This is a small, infrequently updated series I'll be doing, focused on a young Grimm living in New Zealand. These entries are taken as excerpts from his personal diary, as well as from the records of his will be some loosely connected plot, but mostly one-shots.

October 29, 2012

Went for a job interview today at a local data-processing firm. It seemed like a good opportunity, as it had branches across the country and there was plenty of room for advancement. I met with the owner of the branch and I sensed immediately something was off. As I passed his secretary she gave me an almost apologetic look and she flinched when the boss, a large Polynesian man by the name of Fisher (name by marriage I assumed) stared in her direction. This was my clue that he was not a man to be taken lightly.

The interview was rather standard until he called the woman, who I later learned was Judy Collodi, a relative of the Pinocchio author, into his office and demanded coffee. He asked if I wanted some, to which I politely declined. However in her fear of her employer she lost her composure and revealed her true nature, a Wesen I identified as a Marionetta. Her skin became knotted and gnarled like wood, though I knew it was as supple to the touch as any flesh, and her elbow joints swelled slightly to resemble hinges. Her jaw sprouted two thin lines that ran down her chin, making her resemble a nutcracker doll. In her haste to get away, she did not notice me stare.

Mr. Fisher was not so cautious. Whether it was satisfaction over the fear he instilled or the knowledge he had such power over his employee I cannot fathom, but his concentration lapsed and he showed his true colours. His brown skin became scaly like a fish and changed to a black and white pattern of thick stripes. On his forehead a fin began to grow that crested over his head and came to a point. His nose and lips merged into a small snout with peg like teeth inside. Seeing my surprise and determining my bloodline, he panicked and nearly bolted from his desk. He demanded I leave and never return to the firm, pointing at the door with a webbed finger.

Dejected, I was forced to abandon my job prospects, though I have resolved to help Judy escape her predicament. I have Marionetti friends that may help me reach out to her.

-21st Century Grimm

The next chapters will be Grimm Diary entries on the Wesen featured. I'll try and keep this pattern when I can. Reviews and suggestion are always welcome.