Never Say Never

Synopsis: A single event can change the course of history. Circumstances change when the students of Hope's Peak Academy decide to stand together against the Mastermind. == Massive spoilers for the entire first game. You have been warned.

Disclaimer: I do not own Danganronpa or the characters associated with it.

Never Say Never

"Ahhhhh, such lovely despair! How does it feel to know that the one you trusted all this time actually helped put you into this situation? That she decided that her sister's despair was more important than your hope?"

Junko Enoshima, the real Ultimate Despair, laughed hysterically as she posed the question to her classmates, feeding off their negativity and hopelessness. Her eyes sparkled with euphoria as she glanced to all of them, knowing there was no way they could forgive—

"No…you're wrong!"

All at once, the despair enthralled woman ceased her laughter as the voice of the little punk who'd ruined everything spoke up. Narrowing her eyes, she glared daggers at Makoto Naegi as he met her gaze with an even more determined look than before.

"Even if what you say is true, she decided to side against you! She chose hope rather than despair!" Makoto insisted, the fire in his eyes lighting the flames of hope within his classmates.

"She saved my life…and for that, I can't condemn her!" a blue haired idol concurred.

"Without her, I'd have been pounded with balls to death! There's no way I'm letting her die that way!" a fiery red haired ballplayer also agreed.

"She was kind and supported me…even knowing my secret!" a petite programmer chirped.

"And she worked hard to help keep everyone alive!" a biker gang leader insisted.

"She followed your cruel rules to the letter and never gave up! Despite how unfair it was!" a certain moral compass joined in.

"Not to mention that she did a fantastic job at cosplay!" a fanfic creator praised.

"She helped all of us be who we really are, despite not being able to be herself…" a gambler insisted, placing one last huge bet.

"And she didn't make excuses for her actions or even ask for forgiveness…" a muscular fighter stepped up.

"Yeah! So what if she betrayed us before! She's on our side now!" an enthusiastic swimmer chimed in.

"And she would totally kill you to get us out of here! Hahahahaha!" a murderous fiend commented, all too gleefully.

"And she did make a promise to get us out of here," a lazy clairvoyant added.

"Hmph, she has been a great asset and I would like to continue utilizing her in the future, if you don't mind," a affluent progeny said harshly, glaring menacingly at the mastermind.

"She solved the greatest mystery of this school and led us here to face you. It would be a betrayal on our part to condemn her for her actions now," a stoic detective countered, a smirk slowly appearing on her lips.

Faced with all this positivity made Junko want to vomit blood. However, she didn't need to because she still had one final trick up her sleeve.

"Hmph, whatever. It doesn't matter what you think of her…because it's time for the final vote!"

A chill ran down everyone's spine as Junko forcibly got the final trial back on track. They had all but forgotten that this was indeed a class trial and there always had to be a vote. Even now, at the end of the game, the rules were still absolute.

Knowing this, a gleeful smirk erupted on Junko's lips as she continued, "This time, you'll be voting to either punish hope…or despair! And if even one of you votes for the despair of living here forever, then you all lose! But…if you decide to punish despair, then you have to punish both of the Ultimate Despair!"

Glancing across the courtroom, her maniacal grin widening even more, Junko pointed a painted nail toward their friend and savior.

"Isn't that, right?! Mukuro Ikusaba!"

To Be Continued…

Greetings my beautiful readers! I am the Hunter of Comedy and this is my very first Danganronpa fic. I've written a lot of stories for Bleach before this but never really branched out. But after playing Danganronpa (and becoming obsessed with it), this little plot bunny hopped into my brain and refused to leave me be!

So, here I am, writing a long term story for a game that I love and characters that stayed with me long after their own demises. My usual followers might not get this story so I suggest going and at least watching a let's play of it, because this game is really too good not to be seen.

In any case, this will be a story similar to the IF scenario but will not focus solely on Mukuro, but instead will be about all the characters. Simply put, I am going to have series of events that will chance the fates of all the characters!

I am getting a great deal of assistance from Dixxy Mouri, my beta, and we've been working hard to get this story up for you. You'll have to tune in to find out more! Until then, have a great day my beautiful readers!