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"Sonic!!!!!!! Get out of there!" Shadow voice yelled through Sonic's communicator on his wrist.

Sonic smirked as he turned around a corner. "Aw gee Shad. I didn't know you cared." he said into the communicator while jumping over a hole.

"Yeah. Well if you didn't know... THAT FORTRESS IS GOING TO BE BLOWN TO BITS ALONG WITH YOU!!!!"

Sonic rolled his eyes. "Don't sweat it Shadow. I'm almost out.. I can see the door." he lied.

He turned around another corner to face a guard robot. "Aw man... Not another one you guys.." he groaned running in the other direction as the Guard Robot started to fire at him.

Sonic heard the alarms were put in full blast. "Um.. Shad. What happens when everything's turning red and the alarms are blaring louder than usual?"

"Say what?!?!?? Get out of there NOW!!!!!"

Sonic saw the door and jumped out. "Aw man! I don't wanna die yet!!" he screamed as the floating fortress blew up; sending him flying into a nearby mountain.

The pieces of the flying fortress blew to bits, setting the grassy area of the mountain on fire, Sonic along with it....


"Will he be okay Doctor?"

A large old dog in a doctor's coat sighed as he looked at the black hedgehog full in the face.

"I'm sorry Shadow, but comas are pretty long and there are some major affects..."

Shadow sighed. "Man.. He should have got out of there sooner.."

"They are a way to heal the brain. So we should let him rest until the brain feels like it's well rested. And his burns too."

Shadow didn't look at the doctor, he just stared at the sleeping Sonic through the little square window on the door.

"You can go see him." The doctor suggested. "Just don't say any negative things.. There are reports that most patients that had comas could hear everything people tell them while they are asleep... Okay?"



Shadow walked into the small dim room and sat on the little chair next to Sonic.

"Hey. Sonic.. I'm not mad at you for not getting out of that fortress in time.." Shadow began holding Sonic's gloveless hand gently. "Should've got out of there faster doofball.." he continued placing Sonic's hand to Sonic's own side.

He studied Sonic carefully. He was bandaged from head to toe. His breaths came out like as if he was in pain, but the same goofy smile still sat on his face.

"Why you?" Shadow whispered looking away.

Sonic groaned in his sleep and moved his head.

Shadow's breath stopped for a second and then he remember what the doctor said..

People in comas may move, but that doesn't mean that they will awaken soon..

Shadow sighed and held Sonic's hand. "I'm so sorry Sonic. I should have been there to teleport you away from the flames. If only."

Tears came into his ruby eyes. "If only I was a coward to not help you.."

He got up from the bed and walked out of the room slowly, turning around to face to unconscious blue hedgehog.

"See ya Sonic.." he whispered. Walking away slowly.

To Be Continued.

Very short, but I'm putting in another chapter... I'm afraid the ending I'm making. Well, you'll just have to read to find out.