SWAT Kats: The Phoenix Squadron

By Mutitoon90

Chapter One: A Special Day for Going Flying

In a very messy bedroom, which had all kinds of objects scattered on the floor, the working desk and on the nightstand, an alarm clock buzzed loudly, echoing throughout the room as it announced the time, and a slender hand emerged from the mangled mess of covers and sheets to turn off the clock. The hand's owner shook her head, causing the covers and sheets to slide off of her head down to her shoulders.

The kat was a chocolate-shaded female with long, wild brown hair, which had natural blond highlights, blue eyes that had small dark circles under them, which showed anyone who saw them that the she-kat had very little sleep the night before, and a torso that other kats, especially the males, would find attractive.

As the she-kat wearily looked at the alarm clock, she muttered to herself, "Six o'clock, huh? I better get up." As the kat tried to get back, but she fell back onto the bed, muttering, "In about five or ten hours."

The she-kat's eyes closed, and sleep started to overtake her once more, but the celluar phone that sat next to the alarm clock started ringing a tone that was programmed into the phone. This brought the sleepy she-kat back to reality.

Reaching and grabbing the flip phone, the chocolate-brown kat opened it and saw the name on the screen, and she voiced out what was on the phone screen, "Boss." Pressing the green button, the she-kat put the phone to one of her ears and said into the receiver, "Hello?"

A moment of hearing her employer's voice, almost all of the signs of sleepliness had vanished and replaced with an alertness of a warrior. The she-kat was up and dressing herself in her overalls and red cap, and then she went downstairs to see the shop close and locked.

"What?" The she-kat sounded confused for a moment before she realized something: "Oh, crud! I forgot that today's SWAT Kats Memorial Day!"

The she-kat heard his boss chuckling, which reminded her of someone that she had lost a while ago, but she chalked it up to coincidence as she had many times before when she heard the chuckle.

Then, she heard her employer reminded her of something else, and that was it was her birthday as well. The she-kat was not excited at all as she responed dryly, "Yipee."

Then, her boss told her to be happy, since she was one of the few kats whose birthday is the same day as SWAT Kats Memorial Day. However, it failed as the she-kat gave another dry reply.

"Sorry, Boss, but I've haven't had a great birthday in a looooong time."

Hearing her boss's voice again, which he said that she should enjoy her birthday, the chocolate-shaded kat said in another reply, which was in a slightly defensive tone, "I can't help it that I wasn't the orphanage director's favorite, and then I'd ended up with a goofy grandfather."

A groan echoed from the cell phone, telling the she-kat that her employer was tried of hearing about her 'hard-knock life' before being employed at the garage at the Megakat City Salvage Yard.

"Don't worry," the she-kat spoke into the phone, "I'm not going to rant and rave about stuff all day... Again..."

Hearing a hushed 'thank you' from her boss, the she-kat giggled before saying to him, "Changing the subject, how's your buddy doing? Last time, I've heard that some of his old injuries were acting up again, giving you a reason to worry about his own health and go to the hospital."

The she-kat's employer had a friend, who was injuried about the same time the SWAT Kats had vanished after defeating the Pastmaster, and though the friend had no anger towards her boss, the garage mechanic could not stop himself from feeling guility about failing his best friend. The odd thing to the brown-furred she-kat was that her employer's friend was the husband of the current mayor of Megakat City, who was nearly kidnapped by the Pastmaster twice. Also, the mayor's young son was sent away from the city for his own protection by both of his parents, and that took place about the same time as the injuries' occurance.

After gaining employment, the she-kat learned of her boss's past and the guilt that he felt for not helping his friend, and the young employee carefully setted up a meeting between the old friends, which both were happy to settle and put that painful part of their past to rest. However, both of the older toms were angry at the she-kat for tricking them, but they chose to forgive her, since their friendship was renewed and stronger than it was before the accident.

A month later, the young employee heard of the friend's health started to decline, and the she-kat's boss was becoming increasingly worried about his best friend, and the night before, the friend's wife called, telling the friend was in the hospital. The announcement caused the chocolate-colored she-kat's boss to leave the garage and the salvage yard to be by his buddy's side.

The female feline heard from her boss that his friend would be fine, but he would be kept at the hospital for observation.

"That's good to hear, Boss." The she-kat was honestly pleased to hear the good news, and it was evident in her voice.

Then, the employer asked the she-kat about meeting him at her favorite pizza palor, which was five blocks from City Hall; it was a short walk for her boss, since his best friend was the husband of the mayor, and the she-kat asked for the time.

"Do you have a time in mind? Three in the afternoon? Sounds like a plan to me!"

Then, the she-kat's employer said that he should be returning to his friend and bidded the female employee good bye.

"Bye, Boss." The lone kat said before the connection was disconnected from her employer's end, and the she-kat closed her phone.

Looking at the clock on the kitchen wall, the she-kat saw that had been on the phone with her boss for about half an hour. Quickly, she formed the calculations in her mind and concluded that she would work on her project until noon, which is when she should shower, dress herself in her street clothes, eat a light lunch and go off to the inner city to meet up with her boss. Pleased with this plan, she decided to get herself some breakfast before going to work.

After a bowl of cereal and a cup of orange juice, the young kat made sure that business was not going to happen at the garage and went to part of the garage that was not open to the public and not a part of the living area. Being careful, she went to the back of the garage and removed the rag, exposing a door in the floor.

Making sure that she was the only one in the garage, the she-kat spoke to herself, saying, "Okay, Lucki, the coast is clear..."

Without any more concerns, Lucki, the female kat, opened the door and saw the ladder, which she lowered herself onto, and grabbed the door to make sure it was closed. As she climbed down, she knew where she was going, since she had accidentally found it a few months ago.

When Lucki found the hidden door, she had been working at the garage for a month, and she had been considering quitting the job, which was something she was not used to doing. Her boss had said that she would get the hang of it soon enough, but Lucki did not see what her boss saw in her. In a fit of annoyance and fustration, Lucki had kicked at the rag, unintentionally uncovering the door. Curious by both choose and nature, the she-kat looked around to see if her boss was looking at her, and once she saw that the tom was not nearby, she returned the rag back over the door.

Hours later, Lucki snuck back to the hidden door in the dark of the night, which was when her employer was asleep, and with a flashlight to see what lies underneath the door in the floor. As carefully and quickly, the she-kat managed to open the door and found the ladder, which she climbed down while holding the flashlight in her teeth.

As she climbed down the ladder, Lucki maintained the same caution as she did when she opened the door. There had been a slip or two, but the she-kat was able to recover and continued her journey down the vertical passageway.

Once at the bottom, Lucki spat out the flashlight to look for a light switch, which she did find and flipped it. Once the lights were on and working, Lucki looked around at her new surroundings, which looked like a hangar, and examined some of the area. She saw that the place had weapons for defensive and offensive purposes, plans for vehicles both seen and unseen by the katizens of Megakat City, a large screen, training equipment, and many more things.

Lucki was in awe and amazement as she looked at the area.

Then, she saw two green lockers standing a few feet away from the ladder. One locker had the letters 'T' and 'B,' and the other had an 'R' on it. The brown she-kat squeaked in her excitement, saying that she was at the hangar of the SWAT Kats, and she would have betted money on that guess as well.

Then, she remembered something about the SWAT Kats, and she voiced it, which echoed on the hangar's walls: where was the Turbokat?

The young feline franticly looked around for the SWAT Kats' main vehicle for fighting crime and supervillians, but the longer that she could not find it, the more of her hope transformed into despair. After an hour of searching, Lucki was so disheartened about the possiblity that she sunk to the floor and cried bitterly at the evident possiblity that the SWAT Kats were dead, and the only time she had cried this bitterly was when her father was killed by one of Dr. Viper's mutations when she was seven years old.

Still weeping sadly, Lucki reached into her overall pocket and pulled out a photograph of a male kat with a set of noticeable whiskers and a semi-cheesy grin dressed in a pilot's jacket. Looking at the tom, the young kat spoke to it in between sniffs about how she had spent most of her life trying to find it in order to prove that the SWAT Kats were still living, and the only thing she could find was the empty hangar.

As she asked her father's photograph again on what she should do now, an unexpected and highly unusual wind blew at Lucki, causing the photo to slip out of her hand. Panicked about the very though about losing the only thing she had left of her father, Lucki quickly rose to her feet and chased after the picture, which landed near a drawing board.

Once she caught up with and grabbed her father's photograph, Lucki looked up at the drawing board and saw blueprints of a vehicle called the Sonickat. Curious, the chocolate-shaded kat took a closer look at the plans.

The Sonickat was to be a motorcycle and a miniature fighter jet, which made it both a land and an air vehicle. In the motorcycle form, it looked almost like the Cyclotron with the color scheme of the Turbokat, and in its mini-jet form, it looked like the Turbokat. From what Lucki could tell, only a kat that could drive a motorcycle could drive the Sonickat in both forms, and the only member of the SWAT Kats who could do that was Razor. If it were built, the Sonickat would have been a valuable asset for the SWAT Kats.

Lucki knew how to drive a motorcycle, but she did not have skills to build such a machine. Then, a realization came to her: she could build the vehicle, if she took the time to learn, and the only tom that was willing to teach her was in the apartment that was above the garage, fast asleep.

The she-kat looked at her father's picture once again and smiled; the original SWAT Kats might be gone, but what they had left behind were still here in their hangar as well as the she-kat's hopes of their return. Thanking her father, Lucki returned to the garage and her room, knowing that soon she will have a fully operational Sonickat that is ready to combat the bad guys.

Over the next few months, Lucki learned how to fix up vehicles and picked up a few tricks about how do a few things as well as a few things that one should not, like putting a spark plug from a jet into a car's engine. Taking what she had learned, the she-kat applied it to the Sonickat, until its complete construction.

Lucki wiped the tears from her eyes as she returned to present-day reality and the completely bulit Sonickat, which was right in front of her. The brown and yellow female walked to the motorcycle/mini-jet hybrid, admiring her own work as she saw her own reflection in the shining black paint that covered most of the vehicle.

Then, the she-kat's attention was turned towards the nearby desk, and she saw other pieces of her own handiwork. Lucki went to the desk and picked up the costume that she had made from the spare G-suits that were still in the lockers.

"If T-Bone and/or Razor are still alive," Lucki muttered to herself, "I could only hope that they'd be understanding of why and how I had to wear and tear their spare suits."

Then, Lucki ran to the lockers and changed her clothes, and while she changed her attire, Lucki realized that she did not need to wear her overalls and cap, so a few extra mintues were added, because she had to undress and redress. Thankfully, there was not a repeat of the mistake of putting on her flight suit over her dirty overalls.

Once suited up, Lucki looked at herself in the mirror, and she was pleased with herself. She had to use Razor's G-suit, since it was more of her size. However, it was a little snug on the torso area, showing more than the she-kat cared to show, so she used T-Bone's G-suit as a make-shift vest for her own modesty. The gloves were mismatched; on the right hand, the glove was fingerless with a smaller appearing glovatrix, and the other is a metal-mesh glove that covered her whole left hand with the panel-holding glovatrix. The boots were a spare pair that her boss had given her, since her tennis shoes were not well-kept and nearly useless. Her mask covered her eyes and lifted her hair up, which helped her fit into the helmet that she had painted like the SWAT Kats' headgear, and she used the same colors and the same shape.

"Not a bad look," the masked she-kat stated to herself, "but it could stand for a few little improvements."

Then, Lucki went to the desk again and grabbed a few missiles, knowing that she might need them soon enough, and she put them into the glovatrix on both of her hands, which she made herself. Then, she grabbed a list from her handmade pocket and read it out loud to herself.

"Missiles... Glovatrixes... Helmet..." Lucki listed off in her mind and muttered under her breath, and then she said as she placed the paper on the desk, "Looks like I've got everything."

Then, the she-kat went back to the lockers and opened T-Bone's, since that was where she had placed her personal items in, and she saw her father's photograph. Putting a finger on her lips, Lucki kissed it and placed the tip onto the tom's face, saying, "Love ya, Daddy."

Closing the locker, the she-kat went to the Sonickat and climbed onto the seat. Lucki breathed in, nervous about the Sonickat's first flight. She had already taken the vehicle for a test drive, and now it was time for its test flight. Riding a motorcycle was very different from flying a jet plane, especially since if the vehicle starts to malfunction, one would prefer stopping in the middle of the road over freefalling down hundreds, if not thousands, of feet in the air.

Pressing a button, the masked Lucki heard the vehicle started up with a mechanical roar. Breathing out with a mixture of excitement and anxiety, the masked kat pressed another button, which caused a small screen to say, 'JET MODE,' on it.

The Sonickat changed from the motorcycle form to its alterative form. The she-kat felt her shins being pushed up as the wings extended from the vehicle's form. Once the wings were out, a canopy covered the kat's body in a dome that touched the wings. Extra armor covered the wheels, which would protect the wheels from being attacked without causing too much drag on the Sonickat. Soon, the Sonickat was in its second form: a mini-jet.

With a deep inhale, Lucki twisted the left throttle, which caused the Sonickat to roar again, and pressed a third button, which activated the launch sequence. As the part of the floor, which held the Sonickat and Lucki, spun around, the brown she-kat had her right hand on its respective place on the vehicle. When she saw the tunnel that the SWAT Kats had used many times, Lucki turned the throttle, and that caused the Sonickat to race off through the tunnel, which lead to an opening in the Megakat City Salvage Yard.

Lucki felt the forceful pressure as the vehicle acsended into the sky, thankful that she built some endurence against the G-force from some practice, and before she knew it, Lucki was over Megakat City and the SWAT Kats Memorial Day Parade, and she looked down at the sights.

The floats in the parade was going down the main street and towards City Hall, where the mayor was to make the annual speech, and the mayor had promised to write a special speech, since it was the twentith anniversary of the SWAT Kats' final battle against Dark Kat and their disappearance, which happened on the ten years after the fall of Dark Kat. On the sidewalks, vendors of any and every kind were trying to sell their products and fares to any kat that would walk by them. Little kittens ran up and the streets, excited about the parade and seeing their friends from school, while their partents attempted, whether or not they were successful, to make sure their children did not get lost in the huge crowd.

"Wow!" The masked she-kat was in admiration of the sight of the parade, and then she said to herself, "Now that I've gotten a bird's-eye view of the city, it's time that I get an angel's prepective of the city."

Directing the aircraft towards the clouds, Lucki flew off, but not before a young kitten noticed the mini-jet in the distance, and then the child grabbed its mother's clothing, trying to get her attention towards to the flying jet. However, the mother thought the kitten was pointing at the Turbokat-like float.

Hearing this, Commander Felina Feral looked up at the sky to investigate what the kitten was shouting to its mother about, but she failed to see it. Shaking her head, the current commander of the Enforcers continued her way to City Hall.

Since the day that she became the commander of the Enforcers, Felina Feral had worked hard to maintain the peace in Megakat City, however it was difficult without the SWAT Kats to help them. She knew that her uncle preferred it, but he also found it just as hard to accomplish as well without the SWAT Kats. Soon, the former Commander Feral retired and gave the title of commander to his niece, and Felina did her best to maintain order within the metropolis.

The current commander made her way to City Hall, where she was to meet up with the current mayor, to report that her men were ready for anything. At the thought of talking to the mayor made the commander's lips curve into a grin on her slightly wrinkled face; both Felina and the current mayor were Megakat City's biggest supporters of the SWAT Kats since the vigilantes arrived to protect the city in their own fashion. Felina was a lieutenant in the Enforcers, when she made her support of the two toms well-known, and the current commander knew that the mayor had been openly supportive of the SWAT Kats, ever since her days as the deputy mayor.

Upon arriving at City Hall, the commander saw the current mayor of Megakat City, who was in her forties and maintained her good appearance despite of the stress of her profession, which was like being the Enforcer's current commander. The mayor's blond hair was light enough to hide any gray strains of hair, and there were a few noticeable wrinkles on her face. Also, the mayor's fashion sense had changed a little, and yet the mayor's preferred color of magenta still existed.

Approaching the lady mayor, Commander Feral made her presence known by saying, "Mayor, may I have a word with you?" Of course, it was more like a code than a question, but many kats do not really know that.

Turning to the direction of the commander, the mayor looked at her and replied, "Of course. Just give me a moment."

Returning to the other kat, the mayor told her that she would speak with her at a later time, and the assistant agreed to it and left. Once that was done, the mayor returned to Commander Feral and spoke with her.

"Sorry about that, Felina, but it was about my speech for this year's SWAT Kats Memorial Day."

"Don't worry about it, Callie," the female commander responded with a friendly smile on her face, "it's to be expected; after all, it's to remind those who've sacraficed themselves for Megakat City's sake."

"I know that." The mayor sharply stated to the commander, and then she sighed out heavily before saying, "I still am surprised about how much time has passed since that fateful day."

"Yeah..." The commander of the Enforcers admitted in agreement as she recalled the memory of that bittersweet day, when she was a lieutenant of the Enforcers and her uncle was the commander. Then, a mildly artful grin etched itself on the current commander's face as she said, "Of course, one can never really know for sure about the SWAT Kats."

Callie turned to the commander sharply and shot a dagger-like glare at Felina, expressing that the commander should NOT say such things, and then, the mayor added in a hushed and cutting tone of voice, "The same can be said about the villains that once caused choas in Megakat City..."

Commander Felina Feral backed from the mayor a little, hissing under her breath that she could not convice the current mayor of Megakat City to agree to make their own SWAT Kats once again. The female commander could make one, but she needed the mayor, Caille, to agree with the idea.

In Felina's mind, the new SWAT Kats would be like the original SWAT Kats, but the city would be able to protect them from false pretenses, like the situation with Hard Drive and Dark Kat, and have the support of both the law-makers and those that enforce the law. This team would be able to protect Megakat City without having to worry about their indentities being exposed by the enemies that threaten the metropolis.

However, the commander needed the mayor's permission to do this, and as of yet, the mayor had refused the idea many times. This confused Felina, since the mayor's husband has agreed to the idea, and he had said that he would talk it over with the mayor, which told Commander Feral that he tried and failed or did not speak to her about rebuilding the SWAT Kats.

The commander looked around for a moment before asking the mayor, "Where's your husband?"

"He's meeting up with an old friend of his." Callie bluntly stated with a relieved smile on her face, and the emotion of happines made itself known in her voice, "It's wonderful that he's forgiven himself for what happened. I'd started to think that day would never come, espeically since my husband's been feeling guilty about that day as well."

"That's good to hear." The commander smiled, having heard what happened that day ten years earlier, which she found strangely at the same time as the SWAT Kats' disappearance, if not their disbandment.

"It's even better to see." Callie smiled more brightly, estatic that her husband and his friend have finally accepted what happened and that neither of them were at fault. Then, the lady mayor's face became saddened as she added, "I wish I could say the same..."

Felina had something to say, but before she could say anything, the parade arrived at City Hall, telling the commander that it was about time for the mayor to make her speech. So, Commander Felina Feral stepped back and watched as Callie went to the podium and readied herself and the speech.

Soon, the parade, which consisted of many floats and vehicles, was at a halt and pointed at City Hall and the lady mayor, who managed to prepare both herself and the speech in a few moments. As the parade slowed down, the loudness of the cheers and the excitement slowly dulled to a quiet roar. However, the excitement was still in the air, and everyone that came to celebrate the SWAT Kats and to remember them felt it as did the commander to the Enforcers and the mayor of Megakat City.

Breathing in deeply, the female mayor managed to calm herself and clear her mind before she found herself ready to make the speech, and she quietly hoped that she would not mess up during her speech.

However, as she started to vocalize her speech, a loud, ear-damaging guitar riff echoed throughout the air, entering into the ears of every kat that was there, including the mayor's and the commander's. The riff lasted for a few seconds, and then, the riff ended, leaving a lot of kats, including Callie and Felina, confused and looking around for the kat responsible for hurting their ears and cutting off the mayor's speech before she had a chance to even say one word.

The masked she-kat, who was in the clouds when the riff nearly caused her to lose control of the Sonickat, was bareing her fangs from the ear-spiltting pain and the anger she felt for whomever was so denfiant enough to ruin the speech.

"Whoever did that is gonna get it!" Hissed the enraged she-kat, since she was not comfortable with the loud, blasting sound.

Then, a loud, scornful, mocking laugh echoed throughout the air and reached the ears of every kat that was there, including the flying Lucki, and they looked around for the source of the laugh, when they heard a voice echoed out of nowhere and out of thin air.

"'Ello, Megakat City! 'Ope you lot enjoyed the intro riff, but if you didn't, at least I've saved ya from being bored to death by the old kat's undoubtfully lame speech about how the SWAT Kats saved the city and bah, bah, BAH!"

The voice's defeniance was evident to all that could hear the voice, and none were as shocked as the mayor, who was insulted by the disrespect in the seemnessly bodiless she-kat. The commander was not pleased at all, since the mayor and her became good friends within the previous twenty years.

"Who said that!?" Demanded Felina, reminding those that she was a member of the Feral clan and the previous commander's niece.

The current commander of the Enforcers did not have to wait for long, since the voice spoke again.

"Me name's Discord, and I've come to Megakat City to start up me Concert of Chaos, startin' with the complete and unconditional surrender of the whole city!"

The whole city started an uproar upon hearing the announcement, however the unseen Discord had prepared a reponse to that reaction.

"I'd thought you blokes wouldn't agree with that idea. Well, 'ere's me demo to tell ya that I mean business!"

With another guitar riff, a sightless blast roared from the clouds and hit a nearby mountain, which crumbled to the ground, causing panic amongst the kats of Megakat City. The mayor and the commander were speechless, and the air-borne Lucki was only able to say one thing upon seeing the destoryed mountain: "Crud!"

"I think I've gotten the bloody point across to you blokes," Discord laughed at the reaction that the kats of the mertopolis, which was in almost pure and complete chaos, "and now you lot know that I'm not strumming me strings for the fun of it, although I do enjoy it."

The female commander bared her fangs as she reached for her portable radio, and she was about to give a command to the Enforcers. However, the unseen she-kat, Discord, was quick to stop that plan.

"'Ey, Commander Tame, if ya don't want me to paint the town red with every kat's blood, ya better keep your flyin' dogs on their leashes!"

Hearing this, the commander jerkingly returned the radio back in her inside jacket pocket, since she did not truly know if the attacking feline was going to be true to her words. A noticeable word, "Crud," escaped from the commander's lips, because she could not do anything against the kat, known as Discord.

"Now that the old biddies are listenin' to me," spoke the ever-mocking Discord, "'ere's what I'm plannin' on doin': I plan on taking over your city in one of two ways. One, I could just take it by force, usin' me axe to level the city, and I'll build it back up as Discord City, or two, the mayor gives me the city with no strings attached to it. Ha, either way, this place is gettin' an overdue makeover!"

The mayor was shocked to hear the demands of Discord, who continued to speak to the citizens of Megakat City.

"The first two things I plan on blastin' down is City 'All and the Enforcers 'Eadquarters, but I'm 'avin' a bloody 'ard time pickin' which one to destory first. 'Owever, I might be convince to allow both buildings to escape destruction for today, if you blokes surrender to me."

Horror was inflicted into every heart of every kat that truly understood what Discord intented to do to the city from just hearing her dark words.

"I'll give ya thirty minutes to make up your minds," Discord spoke to the city once last time, "and by then, I expect either your surrender or refusal, which will result with the destruction of one of your awful lawful buildings. Either way, it'll be a bloody good time for me, and if ya don't give up, it'll be just bloody for you lot. Discord, out."

With that message's ending, the kats were panicking still. Among the chaos, Callie and Felina felt so helpless as they tried to think of a way to stop Discord without surrendering the city to the mad she-kat. Callie regreted that she could not do anything, despite her postition as the mayor of Megakat City, and Felina felt that her title of the commander of the Enforcers was worthless at that moment. Yet, both of them were wishing that the SWAT Kats would do something, if the SWAT Kats were, indeed, still alive.