She was only five when they sent her to live with her aunt. In the words of her mother, they didn't trust her alone with her 'funny Uncle Jeanne', so they were sending her to Aunt Ikuko's house until the situation resolved itself.

Usagi didn't understand it, all she knew was that she wouldn't see her big brother Tamaki for a long time...but that didn't stop them from sending each other letters.

Ten years later...

Usagi was about to sit down and watch TV with her brother when the news came on.

"In other news, the French fashion Mogul, Jeanne Delacroix, died this morning of unknown causes. Delacroix was a strong advocate of children's rights and was the sponsor of several orphanages in third-world countries. He will be sorely missed," said the newswoman.

"Not in this house or by me he won't," said Usagi annoyed. She let her younger 'brother' pick the channel. She had a call to make.

"Suou residence, who may I ask is calling?" asked one of the maids.

"Tsukino Usagi, I need to speak to..." she started, but was cut off.

"One moment please."

It looked like her father was awaiting her call.

"Usagi-chan! I'm guessing you've heard the news then?"

"Yeah Daddy. So it's true? Uncle Jeanne is dead?"

"He's gone. Apparently someone took offense to his...habits...and had him taken out. You're welcome home anytime, Usagi-chan."

"I have a few things to finish up, but I'm coming home. I miss Tama-nii," said Usagi wistfully.

She couldn't leave while she had a duty as Sailor Moon...but the second the Negaverse was dealt with, she was gone!

Now...should she inform her fellow scouts about her transferring to a new school, or leave them in the dark?

"Has anyone else noticed something off about Bunny lately?" asked Minako. She seemed...distracted. And the last time they dealt with a monster she was far more vindictive than she had ever been before.

"Now that you've mentioned it...she has been rather preoccupied lately. Even Ms. Haruna has been getting onto her more often, but..." started Ami.


"Her grades have shot through the roof. She had been bringing home the lower grades, and then in the past two weeks she started getting top grades. I can't explain it."

That had everyone staring at Ami.


"Her grades went from the lower middle of the class to somewhere closer to the top. And that's not the only weird thing. I overheard that she got an application to another that's really, really hard to get in to," said Ami.

She had only caught a glimpse of the school crest, but what little she saw had her shocked.

It was one of those really rich, really private schools.

As far as she knew, the Tsukino family was distinctly middle class. So how would Bunny even get an application to one of those? More importantly, how would she pay the student fees?!

"Girls, you know what this means don't you?" said Minako, fire in her eyes.

"What?" asked Rei.

"We need to investigate! Something is going on with our princess and we need to get to the bottom of this!"

"Yeah, who knows if Usagi-chan's been replaced by a pod person!" said Mikoto, almost jokingly.

"Normally I wouldn't cater to your delusions...but this is too weird to ignore," said Rei.

"I want to know why Usagi-chan's been holding back," said Ami. The idea that their princess had been hiding her real ability was baffling. Didn't she trust them?

"Girls, we start tomorrow! We'll figure out what Bunny's been hiding, or if she's been replaced by a pod person!" declared Minako.

Unseen by the others, Bunny had overheard the entire thing. Luna hadn't noticed her, which meant she could have a bit of fun at their expense. It would be interesting to see if they found out the truth before she moved back in with her brother and father.

Usagi was snickering. The girls had been trying to 'discreetly' follow her for the better part of a week, but she had spotted the tail within moments. They did tend to stick out like sore thumbs, especially Minako and Ami.

Still, it was nice to finally come out in the open about her real self. Now that 'Uncle' Jeanne was dead, she didn't have to hide. Even after she left home to live with her aunt, he had an unhealthy interest in her.

Which was why she persuaded her father to help her contact the Haninozuka clan for some hand-to-hand experience. After she got to a certain point she even got to meet the clan heir, Mitsukuni, who everyone called Honey.

The two of them had bonded over a love of cake, dolls and cute things, ironically enough.

Usagi was a black belt. She could take on someone like Mikoto any time she wanted, but she didn't like to fight her friends. Besides, if she didn't broadcast that she was a fighter, then no one would expect a ditzy blue-eyed blond to kick their butts.

She was even partial friends with one of the sons of the Otori medical group, the youngest...Kyoya.

They got along discussing books, but that was about it. Personally she thought he would be a better match for Ami...they had more in common. At best the two of them were acquaintances. to mess with her stalkers today?

"Where is she going?! That's the most expensive boutique in the city!" hissed Minako.

Usagi had been acting off for the past three days. She had gone on strange shopping sprees that often lead to the more expensive stores. Stores she should have to save just to afford even the cheapest item!

And yet she acted like it was nothing!

They tried to follow her, only to be barred from entry. At least, everyone but Rei for some reason.

The out-of-place miko wandered around until she finally located Usagi. She managed to hide why she was really there while she eavesdropped on the conversation.

"We are so thrilled to have you shopping at our store Suou-sama!" said the salesclerk.

"I have a massive walk-in closet that will need filling once I return home, so I see no reason why I shouldn't get a head start on filling it with what I want and not what my silly brother finds," said the other. It sounded like Usagi, but why were they calling her Suou and not Tsukino?

"I know what you mean. Tamaki-sama is a bit..."

"Just say it. My dear brother is an idiot sometimes, but he understands people better than most. Which is why I want to surprise him by showing up at the school without telling him I'm coming," said Usagi amused.

Everyone who knew Usagi (like Honey-san and Kyoya, along with her father) was told to keep quiet about the fact she was coming to Ouran as a first year. Even though she was the superintendent's daughter, she had to bring her grades up first.

She still had to study like everyone else if she wanted to stay, otherwise she would be sent back to live with the Tsukino family until she graduated. That was the deal she made with her father.

Besides, he wanted pictures of Tamaki's face when he realized his baby sister was coming home to stay. He missed her almost as much as she had missed him.

"Ah, over here we have a lovely selection of traditional Kimono by Hitachiin-sama..."

"Ah! I love her work!"

Rei managed to slip out of the store without being suckered into buying anything, though some of the items did make her wish she could afford the clothes inside. She wondered how Usagi could pay for any of this stuff, let alone know a major clothes designer.


"She's definitely hiding something. For one thing they didn't call her Tsukino, and it sounded like the women inside were already familiar with her already. Plus she said something about a brother named Tamaki, but I've never heard her talk about someone like that before. It's all very strange," said Rei.

"Well of course I've never mentioned Tamaki-nii. He lives with our father in a different part of Japan!" said Usagi from behind the girls, making them jump nearly a foot in the air.

"Usagi-chan!" yelped Minako.

"Your stalking skills suck. And did you really think I wouldn't notice Councilman Hino's daughter coming into the store behind me?" asked Usagi, looking at Rei pointedly. The clerks had even asked her if she knew Rei, which was the only reason she wasn't thrown out when it was clear she wasn't buying anything.

Rei, however, paled.

"You know about..."

"I knew ever since we first meet, but since it was clear you didn't want anything to do with him I kept my silence."

Rei couldn't believe someone as ditzy as Usagi knew about her...father. To be honest, Rei would happily pretend he didn't exist.

"Usagi-chan, what's with you lately?" asked Ami, getting straight to the point.

"Yeah, it's like you've been replaced with a rich pod person or something," said Mikoto.

"More like the reason I had to move in with my aunt is finally gone. Besides, if I don't supply my closet now, my older brother Tamaki might find the silliest outfits to put in it. It has been ten years after all."


Usagi giggled, and started laughing while she headed home. Her purchases would be sent to her real home at the mansion discreetly while Tamaki was at school so they could keep up the surprise of her return a little longer.

Needless to say the girls (minus the two cats) crowded Usagi's room later that night.

"Wait, so she's not your mother?"

"Long story short, I had a...funny could say, that had a far too unhealthy interest in me. Now that he's gone, I can go back to my older brother Tamaki and my dad."

"You have an older brother?" asked Minako.

Usagi went into her dresser and dug out a photo album. Now that Jeanne was dead she didn't need to hide her real family from everyone.

"This is my brother Tamaki, our mother and father..." said Usagi, pointing out her family.

Ami took one look at the picture and suddenly a lot of odd things made sense.

"I always wondered why you were the only blond in the house," said Ami.

Ikuko, Shungo and their father were all either brunettes or black haired. Usagi was the only blond in the family, which had always bothered Ami a little. Finding out they weren't her parents cleared that up.

"So what's the real reason you're leaving?" asked Rei.

"Does it bother anyone else that those two cats expect me to fall for a guy who's nine years older than I am, and in college? Because once I subtracted the difference in our ages it started to freak me out a little," said Usagi.

That caused a collective blink of the others. When she put it like that it did sound a little hinky. Besides, there were actual laws about cradle robbing, and if that didn't qualify it came far too close for comfort.

"When you put it that way, it does sound wrong."

"If there really is any true love between us, then he can learn to wait until I'm older and out of school," stated Usagi flatly, "Besides, I don't trust Luna or Artemis not to push the issue if they thought I was falling for someone else."

She might have been engaged to Endymion in the past, but that didn't mean squat these days. Besides, how would he react to the fact she was actually second-in-line as heir to a rather vast family fortune that could put all her friends to shame combined?

Besides, the guy was waaaay too old for her to reasonably consider dating, at least not while she was still in compulsory schooling.

If it was meant to be, then she would find him again once she had grown up a bit. If not, then clearly her past self was a bigger idiot than she had originally guessed.

She still couldn't believe that idiot had killed herself with Venus' sword just because she was afraid.

"So if you're moving back in with your brother, how are you going to handle your schooling? I mean from what I understand he doesn't leave anywhere near here."

"I'm going to attend the school I should have if they hadn't had to send me away. My brother's only a year ahead of me and I heard he's started his own club there," said Usagi, mentally preparing to immortalize their reactions when they found out who she really was.

"What kind of club?" asked Mikoto.

"From what I understand he made a host club with some of the other boys," said Usagi with a straight face.

Their reactions were hilarious.

"Host..." started Minako, jaw dropping.

"Club?" finished Rei, eyes twitching.

"Most of the girls there have way too much free time on their hands, and it's a harmless club where they get to indulge in their private fantasy of having my older brother and his friends treating them like princesses. I hear it's one of the more popular ones there."

"What do you friends look like?" asked Minako, eyes gleaming.

Usagi dug out another picture, this one taken shortly after the club was officially formed by Tamaki. Kyoya apparently had copies made to sell or for the members to keep for their own collection.

Rei took one look at the boys, and her eyebrows started twitching.

"What's the matter Rei-chan?" asked Usagi innocently, though inwardly she was grinning.

"Usagi...when were you going to tell us your family knows the Otori group?"

Ami's head whipped around to look at Rei in shock, then at Usagi in disbelief.

Otori was the name of the family who owned her mother's private hospital where she worked.

"Ah! That reminds me! I should really introduce you to Kyoya-kun, Ami-chan. You'd like him, I think," said Usagi.

"Kyoya as in Otori Kyoya, third son of the head of the Otori empire?" said Rei, twitching.

"Yeah. He's a bit too serious for me, but he's really nice. From what I understand he's usually the one to reign in my silly older brother."

"Wait...isn't that Haninozuka Mitsukuni, the reigning judo and karate champion?!" said Mikoto in disbelief.

"Honey-sensei taught me most of what I know about fighting. I just rarely use it because it means people wouldn't be expecting a blond like me to whip their butts," said Usagi.


"This I have to see!" said Rei, not believing that for a minute.

"We might as well use the backyard then. Not enough room here," said Usagi.

The girls were in shock. Mikoto especially.

Usagi had literally thrown the taller girl onto the ground and beaten her in karate in less than five minutes...and according to her, this 'Honey' boy was better than she was.

"Usagi-chan...exactly what sort of school does this brother of yours go to?" asked Rei, twitching.

"Ouran Academy."