Harry Potter: Project Omega

by Polydicta

The Minister appears to have come back from the dead, Lucius Malfoy appears to have been long-dead since before he died. On top of this, The Ministry appears to be ignoring the Statute of Re-Integration and the Home Office have launched the mysterious Project Omega ... and who is the Unspeakable Hecate?

Some limited crossover with Star Trek and Doctor Who, as well as influences and elements from innumerable books, short stories, movies and TV/Radio series.

Christine Moon's experiences were inspired by the events surrounding Hermione Granger in Megamatt's Know Your Rights (Chapter 5)

Thanks to the various folks on Hermans Tumbledweeds and Caer Azkaban for insanity checking, advice, insults and encouragements - keep it up, or I might run out of steam before we get far enough in to make a difference!


All fiction is derivative and fan fiction doubly so. I make no claim to own any part of any of the following, all I have done is an attempt to put together the elements in a novel fashion, using words and ideas like Lego ™ bricks.

I own the rights to nothing in this or any subsequent chapter - there is such a mixture, that only the plot may be original.

There is no money involved – all I do is to share what I do for my own amusement.



Harry Potter: Project Omega - 1 - The Statute


The Magical Separation Treaty of 1645 was signed by Charles I and the Leiðandi Maghe of the Mæğenmoot, one Gruffudd Ordd Crochenydd.

The treaty allowed for the formation of a shadow government led by the newly formed Wizengamut who would appoint a Minister to The Crown. The Wizengamut would have the power to raise taxes, enact By-Laws and to administer justice in return for the protection of The Crown and for neutrality in all disputes involving The Crown.

The treaty also put in place the one joint Legal Act, the Statute of Secrecy, an act designed to enforce a mutual neutrality between magical and mundane Britain. This statute was reflected within a few years across the nations of Europe, thus ending overt magical involvement in the various wars.

By 2018, the International Statute of Secrecy was no longer viable worldwide due to the massive use of surveillance cameras and the ubiquity of video devices carried by individuals, and a move made to return the magical world to the mundane. As a result, the Statute of Secrecy was repealed by the British Government, and portions of the Magical Separation Treaty set aside in August of 2023 to allow the Statute of Integration to be enacted as part of the world-wide move to re-integrate the magical people with their mundane counterparts.

Novae Historiae Praecepta Magica Legalia, 2057


An introduction to the world of 2025

At the dawn of the twenty first century, the magical world that Harry Potter lived in was beginning its long road to recovery from the hell on Earth of the time of Lord Voldemort's occupation of Wizardinmg Britain.

A hundred years behind muggle society, the wizards couldn't imagine the social revolution that their non-magical counterparts were experiencing. The rise of the World Wide Web, for example, made the task of keeping magic a secret infinitely more difficult - especially given that Wizards in general had not the first inkling about technology.

Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived, the Man-Who-Conquered and secretly, the supposed Master of Death married his best friend's sister, his best friend married their mutual best female friend, and they started families.

All was well for a long time. Kingsley Shacklebolt was the Minister for Magic, a progressive wizard with strong views on egalitarianism, and an open mind about non-magical society. He also understood exactly how massively outnumbered Wizardkind was by non-magical humans.

Then, technology passed the capacity of the magical world to hide. The non-magical governments pointedly ignored the magical world, even though satellites had mapped the unplottable, identified the spacially changed and watched magic being done on cameras all over.

More and more, the secret was leaking out - magic being photographed and observed by remote cameras until, fearing the inevitable backlash, moves were made to re-integrate and reunite the Wizarding World with the mundane.


The Statute

Christine Moon, muggleborn witch, was on her way home from London with her father. They had been to Diagon Alley to collect Christine's school things, followed by a special birthday treat, a chance to see 'Phantom of The Opera,' who's star, Christine Daeé she was named for.

In five months, she would be starting at Hogwarts, just like her aunt Lillith did when she was eleven.

All of her new things were in a brand new trunk in the back of the car, and she couldn't wait to get home and to start reading about magic.

It was dark and, in the usual course of things, it was drizzling.

They had just passed the Slough exit from the motorway when they were overtaken on the inside by a driver who was obviously the worse for drink.

There was a shock and then the world went insane. When the car came to rest, Christine was upside-down in her seat, looking through a six-inch wide windscreen where the roof of the car had been crushed. She could feel the dozens of tiny glass cuts in her skin and she hurt abominably from where she had been flung against her seatbelt, he neck was particularly sore.

Her father ...


There was no response.

In the yellow gloom of the street lights she could see him.

There was no way in the world that he could have ...

There was another jolt and the car slid sideways a few yards, striking sparks.

A smell of petrol.

A flame.

Christine screamed wordlessly and the world went dark.


When she opened her eyes, Christine was laying on the wet road amongst the broken glass. She could feel the blood on her skin and in her hair, but the pain had all gone.

The world flared before her eyes as the family car caught fire and the petrol tank exploded, taking the drunk's car with it.

Her last sight before the world once more went away was of blue flashing lights and a police officer bending down to her.


It was the morning after the accident and Anna Moon was sat by her daughter's bed in Wexham Park Hospital where she had been brought. Other than Christine being covered in blood when she was brought in, and being unconscious, there didn't seem to be a mark on her.

As Anna sat, fretting about her daughter and beginning to mourn the loss of her husband, three ... individuals walked in.

"Mrs Moon, we are here to take your daughter to St Mungo's in order to be healed before her trial."

"Trial? St Mungo's?"

"Your daughter broke the Statute of Secrecy by apparating in front of twenty-three muggles. After her trial, she will have to spend at least twelve years in Azkaban before her magic is bound and her wand snapped."

The two heavyweights had bundled Christine up and were levitating the unconscious girl.

"Trial? She saved her own life! What are you talking about - she had only collected her wand yesterday."

"It doesn't matter. She broke the Statute of Secrecy, and she will have to learn her lesson. Stupefy!"

Anna Moon's world went dark and she fell awkwardly to the floor, injuring herself on the way down.

Gawain Robards, the leader of the three spat at the unconscious woman. "Filthy muggle whore!"


As they exited the room, they met up with two more wizards from the Obliviations Office.

The tall, ginger-haired one spoke. "The comptooters are fixed and the muggle healers obliviated."

Unnoticed by the five, cameras hidden under dark, armoured glass domes followed their progress after a security guard in the monitoring centre noticed the five arriving and using wands on the staff.


It was quiet in the hallway as the five made their way to the lifts - much quieter than when they had arrived.

Too quiet.

The lift dinged and the doors opened. Five wizards and an unconscious witch entered. The appropriate button was pressed and the lift began to move.

To the wizards, nothing seemed any different from when they had arrived, but the lift travelled further down than the ground floor.

A ding, and the door slid open. The five exited the lift with their prisoner. The doors closed behind them and the lift started back up.

"This isn't the way we came in!"

"Must have been a different luff. C'mon, we'll just have to go out the back way or something."

The sliding doors in front of them opened and their world turned red.


Gawain Robards awoke with the jolt that accompanies an ennervation spell. A much larger jolt than normal.

"Ah, Senior Obliviator Robards. Welcome back."

Robards opened his eyes to see a black-haired man sitting opposite him. The scruffy black hair and piercing green eyes told him that he was in trouble. The fact that he was shackled to a steel chair and that there were magic suppression spells active merely served to confirm how much trouble.

"Potter! You will pay for this!"

Harry Potter nodded.

"Yes, yes, I've heard this all before. You have been arrested in accordance with the terms of the International Statute of Integration, two thousand and twenty-three, and are to be charged with carrying out illegal activities that have endangered both magical and non-magical citizens of the United Kingdom.

"You have the right to remain silent, but should you not do so, anything you say will be recorded and may be used in court against you. Should you not mention anything relevant to your defence, it may be ruled as inadmissible in a court of law. Do you understand?"

The ex-Auror just sat, staring at Potter.

"Do you understand?"

Robards finally responded with a faint yes.


Kingsley Shacklebolt sighed when he read Harry's report. After resigning as Minister for Magic and leaving England for his parents' home in Mbebwe, he had stayed in contact with a few of the people he respected. He had been called up to serve as Mbebwe's representative to the International Confederation of Wizards.

He, Harry, Françoise Trudeaux of the North American Federation, Jean Delacouer of France and Krasimir Oblansk of Bulgaria had fought together for the passing of an accord that would end the Statute of Secrecy, given that the non-magical world now had instant broadcast communications and cameras everywhere. The Statute had become unmaintainable at best and a hazard to the magical world at worst.

Once the accord had been passed, a new Statute of Integration was hammered out between the muggle and magical governments of the world. A massive sigh of relief was passed by the various Far-Eastern governments, since magic was an open secret at best - it just wasn't shoved in the faces of tourists.

Harry Potter, the Chief Auror had been sacked over that piece of work, not that he cared much since his wife, Ginny, had left him for ... another woman.

Kingsley shook his head. This was the kind of stuff that had driven him to leave the British Ministry, after all.

He gasped when he saw the charges that the red-headed appetite on legs had been brought up on.


Harry sighed. This was going to be the worst of them all.

His former best friend, Ron Weasley had been transferred to the obliviator squad as a junior obliviator. He had been involved in the raid on Wexham Park Hospital. He had 'interrogated' one of the nurses (including brutalising her physically) and had then obliviated her. The whole thing had been recorded by the hospital's security system.

Whilst his own group would be able to undo the incompetent's work, she had been wiped of approximately fifty percent of her training and all memory of her family. She had also lost everything before the age of seven years.

Ronald was being charged with aggravated assault, mind rape and attempted personality wipe on top of the other crimes under the Statute. On top of that was his attempt at escape by assaulting one of the MI19 orderlies.

He really wasn't looking forward to telling Hermione that her husband was going to be spending the rest of his life in the correctional facility at Narborough Brough, the highest security military prison buried deep under the Leicestershire landscape - the only place in Britain suitable for incarcerating magical terrorists.


The Minister for Magic, Vikram Thakur, was summoned to Downing street to explain to the Prime Minister the actions of his Obliviator Squad.

The Minister of Magic, Vikram Thakur ignored the summons, thinking that the muggles weren't worth the bother.

A formal Notice of Summons under the Magical Separation Treaty of 1645 was sent to Vikram Thakur, informing him that he was required to present himself at Downing Street, else a warrant for his arrest under the Statute of Integration (2023) and the National Security Act (2020) would be issued.

Thakur finally presented himself with ill-concealed hostility and ill-grace seven days later. The ex-Slytherin believed himself to be above such trivialities, and intended to obliviate the stuffing out of the PM.

Thakur, having drawn his wand as he entered Number Ten, woke with a splitting headache. The first thing he noticed was a wand-tip glowing between his eyes. He vaguely recognised the dull-pink glow as that of a ribbon cutting curse. He also recognised the green eyes of the owner of the wand.

"Vikram Thakur, Minister for Magic, I choose to assume that you drew your wand as you entered Number Ten as a prelude to handing it over to the security guard. If you had used it on these premises, you would have been shot and arrested as a terrorist. You are currently here as the representative of a hostile government. Do not make the mistake of becoming the representative of an illegally constituted rebel group, you will not win."

The rest of Thakur's visit to the seat of government was not a comfortable one, especially when pointed questions were asked regarding the rejection of a treaty that the British magical government were signatory to.

Things went downhill when he was informed that a team of obliviators were being held for illegal operation on British soil, as well as for a range of other charges - including attempted kidnapping and attempted murder by mind wipe.

Thakur won himself no friends by claiming that it was the right of all magicals to treat muggles as they will.

His continued hostility found him arrested and the Ministry for Magic declared In Rebellion.


Hermione Weasley had been less than happy at her husband's demotion from the Auror Squad to the newly instituted Department of Obliviations. She was equally unhappy that the new department had been created at all, especially in light of the moves to integrate the magical and mundane worlds.

She had been incandescent when The Ministry had passed a law that prevented any muggleborn or muggle raised magical from contacting his or her non-magical relations. The idiots had done the exact opposite of what the new treaty demanded. Even worse was when she lost her job to the new Pureblood Hiring Preference regulations.

When Harry arrived and told her that Ron was under arrest, and what he was charged with, she broke down. and told him everything that had been happening since Harry left.

"Who is this Vikram Thakur, anyway?"

"He was sorted into Slytherin in ... 1992, while you and Ronald were meeting the Whomping Willow. He was a part of Umbridge's Inquisitorial Squad, but kept his nose clean afterwards. Umm ..."


"He disappeared some time before the Battle of Hogwarts and was listed as dead ..."

"You don't think that it was a mistake, do you?"

Biting her bottom lip, Hermione shook her head.

"I saw him when they brought him in. He was wearing his Slytherin robes, but he had been found out near the greenhouses. He looked pretty dead when I saw him."

"And is the Minister the same person, Hermione?"

"Oh yes! Same sneer, same sense of entitlement, same sense of superiority."

"So, either the body you saw wasn't him, wasn't dead or ..."

Hermione had gone pale. She nodded, reluctantly.

"I think it was him, that he was dead and ..."

Harry completed her thought for her. " And that we have a problem."