This Means War



Disclaimer: I don't own any of these storylines. Just thought it would be fun.

Summary: Part 3 to the series. It is summertime, which means no school for the Ronin Warriors and the Sailor Scouts. Time for fun and excitement right? Wrong, when the Ronin Warriors are called to Toyama to fight an ancient being, what will it do to the five couples?

This Means War

Chapter 1: Vacation Ended

Rowen Hashiba was sitting in the park with his girlfriend, Serena Tsukino. She had her head lying on his lap listening to him read to her. Their shoes were off and sitting on the side as they were enjoying the warm summer day. This had become their favorite pastime even before the school year ended. Rowen was almost done with a chapter when he saw his girlfriend dozing off. Leaning forward he pressed a kiss to her forehead and her eyes fluttered open. She smiled up at him as their fingers entwined together and rested over her heart, the Silver Crystal that was inside her broach glowed a little bit. "Hey you two," a voice called out. They looked up to see their friends, Ryo Sanada and Rei Hino, walking up the hill.

"Hey, what are you guys up to?" Rowen asked as Serena sat up, grabbing her shoes, slipping them back on.

"We've been doing some thinking, since Beryl's gone, evil's gone and peace has been achieved, how about we take a trip?" Ryo suggested.

"A trip? Where?" Serena asked anxiously as she stood up.

"We're thinking of Toyama," Ryo replied.

Rowen frowned as he tied up his sneakers. "What's in Toyama?" he asked.

"I'm not sure, but I've been feeling a pull there," Ryo replied.

The Warrior of Strata had to admit, he had been feeling a pull to the city as well, it was strange. "When do we leave?" he asked.

"End of the week," Rei replied.

Later that week after they all received the permission they needed, they were all in the city of Toyama. Sage was holding Lita's hand as they were walking through the city together. "This place doesn't seem like it's in danger to me," Lita commented.

"No…it doesn't," he replied.

He glanced to his right to see kids staring up at him, but when he looked at them they took off running in fear. "Ignore them, they're a bunch of kids," Lita told him as she wrapped her arms around his arm. Sage moved his arm around her waist as they continued through the busy streets.

Ryo, Rei, and White Blaze were walking down the street when people started running away terrified from the fact two teenagers were walking down the street with a white tiger. Ryo rested his hands over his tiger's head when suddenly a little boy on a skateboard lost control and fell on the ground groaning and whining in pain. White Blaze walked over, licking the boy's face. "You really ate it there," Ryo commented. The boy looked panicked, forcing the two of them to laugh softly. "You okay? Are you hurt?" Ryo asked.

"No, I'm okay," the boy replied.

Everyone looked at them terrified as Ryo wrapped his arm around Rei's waist, pulling her to him. "Is that a real tiger?" the boy asked.

"Sure is," Ryo replied smiling.

"Careful!" a woman called out.

"Son!" a man called to the boy.

The three of them walked by the boy. "Your mom and dad are worried, you better get back to them," he told the boy. Rei held onto Ryo's hand as police suddenly surrounded them.

"Please step away from the tiger!" an officer called out over the bullhorn.

Ryo kept his hands over the tiger while Rei stood in front of the tiger, shielding him from the police. Rei reached behind her, gripping Ryo's hand tightly. Dark clouds began to form overhead, making them look up. "White Blaze…" Ryo murmured when the tiger started growling.

Kento and Mina were walking out of a diner with Rowen and Serena when they saw the clouds. "Something's happening," Mina commented.

"Can't even take a vacation," Kento answered.

Suddenly, lightning was striking left and right. "Look out!" Rowen called out, grabbing Serena, covering her as the glass rained down around them. Kento shoved Mina up against the wall, covering her head with his arms as Mina gripped the front of his shirt. "We need to find the others," Rowen told them over the crowd's screams.

Cye was holding onto Ami's arm as they were trying to push their way through the crowd. "Hold onto me, love!" he called out to her. Ami wrapped her arms around Cye's neck. "TRUST!" he shouted, his subarmor appearing on his body. Holding onto Ami, he leapt from wall to wall until he reached the top of a building.

"Sage!" Ami gasp, "Lita!"

"Are you okay?" Lita asked as she ran over to them.

"We're fine, what's going on?" Cye asked.

"I have no idea, we have to find the others," he answered.

Ryo was looking around at the now empty streets. "Come on, I'm the one you're after! SHOW YOURSELF!" he shouted. Rei sensed something dark behind her, looking over she saw one of the large screens began to glow brightly. A soldier suddenly jumped out of the screen right at Ryo.

"RYO!" she cried out.

Ryo shoved her out of the way, jumping out of the way only to have the soldier's scythe to cut through his sweater. Ryo stood up, glaring at the soldier. "Hello, bucket head, finally decided to face me huh?" he asked. Taking what was left of his sweater, he tore it apart. "I'm Ryo of the Wildfire!" he told the soldier, the rest of his clothes disappearing and his subarmor replaced them. "Bet you weren't expecting that, if you want to fight then fight demon!" he snapped. The soldier started laughing.

"Brave talk from a mortal boy whose world is about to end," the soldier told him.

Ryo jumped out of the way when he threw his scythe at his head. He dodged the attack and Rei reached for her wand. "Rei, watch out!" he called out, pushing her out of the way when the weapon nearly hit her chest.

Rei landed on the ground just as she saw that the boy from earlier was standing off to the side and the soldier inadvertently sent his attack at him. "WATCH OUT!" she heard a voice shout. A woman suddenly pushed the boy out of the way. Rolling over onto her feet, Rei watched as the soldier wrapped his chain around Ryo's legs, sending him to the ground. White Blaze walked over, covering his master with a growl.

"Out of the way, White Blaze! You stupid tiger what are you doing?! You'll just get hurt!" Ryo snapped.

The tiger leapt through the air towards the soldier. "White Blaze!" he called out. Rei let out a gasp when the soldier struck him in the chest, sending the tiger backwards.

"WHITE BLAZE!" Rei called out in horror.

"You'll pay!" Ryo snapped, holding his chest.

"Say farewell to this world!" the soldier called out, swinging his weapon at Ryo.

"RYO!" Rei shouted in horror.

Suddenly, an arm swung out protecting the Warrior of Wildfire. "You were going to introduce us to your friend weren't you?" Rowen asked. Ryo looked over at his friend. "I'm Rowen of the Armor Strata, this is my friend, heads up!" Rowen told the soldier. Kento landed in front of the soldier.

"Hey buddy, saving all the fun for yourself? Call me Kento of Hardrock, Justice is my reward!" Kento stated proudly.

Serena and Mina ran over, helping their friend up from the ground. "Are you okay?" Serena asked.

"Yeah," Rei replied, holding her side.

"Up here buckethead!" Cye called up from the top of a building.

"What?!" the soldier called out.

"I'm Cye of the Torrent, Trust is my symbol," Cye called out before he jumped off the building.

Ami and Lita landed besides their friends. Lita looked up to see her fiancé falling upside down. "Show off," she muttered with a smirk.

"Whoa, check out ugly! I'm Sage of the Halo, my power seeks Wisdom," Sage stated before he turned himself upside right, landing on his feet.

"All five together, at least I don't have to hunt you down," the soldier muttered.

"Big talk for a tincan, can you back it up?" Sage asked as he leapt up in the air.

"Eat concrete!" Kento answered as he tried to attack him from the other side.

The girls frowned seeing their boyfriends all trying to compete of who was going to defeat the soldier first. He easily knocked all five of them to the ground. "Let me handle this," Ryo told them.

"Yeah, what do you have in mind, Ryo?" Rowen asked.

"You're beat you can't take him!" Sage answered.

"And like you can take him," Cye commented.

"Are you reality impaired or what dude?" Kento asked, looking at his friend.

"Listen to me! The Dynasty won't be easy to defeat if you do not stand together and work as a team!" the woman Rei saw earlier call out.

The soldier chuckled evilly. "This was a private but since you've expressed an interest join us!" he called out.

"LOOK OUT!" Serena shouted as she shoved the girl and the boy out of the way.

"Serena!" Rei called out, grabbing onto her friend when both girls were caught in the chain.

The guys froze to see the two girls wrapped in the chains. "Let them go!" Sage snapped.

"These girls mean something to you, that's even better," the soldier sneered.

Taking his chain, he wrapped it around their necks, and lifted them off the ground as the chain began to choke them. "STOP IT!" Ryo shouted. The soldier let them back down and the chain loosened around their necks making them gasp for air. "Alright if you want to fight then we will fight you, and you can bet we will defeat you," Ryo told the soldier, "ARMOR OF WILDFIRE DAO JIN!"





Mina took a step forward. "They're going to need our help," she told them, "VENUS STAR POWER!"



The girls transformed, rushing over to the group. "So you are the true Ronin Warriors, and the Sailor Scouts, I wish I could say it was an honor," the soldier sneered at them.

"Let them go!" Ryo snapped as he charged at them.

The soldier blocked Ryo's attacks easily before he took the teenager by his neck, throwing him across the street. "Let them go now!" Kento snapped.

"I've only just begun," the soldier answered.

He cackled as he took both Rei and Serena, throwing them into the screen. "That only means we have to go through him to get to them," Rowen stated as he fired an arrow. When the arrow connected to his armor, however, both Serena and Rei began to scream in agony.

"That's not possible!" Jupiter exclaimed.

The soldier just laughed at the shocked group. "You know how you just have that itch? You just have to scratch it!" he told them as he drug his scythe down his chest. Ryo and Rowen watched in horror as their girls were screaming in agony.

"Leave them alone!" Venus snapped as she went to run at him, but Kento grabbed her around her waist.

Ryo put his katanas away. "Ryo, don't!" Rei called out.

"You're a fool boy!" the soldier snapped, wrapping the chain around Ryo.

"VENUS LOVE CHAIN ENCIRCLE!" Venus shouted suddenly.

The chain wrapped around the soldier, forcing it to release Ryo. Kento rushed over, taking his bo he wrapped it around the soldier's neck. "Ryo, if you're going to do something do it now man while we've got him!" he called out. Ryo connected his katanas together before he leapt up into the air.

"FLARE UP….NOW!" he shouted.

Kento and Venus dodged the attack, leaving the soldier powerless to escape. "Dark Warlords I have failed you!" he called out before he was completely destroyed. Ryo dropped back down and saw that he had destroyed half of a building.

"Whoa, Ryo toasted him!" Kento said with a grin.

"Not bad, buddy," Rowen told him.

"But what now?" Ryo asked.

Both Rowen and Ryo rushed over, catching Serena and Rei in their arms when they fell out of the screen. "Are you guys okay?" Rowen asked.

"Yeah," Serena replied, wrapping her arms around his neck.

Rowen pressed a kiss to her forehead as he looked over at Ryo who was holding Rei close to him. They suddenly heard cackling and looked up to see eight figures standing up on the top of buildings. "I have watched your battle carefully Ronin, you barely won! You're all very weak, you will be no match for the divine forces of Talpa," the leader said with a laugh.

"More Sailor Scouts?" Jupiter said in disbelief when she saw the four young women besides the men.

"And who are you?" Ryo demanded.

"We, small boy are the Dark Warlords and Sailor Scouts who serve the Emperor Talpa! I am their leader Anubis, Master of Cruelty!" the first Warlord stated.

"I am Sailor Saturn, the Sailor Scout of Destruction," the girl beside him stated.

"I am Kale, Warlord of Corruption," a second Warlord stated.

"I am Sailor Pluto, Sailor Scout of Time and Space," the woman beside him informed the group.

"I am Sekhmet, Warlord of Venom," a third Warlord told them gruffly.

"My name is Sailor Neptune, Sailor Scout of the Seas and Oceans," the woman answered with an evil smirk.

"And I am Dais, Warlord of Illusion," the last Warlord announced.

"My name is Sailor Uranus, the Sailor Scout of Earth," the woman stated.

Thunder crashed in the skies. "I am the one they call 'Talpa', I am the ruler of the Nether Realm, now is the time my Empire shall ascend!" a voice boomed. Just like that, the Warlords and their Sailor Scouts disappeared in balls of light. Rei's eyes grew wide, she recognized the voice from her nightmares and clung to Ryo a little tighter.

"What's happening?" the boy asked.

"It has begun, war against the Dynasty," the woman told them.

Lita looked at Sage who wrapped his arm around her waist, resting his chin over the top of her head. "So much for a vacation," Kento commented.