Kirby: Right Back At Ya! By: StarWarrior12

NEWS FLASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kirby vs. Robo-Kirby now officially takes place AFTER the new hit video game, Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland.

Last time, on Kirby: Right Back at Ya! King Dedede ordered a terrible monster from NME, the Robo-Kirby. The monster attacked the gang, and almost killed our hero! Luckily, he awoke at the last minute to dodge the assault! A fierce battle raged on, and eventually Kirby was knocked unconscious again! What new thrilling events will happen next? Find out today, on Kirby vs. Robo Kirby-Chapter 3!

"Oh no! He's gonna try and kill Kirby!" Cried Tuff. The mechanical menace then charged his attack, and unleashed it upon the helpless Star Warrior! A chain of pure energy lashed at our hero, sending him flying. "No, he's going to fall in the lake!" Shouted Tiff. And so he did. "Kirby." said Tuff, thinking this was defeat. But no! Somehow, someway, Kirby jumped out of the lake, mouth full of water, and he blasted it at the robotic replica! "Yipee!" yelled Tuff in joy. "That'll be sure to fry that fake Kirby's circuits!" The battle seemed won, then, bam! A field of electricity surrounded him, protecting him from the water. The water acted as a conductor, and the electricity blasted at Kirby! Again, he fell, but this time he had his conciousness. "Don't let him get you down, Kirby!" Shouted Tiff. "Yeah!" agreed Tuff. "We all know you can beat that thing, you just need to find it's weak point!

Meanwhile, at Dedede Castle, home of the notorious King Dedede..

"Yahoo! This is great! Even water can't beat that thing! And we didn't need any water Kirby to prove it! Thanks Mr. Salesguy, I think I might even throw in a tip for this beast! You make so darn fine monsters!" Complimented King Dedede, his mouth stuffed with chicken, turkey, corn, mashed potatoes, and anything else he could fit in his mouth at the dinner table.

"Well now, making high quality monsters is what we do best at NME! And now with the electric ability he used, it looks like making him water-proof would have been a waste of time."

"Wait, you sure that water's the only foce that can beat Robo-Kirby? What if that pink pipsqueak uses some kind of power on the thing that we never knew he had?" Asked King Dedede, being foresightful for the first time in his life.

"Don't worry Bid "D"! we got it covered! That Robo-Kirby has an Auto- Repair system that kicks in whenever he takes a hit! Kirby'd have to blast the thing to vapor-dust to beat it!"

"That seems logical," said Dedede, "ok, does Robo-Kirby have any other wacky gizmos? This battle's takin' too long!"

"Well, no. But savor the moment Dedede! This will be the only time you can see Kirby destrotyed before your very eyes!"

"Yer right, I should be enjoyin' this, I mean, I only get to see an evil malicious robot destroy Kirby once in a life time.

The evil king then sat back and tried to enjoy the battle.

Now, back to the fight!

The battled seemed more hopeless than ever. Kirby was having the pink stuffing beat out of him, and Robo-Kirby wasn't showing any sign of slowing down. "What will we do! Oh, I wish Meta-Knight were here, he'd know how to help Kirby!" That was Tiff. Her worrying wasn't getting any weaker as she could only watch as her friend, Kirby, was brutally battered in battle. "You called?" came a familiar, Mexican and mysterious voice. "Met- Knight!" cried Tiff and Tuff together. He always came at the most convenient of times.

"Meta-Knight," said Tuff, "you need to tell us, how can Kirby defeat the robot!" "Unfortunately, there is nothing Kirby can do to stop this monstrosity!"


To be continued..

Ooo.kind of suspenceful, isn't it? Nothing Kirby can do, huh? Well, we'll find out next time, won't we, on Kirby vs. Robo-Kirby! Chapter Four: The Last Hope!