What happens when you switch up the characters from RWBY with the ones from John Wick on a whim and decide to make it a story? I got this, but other times you could get the urge to watch the actual movie (It's really good.). So... here it is.

Yang Long

Yang "The Dragon" Long was a legend within the criminal underworld for her ruthless efficiency and limitless talent to get whatever job was thrown her way. Having left the fold when her younger sister fell ill, now alone with but one more companion she is soon thrust back into the pond and takes up her old mantle.


Life wasn't fair. Yang knew this better than most. She had ended many lives all for the sake of the pale, sickly young woman that was currently laying in the hospital bed before her. Strapped to machines that gave her all the bells and whistles necessary to mock her that fate was enforcing this law yet again on her account.

Yang watched as her sister, eyes half lidded and almost unseeing, turned her way and a weak smile was presented, however weak and frail it was. It was still brighter than Yang's childhood grins of happiness had ever been.

"Yang?" The blonde's heart wrenched painfully in her chest at the weakness of Ruby's voice, her dear younger sister who'd been fine not five months ago, now reduced to this. Bright, energetic dark eyes were now faded to faded silver. "Is that you? I can see… a bit of gold."

"It's me, sis." Yang found her voice, it was bright as she could make it. The doctor had long since left the room to give them their final moments in peace. "I'm here." She reaffirmed and took that shaky, frail hand between her own.

"Yang…" Ruby smiled wider and focused on her with near sightless eyes. "It's been a whole day… Not a single coughing fit. I think I'm getting a bit better…" Her voice was optimistic.

It broke Yang's heart and she wanted to cry. Lilac eyes blurred with tears. "Really? That's great…" her shoulder shook slightly with repressed sobs. "You'll be better in no time." She smiled a broken smile at the blatant lie.

But then for Ruby, Yang killed hundreds, lied thousands more and lived with the ocean of blood that was the last five years of their lives.

"And you can get me my favorite brand of cookies." Ruby said with a smallest of nods. "And we can eat out like we used to… movies… everything."

Everything that Yang knew they would never do again. "Of course, sis… I have a few back at home for celebration just for that." Her voice broke.

"Yang…?" Ruby's voice was now tinged with concern. "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine, just… so, so-" Broken, hurt and lost. "Happy to hear that you're getting better. I miss hanging out with you baby sister." And I'll miss you more than anyone should ever feel.

Ruby stared for a moment before smiling again. "Good… good, but be careful, you'll make me cry too, Yang." Tears were already gathering at the corners of those faded eyes. "I'm excited too." It sounded like she wanted to be loud, like she used to be… but it came out more a raspy whisper.

"I know, we'll be a real family again. Just the two of us." Yang gave her hand a small squeeze, afraid to apply more pressure for fear of breaking the almost bony digits.

Ruby smiled, then she gave a low gasp and her heart monitor began to beat erratically. "Y-Yang…" Ruby whispered, sounding more tired than she ever did. "Weiss came by today… She wanted to ask me what I wanted to get you for you birthday tomorrow, I told her and she said she'd handle it… You'll be getting it tomorrow." Ruby explained, closing her eyes and giving another raspy moan. "I'm sorry I won't be better enough to give it to you myself. But I'll make it up to you when I'm better, alright?"

Oh god, Yang closed her eyes and nodded, not trusting her voice to come out as more than a sob. She took several steadying breaths before replying, fighting back the strain of emotions. "Alright, I know you will, sis. I know you will." Another squeeze of her hand.

The heart monitor beeped once more, the beats coming slower and slower. Ruby didn't seen to notice, silver eyes closing steadily. "I'm tired," Ruby stated distantly. "Yang, I'm going to take a nap, come visit tomorrow?"

"I will, Sis… every day you're in here," Yang leaned down and pecked her sister's forehead with a tender kiss. "I will always visit you."

Ruby smiled and those eyes dropped fully to a close. "Good, I'd miss you otherwise… Goodnight, Yang." A smaller smile. "I'll hopefully slightly… see you tomorrow…" A weak imitation of a laugh.

"Goodnight," The monitor pinged then droned on in that ominous single tone that signalled fate's hand had been dealt and played. "Ruby." Yang's voice shattered and the name of the most beautiful thing in her otherwise dark world was gone. She placed her forehead to her sister's and let those tears drip down onto the face that appeared to be merely, deceptively, sleeping.

By the time the doctors came back into the room. They found Yang's face down in Ruby's hair, body racked with sobs and wails the very sound of agony given voice while golden hair created a bright veil for the younger woman, who's hair was as dark as Yang's life had just become.

Because life wasn't fair and Yang had certainly learned that lesson well this day.

End of Prologue

There it is, short, and… quite honestly depressing. I need a moment, hope it was worth the read and the next chapter will come up shortly. Have a nice day.