back uncertainly, wariness clear on his face. "You need to get Wanda here, right now." That was calmer- directed at him- Clint realized.

He sent the boy with Steve and started calling out on the comm to see who could bring the sister. He could see it, now that he was looking, the sinuous movement of the golden energy winding around her forearms. The vines curling delicately away from her to cradle Pietro.

"I'm sorry. I know it hurts. If I could take the hurt away I would. I'm so sorry, Handsome, I was too slow." Pietro stirred then, a quip about everyone being slow dying on his lips before it could be born, her energy flared. "Don't talk, okay? You can talk all you want later."

Another medic hedged forward, but Kel's golden energy flared and struck like a snake, freezing the man in place. "We wait-" a pant, breaths heaving, "for- Wanda." And she took a deep breath and pulled the gold away, Clint supporting the medic until the disoriented man could stand on his own again.

A flash of red, finally, and the twins were side-by-side at last, Wanda called out- reaching for her brother, but freezing at the gasped warning. "You have to get them- all at once." She was trembling now, her gasps even more worrying.

The women spoke no more, Wanda merely focusing on Kel, reading her mind, and then turning to her brother. There was another moment of quiet as her red energy crackled around Pietro, careful not to touch the gold. "Got it."

There was a moment then, most of the observers missed it all together. The gold released, the red flared, receded, the gold took again. "Medics. Move fast." This was punctuated by the plunk-plunk-plunk of bloodied bullets being released by red energy and falling to the ground.

The second the medics touched him the gold energy vanished, blood started flowing from the wounds again, no one had realized it'd stopped until then, and Kel was swaying dangerously on her feet. It was Wanda who caught her, though Clint was only seconds behind. "You have saved my brother's life," there were tears in her eyes, her voice heavy with pain and hope, "thank you."

Kel relaxed, leaning heavily on them, "Hope so- tried- I was- too slow- shouldn't- shouldn't have happened."

-This is a line-

"Kelly. You're alright Kel, you're alright." Clint was happy to pass her off to a medic and grimaced in sympathy when her shirt was lifted to reveal the popped stitches of a gaping slice going from her hip bone to just under her armpit. It was bleeding profusely. "Damn, Jones, what'd you do? Pull some cartwheels?"

Kel glanced at Wanda, who was still supporting her right side, even as she watched the medics working on her brother intently. The woman with copper hair turned back to Clint, smiling past pain, "You know me, had to do a tumbling routine before I dealt with the stress of helping your pansy ass."

There was a sudden burst of activity around the speedster, it seemed he was actually trying to get up. Without even a word between them, Wanda and Kel moved towards him, leaving behind a protesting medic with gauze in hand.

The sister grabbed his hand, soothing him with a touch he'd known all his life, the other leaning over his face, looking him in the eyes. "Hey now, Handsome, you need to settle down. I can't undo what has been done." They realized the gold energy was cradling him again, Wanda looking at her with a deep sort of worry she hadn't felt for anyone other than Pietro since the death of their parents. "That means you need to let them take care of you, make you all better." She turned to the medics, "You need to up the pain killers."

"We're already giving him as much as is safe." It was a polite way to say 'hell no', she didn't care.

"His metabolism is much faster than you're used to. He can handle more, and he needs more if it's going to be at all effective before his body burns it right up." The medic who was acting as spoke's person looked ready to argue, but a new male voice pulled her up short.

"I'd listen to the lady, when it comes to speed- she knows her stuff." Kel flashed a grateful smile at Steve and turned at the feel of Wanda's hand against her shoulder.

"You have done enough. Please, rest." The guilt in Kel's heart pushed her to shake her head, but the Scarlet Witch wasn't taking a no for an answer. "I forgive you. Now rest." A flare of red and Kelly Jones was out like a light.