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Her Poc

I woke up alone and very sated after a night of games and I sat on the bed caressing my big belly. At almost nine months with twins, it was big. Severus gave me a nice salve to apply every night and Tom loved to do it so my skin was not itchy. I stood up and I went to the bathroom, taking a nice shower and choosing a nice summer dress. I had passed my Newts and I was waiting for the result to arrive. Tom had a deal with Severus and Remus and he was counting on having them and his assistants for a day. He had a lot of disgusting things on his mind for them. On their part, they had already planned a very nice dinner for him to cook. I was allowed to help him but not to cook. When I entered our sitting room, Tom was there drinking a cup of tea while he read the paper.

-You had a letter from the ministry, I guessed they sent you the scores,- Tom said trying to sound unconcerned.

-I think you are right, let me drink my coffee before I read the letter,- I said sitting down and taking my cup.

I could see that he was nervous and I smirked thinking about I scored and how I would laugh if he'd had to cook muggle styles for us. After some minutes, I opened the letter and I coughed softly.

-So?- he asked.

-How was your score in charms?- I asked and he nodded.

-110 %.- He said.

-120%- I said; -Transfiguration?-

-105%,- He said closing his eyes

-130%.- I said -Herbology?-

-98%?- He asked.

-115%. Astronomy?

-None as I did not take it. 125% in potions.- He said.

-140% in potions and 135% in Arithmancy.- I said and he shook his head.

-125% and 100% in the history of the magic.- He said.

-125% in history, 130% in alchemy and 115% in ancient runes,- I said and he grumbled.

-89% in alchemy and 110% in ancient runes. But I have 145% in DADA.- He said proudly.

-Well, 156% in DADA and 125% in muggles studies,- I said sipping some tea and he groaned in defeat. -So, ready for a nice dinner?-

-Will you help me?- He asked softly and I nodded.

-I made a deal myself with them and they lose so I will be able to help you,- I said and he looked at me confused. -I told them that I would beat Severus's record in potions.-

-My little one.- He said before kissing me. -How Caleb and Xavier and doing today?-

-They are calm this morning; I guess they are still sleeping after all the movement last night,- I said standing up.

-Are you leaving?- Tom asked.

-I promise the others to be in the nursery after I took breakfast. Harry is having a very bad time now. Severus is trying to help but the pregnancy is too much for his body.- I said and he nodded.

-Who could guess that the next Malfoy's heirs would be half Potter?- He asked and I laughed. -Or that I would have the best mate of all.-

-I will see you later, try to be nice with the students,- I said leaving the room.

He was having a hard time with some of the girls and boys as they were panting after him so he was giving some detentions for things as to breath too hard. I opened the door and I found Harry with Remus inside. They smiled at me and I sat next to them.

-So, did you get them?- Remus asked and I nodded giving him the parchment.

-Oh dear, was he angry?- Harry asked.

-No, just worried about having to cook,- I said and they nodded.

-Tell him that he can pay a nice restaurant for the band and this will be ok,- Severus said entering the room and giving Harry a vial. -Harry, this will help you will your back.-

-Thank you, I was not able to sleep last night. At least it's only two weeks now.- Harry said massaging his back.

-Does your back hurt so much?- I asked and he nodded. -Is coming in waves and stops for some minutes before starting again?-

-Yes, it's like that, why?- Harry asked wincing.

-You are in labor, you arse.- I said, -Severus called Draco and Poppy. Remus helps me preparing the bed.-

Harry was nervous and Draco arrived quickly. He went to Harry's side and helped him to sit on the bed while Poppy transfigures clothes into a robe. She told us to leave but Harry took my hand hard and told her that I would stay in the room to help him. Draco nodded and I stood next to Harry's head.

-Harry, you are almost fully dilated. I will cast a cleansing spell to be ready for the birth but I need you to relax. Even if your magic allows you to be pregnant, the birth is something unnatural for your body so it will try to stop it.- Poppy said and Harry nodded. -It can be painful but I will try with some numbing spells.-

-Thank you, Poppy, ahh, this is harder,- Harry said wincing.

-They will be like that now as you are arriving at the pushing part.- Poppy said preparing everything she could need. -Did you chose the names?-

-Yes, the boy will be Orion Draco and the girl will be Carina Hermione. The godparents for Orion will be Tom and Hermione and for Carina will be Sirius and Selena.- Harry said and cringed.

-Oh dear, you are ready to push, somebody here wants to meet you; Harry, this will be difficult but try to listen to my voice. Now push!- Poppy said and Harry yelled in pain.

-Love, I know it hurts but you are strong enough,- Draco said and Harry growled at him.

-You are not touching me again,- Harry yelled as another contraction hit him hard and he pushed. -I want this over now.-

-Good one, I see a blond head here.- Poppy said and Harry pushed again. We heard him yelling hard and a baby was crying. -Orion is here.-

-Oh, love, he is beautiful,- Draco said taking the little baby from Poppy's hand and placing him on Harry's chest. -He has your eyes and my hair.-

-He looked like you,- Harry said kissing Orion. -I think Carina is ready to come, oh Merlin.-

-At least your body understood what to do now.- Poppy said. -Push Harry, she is almost out.-

-This is too much,- Harry said before starting to push again.

-I see dark hair now.- Poppy said and two minutes later Carina was outside and Draco took her into his arms.

-She has your hair and my eyes.- Draco said, -She is very similar to my mother.-

-She is a beauty too,- Harry said. -Hermione, do you want to take Orion?-

-Yes, come little one,- I said kissing his head and I held him close to me.

-Thank you, Hermione, I felt your strength during the birth,- Harry told me and I nodded.

-You are my brother,- I said kissing his head. -Good, I will go to my room as I know that Tom must be waiting for me. Try to rest and call me if you'd need me.-

I walked into my room to find Tom with the dinner ready. He was pacing around the room looking at the clock and muttering. I sat on the table and he looked at me smiling.

-I was worried.- He said sitting down. -Where were you?-

-Harry had the babies and he wanted me there. Orion and Carina are beautiful. We are the godparents of Orion.- I said and he nodded.

-I bought some presents for them,- Tom said starting to eat. -So, who is next?-

-I guess Ginny, Selena after Luna, hopefully, us and Remus,- I said rubbing my belly. -I so uncomfortable to sleep now,- I said and he nodded.

-A little longer love and we will have our little ones with us not letting us sleep,- Tom said.

-Well, I will have some help for some of the elves for the nights.- I said, -How do you feel about this?-

-Curious, nervous, confused sometimes but happy,- Tom said and I nodded. -Also, I'm worried because we don't know where is the mad woman and her fellow madmen.-

-Kinsley said that they don't have any clue about her on the last weeks.- I said and he nodded. -we need to be careful and I will not leave the castle for the next months.-

-Good, now you need to rest so come I will give you a massage and you will be able to sleep,- Tom said leading me to our room.