The last month was difficult, I was starting my sixth year of school and the war was not over. During the summer, my parents told me I was adopted and my biological mother was a witch. They said that she asked them not to tell me the truth but they could see that having them as my parents were dangerous for me. I went to the ministry and I found out I had a brother alive: Severus Snape!

I sent him an owl asking for a meeting, telling him I had some news that could be dangerous for him. He replied that he had ten minutes to give me and I was outside his classroom trying to be brave and knock the door. He opened the door and glared at me.

-Miss Granger, I don't have my entire day available for you; enter and speak fast.- He snapped at me.

I entered and I followed him to his office. We sat on the chairs and he looked at me waiting for my explanations. I just opened my bag and I gave him the certificate I got from the ministry.

-How?- He asked.

-I don't know, my parents just told me that I was adopted and that mother was a witch, I went to the ministry and they gave me this,- I said.

-I don't remember seeing my pregnant mother, she was ill the last time I saw her and she died in in the summer after I finished school. I was starting my apprenticeship on potions so I did not come back to my house. I only got a message from my father telling me she died but he never wanted to tell me why.- Snape said.

-I learned that she had me on the orphanage and left them telling that his husband could kill me as he did not want a child, that her firstborn suffered enough to have a second child going through the same thing,- I said closing my eyes. -The ministry employee told me I had some glamor on me that only you could take off.-

-Yes, I can try if you want but they will know that you are my sister. They can be disagreeable with you.- Snape said.

-Professor, I'm the 'know it all', the ice princess and a bushy hairy witch. They are already disagreeable with me, only Harry, Ginny, Luna and Neville are my friends.- I said.

-Ok, we will try this. Do you have plans for today?- Snape asked.

-No, I just hoped you would like to speak with me,- I said blushing.

-Ah, my sister is a Gryffindor! I will have to live with it. We will go to see the headmaster. Where are you staying?- Snape asked.

-Well, I rented a room in Hogsmeade. The Granger told me to take all my things with me as she is pregnant and she wanted to prepare a nursery.- I said softly.

-They told you to leave like this?- He asked confused and I nodded.

I was looking down and I did not see him approaching me and I felt his arms around me holding me close to him.

-I'm here now, I always wanted to have a family and I could be that for you if you want.- He said and I nodded. -Come let's go speak with Albus.

We walked in silence until we arrived at Dumbledore office. He knocked the door and we entered.

-Miss Granger, Severus, how can I help you, sit down please.- Dumbledore said, -Do you want some tea?-

-Albus, Miss Granger, came to my office and gave me this certificate; you will understand everything when you'll read it,- Snape said and gave the paper to the headmaster.

-Severus! Is this possible?- Dumbledore asked.

-I wanted to be our witness when I take off the wards of the adoption system.- Snape said, -After that, she will be officially a member of the Snape line. And therefore a pureblood.-

-I would do that, do you need me to say the spell?- Dumbledore asked.

-No, we have to say it. Please stand up near me.- He said and I went near him when he took my hand. -We need to say this together 'revelationem consanguinitatis propinquitate iungantur' and the glamor will be off.-

I looked into his black eyes and I could see the hope inside. This dark wizard was longing to have a family. I nodded and we started to chant together.

-Revelationem consanguinitatis propinquitate iungantur,- We said and I felt a strong magic in my body changing it. It was painful and I fell to my knees.

-Hermione- I heard him screaming.

I could not breathe and I felt my head spinning. After some minutes, I was better and I sat looking around. I stood up and I realize I was taller. He looked at me smiling and showed me a mirror.

I was taller, slender, my hair was black and straight and I have the most stunning black eyes similar to his. I turned around and I saw them smiling softly.

-What now?- I asked in a very sexy voice.

-We have to wait for the letter from the ministry telling you your change of status,- Dumbledore said and an owl arrived. -Yes, they are fast.-

Severus opened the letter and smiled softly.

'Lord Snape,

We confirm the identity of you Sister Hermione Eileen Snape after you proceed to the annulation of the glamor she was wearing as the result of her adoption.

She will have her name change in all her papers and from this moment, she is on your charge until she will be married.

We hope the best for you and your sister

Teresa Logan

Head of the department

Family and adoption

Ministry of the Magic.'

-So, little sister, what do you want to do today?- Snape asked.

-Professor, where I'm going to live now? I have a month until the beginning of the next term.- I asked.

-Severus, you can call me Severus. You will live with me in my quarters. Albus, how are we going to do with the order and the Dark Lord? He will want to see her.- Severus said.

-Yes, he will want to see your little sister. You will have to inform him as soon as possible. Hermione, you will have to help your brother with his spy job. Severus, I know you don't like this but he will not give you a choice with this. He will want her by his side. She is the brightest witch of this age after all.- Dumbledore said.

-Professor Dumbledore, I learned oclumency and legilimens during the last year; this will help us,- I said.

-Call me Albus, dear; yes, this will help.- Albus said, -As you remember, we have an order meeting today, we will tell them what happened. Hermione, we will help you deal with this if one of them is not happy.-

-I will have to present you to the Malfoy as my sister to prevent the brat to bother you,- Severus said. -We can go to their manor after the meeting.-

-Yes, I will do as you said. Can we go to pick up my things from the little hostel?- I asked.

-I already asked the elves to do that and they put your clothes in your new room.- Albus said, -You will have to buy new things as you are taller.-

We laughed looking my trousers and Severus transfigured them to fit me. We looked at the clock and it was time to go to the headquarters. We flooed to the sitting room and we heard everybody was already in the kitchen. Molly was complaining about us staying at the meeting telling we were too young and Harry told her that if he was old enough to fight, he was old enough to know what happened. We arrived and everybody looked at me.

-Snivellus, did you find a bird?- Sirius asked and Severus growled

-Shut up stupid mutt,- He said and led me to a chair in the corner.

-Professor Dumbledore, do you know where Hermione is? I tried to floo her to her house and the floo was close.- Harry asked and I sighed.

-I have bad news and good news. The Granger told Hermione she was adopted and that they were freeing her from their family. Mrs. Granger is expecting a baby and she needed her room for the nursery. She was living on Hogsmeade until today when she arrived at Hogwarts.- Albus said.

-Where is she, Albus?- Molly asked.

-Well, there is a little more to tell. After they told her that, she went to the ministry and she found out that her biological family is alive. She has a brother.- Albus said looking at me. -The bird, as Sirius called her, is our dear Hermione, she is now Hermione Eileen Snape.-

-Hermione?- Harry said coming next to me. -How did you change so much, you are like Snape now.-

-Professor Snape, Harry! He is my brother and I had some glamor so we had to put them off to cut off the adoption bond.- I said.

I was dizzy, I had a lot of thing in my head today and I needed a break. I felt some strong arms around me and Severus was pulling my head into his chest, comforting me.

-Oh, look at the great bat with his little sister,- Sirius said and Remus hit him on his head.

-You ass, this is not easy for her; her family just left her and she is lucky to have Severus by her side,- Remus said.

-Now, our problem is that Tom will know about this and he will want to meet her,- Albus said.

-But why?- Arthur asked.

-Because now, the brightest witch of the age is no longer a muggleborn, she is a pureblood coming from one of the oldest families. He will want her by his side and we will not be able to hide her.- Albus said.

-I will try to protect her as long as I can; she will not be a spy for him. He will want her to study her because of her muggle raising,- Severus said.

-What do you mean?- Remus asked.

-I think he will want to see how she could be so intelligent when she only discovered the magical world when she was eleven years old,- Severus asked.

-Will you be living here Mione or in the Burrow?- Ron asked me.

-No, I will be with my brother, so I'm staying at Hogwarts,- I said.

We heard a pop and a little elf appeared giving a letter to Severus.

-Master, this letter arrived at the manor,- The elf said.

-Thanks, Mindy, go to the manor and prepare the room for my sister, we will be there next weekend,- Severus said and the elf left. -Fuck, he sent me his eagle.-

-He knows, somebody told him.- Albus said, -Can you read the letter?-

-Yes, I will,- Severus said.


I heard from my contact on the ministry that you found a little sister and that she is the Hermione Granger, now Hermione Eileen Snape.

I want to meet her and I will be waiting for you at my manor for an informal dinner in my chambers.

Send me a confirmation as soon as possible.

Lord Voldemort.'

-I thought he could do this, you don't have a choice Severus and you need to take her. She is good protecting her head; I hope he will not to mark her too soon.- Albus said and Severus nodded.

-I will send her my answer now and we need to go to the manor fast.- Severus said holding me close to him, -Sorry sis, I did not want this for you.-

-Is ok, I will have you close to me,- I said trying to smile.

He left the room and Harry, Ron and Ginny ran near me.

-Mione, how do you feel about this? The great bat! Is he a git with you?- Ron asked.

-If being git is to be nice and take care of me, to accept me as his sister and giving me a home, yes, he is a git.- I said glaring at him.

-Wow, you look like him, beautiful but we can see that he is your brother and you are taller than me!- Harry said.

-Your hair is beautiful love and your eyes are stunning,- Ginny said.

-Love, if he is giving you troubles just tell me and I will protect you,- Sirius said coming too close to my taste.

-Sirius Black, I want you far from her, you will not touch her or look at her like she is a bird for your collection!- Severus roared, -Come, sis, we need to go.-

He took my hand and led me to the hearth again. Everybody was staring at us and I wave them goodbye. He took me to Diagon Alley to find a dress for dinner. We went to a little store call Portus and an old witch helped me found a nice dress. It was green and silver and was flattering to my new figure. I had new silver heels and I was almost Severus height with them.

-The Dark Lord is taller than me Hermione.- Severus said, -You have my grandmother name, can I call you Mia as we called her?-

-Yes, but I will call you Sev,- I said smiling and he chuckled.

-I will not be able to scare you next year.- Sev said smiling, -I will have to find new punishments for you, maybe I could send you to visit the mutt.-

-Do not dare to do that,- I said glaring at him.

He told we needed to go to the apothecary and he bought some ingredients that were missing from his storeroom. It was interesting to see the shop and all the things you could find inside. I saw a unicorn corn and he told me it was a fake and that he had one in his private lab. Maybe he would let me brew some potions this year.

An hour later and after leaving all the stuff we bought at his room, he told me we needed to go to the Riddle manor and he apparated with me by his side. The house was big and dark. At the entrance, Wormtail was leering at me and Severus growled at him.

-Do not dare to touch her; I promise you that you will suffer if you do it,- Severus said and the rat ran before us to tell his master that we were in the manor.

I followed him and we entered a big ballroom with a throne in the middle. He told me we had to wait there until the Dark Lord would arrive. He came some minutes after and I winced. His skin was translucent and his eyes were red; his nose was flat and he looked like a snake.

-Severus, nice to see you. Miss Snape, it's an honor to see you.- The Dark Lord said taking my hand and kissing the back of it.

-My Lord, it's an honor to be here and present my sister. I never knew about her and I found the truth today after her family disowned her.- Severus said.

-Bad thing, now you have a loyal brother and he will take care of you.- The Dark Lord said.

-Thank you, My Lord; it's an honor to meet you,- I said looking down

-Hmm, come we will eat in my chambers,- He said offering me his arm.

I saw Severus stiffing and I took his arm trying not to wince. We entered into a suite on the top floor and we discovered a very beautiful dining room with a table prepared for three with silver linen and white china. The food was already in place, salmon, and salad with elven wine.

-Hermione, please sit here,- the Dark Lord said showing me a chair and helping me to sit down. He sat and told us to start eating. -So this year you are starting your sixth year at Hogwarts. How old are you?-

-I'm almost eighteen years old, my lord,- I said and Severus nodded.

-How?- The Dark Lord asked.

-On my third year, I used a time turner to take all the options. Because of this, I gained two years.- I said.

-How many Newts are you preparing?- he wanted to know.

-Ok, let me see. I'm taking astronomy, charms, DADA, Herbology, history of magic, potions, transfiguration, Alchemy, Arithmancy, care of magical creatures, ancient runes, magical theory and spell creation.- I said counting.

-Are you taking thirteen Newts? Are you planning to eat and sleep?- the Dark Lord laughed.

-I think she does that while she is studying, nobody knows how she does this,- Severus said. -Last year, she was tutoring also some of her classmates.-

-Well, they needed my help,- I said blushing and we ate some minutes in silence.

-So, where are you going to live now?- the Dark Lord asked.

-I will stay at the castle with my brother. We will have the chance to know each other before the rest of the students come back,- I said.

-Do you have a lot of friends besides 'the-boy-who-hates-me-so-much'?- He said and I choked.

-I have some friends but not a lot. I'm the 'know it all' after all and I spend a lot of time studying in the library for their taste.- I said shrugging.

-Stupid teenagers.- He said, -Come, we will take the desert near the fire.-

He offered me his arm and lead me to a couch where he sat by my side leaving a chair to Severus. I could see Severus was getting restless and did not how to do to end the questions. The Dark Lord wanted to know everything about me.

-Tell me which one of all the subjects is your favorite one?- He asked me.

-I'm not sure; I like potions and to brew but I love to play with the infinite possibilities that Arithmancy can give you,- I said and the Dark Lord nodded.

-I love Arithmancy also, I have this book that I finished last night which is very interesting,- He said straightening his arm and summoning a book, -Maybe you know this.-

-This is the endless equation of Standler?- I asked looking at the book and he nodded, -I tried to buy this book several times and I never found a copy.-

-Really? I found it in the KnockturnAlley this year. Do you want to read it?- The Dark Lord asked.

-I would love to,- I said taking the book in my hands.

-Ok, take it with you and we will discuss it next time you'd come here.- The Dark Lord said and I nodded. -Do you have a familiar?-

-I used to have a half kneazle but he died over the summer,- I said softly.

-That's sad, I have the same familiar from back to Hogwarts, she is chasing tonight.- The Dark Lord says. -I would love to write to you if you don't mind. My eagle, Zeus, will carry the letters to you. He is a black, big and likes bacon.-

-I will take care of him,- I said.

-Good, it was nice to have you here tonight and I will love to have news from you soon. Severus as always a pleasure.- The Dark Lord stood up helping me again. -Take your sister to the castle, it's late and she needs to sleep.-

He walked us to the entrance, nodded to Severus and kissed my hand again. We walked to the apparition site and we left the manor.

-We need to go to see Albus,- Severus said walking to his office.

The headmaster was waiting with tea and some biscuits. He was nervous and served us the drink before sitting down in front of us.

-What happened? Did he know about you?- Albus asked.

-It was strange, I felt like I was invisible. He was playing twenty questions with her. He wanted to know everything about her, her studies, what she likes; even he asked her if she has a familiar and talked about Nagini.- Severus said.

-Did he asked about your old family?- Albus asked me.

-No, he only wanted to know where I would live now,- I said.

-How was the dinner?- Albus asked.

-He was charming, he helped to sit down and he sat near me on the couch as we took the desert near the fire,- I said.

Albus wanted to say something but we heard a knock on the windows and we saw a big black eagle flying outside. Albus opened the window and the eagle came to my side showing me his leg. I took the parcel carefully.

-This is Zeus, the Dark Lord's eagle,- Severus said.

-Why is he here?- Albus asked.

-The Dark Lord told me he wanted to write to me. I never thought he would do it. I was just about to tell you that. He also lent me this book to read and he wants to discuss it next time I would go to his manor.- I said, -Can I have some bacon, he said Zeus loves it.-

-Yes, I will ask for some from the kitchen while you open your letter,- Albus said.

I opened the letter and I was blushing as I read it. Severus looked at me confusion in his eyes while Albus gave some bacon to Zeus, who ate and sat on my shoulder. I took him and put him on my lap, he was heavy. He hooted softly and closed his eyes.

-I think he is waiting for an answer.- Albus said, -Can you read the letter?-

-Ok, I would like to not have to do it but I understand your desire to know the content of the letter,- I said and I started to read.

'Dear Hermione,

It was a pleasure to get to know you and spend some time with you during dinner. I hope you don't show this letter to your brother as I would like to have this channel open between us.

I know you must be confused about me writing to you but I heard so much about you from the young Malfoy that I was curious and the change of your status gave me the perfect excuse to meet you.

I was fascinated by your intelligence, you remembered me the way I was at your age. Always trying to learn but you are taking more Newts than me. It looks so much work to do.

I found these equations last year on a travel to Albany and I would like to show them to you. They are interesting but for the moment do not show this to anybody as this could make the war more difficult to everybody, many people could die on both sides.

Tell me, do you like to eat outside? I was thinking to invite you to a picnic on the manor the day after tomorrow. Just send me your answer with Zeus and I will prepare everything for our meal.

Hope you have sweet dreams.

Yours sincerely

Lord Voldemort.'

This was strange and flattering at the same time, I did not know what to say and I could see it was the same for them. I looked at Severus and he was confused with me.

-Hermione, what are these equations?- Albus said.

-I'm not sure headmaster but I will look at them and I will try to explain what this is about. I don't understand why he doesn't want to show this to anybody- I said, -What about his invitation?-

-I'm sorry, child but you will have to go; Severus will take you there and he will be there if you need him,- Albus said.

-Ok, I will answer so Zeus can leave.- I moved the letter and a little bag fell on the floor. I took it and before I opened, Severus checked it for curses. I found a little bracelet made of white gold and emeralds. It looks like tiny snakes forming a circle.

-Oh, this is a Slytherin heirloom.- Albus said, -Why is he sending you this?

-I told you, Albus. He was ignoring me during the dinner, he was focused on her. I think she is a mystery to him and he likes to resolve mysteries.- Severus said while I write a note thanking for the present and telling him I was looking forward to our picnic.

I put the note on Zeus's leg and he nibbled softly my ear before taking off. Severus looked at me startled and Albus was muttering something.

-Hermione, Zeus usually is a very aggressive eagle. He made this to me over the last year.- Severus said showing me a little scar on one of his fingers. -I was too slow to take the note he was carrying. I never saw him like this, sleeping in somebody lap, hooting softly and caressing you.-

-You need to be careful with this, we don't know what he wants with you,- Albus said I nodded.

We left Albus and we went to sleep. My room was so beautiful and Severus was a little awkward but he kissed my cheek before leaving me to sleep. I could see t hat he could be a good brother.

I woke up in the morning and took me five minutes to remember what happened the day before. I lost my old family but I have a new one.

Severus was waiting for me in the sitting room and he told me we were eating with the rest of the staff. We would tell them about us during breakfast.

When we entered the hall, they looked at us. Only Minerva, Albus and Remus knew about me. The rest of the professors were looking at us confused.

-Everyone, I want to tell you some good news. Our dear Severus found a sister; she was adopted by some muggles who let her move on and she came back to her biological family. Her former name was Hermione Granger, her real name is Hermione Eileen Snape.- Albus said and everybody was happy for us.

-Well, you are similar in your personality,- Madame Pomfrey said,- You like to learn, you are smart and witty and you have a fast temper.-

-Yes, I know and now she looks like me so no big deal,- Severus said helping me with my chair. -She is living with me in the castle as I'm her guardian now.-

-If you'd want, I can grade her homework and tests,- Remus said and Severus nodded.

-Thank you, that will help with the problems,- Severus said and the post arrived.

I saw Zeus entering the hall with a big box on his leg. What did he send me today and why? Zeus put the box near me and hooted softly asking for some bacon. He ate fast and leave after nibbling my fingers. Severus just looked at me and shook his head.

I looked at the bow and I heard some little noises coming from the inside. Severus checked the box and told me that it was safe to open it. I did it and I found a very little kitten inside. He was black and had a silver leash around his neck. I took the letter and I read it with Severus reading over my shoulder.

'Dear Hermione,

May I call you Mia? I like this nickname for you.

I was thinking last night about your familiar and I wanted to give you one. I was thinking of sending you a little snake but as a good Gryffindor probably you wouldn't like it; also as you don't speak parseltongue, it would be difficult to control. Toads are boring and I don't like owls, they smell bad.

I found this little one and I thought you would like him. His name is Orion but you can change it if you want. I hope he will protect you against disloyal people as he is a full kneazle.

What did you do to Zeus? He was hooting happily when he arrived last night and now, he is anxious to leave to give you this letter.

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.


Lord Voldemort (but you can call me Tom)'

I was in shock and I could see Severus did not know what to say; he passed the letter to Albus who frowned and told me to read the equations as soon as I could.

I took the daily prophet and I sighed; somebody told Rita Skeeter about us so now everybody knew about the new pureblood Snape.

Severus was opening a letter from the Malfoy and he told me we were invited to tea with them. He already told me that they were his friends and I would see them often as Draco was his godson. Nice, I would have to be nice with the ferret.

I went to my room with Orion and I took the equations trying to read them. They were difficult and some of them were warded with complex charms which would take me some time to unlock. I spent all the morning and part of the afternoon to open one of the charms and they were more than twenty. Severus came at 3 pm to tell that we would be leaving for them Malfoy manor in twenty minutes. We used the floo this time and we were at the entrance of the manor where Lucius was waiting for us.

-Severus, nice to see you. Miss Snape a pleasure to meet you.- Lucius said, -When I invited you, I did not know that he was coming. I swear, he arrived some minutes ago. He is in my study while his lunatic eagle is chasing after my little birds now.-

-Is ok, do not make a deal over this. We were at his manor yesterday,- Severus said and we saw a black eagle flying fast in my direction.

-Severus, he is going to hurt her,- Lucius yelled.

-Calm down Lucius and look at this- Severus said.

Zeus was almost by my side when he slowed down and landed softly on my shoulder hooting softly and playing with my hair.

-What is going on? This mad eagle almost ate my finger the last time he sent me a letter.- Lucius said.

-Zeus is complete besotted with my sister.- Severus said, -Just wait to see the rest.-

-What are you talking about?- Lucius asked leading us to the tea room where Narcissa Malfoy was waiting with Draco.

-Malfoy; nice to see you too,- I said smirking as I felt Severus arms circling my shoulders.

-Godfather? What are you doing hugging this girl?- Draco said looking sick.

-I'm holding my sister Draco, she is Hermione Eileen Snape. Her former name was Hermione Granger. We found out yesterday, look at her.- Severus said.

-Ah yes, the hair, the eyes, sorry Snape.- Draco told me, -Maybe we can use first names now as we are a family?-

-Ok, no problem,- I said.

-Godfather, do you know who is in the manor?- Draco said.

-Yes, but I told your father everything will be ok,- Severus said.

We sat and a little elf served tea. We were talking about the new term when we heard somebody coming.

-Lucius, I don't find the book I wanted for the equations that I need to work out for tomorrow. Can you help me?- The Dark Lord said entering the room.

He froze when he looked at me. I could feel the tension on the Malfoy as they did not know how their master would react to me drinking tea on their house.

-Mia! How nice to see you. How is Orion? I hope he did not make a lot of problems for you and I can see Zeus is still mooning over you.- The Dark Lord said sitting next to me, shocking everybody. -I was looking for a book in the library as I want to see if we can solve these equations I sent you yesterday.-

-My Lord, do you want to drink some tea?- Narcissa asked.

-Yes, with two sugar.- He said, -I can see you are wearing the little thing I sent you. Do you like it?-

-Is beautiful my lord,- I said blushing.

-Oh, I thought I told you how to call me?- He said smirking and everybody gasped.

-Are you sure?- I asked and they were looking at me as I was mad.

-Yes, I prefer if you do it, Mia.- Tom said and drink his tea, -So, are you visiting your new family?-

-Yes, Severus told me Draco is his godson and he wants me to have a good relationship with his friends so here we are,- I said.

-I did not plan to come here but I needed a book for tomorrow so I came to see if Lucius has it on his big library. Would you like to help me search for it?- Tom said standing up and offering me his hand.

-Ok, Tom, lead the way,- I said taking his hand and shocking everybody again, - Zeus, come; we are going to the library.-


I was in shock; I never thought he would be like this when people were around us. He told her to call him by his first name, something he forbade us to do. He was ignoring his most loyal followers and he took her to their library to find a book for their equations.

-Severus, can you tell me what is going on?- Lucius asked, -I can understand that she is a pureblood but I never saw him like this before.

-It's worst; we were at his manor yesterday and we ate with him. He ignored me all the time and he only spoke with her. He gave her the book that took him over a year to find and cost a fortune. He sent her a letter inviting her for a picnic, gave her some equations to solve and a very expensive bracelet which belongs to the Slytherin heirlooms.- I said, -Last night, he wanted to know everything about her and he asked her about her life studies, what she like if she has a familiar and he was a gentleman with her.-

-So, something happened after that?- Draco asked.

-This morning he sent her a royal kneazle, a black one with silver eyes. Do you know how much this cost?- I asked and they gasped.

-Be careful my friend, if I did not know better I could say he is courting her,- Lucius said and I snorted. -Why not? She is a pureblood for an old family, young enough to give him an heir, intelligent and beautiful.-

-I don't want to think about my little sister dating him but thanks for your words. I will pay attention from now on,- I said.

-Did you see how Zeus answered her call; he just followed her as she was his mistress,- Draco said

-That is very disturbing. Now, will you stay for dinner?- Narcissa asked.

-Probably, I don't know what he is going to do with Mia.- I said and they laughed, -What?-

-I never saw you like this, holding her, using a pet name. Is a good thing for you.- Lucius said and I smiled.

-It was nice to found out I have a family and to think that now I can tell her how smart she is.- I said, -What are they doing in the library, they spent three hours reading?

Two minutes later, I saw them coming into the room with a lot of books on their hands. Well, they were reading after all.

-Lucius, I will take some of your books to my manor. I will give them back soon.- The Dark Lord said.

-Are you staying to eat with us, My lord?- Narcissa asked and he nodded, -Good dinner will be ready in five minutes. Come this way please.-

Draco stood up fast and offered his hand to Mia but the Dark Lord shook his head and took her hand and lead her to the dining room. Lucius looked at me and smirked; bastard, how will I explain this to Albus?

We spent a good time with them until I saw that Mia was getting tired and I excused us saying that we had a very tired day. The Malfoy told us to come soon and the Dark Lord walked us to the door. I saw him approaching Mia and muttering something to her ear. She blushed and nodded. We would talk with Albus as soon as we'd arrive at the castle.

Again, the headmaster was waiting for us with tea and cake.


We sat near the fire drinking tea and talking about the afternoon on the Malfoy Manor. Severus told him about what happened before I left the room with Tom and they were looking at me waiting for me to tell them what happened after. I blushed and Severus raised his brow.

-After we left the room, we went to the library where he explained how everything was organized. He told me we needed to look after some books about prophecies and Arithmancy to solve the mysteries after them. We sat near the fire reading and talking about what we found.- I said, -I asked him why he was so interested about this and he told me that last year when he was in Albany an old seer told him a prophecy involving him and a lost child.-

-A second prophecy?- Albus asked.

-Yes, one which can cancel the first one.- I said, -Sorry, I cannot say anything more. I made a promise.-

-It's that what he asked you when we were leaving the manor?- Severus asked.

We jumped when we heard Zeus tapping the window. Albus opened the window and Zeus sat on my shoulder giving me a letter.

'Dear one,

I was thinking that the old man could help us to understand this better; tell them about the prophecy and try to make them understand what is in the game over this.

I trust your judgment about what you will tell them.

Miss you already,



I sighed and I put the letter in my bag. They looked at me and I shook my head.

-He told me to tell you about the prophecy. Is very simple, 'when the lost children will find each other and the snake will find his equal in the lioness the peace will return and the two worlds will coexist in harmony',- I said, -He is searching through Arithmancy the probabilities of this coming to life. He wants a way out of this war.

-Are you sure that he is not playing with you?- Albus.

-You did not see him with her. He ignored us Albus; he ignored the Malfoy as if they were not in the room. He took her to their library and they stayed there for three hours. He spoke only with her over dinner and walked us to the door before apparating to his manor.- Severus said, -Lucius told me he thought he was courting her. Mia did he said something to you?-

-Hmm, I don't know; he was a gentleman, helping me sit and stand up, he arranged my hair when a curl would bother me and muttered some silly things into my ear,- I said blushing

-Silly things?- Albus asked.

-Just how beautiful I was or how intelligent I was or how nice was to spend time with me,- I said blushing deeper.

-Oh God, he is courting her. How does he call you?- Albus said.

-Mia; he wants me to call him Tom,- I said and he gasped.

-She called him 'My Lord' as we do. He did not like it telling her that he asked her to call him different. When she asked if she could do this with the others around them, he said yes. He asked her to call her Tom in front of the Malfoy.- Severus said.

-He is courting you, Hermione and he is serious about this. I'm the only one who calls him Tom and he hates it. He never liked it because it remembers him of his father, his muggle father.- Albus said 'Go to sleep and do not think about this. Tomorrow we have our weekly meeting and we will tell them the news.-

We left the office and we went to our room. Severus was tired and he was not talking so I thought he needed some peace. I was entering my room when he took me into his arms.

-I'm afraid that he would hurt you and I will not be able to help you; he can be a bastard,- Severus said.

-Sev, we will face this together. I know we have only two days in this new relationship but I always admired you and I trusted you. It will be ok and if I can help to end this stupid war before we lose more lives, I will do whatever it would take.- I said kissing his cheek and entering my room. I fell asleep fast, dreaming with red eyes.

The next morning I ate breakfast with my brother in our room. He was quiet and I wanted to relax so we were lost in our worlds until Zeus arrived with a note.

Dear Mia,

I'm waiting for you at the manor, everything is ready for our picnic. Tell Severus that he needs to take you to the lake near the manor and I will be there waiting for you at noon.

I was thinking about you and I found this little thing that I hope you'd like. It belonged to my grandmother and I want you to have it.

You are fascinating and I want to discover all your secrets. You are full of fire and I think we could have fun with our banter as soon as you will feel more at ease with me.

I have a surprise for you today but you will need to wait until noon to see it.

See you soon,


I opened the little sac and I saw a silver necklace with a big diamond with the form of a tear. It was beautiful.

-Mia, I don't understand but he is giving you his heirloom, be carefully please.- He said holding me.

-I will; if I feel in danger I will come to you for your help,- I said and he smiled softly.

-I know he is meaning well. A familiar is a reflection of his owner.- Severus said, -As you may see Orion already learned to steal my bacon as his mistress used to steal some ingredients from my storeroom.-

-I'm sorry, I needed them badly and I got my punishment,- I said embarrassed.

-I still remember you with hair all over your body, tail, and ears. You were so cute.- Severus said laughing. -Come I have to take you to your date.-