SWAT Kats -The Phoenix Squadron

By Mutitoon90

Chapter Thirty-Nine: What's Gonna Happen Now?

"This is Dan Gora at Cat's Eye News with this speical announcement. Eariler today, the station recieved news that even I was shocked to hear, and as a warning, you folks at home better take a seat for this one. It has been confirmed that Dark Kat is offically declared dead. According to Commander Felina Feral, the testing process would not have been possible without the aid of the long-ago acted help of the former commander, Ulysess Feral. We will have a reporter have a word with the mayor tomorrow."

Hours had passed since the results of DNA testing, and Felina Feral had just heard the broadcast on her television screen. With her was Lucki, Mel and Gabby, who had been her office for hours. They were talking about the attacker and Mel's cousin before they saw the news.

"Well," sighed Felina as she grabbed the remote, "that's some of the best news I've heard in years."

"Agreed!" Mel could not help herself from smiling a little, knowing that she and Dischord were never going to be under the control of Dark Kat ever again.

"I second that." Gabby laughed, happy for both Mel and her cousin for their new-found freedom.

"How did your uncle get the DNA samples?" Lucki wondered loudly, very curious about the DNA of Dark Kat.

"I don't really know," replied the commander, "but I could ask him whenever I see him next time."

"Okay." Lucki was unsure, but accepted the response.

Then, a cell phone rang, breaking everyone's attention from the conversation to Lucki, who was rolling her eyes at that point as she pulled out the phone. Answering it, Lucki said in an annoyed tone, "Hi, Chance."

"Lucki!" Chance's voice could be heard by the other kats in the room, "I've calling you and texting you for hours straight! Why haven't you called back!?"

"I was in an room, being interviewed; I couldn't call you back at that time." Lucki answered while still maintaining the same annoyed tone in her voice.

"What about after that?" Chance's voice actually got louder.

"I'm talking to the commander with Mel right now." Lucki answered, rising her voice as well, "I'm lucky to even be allowed to talk to you right now."

Chance paused for a moment before he replied with an embarassed tone in his voice, "Sorry about that, Lucki, but call me as soon as you can, okay?"

"All right." Lucki smiled as she said, sounding more happy than annoyed, "Bye, Chance."

Lucki ended the call and returned her phone back to her pocket, however she did see a smirk from the Enforcer's commander, causing the blond-brunette to smile herself. They were both thinking about what Chance was trying to do and how embarrassed he must have been upon realizing that he was choosing to do the wrong thing at the wrong time.

"Sound like your boss is pretty protective of you, Lucki." Mel laughed out, while Gabby was laughing so hard that she was not making a sound.

"I've probably said this before, but it might need to be repeated: Chance has viewed me as the little girl that his mom had wanted and the little brother that he had begged her for all in one kat."

"That's not a big surprise." Felina muttered under her breath, trying to make sure that Mel and Gabby did not hear her at all.

Later, Lucki returned to the garage to find that none of the other SWAT Kats were there. However, she knew that she had to check out the first hangar and went to the hatch that led to the area where the Sonickat and the Turbokat often rested in when off-duty.

When she entered the hangar, Lucki called out, "Anyone here?"

"Over here." The unmistakable voice of T-Bone/Chance echoed back to Lucki, who followed the voice to its owner.

"Hey, Chance!"

The older kat was looking much calmer and did not express his annoyance as greatly as he did over the phone call as he responded to the greeting, "Hey, Lucki. What happened here that caused you to go to Enforcer Headquarters."

Lucki was a little hesitant to answer, but she told Chance about the attacker and how he worked for Dark Kat. Lucki thought it would be a wise thing to omit the part of Mel telling her about Dischord being both a relative of both Mel and Dark Kat.

"Why was the guy going after Mel?" Chance asked, and Lucki answered quickly, "From what Mel told me, her cousin got wrapped up with Dark Kat back at Liondon."

"Okay." Chance looked like he was hearing something that did not fit into the story before asking, "When did he say that he'd been working for Dark Kat?"

"At Enforcer Headquarters after he managed to escape from the detainment area." Lucki answered, feeling a little nervous about the questioning from Chance.

Then, Chance's cell phone rang out, startling the two mechanics for a moment. Chance answered it, slightly annoyed with interference from whomever was calling him.

"This is Chance Furlong."

"Hey, buddy, how are you doing?"

"Hey, Jake!" Chance smiled upon hearing the voice of his best friend, "What's up?"

"Need to talk to you and Lucki about something important," answered Jake, sounding somber at that moment, "and would you guys come to the second hangar."

Lucki noticed Chance's face change from happy to worried as he asked into the phone, "What's wrong?"

"I honestly can't say that something's wrong," Jake answered, sounding a little unsure as he maintained his sober tone, "but it is important, and the other SWAT Kats are goint to be there."

Chance was quiet for a moment, making Lucki a little nervous, and then he asked, "What time?"

"Tomorrow morning at nine."

"We'll be there." Chance responded before saying, "See ya later, buddy."

"See ya." Jake said before the call ended.

"What's going on?" Lucki asked, having heard none of the conversation between Chance and Jake.

"We've got to the second hangar tomorrow morning." Chance answered the question, looking both confused and worried.

"Why?" Lucki knew that she needed more information about the meeting.

"I don't know." Chance answered blandly, "What I do know is that we're about to find out."

The next day at nine was when Chance and Lucki entered the second hangar, which was under Megakat Park, and they were please to see the other SWAT Kats there. Callie and Felina were also there, but they were looking concerned about the situation.

"So, what's the big deal?" Lucki asked while looking nervous about what happened the day before.

"Well," started Callie, who was looking nervous about what she was about to say, "I was thinking about something that could affect everyone here."

"What is it, Callie?" Chance was feeling antsy, not liking the direction of where the conversation was heading.

Jake was also looking similar to his wife in terms of expression, but he was able to speak out to the others. The statement that followed was the most shocking thing that Jake had said or Chance had ever heard, and the rest of the others in the room were surprised to hear it themselves.

"I think the SWAT Kats should be disbanded."

"WHAT!?" Chance's roar echoed through out the room, causing Lucki, who was the nearest to him, to cover her ears, and his fury was very apparent to anyone hearing it.

"Chance," Callie placed herself into the role of the mediator, "before you lose your temper, please-"

"Too late!" The larger SWAT Kat roared out in his fury, and he would have said more, if Felina had not intervened.

"We're going to disband the SWAT Kats yet; we're here to discuss the possibilites of either to keep the team active, and then every member of the SWAT Kats are going to vote on whether or not the SWAT Kats are going to be disbanded or not. That's all, Chance."

Chance glared at the group as he sat at the chair that was the closest to him, and Lucki, who was looking very concerned about the on-coming discussion, sat next to him. The others, Goemon, Jack and Kyle, were looking just as worried as the lone female of the SWAT Kats team as they watched one of the oldest members of the SWAT Kats take a seat in a chair.

Seeing that everyone, including Cybertron that next to Jack, Commander Feral spoke, "This is a meeting whether or not to see if the SWAT Kats should be disbanded or remain active. Any opening statements?"

Jake stood up and said, "Dark Kat's dead, and that's good enough for me to see that the SWAT Kats aren't needed anymore."

"I disagree!" Chance rose up upon hearing his friend's words, "Just because Dark Kat's bit the dust doesn't mean we retire!"

"He's right," interjected Callie in a calm tone as she spoke to her husband, "because there's still the Metallikats and Naga Viper to deal with among other threats."

"I don't know." Felina looked unsure about the mayor's words, "Dark Kat's been Megakat City's biggest threat for decades, and with him dead, a lot of his forces would be scrambling to get a new leader, if one wasn't already been appointed yet. As I see it,k the SWAT Kats have done their main objective."

"The commander is right." Goemon spoke up, "With Dark Kat dead, there's no one to operate their illegal activites in every part of the planet."

"I agree about Dark Kat," Kyle nodded before he added, "but there's other threats as Callie mentioned before, so the SWAT Kats aren't done just yet."

"As I remember," Lucki interjected her thoughts through her mouth, "Dark Kat was the biggest threat, but the Vipers are the most dangerous; more kats were lost to Doctor Viper's attempts at turning Megakat City into Megaswamp City."

"Not to mention that the Metallikats had blown up a warehouse with of katnip and killed one of their lieutenants." Kyle added to the 'SWAT Kats staying' reasons.

"But that was Mac and Molly Mange," Goemon calmly countered, "not their son."

"That's true," Callie pointed out, "but Mike is their child, and he had grown up in that kind of enviroment, despite being raised by his aunt."

"Point taken." Jake nodded before saying, "However, Dark Kat was the kat responsible for making schemes that nearly destoryed all of Megakat City; he's responsible for the more damaging offences than anything else."

"Damaging offences?!" Felina half-exclaimed and half-laughed, "If his schemes did actual physical damage, Megakat City would have been destoryed many times over!"

"And that's being nice about it," Chance sighed out before adding, "but someoen else could come along and started back up where Dark Kat ended; Bluefur comes to mind in this matter."

Lucki shook at the mention of the former COPY Kat, who had tried to kill her, and everyone in the room saw this. When she threw a dirty look at Chance and said sternly, "While I do understand where you're coming from, however it's not needed, since his ego's his worst trait, causing him to get caught and thrown in jail."

"Okay, not my best example," confessed Chance, looking a little sheepish, "but if his ego wasn't in the way, he'd probably would have succeed. What I'm trying to get at is what if someone with Bluefur's determination and Dark Kat's smarts take over Megakat City with no SWAT Kats defending it, it's game over for the city and everyone in it."

The room fell silent from Chance's statement, and no other word was spoken for moments. Before Chance, who was about to ask about their thoughts, Jake regained his voice.

"You're right, buddy, you're right about that," Jake's calm tone was starting to mix with a sob, "but I'm tried for fighting and stopping the bad guys. I only agreed to help re-instate the SWAT Kats in hopes that I could retire with so chance of finding Jake, which happened, and to make sure that Dark Kat was dead, which just got confirmed. I just want to spend more time with my family, and I'm sorry if I hurt the SWAT Kats that way."

"Right..." Chance muttered in an understanding tone, which surprised Jake.

"That's it? You're not mad at me for wanting to leave team? No yelling or screaming? At all?"

"None at all." Chance replied, "I remember how upset you and Caille were after that last fight with the Pastmaster and how Jake's disappearance affected you two; I knew, then, that you weren't in any shape to continuing to defend Megakat City. Crud, it took you everything you had to came back when Lucki became Angel and fought Dischord the first time, and I was surprised me."

Jake's confused expression changed into one of relief, and he smiled gratefully at his long-time friend as he was still crying. Then, he managed to say, "Thanks, Chance. I really needed to hear that."

"Looks like we're going to be short one teammate." Kyle stated to Goemon, who replied with a sad tone, "Make that two."

"What?!" The ex-thief exclaimed in his shock, gaining the attention of the others in that meeting and ending the 'bro-moment' between Chance and Jake.

"Thanks, Kyle." Goemon moaned before raising from his seat and adressed the entire team.

"As I was saying to Kyle, Jake is not the only one that is leaving the SWAT Kats. My father had sent me to find out the whereabouts of Dark Kat, because many of his agents had been discovered in my father's company over the course of many years, even before he married my mother and had me and my older siblings. When he heard that the SWAT Kats were once again active, my father sent me to Megakat City to join you to find him and put a stop his schemes for good."

"So, you were just here because your father sent here?" Asked Jack, who was looking furious with the foregin tom kat.

"To an extent, yes." Goemon replied, still looking sad about the matter, "However, I was planning on coming back to Megakat City and had booked a flight, when my father told me my 'mission.'"

"So, you were coming here on your own." Lucki stated, sounding relieved about her college friend, "It was just the timing that caught you."

"That's right." Goemon smiled, "Also, I was planning on helping the SWAT Kats, since I knew that Lucki was just the kat to find the original hangar, whether or not she meant to do so."

Lucki blushed, knowing that Goemon was right about her tendecy of attracting extreme events, both good and bad. All of the others, excluding the knowing Chance, looked confused about what the Nekoese had said.

"I meant that Lucki did theorize that the Salvage Yard was one of the places that the SWAT Kats were based at." Goemon corrected himself upon seeing Lucki's reddened face.

"That makes sence," Jake stated, "given Lucki's high grades in MKU."

Lucki sighed out of relief, since she did not like being viewed as a jinx. She was grateful that Goemon corrected his words.

Goemon returned to the matter at hand, saying, "If you want me to, I can stay a little longer to help find a replacement for myself for the SWAT Kats."

"I think I've already found one, Goemon." Kyle raised a hand as he spoke.

"What do you mean?" Felina asked, looking confused, "The only people who've been contact with are the SWAT Kats, me, the mayor, other Enforcers and..." Felina stopped as she remembered who Kyle's new cellmate was.

"What's wrong?" Callie asked the leader of the Enforcers, who managed to answer.

"It's Robert Tailson!"

"Robert Tailson?" Lucki asked in a moment of confusion, "You mean the archer of the COPY Kats?"

"Yes," Commander Feral nodded to the female SWAT Kat, "and I think Kyle's on to something."

"You mean he would be an asset to the team?" Jack asked, thinking that having the COPY Kat's archer on the SWAT Kats was not one of the best ideas in the world.

"I know how you're feeling," Jake spoke to his son, "but we did the same thing with Kyle, and things worked out well."

"We were fortunate about Kyle's situation," Jack stated before expressing his concerns by saying, "but we make not be so blessed in this one."

"Well, I've read his record," announced Felina in an attempt to ease Jack's worries, "and it states that he's never been in trouble with the law before he foolishly joined Bluefur's COPY Kats and even considered joining the Enforcers."

"It seems like his loyalty is solely to Megakat City." Goemon guessed, looking just as concerned as Jack.

"That might be our ace for his loyalty." Chance smiled, thinking that Robert Tailson would be a good addition to the team.

"I agree," stated Kyle with a grin on his face, "It seems that he just got caught with the wrong crowd."

"That makes sense." Lucki smiled knowingly, "I checked his record, and it's as clean as a whistle."

"I hope that his loyalty to Megakat City doesn't make him blind on who he sides with." Goemon pointed out to the others.

"That's also a good point." Jack agreed with a nod.

"We'll just make sure that he stays on our side." Chance winked at the others as he spoke.

"That is if the SWAT Kats stays active." Jake reminded Chance, who looked annoyed upon hearing the statement.

"By the looks of things here," chimed in Commander Feral, "the SWAT Kats are planning to stay in Megakat City for a long, long time."

"I'm just hoping that the SWAT Kats do stay; Megakat City still needs them for now." Callie's voice was direct and clear with intention of helping the group.

"Are you sure that is wise?" Goemon asked the agreeing members of the meeting.

"Can't say it's a completely foolish one." Lucki shrugged her shoulders.

"That's true." The Nekoese thoughtfully agreed before reminding the others about the would-be SWAT Kat's loyalty problem, saying, "However, it's a potential issue that must be watched out for."

"No disagreements from me." The magic-user of the SWAT Kats stated in agreement.

"So," Jake asked to the people in the room, "should we vote about what to do now?"

The others fell silent for a few moments before Chance said, "All right... Let's vote."

However, the commander of the Enforcers heared her cell phone ringing, which was interrupting the meeting. Pulling it out of her coat pocket, Felina answered it quickly, saying, "Feral here, and it better be important."

"Sorry for interrupting your meeting, Commander, but there's a situation here that needs your attention."

"What is it?" Felina asked with a tone of curious concern, which grabbed the attention of the SWAT Kats and the mayor of Megakat City.

"It's the Metallikats!" The voice replied in a frantic tone, "They're attacking Professor Hackel's lab again, and they're carrying heavy ammo to boot!"

"I'll be there as soon as I can." The commander replied firmly before hanging up, "The members of my meeting will understand."

"What's happened?" Lucki was looking anixous about the subject of the phone conversation.

"The Metallikats are after Professor Hackle again." Felina answered the question, causing Cybertron to react in a worrying manner.

With a sigh that sounded bittersweet, Chance stated with a smile to match his voice, "Looks like the SWAT Kats got one more mission to do before the final vote is made."

"By Furlin's beard..." Jack shook his head in disbelief upon hearing the vote being postponed.

"Don't worry about it, Jack." Kyle gave the bespectaled tom a thumbs-up, "Things will work out."

"One last ride as team sounds like a good way to end this chapter of the story." Goemon also had a bittersweet expression on his face.

"Also to help start on a new one." Lucki pointed out to the Nekoese tom kat.

"Well," Callie rose to her feet as spoke, "there's only one thing to say at this point."

"And that is?" Kyle asked the mayor, looking confused about the mayor's next statement.

With a smile, Callie announced to the group, "SWAT Kats, move out!"

"Yes, ma'am!" All of the SWAT Kats saluted to Mayor Briggs-Clawson before running off to prepare for their mission.

At Megakat Museum, the New Metallikats searched for an item. The three criminals were talking about the object, which would make anyone that heard it to gasp in shock.

"Are you sure it's here, Mike?" Candy asked her cousin.

"Yeah, Mike." Ernie asked, "And why are we looking for a pocketwatch?"

"Because it ain't no normal pocketwatch." Mike answered the questions, "It belonged to de Past Master."

"What?!" Candy halted in her tracks, "De Past Master dat's always trying to change Megakat City into Ancientkat City?"

"Dat's de guy."

"Are you crazy?!" Ernie exclaimed at his cousin's answer.

"No!" Mike retorted back, "Just angry enough to try to get back at dat snobby Jack Clawson!"

"I don't know..." Candy looked worried, "If you mess around with dat kind of dings, you could end worse dan Uncle Mac and Aunt Molly."

"Yeah..." Ernie agreed.

"Are you kidding me!?" Mike roared in pure fury, "I've spent a majority of my life without my parents, thanks to Hackel, Briggs and de SWAT Kats!"

"Looks like you're going to be spending even longer in Alkatraz." A voice interjected itself into the conversation.

Turning to the direction of the voice, Mike Mange yelled out, "What da!?"

Right behind the new Metallikats, all of the SWAT Kats, including Cybertron, were there, ready to the revised group that was founded by Mac and Molly Mange. This truly enraged Mike.

"Don't you SWAT Kat got anything better to dan annoy me!?"

"Not really." Angel curtly answered the question while flashing a wily smile.

"Let's get dem!" Mike commanded, and the cousins replied as they aimed their weapons at the seven SWAT Kats, "Fire in de hole!"

The new Metallikats fired at the team, who took cover behind displays and statues. As the shots flew by them, the SWAT Kats communicated their plan of attack.

"So, who's going first?" Angel asked the others.

"Don't throw question like that around." T-Bone warned the she-kat, "You might be that voluteer."

"Good point." Angel retracted her words.

"Maybe he should go out together?" Knight Mage asked, but Lygrus rebuffed by saying, "And how exactly do we avoid getting hit?"

"I didn't think of that." Knight Mage blushed a little.

"Maybe those two ideas would work." Razor announced, causing Yami to ask, "Together or separate?"

"Together." The two elder toms replied together with a grin before turning to Cybertron.

Meanwhile, the new Metallikats stopped firing and were looking if their shots hit the SWAT Kats. Mike was the most anixous of the trio.

"Did we get dem?"

"I don't know." Candy could not see anything of the SWAT Kats.

"Don't ask me." Ernie answered.

Then, Cybertron entered the sights the Metallikats, who raised their weapons at the robot. The robot ran towards the trio, who started firing again, but the lasers bounced off the seemingly armorless body of Cybertron.

"What's going on?" Mike managed to ask before Cybertron knocked him down along with his cousins.

"GO!" T-Bone shouted, causing the rest of the SWAT Kats to charge at the new Metallikats.

As the SWAT Kats ran towards the crimial kats, Angel was thinking about many things: the replacements for the team, the old and new enemies that would eventually reveal themselves and the smaller things she had to deal with in the meanwhile. However, one thing was on her mind that was more important to her than anything else, and she would repeat them after the new Metallikats' capture and Knight Mage's question about her still wanting to be a SWAT Kats.

Even if the team is disbanded, there will be others to pick up the fight, and should I find myself being among those willing fighters, I will be like a phoenix, and I will raise from the ashes of the past to light a way to a better and brighter future."