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Scene: Broadcasters from the media podium

"… and wide receiver Vegeta Ouji is off to a great start, John…"

"Outstanding I must say. He's showing some great figures. His preseason stats are sky rocketing! He has 60 receptions, 1,460 receiving yards, 11 touchdown receptions and 6 '100-yard' receiving games and season hasn't even started yet! High school football season play begins this week Tom"

"Pretty amazing this Ouji kid; a big part of Madison's championship last year and the years before last. The kid has remarkable talent"

"That's right Tom. If it were to be determined what player west conference teams should be in the lookout for I think Vegeta Ouji is the man"

"Oh, no doubt. He started off first in all standings with no one near or close to him. I think he should be the man to win CNN's Sugar Bowl MVP again, John. There is just no one to challenge him there"

"Well his playing is doing the talking. He doesn't need to tell everyone that he is the man for the award; he's showing everyone he is the man for the award. At this rate he'll be winning a championship all by himself though his teammates have been a key part of his success"

"Well this has been Madison's best start yet. The team, as a whole, has been strong and consistent. You've got defensive players like Goku and Raditz Sayian who are just juniors" he scoffed "and they're really very tough guys. It's hard for any team in the nation to run their defense properly with these two at the forefront. You've got quarterbacks like Yamucha Basher and Krillin Roshi who are always hungry for playing time and are ready to be out there"

"Then you add a wide receiver like Ouji who has, and I repeat these amazing numbers, eleven touchdown receptions in just four games…you can't have better than that! Can you have better than that?"

"I think not John. These guys have what it takes to be in a championship game again. Let's not fail to mention the Madison Eagles have been winning the championship for the past five years"

"And it all goes back to Vegeta Ouji's play. The guy is outstanding! I think he is the right player for the CNN's AND Sport's Illustrated MVP award. Should feel about good winning so many awards"

"He belongs out on the field. Conference MVP, National MVP, Big Ten honors from both the coaches and the media. He can't complain! What else can he possibly win?"

"Freshman of the Year?" chuckles "Won it five years ago. The guy has had a big impact on High School football"


CHANGE OF SCENE: ESPN season outlook is over. First day of school begins…

"… now, there is a five minute break between classes, which should be enough to exchange books, you know…go to the locker, go to the bathroom. The usual…" a black haired female explained in her usual optimistic tone as a gorgeous blue eyed female stood aside her listening to every word her hair as blue and radiant as the color of her eyes. The girl slid a strand of her hair behind her ear

"What about the classes Chichi?" she asked holding the books for the first class against her chest. Chichi smiled at her

"Classes are….well….different. Classrooms are twenty students, twenty five at its maximum capacity. You can plug in laptops if you have one, which most of us do, and write down a few notes. But you don't really have to worry about that…" she stated. Bulma furrowed her brows

"Why is that?" she asked

"Because" said Chichi "we just turn on the recorder on our computers and let the teachers blab all the bull they always blab. Then when you go back home you just take out the stuff that's important. It's easy" she explained

"But?" Bulma doubted "but wouldn't the teacher notice? You guys are just sitting there with your laptops open not writing absolutely anything down, wouldn't he get a hint?" Bulma questioned

"I gotta say your concern is totally legitimate" Chichi smiled "but no we've never gotten caught. We use AOL messenger the whole class. Makes them think we're writing stuff down but we really aren't. Clever huh?" she winked at her

"I…g-guess" Bulma replied. She knew she was one of the very few people that actually liked going to school. She liked paying attention. Learning was one of her favorite pastimes

"I've been through enough schools and I've never heard that one before" said Bulma. Chichi shrugged

"Yeah, well, Vegeta's greatest hits. He was the brains of the whole plan back when we were in eighth grade" she began walking to their first classroom. Bulma followed closely

"Vegeta?" she asked curious "who is he? Is he really smart?"

"Smart?" Chichi giggled "smart ASS you want to say. He knows how to get good grades without studying. It's all in his head. Whatever it is hasn't failed him ever" said Chichi

"Gosh" said Bulma "how can you be so careless?" she wondered

"He doesn't give a shit about school but I don't blame him honestly. He's the best football player in the state and the nation. Universities rain down on him with full scholarships all year long. He was ranked the number one recruit last year and this year. Would you care?" said Chichi as both girls strolled down the Madison Brooks HS hallways. Bulma raised her brows impressed

"Wow. That's pretty amazing. Is he good looking?" she asked. Chichi smirked as if she knew something Bulma didn't

"He is but you might want to stay away from him. He's not very committed. You know what I mean" said Chichi. Bulma nod

"Right" she made a mental note to stay away "so what about you?"

"I have a boyfriend" Chichi replied straight away "his name is Goku Sayian. He's one of the top ten recruits in the nation real good at football. He's an amazing boyfriend too!" she squealed. Bulma smiled

"That's cool" she said as her and Chichi stopped by the water fountain so Chichi could have a sip of water. Bulma stood asides her letting out a sigh

"So we have to wear these uniforms everyday?" she asked. Chichi giggled her eyes fixed on both their uniforms. The uniform consisted on a short sleeved white blouse which the girls usually left unbuttoned up to the third button. On top of the blouse they had to wear a navy blue vest which had the school's initials ('MB') engraved on the superior left side of it in gold the background being the mascot that represented their school: a patriotic eagle. In addition they wore a mid thigh skirt made out in plaid with green and navy blue colors mixed. To combine it all they wore high (up to the calves but just right below the knee) white silk socks and navy blue school shoes. Chichi shrugged

"Yeah that's the school's only downfall though I wouldn't say it's a downfall for you. You look hot in it!" she complimented. Bulma smiled as both girls carried on

"Thank you" she said "you do too" she complimented back. Chichi smiled

"I know" she slid a big mound of her straight and long black hair behind her shoulder "as far as you're concerned Bulma you're with me and 18. We are the richest most gorgeous and powerful women in this school. We're just plain enjoyable even when we may sound conceited. You're part of us now. You're too gorgeous and rich to leave you out of our group which reminds me what is it your dad does again?" she asked their destination becoming clear

"He's the founder of Capsule Corporation-"

"No need to say more!" Chichi cut her off "you're probably the richest girl in school! You told me you had just moved in, right? Where'd you move to? Cali's a really big place" she added

"We moved into the new Beverly Hills mansions" said Bulma "you know the ones like thirty minutes away from the beach and like forty five minutes away from the city-"

"Oh! So you're Vegeta's new neighbors! Yeah 18 and I were wondering who the people moving in were. That's a really cute house" she said the girls stopping right in front of a fine wood door which had a window in the middle of it through which a classroom could be seen. Chichi turned to Bulma

"This is our home room. We will meet here every morning at seven thirty. Forty five is considered late. If you have an unjustified absence let me know and I'll tell my dad so he can write a medical excuse for you and your absence will not be counted as absence. You can not be late for class. Cellular phones are permitted unless the class is really quiet which is probably never going to happen" she giggled "now the teacher has the schedules. Once you get yours change the classes to the times you really want in blue ink and hand it to me. Vegeta will make the changes on the student registration computer down at the lab. Always takes him a while to figure out the password but he never fails to get it. It's important that you hand it to me within the next three hours ok?" she said. Bulma nod hesitant

"Sure" she agreed

"Cool. So we're down with everything you need to know for now. Let's go inside. I'll introduce you to my boyfriend and his best friends. Oh! You might get to know Vegeta too" she informed. Bulma breathed out

"Can't wait" she said sarcastically as both girls made a 'glamour' entrance inside the first classroom at Madison Brooke HS…

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