SWAT Kats -The Phoenix Squadron

By Mutitoon90

Chapter Eighteen: A Revealed Scheme

Once Yami and Lygrus were in the Thunder Truck and on their way back second hangar, Lygrus's mind was still on the she-kat that he had helped rescue, and he could not pull her out of his thoughts. He was feeling ill, but he did not know what was making him sick.

"Are you all right, Lygrus?" Yami asked the dazed tom-kat, "Since we've rescue that girl, you've been somewhere else but here."

"I know that," Lygrus hissed at mostly himself, "but I don't know how to get back. My head hurts..."

"Maybe you caught something from that fungus creature." Yami guessed, but he quickly corrected himself, saying, "No, then the rest of us would have felt the same way."

The guess might have been wrong, but that gave Lygrus an idea.

"Yami, step on it! We need to get the hangar! ASAP!"

"All right," Yami was annoyed with the tom-kat, and it was evident in his voice, "but when we get there, you'll explaining yourself!"

Without another word, Yami's foot pressed down on the gas pedal, causing the Thunder Truck to go faster down the street.

In the sewer system underneath Megakat City, the fungus creature was meeting up with its master, who was still in her kat form. She was not pleased about the sudden departure of Lygrus before she could caught him, but she was calm about it.

"I've ssshould have known that thossse meddling SssWAT Katsss would interfere," Naga hissed in fury, but she breathed in deeply and said, "but it'sss all right, sssince I've managed to get clossse enough to Lygrusss to get the pheromonesss into hisss nossse."

The fungus monster asked the 'she-kat' about what to do next, and she answered with a dark smile.

"We'll go back up and make sssome more trouble, and that will get the SssWAT Katsss and Lygrusss out in the open again."

Then, the monster asked about food, and Naga replied, "Don't worry about food; you might get lucky next time."

The fungus monster was annoyed from hunger about the situation, but Naga Viper was quick to ease the creature's fury.

"Don't worry; after all, we're going sssomewhere with a choossse ssselection of food for you."

A few minutes later, Angel and Knight Mage had managed to clear out some of the mess that was left behind by the fungus creature, when Angel's communicator became active Razor's voice.

"Angel, Knight Mage, can you two hear me?"

"Affirmative, Razor." Angel responded to the voice, and Knight Mage added with the question, "What's the purpose of the call?"

The question caused Angel to throw a dirty glare at Knight Mage, who did not realized what he said, and that caused him to asked, "Why are you looking at me in that manner?"

"Uh, guys?" Razor's voice pulled the younger SWAT Kats' attention.

"Sorry about that, Razor." Angel spoke to the unseen SWAT Kat member, "I was distracted for a moment. What's the emergency?"

"The fungus monster is making an encore at the Megakat Mall!" Razor's voice reported to the two younger kats, "It's been trying to eat people!"

"We'll be there!" The two remaining SWAT Kats announced in unison as they ran to the Sonickat.

"Good to hear." Razor responded before saying, "T-Bone and I will be there too in the Turbokat."

"What about Lygrus and Yami?" Asked Knight Mage, concerned about any needed members of the SWAT Kats.

"They had something important to do involving the last attack of the fungus creature." Razor answered the time-traveled SWAT Kat, "Lygrus had a theory of why the attack happened, and Yami's helping him."

"I hope they find out quick!" Angel hopefully stated as she and Knight Mage climbed into the small flying vehicle, "We're going to need all of the help we can get."

"Agreed!" Razor made no attempt at disagreeing with the lone female of the SWAT Kats.

"We'll see you guys there. Over and out." Angel cutted off the communication line, and then she turned to Knight Mage and asked, "Ready to go?"

"Of course, mi'lady."

Quickly, Knight Mage realized what he had said and cover his mouth in embarrassment. However, Angel decided that it was not the best time to correct the medeval-rasied tom-kat, since the monster was causing chaos at the Megakat Mall.

Reving up the engine of the Sonickat, Angel shouted out, "Time to fly!"

Without another word, the Sonickat drove off down the street before it used its jet-form to become airborne. Soon enough, Angel and Knight Mage reached the Megakat Mall.

With Lygrus and Yami, the Thunder Truck returned to the second hangar, and once they were there, the two newest members of the SWAT Kats went through a secret tunnel that was connected to the Enforcers' headquarters. Then, they managed to silently make their way to the Enforcers' laboratory, where the resident geneticist was working on some research on something unrelated to the fungus creature.

"Excuse me?" Yami spoke up in the quiet room, causing the geneticist to leap out in fright.

"Who's there!?" Demanded the nervous scientist, who looked around the room to find Lygrus and Yami. Seeing the two SWAT Kats there, the fear that was on the scientist's face was replaced with fury as he shouted, "What were you two thinking?! This lab's for Enforcers' use only!"

"Sorry about that." Yami sincerely apologized, "However, we do need your help on something important."

"What's so important that you're willing to scare the living daylights out of me?" The scientist asked with a flaming aura of rage surrounding him.

"How about stopping whatever plan that Naga Viper has cooked up?" Yami replied sharply at the genetist.

Upon hearing that statement, the scientst was shocked, and then his personality changed from outraged to determined, saying, "Doctor Nichlos Zyme Jr, at your service!"

"Zyme?" Lygrus asked, surprised upon hearing the last name, "Are you by any chance related to a Doctor Zyme that was once Viper's lab partner?"

"That's right." The white-claded tom-kat nodded to the ex-thief, "My father wasn't only Viper's parnter before the transformation, but he was one of that snake's victims too! I'll help any way I can, if I can help correct the mistakes of my father."

"What do you mean?" Yami asked before Lygrus could do so, and both SWAT Kats got the answer.

"My father and Doctor Purvis, who became Doctor Viper, created the mutagene in the hopes of helping katkind. However, Purvis was greedy and tried to take the mutagene and the notes for himself. Father stopped him, but in the process, the mutagene's container was broken onto Purvis, and it overwhelmed his system, causing him to die in a sense."

"Are you telling us that Doctor Viper is really an undead creature?" Yami's surprise was greater than Lygrus's, who already knew that fact.

"Yes; Father told me after Doctor Viper's first appearance after the accident." Zyme Jr. answered the question, "Of course, I was just a kitten at the time, and the first few years after his death was especially hard for Mother and me."

"I know how that feels." Lygrus stated in an empathatic tone, "My mom's gone, thanks to Viper too."

"Another reason to help you SWAT Kats out." The young Doctor Zyme nodded, more determined than before asking, "What do you want me to do?"

At Megakat Mall, the fungus creature was on a hunger-induced rampage, and it was scaring many kats, who were only there looking for purchases for whatever reason. Many kats managed to find places to had, but the rest were too scared, too late or too foolish to find a hiding place.

A mother and child were among the unfortunate that hide themselves from the oversized monster.

"Mommy?" The kitten asked his mother, "What's gonna happen to us?"

"Please, be quiet." The woman hushed his young child, "If we're really quiet, the monster won't find us."

However, the fungus creature found them in the square clothes rake, sending many pieces of clothing into the air and causing the mother and child to scream in fear of the monster.

"Deploying octopus missile!" Razor's shout grabbed the monster's attention before it was sent flying into a nearby wall and away from the mother, who was holding her child in a strong embrace.

"Are you two all right?" Razor asked the two, who realized that they were still alive and looked up at the kat that saved them.

"Yes." The mother sighed out of relief, and the kitten shouted in his excitement, "A SWAT Kat!"

Then, a growling moan from the huge monster caused Razor to direct the mother and child to the way out of the clothing store they were in, saying, "Get outta here quick; I can't keep him down forever."

"No kidding!" The mother grabbed the kitten and ran out of the store, leaving Razor to face the fungus creature by himself. However, T-Bone was near the store, when he saw the parent racing off with her kitten in her arms.

"Looks like Razor's gonna need some backup." The bigger of the older SWAT Kats muttered to himself before going into the clothing store, where Razor was in at the time.

However, T-Bone was not in the store for ten seconds, since Razor was sent flying out of the store and into T-Bone. Upon impact, the founding members of the SWAT Kats found themselves in a hole at the other side of the area.

"Even after all of that training..." T-Bone stated, and Razor finished, "we still get our tails into big messes."

Meanwhile, Naga Viper in her pure-kat form was watching the two older SWAT Kats returning up to their feet to face the fungus monster, and she was laughing at them for failing to see the true plan that she had created.

"Thossse old foolsss..." Naga hissed out in her amusement of the sight before her, "They're unaware of my true plansss for myssself and thisss urban nightmare."

Then, a missile flew into the fungus creature, which was charging at T-Bone and Razor, and the huge creature to the ground, causing the kat-like being to turn towards the direction of where the projectile came from and saw Angel and Knight Mage running towards the scene of the battle. Naga hid herself from the new arrivals to the battle, and once they had passed her, the hybrid hissed in fury.

"Where'sss Lygrusss? He'sss sssupposssed to be here."

Then, she calmed herself and said under her breath, "That'sss fine; he'll sssoon be here to fight off the 'monssster.'"

Naga remained hidden as the four SWAT Kats came together to face against the huge fungus-kat hybrid of Dr. Viper's.

"What now, T-Bone?" Razor asked his long-time friend and ally, who answered through his fangs, "I've got an idea as long as we've got some ice missiles."

"Enough to make that thing think that a new Ice Age has come." Angel replied with a impish grin on her lips.

"Then, let's get it to 'em!" T-Bone grinned with Angel as all of the present SWAT Kat aimed the Glovatrix at the fungus creature, who was quick enough to flee to another part of the huge shopping area.

"Crud!" T-Bone and Razor hissed in an unified frustration.

"You can say that again, guys." Angel stated before running off to find the monster, causing Knight Mage to go after the she-kat.

"Angel, we must stay together, lest the beast attack you and devour you!"

The older SWAT Kats chased after the younger members, knowing that the team needed to stay together.

"Thinking about what to do with Angel after this mission?" Razor asked T-Bone, who answered back, "Figures that she'd try something like this, even if she's out of her league!"

Meanwhile, Naga hissed in fury due to her patience running thin on waiting for Lygrus to show up and for her to catch him.

"I didn't work on my pheromone formula to sssit around to wait for that darn kat!"

"Enough on that!" A voice called out to Naga, who turned around to see Yami with a large spray bottle aimed at her.

Naga was quick to cover her voice and said, "I'm sorry that if you're having a hard time stopping that monster."

"That won't work this time." Lygrus appeared behind Yami, who fired a shot of liquid at the she-kat.

Naga tried to dodge the liquid, but her arm was hit, causing her scales to emerge from her yellow fur. The revealed hybrid did not like this change of events at all.

"You'll pay for thisss!"

"You're finally showing your true colors, ya snake!" Lygrus readied himself for any attack from the kat-snake woman.

"Maybe," Naga glared at the two SWAT Kats, which were in front of her, "but what about your friendsss? They're chasssing the fungusss creature, who plansss on having lunch."

As if on cue, a pained screech echoed from the direction of the monster and the SWAT Kats. The hybrid female hissed upon the realization that her scheme was unsuccessful.

"Blassst you, SssWAT Kats! Soon, your disssgusssting city will be a ssswamp, and I'll have Lygrusss'sss children, who'll rule over it after I'm gone from thisss world!"

"That's not what we're thinking, Naga!" Lygrus grabbed the spray bottle from Yami and leapt out at the hybrid creature, who dodged him.

Upon landing where the daughter of Doctor Viper once stood, the son of Selina Luna sprayed the content of the bottle at Naga, and this time, the liquid landed on Naga's body, revealing more of her scales. However, this was not a concern of Naga; it was actually what the creature-kat wanted: Lygrus was close enough to her to allow the pheromones to affect the SWAT Kat.

"Get back here!" Lygrus ordered the creature, who said in response, "No; you should be coming to me."

"More like at you!" The tom kat shot mists of the fluid at the 'she-kat,' and some of the shots landed on her, while the rest failed to even touch her.

Naga knew that soon enough that the spray bottle would empty before she could make another grab at the tom kat. She was good at drawing Lygrus's attention, in her mind, and her plan was about to be completed.

Once Lygrus was close enough, Naga pounced upon the ex-thief and bounded him with her arms.

"Now that I've gotten your attention," hissed a triumphant Naga, "sssoon you'll be under the control of my pheromoresss asss my willing ssslave."

"That's where you're wrong, Naga!" Lygrus wriggled himself from Naga's hold and jumped back from her.

"What isss-?" Naga gasped for a moment before she realized that the substance that the SWAT Kats had covered her with was also a counter to her pheromone formula.

"Sorry, Miss Viper." Yami 'expressed' himself to the hybrid creature, "However, Lygrus was quick to realize what was wrong with him after the first time."

"WHAT!?" The monstrous woman hissed in pure angry.

"Which lead us to going to a lab to find out what was going on." Snickered Lygrus, and that caused Naga to roar in a fury that was even more elevated at that point.


Then, Naga Viper leapt into the air, aiming at Yami and Lygrus. Prepared for the attack, the two SWAT Kats members aimed their glovatrix at the kat-snake and deployed the ice missiles at her.

"Chill out, Naga!" Lygrus joked at he fired the projectile at the creature, who had realized too that she was falling into a trap.

As the ice missiles made impact with Naga, who was in mid-air, the monstrous hybrid had started to fall onto the floor below her. Once the ice encased her, Naga landed on the floor, scattering the case of ice.

"Crud!" Yami exclaimed upon seeing Naga escape her cyro-prison as soon as she was captured in it.

"You can say that again!" Lygrus noticed that Naga was still able to rise from the floor, in spite of the fact that the ice missiles had weakened her.

"Ssso," Naga venomously glared at the two SWAT Kats, "it looksss like your plan backfired, in a way. Now, you die!"

Then, some more ice missiles flew at Naga, who was near-instantly encased in another block of ice. Lygrus and Yami were a little surprised at the turn of events, but they were not going to complain about it.

"Are you two all right?" Angel called out to the two members of the SWAT Kats, who looked at her and saw her and the other SWAT Kats.

"Better than ever." Lygrus smiled, thankful that the pheromores that Naga was trying to control him with was no longer affecting him.

As the Enforcers hauled the encased forms of Naga Viper and the fungus creature, the SWAT Kats were being examined at some of the members of the emergency medical team that were called out to the Megakat Mall.

"It looks like the Enforcers have one of their easiest transports in the history of Megakat City." T-Bone laughed out, causing Angel to giggle a little and the others to laugh out loud.

Of course, the SWAT Kat member that was being seen by a medic had laughed so hard that the medic was having a difficult time getting him to hold still. So, the medic tightened the bandage on the arm of a member of the SWAT Kat to get him to stop laughing and to sit still.

"Ow!" Lygrus hissed in pain.

"That's what you get for moving around too much." The medic huffed out at the ex-thief.

"That's not funny!" Growled Lygrus when he saw the smug expression on the face of the medic.

However, the rest of the SWAT Kats were laughing, and Angel stated, "Not to you!"

"Yeah!" T-Bone laughed out louder than the rest of the SWAT Kats, "The only thing that would mke this better is that Yami got his just desserts as well!"

"Because they went off?" Knight Mage went to the defense of the newer members of the SWAT Kats.

Angel also went between the two older members of the team and the newer members and said, "We knew about their going M.I.A., and if they didn't go, Lygrus would still be sick."

"Which reminds me," Yami spoke out thoughtfully, "we need to thank Doctor Zyme for his help today."

"Doctor Zyme!?" Razor and T-Bone exclaimed in shock, but Lygrus was quick to explaine the matter.

"This Doctor Zyme is the son of the former lab partner of Doctor Viper, who was also his killer. When he heard about us fighting the daughter of his father's killer, he was more than willing to aid us and to figure out what was making me lose focus today."

"Really?" Knight Mage asked, but his father was quick to ask, "What happened to you?"

"I believe I can answer that." A voice ripped through the choas of the area.

All of the SWAT Kats, even the members that recongized the voice, looked at a young to near-middle aged tom kat marching towards them, and right next to the lab coat wearing kat was the Commander of the Enforcers.

"Doctor Zyme!" Yami was the first to greet the genetics expert, "It looks like you were right about it being pheromores."

"Pheromores?" Knight Mage asked Angel, who said, "Pheromores are naturally occuring things that causes attractiveness among certain creatures."

"That's right to an extent," the younger Zyme confirmed Angel's explaination, "however, the pheromores that I'm in reference to were genetically modified."

"Why?" Knight Mage asked, but Angel gave no reply that time, since she felt that was a question that Yami should be asking.

Zyme, however, did not have a problem answering the question.

"I believe it was another attempt to lure Lygrus into being her mate."

"Well, that's a surprise." Angel threw out a sarcastic tone as she spoke as she recalled the last time the SWAT Kats had to battle with Naga Viper.

"No kidding!" Lygrus agreed the intentation of the lone female of the team.

"Now," Knight Mage presented his worries about the situation, "how long until Naga realizes that Lygrus has no desire to sire any of her offspring?"

"I believe that Lygrus doesn't have a much of a choice in that matter." Yami answered in a seldom tone.

"I don't know myself," Doctor Zyme expressed the same concerns as the rest of the SWAT Kats, "but we've got to do anything we can to stop that from happening!"

"I agree!" Felina finally spoke up, "For that reason, I'm allowing Dr. Zyme to be a part-time member of the SWAT Kats, as long as it's all right with you two."

The SWAT Kats that the Enforcers' commander were directing her attention to, T-Bone and Razor, were looking at each other and spoke in a conversation about the offer.

"What do you think, T-Bone?" Razor asked his partner of many years, who answered, "It would be nice to have a genuis in this area helping us out with problems like the Vipers."

Then, the two oldest members of the SWAT Kats went into hushed whispers to only themselves, allowing no one to hear the conversation. This lasted for a few moments, and it was making the others around them edgy about the sudden offer from the commander of the Enforcers.

"What's taking them so long?" Angel was not very patient about the matter.

"You just calm down." Yami was stern with the lone female of the team, "This is going to take some time."

"I know, but..." Angel tried to explain herself, but she was interrupted by Lygrus, who said, "No 'buts,' Angel! Sure, you have you're reasons for hating Viper or anything of his clan, but if we have a genetics expert on our side, we'll be able to stop whatever Naga's got cooking up, if not anyone else."

"You need to understand that you're not the only one hurt by Doctor Viper's past actions." Yami stated as he planted a hand on the shoulder of the lone female of the SWAT Kats.

"Before and after he became Doctor Viper." Doctor Zyme Junior stated, looking very upset.

Angel was more shocked with herself than with what the others had said, since she had forgotten that she was not the only victim of the mutate kat's many attempts of changing Megakat City into Swamp City.

Then, T-Bone and Razor returned to the group and announced their decision.

"So?" Knight Mage tilted his head to the elder members of SWAT Kats.

"Well," T-Bone stated with a smirk, "if Doctor Zyme doesn't mind being called 'Junior' too much, he's okay to join the team."

"Fine with me," the doctor replied, "but it's been a while since I was called 'Junior.'"

"At least," Angel muttered under her breath to Yami, "he'll be a big help against Naga Viper."

"Agreed." Yami nodded as he and the other younger members of the team watched T-Bone and Razor approached Doctor Zyme Junior with an offered hand.

"Are you ready to join the SWAT Kats?" Razor asked, and T-Bone stated, "If you're not, we'll understand?"

The young scienist looked at Enforcers' commander and asked, "Will I still work for the Enforcers?"

"Of course!" Felina Feral answered with a smile, "I can't risk losing your talents, especially if Naga escapes the Enforcers."

"More like when." T-Bone muttered to Razor, who replied, "No kidding."

"All right!" The genesist nodded in agreement, "Count me in!"

"Well, then!" Angel stated to the rest of the SWAT Kats, "It looks like that we've got part-time member of the team."

Knight Mage, Lygrus and Yami nodded in agreement as they watched as T-Bone shook hands with Zyme with Razor at his side. On the sidelines, Felina Feral sensed that something was a little weird about this arrangement, but she dismissed it, thinking it was just her nerves.