The Empire's Jewel

Remember I will come to you? Well, this thing here is kind of like the fixed version. I suggest you guys read it, it is better than the first version. There are new scenes added and it's not as sappy as it used to be.I guarantee that, if you guys are not satisfied, you can kick my butt. Lol.

I don't own the Disney characters and I'm making good use of them so please don't sue me.

Chapter 1: The Marketplace

The wounds from the last war against the Huns were healed as time went by. Now, everything seemed to be perfect.the ancient country was in peace and so were al of its citizens.

Mulan was in the village market buying some rice. Her mother had asked her to do her the favor since she was younger than she was and she had enough energy and wouldn't get tired so easily.

While Mulan was carefully picking apples, exactly how her granny had taught her, she heard a wacky voice saying, "Hey look! Here comes your man.!" That teasing could only belong to one dragon: Mushu. Even if he was now a guardian of the Fa family, Mushu gave himself some time to spend with Mulan now that they had become pretty close friends.

Mulan let out a sigh and said sarcastically, "Yeah right, how can you know?"

"Just take a look around."

Shaking her head Mulan turned to where Mushu if. Her eyes opened widely as she saw the man approaching to her. Immediately she fixed her eyes on the apples again, trying to look calm and natural. Handsome as she remembered, it was Shang. She doubted he was her man. He could be the man of her dreams but not her man in real life. Unconsciously, Mulan let out a sigh.

Shang tapped his finger on her shoulder making Mulan drop the apple in her hands. "Hi." He even smiled at her.

A crimsoned blush crept upon her features. "Oh hello," she replied. Slowly she bent down to pick the apple, but Shang reached it first and handed it to gentleman as always.

"So, how are you doing?" Shang asked.

Mulan felt clumsy around the Captain now that he knew she was a woman. It was rather strange and funny at the same time, because when she used to be Ping she was clumsy indeed, but she never got that nervous. "I'm find and you?" It was very different now, it was easier to talk to him when he was Ping.

"Fine and lonely, now that my father died," he answered, "I've been working at the Imperial Palace, now that the country is settled down."

Mushu was standing in the basket of red apples. "Alone," he sounded like an echo, but his intentions were to remark the fact he was still a free man to catch.

There was a long break of silence, both of them too nervous to talk to each other.

Mulan gathered some courage, there was nothing to lose anyway, and decided to break up the ice, "So, what brings you here this very day?"

"Charging debts," he said with a smirk. "What about you?" She didn't expect him to be interested in her ordinary life. "Well, my mom sent me here to buy some things."

"Ok, I won't make you waste anymore time," Shang said politely, "She must be waiting for you."

Mulan nodded disappointedly. She didn't know how to take his words; was he trying to insinuate their conversation was boring and he wanted to cut it out, or was he in a hurry too?

Hesitating, he placed his strong hand on her shoulder, "Great to see you."

Mulan was melting inside. "You too," she managed to say with a dreamy expression on her face. Gods, she felt like a fool drooling over him. Shang turned to leave.

Mushu climbed to her shoulder and coughed. "Ask him to come with you."

"I can't," she replied.

"Come on, he's leaving."

"Maybe some other time," Mulan walked a few inches and tripped with an apple Mushu dropped on purpose and fell down.

The crash was loud enough for Shang to hear. He ran to Mulan and helped her up. "Are you okay?"

Mulan dusted her dress and answered, "Yes, of course I am. Thanks." She felt terribly embarrassed. She slapped her forehead hard.

"What was that for?" Shang inquired. Sometimes, Mulan could be so weird.

"My mother's gonna kill me, I forgot to buy the onions."

Shang nodded silently.

Without saying goodbye, Mulan walked towards Khan.

He noticed she was carrying some sacs filled with rice, and reached out for her to help her. "Let me help you with those bags." She could manage to carry them, she had lifted weights during the training, and those sacs were no big deal. But since Shang had offered his help, she had no choice but to accept his kind help. Shang lifted the sacs on his shoulders and placed them on Khan's back.

"Thank you very much," Mulan said wondering why Shang would do such things for her. It was not like Mulan needed help to lift the sacs.

"That's the least I could do for you," He replied. "Bye."

"Goodbye," she waved her hand and watched him walk away. All this time, and she still had a crush on him. He was too wonderful to be forgotten.

Mushu interrupted her thoughts as he exclaimed, "Now I see! He's trying to make you fall in love with him, and he's doing great!" Mulan glared at him. "Hey, just look at you."

"What?" Mulan said feigning she had no idea about he was talking about.

"All this time he's been the perfect gentleman around you," Mushu explained, "And I can tell you are quite fed up with it."

"Fed up?" She asked quirking her brow. "Besides I'm not falling anywhere."

"Yeah sure," she said sarcastically. Mushu definitely was as stubborn as she was. Mulan shook her head. "May I show you how to flirt? I know you have your own abilities but we can improve them together."

This time Mulan rolled her eyes, "Who am I going to flirt? Besides, I don't do that!"

"Oh yes you do," Mushu replied, "But for next time try blinking your eyes."

Mulan closed his mouth with her hand and said, "Come on, we must go and buy the onions."


The landscape of the Tung Shao Pass was yellow, for the leaves of the trees were falling and it was late autumn very close to the cold winter. A soft wind blew making the leaves to drift with it. Everything seemed ordinary.everything, except for one thing.

Inside a cave in the mountains were a few remaining Huns. Shan Yu´s son, Shan Wong was among them, and he was now the new leader of the mob. They had been hidden there for months plotting the perfect way to avenge Shan Yu's death, something cruel and twisted.

"Ok, first thing," Shan Wong pointed out, "We kill the rotten emperor." His subordinates burst into laughter. He smirked and his yellow eyes sparkled, he looked so much like his father. "Then we will kill Fa Mulan, but we must make her suffer in a way she wishes she was never born.the stupid wench."

One of the men spoke up, "Look the best way to attack would be during a feast, banquet, parade or any of those ridiculous celebrations held in the Imperial City."

Shan Wong rubbed his chin, the plan sounded perfect, but they needed someone to inform them about the events, a traitor, someone easy to bribe.

"Mon Tun," the Hun leader called out, "You must find some Chinese fool who can give us information about the emperor's celebrations."

The man nodded. Mon Tun was half Hun and half Chinese, so it would be easy for him to get into the palace unnoticed.