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A blossoming internet friendship develops into something more.

**I would like to clarify that Virtual Flames is a parody fic! So please be kind because of course things are going to be exaggerated and over the top in it! YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!**


Lucy wasn't sure how this all happened exactly. She had been Tumblr for almost a year now. She used it mainly to post her fanfics that she wrote for her favorite anime and manga, Fairy Tail.

Fairy Tail has a low-key, small fan base, so Lucy was wasn't surprised, but was rather pleased to find that the URL CelestialMage had not taken. She had titled her blog Open the Gate and created a theme of a starry-gate-looking background. Her pointer was a golden Aquarius key and when one would click on a link on her blog, it looked as though a gate were opening. Though Lucy was an amateur at HTML and all that complicated design stuff, she was very proud of her work.

Lucy's bio read:

Hii! My name is Lucy. 17. Cancer. Gryffindor. Fairy Tail Mage. Completely obsessed with Fairy Tail. Writes mediocre fanfiction. Please enjoy my blog!

Her links included some of her crappy anime and manga edits, some doodles, and, of course, her fanfics.

To top off her blog, she had an icon of Elie, the Celestial Mage and one of the two protagonists of Fairy Tail that she adored. It was a decent coloring and edit that Lucy did herself, however, it didn't hold a candle to other people's edits in the fandom that she looked up to.

Lucy checked her activity tag, which was something she did often. Her latest story, a oneshot of Haru accidentally asking Elie on date, got almost 200 likes and reblogs. She was thrilled that she nearly screamed aloud considering she normally would only get at most a 100 notes, since again, the fandom was so small.

She clicked on the reblogs to read the nice comments people wrote in her tags, and of course, Lucy found herself smiling like an idiot because these people were just too sweet and encouraging, ranging from: I'M SCREAMING, to AMAZING WRITING LIKE ALWAYS!

Afterwards, Lucy checked out her favorite tag, which of course was Fairy Tail. It was one of those tags that wasn't overloaded with new posts. Thus, any post someone tagged was seen by everyone in the fandom.

Lucy could see her story was still one of the most recent posts, but something else caught her eye; A manga edit—a cool looking edit, in fact. She didn't even have to check who the poster was. Only one person was capable of making such glorious edits and colorings...


His name was Natsu, or at least that's what it says on his blog, but it's the internet so who knows if someone is lying…He had a phenomenal coloring and edit of Haru, the other protagonist to Fairy Tail.

The panel that Lucy was currently looking at was one of Haru using his fire roar. Such a simple panel, but with Natsu's edit, it was extraordinary. The flames almost looked realistic. It made her wonder how much time he spent on them, because it was truly astounding. And let alone the detailed work he did on Haru…It was just perfect.

Lucy clicked the heart button to like it and went to reblog it. In the tags she wrote: THIS IS PERFECT, amazing edits as always, Fairy Tail, Haru Glory. And against her will, she found herself clicking Natsu's blog—like she always does.

His blog put hers to shame. For starters, his blog's title was FIRE DRAGON'S ROAR and the way he had it designed was that a dragon was breathing the words in a fiery form from its mouth all across the top of the blog. The rest of the blog had flames in miscellaneous parts of his page, making texts look as though they were either melting or being burned to a crisp.

His about section was written with blue flames engulfing it and the text looked as though it were melting as well. Yo! I'm Natsu. 17 years old. Part dragon, part pyromaniac, part dragonslayer.

She found it amusing. She found him amusing. All his posts were either funny or astounding and she wondered what it would be like to be friends with a natural comedian.

She hovered her mouse over the follow button, but then she quickly closed out of his page. Lucy couldn't really explain why she wouldn't follow Natsu. Maybe it was because she knew his blog was very popular. A popular blog like him would never follow back a blog like hers. And for some reason, the thought embarrassed her.

It wasn't like Lucy's blog was that unpopular. It was the complete opposite actually. Lucy's blog grew in its popularly over the last few months. She had somehow accumulated 750 followers. Mainly people who liked her stories or contributions to the fandom, others just random anime blogs, because Lucy tended to post a lot of other anime and manga stuff.

If he wanted to follow me, he would have already, she thought. They both equally post around the same amount of stuff in the Fairy Tail tag and Natsu occasionally liked her theories and analysis stuff, but he never followed her so she took that as a sign for her to never follow him either.

But so badly did Lucy want to follow him ... His posts were always entertaining. It was funny at first, she thought of him to be annoying and obnoxious. He would comment rude and obscene things on certain people's posts. One user in particular, IceMakeMagic, had written a beautiful analysis on the character Musica, and Natsu had commented on it, NO ONE CARES, ICE DICK. But now Lucy understood why Natsu did that, because IceMakeMagic wrote rude comments on Natsu's posts as well. So it was a love-hate relationship between the two.

Maybe one day I'll follow him…

Lucy saw a notification in the corner; SolidScriptMage tagged her in something. She eagerly clicked to see what. It was a beautifully drawn illustration of Haru and Elie on a date, Haru was stuffing his face and Elie was sweat-dropping—exactly what had happened in Lucy's story.

"CelestialMage wrote such an amazing story that I felt inspired to draw something! Hope ya like it, Lucy!"

She squealed and quickly reblogged, typing on the post, "AHHH THANK YOU SO MUCH LEVY! THIS IS LITERALLY PERFECT!" And in the tags, Lucy typed, I'M SCREAMING! OMG! THANK YOU!

Levy was one of Lucy's first friends on Tumblr. It all started when Lucy had posted her first story on the site and Levy was the first person to give her feedback, telling her how amazing it was and asking if she could draw fan art for it. Lucy was madly blushing as she frantically typed, "Of course!" Ever since then, Levy has been drawing stuff for every fanfic Lucy has posted.

They always messaged each other about the new episode of Fairy Tail or about the new manga chapter. They even talked about other animes and mangas, such as Sailor Moon since the new anime was on.

Lucy saw an inbox notification; from SolidScriptMage. "Lucy! I'm glad you liked my drawing! And OMG did you watch last week's Sailor Moon Crystal?"

She grinned to herself, always thrilled to talk to her internet friend. "I did! OMG! Queen Beryl is finally dead yay! Though I'm a bit disappointed that Sailor Moon killed her because in the manga Venus was supposed to :o."


Lucy chuckled. "Ehh well I can't complain much because I'm just happy there's a new anime!"

"True true! :D. So did you see that post some annoying blogger made that bashed Haru?"

"No!" Lucy replied, feeling very appalled. How could anyone bash Haru? He was literally perfect. Or maybe she was just a tad bit biased considering he is her one and only anime crush...

"Look in the tag!"

"Alright," she sent back, gnawing on her lip. She really didn't want to see it. She hated seeing character hate or ship wars. It was stuff that tore fandoms to shreds, but her curiosity outweighed her concern. She revisited the tag and sure enough there was long rant about how awful Haru is.

Lucy skimmed it quickly. How irksome. It basically said that Haru was overpowered and how the manga is stupid and that Haru is a classic shounen hero so people should stop trying to push romantic relationships. And then it went back to him being over powered.

That pissed Lucy off. Haru was not overpowered. Well, maybe a little, but what about the other characters who are portrayed stronger than him and what about all those times Haru needed his friends to help him out?

As though Haru's flames ran through Lucy's veins, she cracked her knuckles and dug out her Fairy Tail manga collection. Time to prove this jerk wrong.

It had to be the longest post she had ever made, by far longer than any of her fanfics. She went into great detail proving that Haru was, in fact, not overpowered. She started with the Phantom Lord arc, about how Haru got his butt kicked and if it weren't for Elie getting him fire, he would never had beaten the Iron Dragon Slayer. She went into the Tower of Heaven arc. Haru wouldn't have won if it weren't for him eating the Etheiron. Then the Battle of Fairy Tail, where Haru wouldn't have won without Let's help. Oracion Seis arc, Haru wouldn't have won without the help of Sieg Hart giving him the power up he needed. And let's not forget Tenrou Island. That was complete team work. Haru would have been a goner without his nakama.

She was very proud of her argument and made sure she backed everything up with manga caps. She even did a mini counterargument on romance, with little examples using her OTP, Haru x Elie. For instance, when Haru dug out a tree and sailed it down the river outside Elie's apartment because he felt bad that she was too sick to see the tree in person. How could that be perceived as anything but romantic?

Or the bedroom eyes they gave each other in Tenrou. Lucy giggled at that one, but also added the more serious scene—the part where Haru was trapped under the rocks and had to watch Elie suffer. Anyone could see how deeply they care for one another.

With a bit of uneasiness and after rereading her post for the umpteenth time, Lucy typed in the tag section Fairy Tail and clicked post.

She bit her lip and waited a few minutes.

No notes.

She quickly closed her laptop. Maybe I shouldn't have…

Then she pulled out her phone and quickly tapped to the Tumblr app. Against her better judgment, she checked the activity section and what she saw made her phone slip from her sweaty grasp as a gasp escaped her lips.

DragonSlayer liked your post: Haru is NOT overpowered.

DragonSlayer reblogged your post: Haru is NOT overpowered.

With shaky hands, Lucy clicked to see what Natsu had written in the tags. HAH! TO ALL YOU HARU HATERS! was what it read.

A smile began to spread across her cheeks and a swell of warmth engulfed her chest and then she opened up laptop again and suddenly hundreds of notifications appeared—all of them reblogging from DragonSlayer.

"Oh my God," she breathed with pure disbelief. She had to be past 200 notes by now! She never had a post go viral like this. It was insanity watching all of this happen in the span of mere seconds.

But something caught her attention—something so inconspicuous that Lucy had almost missed it in the mass flood of reblogs and likes.

DragonSlayer started following CelestialMage.

No way.

With franticly shaking fingers, she clicked over to her follower count.



Hiii everyone!

Here's a little guide to my Fairy Tail-Rave Master name switching:

Natsu = Haru

Lucy = Elie

Gray = Musica

Gajeel = Let

Erza = Julia

Jellal = Sieg Hart

I'll probably be adding more later on…

Sooo what did you all think!? Should I continue?!

And thanks for reading!