As Godric and Helena faded out of view, Hermione grasped Diana to her chest and dropped to her knees. Rocking her daughter back and forth, she didn't notice the dampness seeping through her robes, nor did she hear her name being called.

"Màthair." Diana placed a hand on her mother's cheek. "What happeneth?"

A hand on her shoulder caused Hermione so spin to her feet, eyes going wide. She was outside the Castle, in the circle of monoliths, and Minerva was standing in front of her.

Minerva brought her hands up to cup her daughter's cheeks. Tears were running freely down her own. "It's really you. You're back. You're safe. I'm sorry it took so long."

"I'm…" The younger animagus started, before the full weight of her mother's statement hit her and tears started welling in her eyes.

"Kitten." Minerva frowned "What's wrong?"

"Màthair," Diana looked between her mother and the older witch, worry in her eyes. She had never seen her mother cry. "What ist wrong? Why art thou crying? Ist papa alright? Ist deirfiúr mhór alright?"

Minerva's eyes widened at the child's statement. Hermione had only been gone a few months, yet the child looked to be about four or five years old. "Kitten, who's this?"

"This ist mine daughter, Diana Minerva Gryffindor." Hermione chocked out through her tears. "Mine and Godric Gryffindor's daughter."

"Godric Gryffindor." Minerva gapped. "The Godric Gryffindor, the Founder?"

Hermione nodded. "I ist, wast, married to him."

"Oh kitten, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry." Minerva gathered her daughter and granddaughter into her arms.

Hermione's shoulders started shaking, she was sobbing so hard.

"Màthair." Diana whimpered.

Pulling away from her mother, Hermione looked down at her daughter. "Yes, little one."

"Who ist she?" the four year old pointed to McGonagall.

"This is mine màthair." The younger animagus smiled, through her tears, at Minerva. "Thy seanmháthair."

"Seanmháthair?" Diana questioned. "Thou sayeth that 'seanmháthair' ist not in 'our' time. Dost that meaneth papa ist not here?"

Hermione nodded, more tears leaking from her eyes. "Yes."

"No! No! No!" Diana cried. "Papa! Papa!"

Covering her mouth, Minerva tried to hide her own sobs. When they used the ancient summoning spell, she had no idea her daughter hadn't been kidnapped. "We thought… we had no idea… I am so sorry, Kitten, so sorry."

Moving Diana to her hip and placing a protective hand on her stomach, Hermione sighed. "I knowest, Mathair. Ist just that… I loveth him and I watchest him disappeareth before mine eyes."

"You weren't the only one." A soft voice regally stated.

Whirling around, the younger animagus' eyes widened in shock. "Helena… how?"

"I know not how." The twenty-five year old witch smiled. "I was floating in the astronomy corridor and all of a sudden I was back in my physical body."

Everyone who had gathered to help McGonagall with the spell stood, gaping, at the scene enfolding in front of them.

"You're the Grey Lady!" Ron exclaimed, pointing a finger at the ghost-turned-human.

Helena stood up to her full height. "I would prefer Lady Ravenclaw."

"Deirfiúr!" Diana exclaimed, wiggling out of her mother's grasp and running to the elder witch.

Picking up her little sister, Helena smiled at Hermione. "Màthair, it is good to see you again."

"Helena." Hermione's wet eyes met her grey ones.

"Merlin finished you wand two weeks after you disappeared."

The animagus let out a watery laugh. "Letest me guesseth, it wast a 10¾" long, vine wood, with a dragon heartstring core."

Smiling, Helena nodded. "It was."

Minerva gently placed her hand on her daughter's shoulder. "We found it, your wand that is. We used it to bring you back."

Hermione reverently picked up the vine wand from her mother's hand and gave it a flick. "I thankest thou, this feeleth correct."

Helena, still holding Diana, placed a hand on Hermione's other shoulder. Looking up at, her now taller, daughter; Hermione smiled.

Biting her lip, Minerva decided to address the elephant in the rock circle. "Hermione, you're pregnant with your second child, aren't you."

"Yes." Hermione nodded, placing her hands on her stomach. "Morgana Helga."

A smile graced Helena's face, that had been one of Godric's names.

"It's really good to have you back, 'Mione!" Ron exclaimed, having enough of being ignored.

Hermione scowled at the boy, she 'saw' why he was glad she was back. Turning to mother, she sighed. "I wouldst prefer to taketh mine NEWTS and if thou hath not foundeth a Transfuguration professor, I hath taught for thee past eleven years."

"As long as you are willing to be the Head of Gryffindor." Minerva swallowed thickly, her daughter had been in the past for eleven years.

The younger animagus nodded. "Helena and Diana stayeth with me."

"Of course."

A few weeks after she received her NEWTS results, Hermione was sitting at her desk with her head in her hands. Diana was with Minerva, getting to know her grandmother and Hermione didn't have to be strong.

"Màthair." Helena knocked quietly on the door frame.

Quickly wiping her eyes, Hermione looked up. "Yes?"

"How are you doing?"

"I…" The animagus faltered. "I misseth Godric terribly."

Leaning down to embrace her mother, Helena smiled. "I intercepted an owl for you this morning. Apparently, Mrs. Gryffindor, you have inherited the entire Gryffindor estate and vault in Gringotts."

"Wait, what?"

"Yes, I think that's what happens when a house elf pops into Gringotts, asking for a withdrawal for a Lady Gryffindor." Helena's smiled faltered. "And Rita Skeeter did an article on you."

Hermione buried her face in her hands. "Couldst this day getteth any worse?"

"'Mione!" Ron banged into her office, waving around a copy of the Prophet.

"Apparently it canst." Hermione muttered low enough for only Helena to hear. "What canst I do for thou, Mr. Weasley?"

"You can start by not speaking so formerly." Ron scowled. "Have you read this article the Skeeter woman wrote on you?! She says that you are Godric Gryffindor's wife and that makes you heir to a large fortune. The nerve of that woman!"

Slowly getting to her feet, Hermione glared at the boy. "I wast married to Godric, until I wast ripped from mine family and thrust back into thee current time."

Ignoring the witch's anger, Ron barreled on. "Of course, now I'll have to take you to the muggle world if we want our date to be uninterrupted."

"Excuseth me!" Hermione was seething so much that her magic was crackling off of her curls.

"Màthair, calm down." Lady Ravenclaw placed one hand on her stomach and the other on her back. "It's not good for the baby."

Ron frowned. "I'll even adopt your kids."

"Getteth out!" Hermione exclaimed, drawing her wand. "I shall never marry thou!"


"Mr. Weasley."

Ron slowly turned around and came face to face with the Headmistress.

"You are no longer welcome on these grounds." Seeing the stupid boy open his mouth, Minerva narrowed her eyes. "Leave my daughter alone. Get out. Now!"

Ron scampered out of the room, his preverbal tail between his legs.

Hermione dropped her head onto the desk, she was just so tired of all this.

Rubbing circles on her mother's back, Helena looked to Minerva, neither really knew what to do.

"Now, Hermione, push." Poppy ordered.

"I hast done this before." Hermione grit out through clenched teeth. "Arrgg!"

Minerva whipped her daughter's brow with a cold, wet cloth.

"Almost there." Poppy stated. "One more push."

Giving the final push, Hermione gasped. Giving birth was just as painful as she remembered.

"There we are, you have a beautiful daughter." The medi-witch placed the newborn into her mother's waiting arms.

"Hi there, Morgana." Hermione smiled down at the pink swathed child. Looking up, she saw both Helena and Diana walking toward her, Poppy was nowhere in sight. "Lookest, Morgana, your deirfiúracha móra hath come to seeth thou."

Rooting, Morgana looked for a breast to feed.

The animagus chuckled, lifted her shirt, and nestled the baby to her chest. "I guesseth thou will havest to hold her later."

"Was I ever that small?" Diana breath, staring down at her baby sister. Her dialect had changed to the current times rather quickly.

"You were." Helena nodded, picking up her little sister. "I remember the day you were born."

Blushing, Diana hid her face into the older witch's chest.

Helena lay down next to her mother on the bed, Diana snuggled between them.

"Màthair." Hermione smiled and as she waved her hand the bed expanded. "There's enough room for you too."

Smiling, Minerva sank on the bed next to her daughter and new granddaughter. Looking over at her other granddaughter and adopted granddaughter, Minerva didn't know how she could be any happier.

A true smiled graced Hermione's face, the first one since she had returned. She had all three of her girls and her mother. While, yes, she had lost her husband and her father, the witch still had her family and they would make it – together.

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