AN: Greetings! This is my second story. For any fans of The First Illusionist, don't worry I'm still updating it. I decided to try my hand at Abandoned! Naruto. Naruto will be basically the exact opposite of canon Naruto. He will have good chakra control, specialize in healing and poisons, and be much colder than his canon counterpart. This Naruto is inspired by Kabuto, The Doctor (AC brotherhood), Dr. Mundo (League of Legends), Tsunade, Crona Gorgon, and Sasori. Naruto will be one year older than team 7. I know abandoned Naruto is a bit cliché but I hope everyone likes my take on it. If you have any criticisms or suggestions please review and I'll take them into consideration! Thank you.

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Warnings – death, neglect, Orochimaru shenanigans, Mundo level steroids, and blood

The Forgotten Doctor

Chapter 1: Forgotten

(Kohona – 6 years after the Kyuubi Attack)(Naruto POV)

It had been six years since the Kyuubi attacked Kohona. The Third Hokage had sacrificed his life to seal the Kyuubi into his twin sister, Shio Uzumaki. Many would believe that his life would be better with a life without being an orphan, without the kyuubi, and without the hatred of the village.

They would think wrong.

Naruto Uzumaki had spent six years of his life being neglected and slowly being forgotten by his parents. It used to be small things, such as forgetting to call him for dinner, ignoring his suggestions when going out, and never tucking him into bed at night. Eventually however, the neglect had gotten worse. His parents began to forget him more and more and eventually even forgot his birthday. The people in the village seemed to forget he was even the son of their Hokage and ignore him like any other faceless orphaned child of the village.

After his forgotten fifth birthday he began to truly raise himself. He cooked his own meals at odd hours to not interact with his family and started to read books on ninja basics. He studied the basics relentlessly to prepare for the academy at age eight. He knew he couldn't count on his parents for training, if he couldn't trust them to remember his birthday how could he trust them to train him?

He knew that they had already started training Shio at age five. When he asked them to help him train they simply glanced at him and told him he would be trained at the academy and Shio needed extra help to control the Kyuubi. It was at that point he lost all faith in his parents and he started to not even call them that in his head. He eventually started to leave the estate and train on his own.

He soon learned he had a knack for chakra control as he mastered the basic leaf sticking exercise on his fourth try. He eventually got so good at the exercise he could stick more than ten leafs to his body at a time. However he knew he would need more instruction than just basic scrolls. He soon started sneaking into Minato's library and stole numerous scrolls on the basics. As he completed more of the chakra control exercises he learned that unlike his mother and sister he did not have too much chakra. He still had an above average level for his age, as expected of any Uzumaki, but not enough for it to be unmanageable.

He was reading a specific exercise called tree walking. There were no trees large enough in the estate to really learn the exercise so he excited the gate and went to the surrounding forest of the Uzumaki Estate. He packed a backpack full of items that he would need, a change of clothes, some food, some kunai, shuriken, a bedroll, and some jutsu scrolls from minato's private library. He was planning on sleeping outside tonight and get away from the estate, it's not like they would remember him anyway.

He reached his usual training clearing and prepared to get to work. He had stolen some useful jutsu from Minato. He had stolen the instructions for: Kage Bushin no Jutsu, Kage Shuriken no Jutsu, water walking, tree walking, Kawamari no jutsu, Henge no Jutsu, Bushin no Jutsu, and a stolen Suna scroll on how to create chakra strings. He had also managed to find some of Tsunade's training scrolls on medical jutsu. He assumed that it was a gift to Minato that he never used. He knew that some of the jutsu were beyond him at the moment. He barely had enough chakra to create one kage bushin. But he figured out with just one kage bushin he could train twice as fast and increase his reserves at the same time.

He already knew what he wants to focus on in his ninja career. Whatever Minato and Kushina were bad at he would specialize in. He knows that Minato and Kushina are really bad at medical arts, genjutsu, and poisons. He only wished that Tsunade hadn't left the village after she healed Kushina from the extraction of the Kyuubi. Though he was doubtful that Tsunade would want to teach him, most likely she would just focus on Shio like Jiraiya and Kakashi.

He quickly got to work on tree climbing. He knows that theoretically if he masters tree climbing he can master any jutsu or at least that's what it says in the description. After several tries he found that tree climbing was not that hard. He did not know if it was because of the level of difficulty of the exercise or if he just had good control of his chakra.

He trained with tree walking for several hours, slowly being able to walk up the tree without much focus. After his 50th repetition of the exercise he was quite exhausted. He knew it was thanks to his inherited Uzumaki stamina that he had managed to last for so long. As he drank some water he decided to visit the library (a place of solace for him when the neglect gets too much). He wanted to read some medical textbooks to try and get an early start on his medical education. He wanted to at least by able to patch up basic wounds by the time he enters the academy.

He enters the library and smiles at the old librarian. The librarian, Yui Haruka, is a retired chunin of the village, with graying brownish hair, large thick glasses, she looked like every other common grandmother. She had been a friend of Naruto since he had started coming here at age 5. She was one of the only villagers who actually pays attention to him. He walked silently to the medical section. Many of the more advanced books were safely stored at the Hospital, however there were many books that explained basic medical practices left in the library for aspiring students. The library also had a wide selection of anatomy, botany, biology, and science textbooks for civilian students. Naruto proved his prodigious intellect as he understood the medical texts. After recovering enough chakra he had already made a Kage Bushin and had it read a book on the human anatomy while he read the basics of medical chakra.

The book described medical chakra as purified spiritual energy. This purified spiritual energy enters the dead or dying cells of the target and reactivates them, quickly healing the target. However one must have great chakra control and mental focus to use these techniques because an over flux of medical chakra could kill the cells instead of healing them.

The book mentioned some famous applications of healing chakra, such as Tsunade's legendary strength by separating her chakra into spiritual and physical energy. He decided that one of his goals would be to eventually recreate Tsunade's strength.

He looked out the window and sat that it was getting rather late, the library would be closing soon. He released his clone and closed his eyes to absorb the information from his doppelganger. It appeared that the clone discovered all of the pressure points of the body, the seven critical spots of the body, and what the chakra system looks like in the human body. It was quite fascinating.

He returned to his spot in the woods and after eating a light meal of bread and cheese, went to sleep.

(The next day – 6 AM Village Forest)

Naruto woke up to see it was very dark and cloudy today. It was probably going to rain. He quickly packed all of his belongings in his pack and quickly ran back to the estate, hoping to miss the rain. As he was about to open the gate he noticed something wrong right when he tried to open it. It would not open. Growing slightly desperate he tugged harder on the gate.

It remained firmly closed.

He tried to think of why the gate wouldn't open and his eyes widened. Today was October 1st. Minato always re-drew the seals on the estate by the end of each month. One of the seals identified who was allowed into the estate by their chakra signature. Minato must have forgotten to input him into the defenses. He knew that Minato would already be in his office, and that Kushina would be making breakfast for Shio soon. He stood there for a few minutes silently as it started to rain.

He looked up at the sky and saw it was starting to pour, drenching him. He knew he was finally fully forgotten by the Namikaze family. He wondered why this information hurt him as much as it did. He knew this day would occur eventually. Ever since his 5th birthday he had been preparing for the day his parents abandoned him. He had stocked enough non-perishable food at a cave near the glade he trains in to last him at least two years.

As he stood there in the rain his anger and hatred grew for the family. He would not beg or yell at that man to let him back into the house. He didn't care that he had no resources or backing from any family anymore. He decided to get revenge on his former family. He knew that this goal would be nearly impossible. The Namikaze-Uzumaki family was loved throughout the land of fire. Minato was loved by the Daimyo and would never hear a bad word against him. He also knew that when Shio entered the academy no one would say anything bad to her.

However he didn't care, he would gain revenge in any way he could. The only possible method to do so in his eyes was to be better than Shio. If he was better than Shio he could prove to everyone in the village he didn't deserve to be forgotten. That he was just as important than the princess of Kohona.

He started to walk back to the forest knowing he had to find shelter from the rain. He knew of a cave near the glade he was in that he can take shelter in. After the rain passes he could figure out what to do.

(Hidden Cave 7 AM)

As he rested inside the cave he used some chakra control exercises to dry his clothes and body from the rain. He had rarely entered this cave, never finding much need to. The cave was the perfect hideout. The natural formation of the trees and shrubbery effectively hid the entrance while a rock formation around the cave hide it from view even further.

But now it was his home for the foreseeable future and he decided to explore it. As he walked down the cave he noticed that the floor was gradually getting smoother and the walls more box shape as he slowly walked deeper into the cave. Eventually he arrived at a steel door, slightly rusted with age. He tried to open the door but it was locked. He used a trick he discovered from breaking into Minato's library so often. He formed a small chakra string and inserted it into the lock. He started to pump chakra into the string and it expanded into the shape of the key. Slowly turning it he heard a click and the door opened inward.

The room inside looked like an abandoned laboratory, filled with jars of animal parts, preserved plants, and many other unknown objects. He looked around a bit more and found a desk next to a distilling station with a journal resting on it. He started to read some of the first pages.

January 5th

I recently found a cave that will be perfect for my poison and medical studies. Here I will be able to start my path to power.

The Snake Sannin – Orochimaru

January 10th

I have begun testing on small animals my snakes have brought to me. Many of my poisons are still too…messy. I have begun to experiment with different venoms and plants to create the perfect poison.

February 2nd

I have done it! I have made the perfect poison. After several minutes of applying the poison it remains completely undetectable for several hours before the animals die of a heart attack. I cannot be sure if the result will have the same effects on humans. I do not wish to be discovered by bringing local bandits to this laboratory. Perhaps some of the children of the civilians of the village can assist me in my projects.

Naruto nearly dropped the journal in shock, he had found one of Orochimaru's hidden laboratories. He knew who the snake sannin was through Minato's library. He had read about the monstrosities this man had committed against the citizens of Kohona.

However, as he stared at the journal he knew this could be the key in giving him an edge over Shio. He knows that Shio will be getting tutoring from at least four kage level ninjas. By the time shio graduates she will probably be high chunin level, even more so if she proves to be a prodigy like her father.

He knows to be better than her he would need a serious edge. An edge that could be gained from this laboratory. But could he lower himself to accept tutoring, even indirectly, from one of the most monstrous missing nin in the elemental nations? He looked at more of the passages in the journal, all describing horrific experiments and poisons that could kill anyone. He contemplated on how far he would be willing to go for his revenge. He looked around the lab seeing all of the tools available to him if he accepted this dark path. He started remember all of the times his family had forgotten him:

He remembered when his family went to the Kyuubi festival forgetting him at the house.

He remembered watching his family eating dinner, all laughing together as a family.

He remembered watching from his window as Minato and Kushina began Shio's training, forgetting him entirely.

He finally remembered him standing out in the rain, completely forgotten and abandoned.

Naruto looked around the lab once more, seeing instructions for high level poison making, high level medical techniques, chemistry sets, gas masks, syringes, and then looked to the far wall where three practice dummies were kept and imagined the faces of his family on them, never looking at him and treating him like a stranger and he felt his hatred grow further. He looked at the journal in his hand and accepted the fact that he was going to walk down this dark path. He walked to the door and closed it. Locking it from the inside.

And when he exited the laboratory, he would be a changed person.

AN: I hope everyone enjoyed the first chapter of my new story. Ever since I started to read fanfiction a year ago I've wanted to write a Naruto neglect story. A neglect story leaves so many options for change in the world to write in. I hope everyone likes my take on the genre.

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