26 years ago

Caines POV

I didn't know where I was or where my brothers and sisters or Doctor Nine were. My entire body was trembling, I felt as if I was paralyzed from the waist down. I had to get out of here…..wherever here is. "Emily!" I call out into the blackness. "Rollin, Waya!" I jump back when I hear the door open, my eyes pierce shut from the array of light that follows. All I can see are two unfamiliar faces, security officers with electro batons.

"Get up." One of them orders harshly. I shake my head as I back towards the wall. "You little shit." He hissed as he grabbed my arm and dragged me out. I lashed out at him viscously to try and get away, but the second officer only restrains my arms tightly behind my back. I howl in pain as they half drag and lead me down the hall.

"Where are you taking me?"

"Shut up!"

"Where are my brothers and sisters?" I shout before I bite down on my escorts arm and run as fast as I can down the hall.

"Stop that little splice bastard!"

I needed to find Rollin and the others. Or at least find Doctor Nine then get the hell out of here. "Rollin? Waya…Emily? Can any of you hear me?" I skid across the floor when I hear my youngest sister scream.


"Silver!" But I hear no response. "Silver!" I repeat, listening very carefully for an answer.

"Let me go you jerks!"It was Emily. I could hear her voice from across the hall. I make y way to her slowly so I don't draw attention to myself. I was only a few feet from Emily and her escort. "Where are my siblings? Where is Doctor Nine? What have you done with my baby brother?"

"Emily!" I shout before I bite one of the guards arm. He doesn't hesitate to release his hold on her and lash out at me instead.

Emily's POV

"Caine?" He moved so fast that I didn't even have time to react. My security officer pulled hard on my arm. I scream in pain as I fall to my knees. Stop being a baby, Emily. Do what you were trained to do! My free left leg struck the back of the officer's knee. I see my opportunity when I hear a loud crack. My brother laughs with approval of my good work.

"Nice one." Caine smiles as he helps me to my feet.

"Thank you." I nod. "But biting him….really? You know that Margret doesn't approve of that."

"Sorry, but you know that there isn't anything that I wouldn't do to protect you and the others right?" I smile to my little brother as I embrace him tightly. "Come on let's find the others and get out of here!"