Jupiters POV

Aegis Ship

"You should have stayed dead."

A terrified scream comes from me when I awaken from my nightmare. My hands run down my could shaking shoulders, stands of my dark hair fall in front of my eyes as they rapidly dart around the room looking for the monster that filed my head so late at night. My breathing was fast paced as I continue to shake in my bed.

"Jupiter?" Caine moaned as he woke beside me, he instantly saw my terror. He sits on his side and places his hands on my cold shoulders. "Jupiter, it's alright, you're alright, I'm right here."

"Caine?...oh god, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry."

"The nightmare again?" He asks. His eyes were filled with worry; I only nod my head as I burst into tears.

"I'm so sorry." I sob covering my mouth, tears sting my brown eyes.

"It's alright….everything's alright, I'm right here." Caine speaks softly holding me in his arms. I was shivering; I rest my head on his bare shoulder as I continue to cry over the horrible images I had just seen in my head. Caine moves his hand up and down my back in comforting motions as he rests his other on the back of my head, his fingers run through my hair. I pull the covers up around my shoulders to keep warm; my navy blue tank top wasn't warm enough. My shivering seemed to slightly stop once Caines arms wrap around me, I smile as his lips touch my neck, this covers my skin with goose bumps. I move my hands to his neck, pulling his head away so his eyes meet my own.

"I should have you cheer me up more often." I lightly grin still a little scared. I pull his forehead to touch my own as I say this.

"If that is what your majesty wants." He responds.

I roll my eyes at him than smile. "Jupiter." I finally say sweetly.

"Jupiter." Caine replies beaming as he pulls me closer to him. We spend the rest of the night talking, I didn't feel like sleeping, I was too afraid. But Caine makes me feel safe, made me feel like I wasn't alone in this crazy Galaxy.

(More to come. Let me know what you think so far.)