Wow it's been a long time since I updated this. I'm struggling to find ideas for this story at the moment, and updating from here on out is probably going to be slow (sorry guys). This chapter is shortish because it's going to be part of a four part mini-series (gosh I'm really loving the multi-parters aren't I?). This first one is from Pacifica's point of view, and I'm going to do one for each of the main cast.

Joel was late.

Dipper and Mabel had left early, and Joel assumed that he would be able to catch up to them because he lived closer, but he'd evidently lost track of time and was now sprinting his fastest along the road.

'Nice way to start at a new school, Joel…' he said to himself as he ran. Luckily for him, this was Dipper and Mabel's first year at Gravity Falls High School too, so he wouldn't need to try as hard to fit in with any previously obtained friends. Pacifica had managed to bribe the school to put the three of them in her home group, which was also good. He'd been to a couple of different high schools before and was familiar with the experience of starting afresh. This shouldn't be too crazy.

He heard the bell. That meant he was close. He should still be alright for the first day.



'Present,' said Pacifica, lazily raising her hand from the back of the class. Dipper and Mabel looked worried. The seat between them that they had reserved for Joel was still empty – Mr Lockwood had started without him. Knowing Joel, he'd show up at just the right time.


'Yeah, I'm here,' said Dipper. Mabel stuck her tongue out at him. Mabel may have been twelve minutes older than Dipper, but his name still came first alphabetically.

'Odd name you got there, son,' said the teacher, double-checking his paper, 'you got a sibling?'

'That's me!' said Mabel, waving her arm around. Mr Lockwood looked up and nodded at the twins.


'Here,' said another boy, twirling a pencil in his fingers.


It was at that very moment that Joel entered the classroom. Pacifica was hoping for something a little more dramatic like the time he first ran into the Mystery Shack, but she smiled anyway. Mr Lockwood looked towards the door.

'Are you Joel?'

'Correct,' he replied, walking to his desk and sitting down. Dipper patted him on the back and the teacher shrugged.

'Good timing, a second later and you would be down for skipping class on the first day.'

'Well class, we may be a small bunch, but that's only going to make this year easier. My name is Mr Lockwood, and I'm going to be your home group and English teacher this year.'

He was right, the class wasn't large at all. Pacifica quickly counted and found that there were only fifteen students seated around the room. Gravity Falls was a small town, but considering that this was the only high school within fifty miles and the fact that only Pacifica's parents were just about the only people in town who could afford tutoring or home-schooling, it was surprising.

She didn't need to listen to Mr Lockwood go over the basics. Every student who had been to this school had heard them before, and paying attention to his droning would just make Pacifica drowsy. Instead, she found herself lost in thought about how her three friends would fit in here.

Mabel was fun and out-going, so she should have no problem making friends. She'd be well known within social circles within a couple of weeks as the girl with the crazy clothes and the glitter obsession. Pacifica imagined that some people will look up to her, and others will despise her, but that won't matter to her. Mabel despises nobody, so most likely the people who don't like her will just be jealous.

Dipper was awkward and a little nerdy, and Pacifica was worried that he'd struggle to make friends. However, with time, she thought it was possible that he could have a small group that he discussed movies and murder mysteries with and that he'd be quite happy. He'd just need to find the right people. If worse came to worse, he still had Mabel, and he'd never stop being friends with Mabel.

Joel she wasn't sure about. He was subject to mood swings, and could be happy one moment then angry the next, but he tried his best to stay calm. Pacifica really didn't know enough about Joel to make any assumptions about how he'd make friends. She supposed she'd have to leave it up to fate.

'… and that should be it,' Mr Lockwood concluded as the bell for first period rang out, the class beginning to shuffle out of their seats. 'Remember, if you're unhappy with anything, just come to me. Thank you.'

Pacifica smiled and slung the satchel that Mabel had made for her over her shoulder. This should make for an interesting year.

Yeah, it's short, I know, but this chapter is going to be part of a four-part school series, so bear with me. Now, excuse me while I go and study furiously for my exams. Remember to favoriteand follow if you enjoyed it!