Kirby: Right Back At Ya!

Disclaimer: I do not own Kirby, Fox, or any other related stuff. This is just a fictional story of Kirby I wrote because I'm a fan of the show.

It was a terrific day to be in Dream Land! The sun was shining, the birds were singing, (All except Tokkori, that is.) And not a cloud in the sky! Unfortunately, the Star Warrior, Kirby, and his friends Tiff and Tuff were bored out of their minds. "This is so boring!" cried Tuff. "I know," agreed Tiff, "you'd think there would be plenty of stuff to do on a beautiful day like today!" "Hay-oo!" yelped Kirby.

"Ha! They're bored, well, I'll give em' something to stay busy with!" Cried the notorious King Dedede, who had secretly been watching on a giant television screen. The evil king pressed a button and the station switched. "Ah, King Dedede, my number one customer! How can I help you?" Asked the extremely creepy N.M.E sales guy. "You know how you can help me! By givin' me a monster that'll claw that ol' pink tuff ball!" "Oh, then you're in luck! Here at Nightmare Industries, we have been working on a monster much more terrible than any other monster." Explained the sales guy. "It had better be, cause I'm getting' tired o' seein' all of those dim-witted monsters getting' sucked up by Kirby!" Complained Dedede. "Right, we'll send him to you right now!" Suddenly panels of Dedede castle slid out of place, releasing different components for a multi-purpose machine. Electricity jolted through it onto a platform, and before his eyes, a monster was transported to King Dedede. "Meet Robo-Kirby!" Cried the N.M.E sales guy with pride. "Wow!" Exclaimed Dedede. "It looks like it cold actually be able to beet Kirby!" "I'm sorry I was gone so long your magesty, but I." It was Escargoon, Dedede's evil henchman. "Wow," he said, "what's that thing?" "You're about to find out.first-hand!" Said Dedede mischievously. "Robo-Kirby, attack!" "Your Magesty, what are you doing?" The Robot Kirby flew across the room in front of Escargoon, who was stricken with fear. Slowly, the top of the robot opened, revealing a flamethrower. Whoosh! The flames were volcanically hot! "Ahh! Ahh! Ahhhhh!" Screamed Escargoon as he ran down the halls of castle Dedede, being chased by the Mechanical Kirby.

"Hey," yelped Tiff, "does anyone hear that?" There was a vrooming sound coming from the castle. "I hear it!" Cried Tuff. "Wonder what it could be?" "Wow-oo!" exclaimed Kirby. They all squinted to see what it was. "I-It's coming this way!" cried Tuff. VROOM!" The mysterious object zoomed through them. "What was that?" asked Tuff. "I don't know," said Tiff, "but whatever it is, it has Kirby!" "Oh no!" They looked up to see the mechanical Kirby. He chucked the real Kirby high in the air. And as he was coming back down, holes in it let out spikes. "Oh-no!" cried Tiff. "If we don't do something, this will be the end of Kirby!