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"Can I come in?" a voice called from outside Vegeta's bedroom door followed by two short knocks. Vegeta was quietly watching TV on his bed. He looked away from the TV towards the door then back at the TV. The person behind the door assumed it ok to come in therefore walked in. It was his mother an average tanned woman with dirty blonde hair and a very thin yet voluptuous body. Her skin was flawless and soft just like that of her son's

"Hi honey-"

"Don't call me that" Vegeta demanded quickly. His mother kept her wide smile approaching him slowly

"Can I talk to you?" she asked. His eyes remained on his 119 inch plasma TV. His mother breathed out

"Vegeta please" she requested serious. Vegeta looked at her then turned off the TV. She sat at the foot of his bed making him rearrange his comfortable position. Vegeta sat with his bare back against the bed rest staring at her with his usual stern expression. She stared as if expecting him to say something…but he didn't…

"So" she said

"So what?" Vegeta asked gruffly

"How is school going?" she asked. Vegeta rolled his eyes

"What do you care?" he replied annoyed. She smiled kindly

"You're my son Vegeta. I care to know what goes on with you. Comes with the territory" she said. He scoffed

"I don't have time for this" he stood from his bed walking around the room in his black boxers as his mother followed his every movement

"I'm not leaving until we talk about your classes and everything that's been going on-"

"When are you going to understand that you're never going to make it up?" he turned to her with a shadowy expression. The smile on her face faded quickly. She swallowed obviously hurt by his words

"Damn it Vegeta. I'm trying. Just give me a chance. It takes two to make a relationship work. I can't do the begging all the time" she said sounding desperate. Vegeta looked away momentarily turning to her again

"You lost your chance. When you let him kick the shit out of me then fuck your brains out you lost it-"

"What was I supposed to do? I tried to stop him-"

"You should've tried harder" he said sternly. His tone was firm enough to send shivers down her spine. She stood from the bed now

"I'm sorry" she said in a whisper walking to him "I'm really sorry" she embraced him in a warm hug to which Vegeta remained emotionless. Vegeta shook his head as she pulled away

"Sorry isn't going to make up for it" he opened the door to his room then walked to his closet as he waited for her to exit. She stared at him

"What do I have to do?" she asked. He looked at her

"Nothing. There is nothing you can do. What's done is done. Stop thinking you can fix it" he said. She breathed in turning away from him and exiting the room right away. He stared at the door as she shut it behind her. A second later he went back to his closet...

- Raditz's place -


"He said it wasn't going to happen right now" 18 said as she explained the whole night with Krillin to Raditz. The couple was seated on the living room couch watching the 'Will Ferrell Saturday Night Live' Special on the TV Raditz's arm around 18's small figure. The night was almost catching up with them. Raditz sighed

"He's never going to try to fix this" he said. 18 tsked

"Don't be so negative Radz. I was just as wrong as you were. I lied to him, hid it from him, I avoided him and he still forgave me. I don't think he's never gonna forgive you-"

"You heard him. At least for now it's not gonna happen" he said. 18 sighed

"Well, then, maybe you should try to talk to him-"

"Sure" he scoffed "cause I haven't tried that enough times. 18 the guy will attempt to kill me the next time he sees me-"

"Radz you guys have been friends since you were eight years old. You can't just throw that away like it was nothing. Maybe you need to try again. Maybe one more try is what it takes for you guys to actually talk this through" she suggested. Raditz shook his head

"I don't think it's gonna happen, babe" he admitted. 18 stared into his eyes. She could see the pain in them. He missed his friend. It hurt that she was the base to this whole problem. She didn't want to feel like the girl that 'the end of their friendship' was all about. But she was. Maybe if she hadn't continued that first kiss in the first place things would still be the same. Then again she didn't want things to be the same anymore. When Raditz showed up with a complete different way of doing things it turned a spark in her. He made her see a different side to life. And she liked that, she loved that. She loved that everything was not only different but it was significantly better for her mind and heart. 18 sighed

"What's the point of going through life without the person that makes you see the beauty of it?" she broke the silence. Raditz stared at her serious. He was going to start speaking when 18 began to speak

"I refuse to go through this without you Radz. I know that it is so wrong before so many eyes that watch us and judge us. And I don't know how this will turn out to be. Maybe we're crazy, I mean, we don't even know!" she exclaimed making him smirk. She cupped his face with one of her small tender hands

"But I have this really good feeling about you, and about me, and about us…like I will never regret this. So many things I've regretted before but not this. No matter what goes on I know I won't. You know why?" she asked. He remained speechless. She smiled kissing his cheek

"Because deep inside here" she poked his heart "I know you love me so much" she said. He sighed


"And" she poked her own heart "deep inside here I know I love you so much. This is our chance. Our experience of a lifetime, our time to make it better and be happy" she said. Raditz kissed her once

"Let's go to Paris" he whispered on her lips. 18 opened her eyes wide

"What?" she asked. Raditz searched the front pocket of his polo shirt taking out two plane tickets

"Let's go to Paris" he repeated. 18's face lit up in a second

"Wh-What? H-How... Wh-What do you mean?" she grabbed the tickets from his hands. He smiled

"I thought you'd want to since there've been all kinds of shit going on. Cali's overrated. Plus you said you wanted to go at some point-"

"How did you get these?" she asked with a wide smile. He shrugged his shoulders

"I had some money lying around. I do have the most generous grandparents, I'll tell you that" he assured. 18 held her breath, her smile so wide it almost covered her entire face. He stared at her. He loved her beautiful blue eyes when they sparked with happiness

"Oh my god" she locked eyes with him "Oh my god!" she said again. Raditz smirked

"Merry Christmas" he said. 18 squealed loudly making him furrow his brows in pain as he covered his ears. She hugged him jumping up and down on the couch

"We're going to Paris! We're going to Paris!" she kept saying. He embraced an arm around her the other one attempting to cover as much of his ears as he could as she kept squealing and yelling in enthusiasm

"Thank you so much, honey!" she kissed him repetitively, still jumping up and down on the couch...

Chichi's House

"Ok. What do we have left?" Chichi asked as her and Goku rummaged through a bunch of paperwork from different universities offering scholarships to both of them, Chichi for academics and Goku for athletics. What they had decided to do was open up all the letters they had received with offers and start eliminating the ones they weren't interested in then write on a separate piece of paper a list of the ones that they were interested in. From the list they kept eliminating the ones that even though they liked were not gonna work for them either athletically, academically or distance wise. They kept narrowing down the list until they came up with five good ones each. Chichi read through her list while Goku stared at his. She sighed. She was exhausted. The process alone was a lot harder than she ever thought it would be

"I so don't wanna narrow it down more than this" she said. Goku looked up at her from the floor as he rested comfortably on the carpet his papers spread all across the floor

"I have mine. You have yours?" he asked. She nodded

"Let's start. I have Columbia, Miami Florida, Southern Cali, Stanford and Princeton. What do you have?" she asked. Goku read through his list

"I have Texas, Southern Cali, Miami FL, Utah, and I'm undecided between Louisiana and Gainesville FL" he said. Chichi breathed out

"Ok. I want to go as far away from home as possible-"

"Me too" he agreed, finally, the first thing they agreed on ever since they started the whole thing. Chichi nodded

"Well then Southern Cali and Stanford have got to go. You gotta take out two" she said. Goku nodded erasing from his list Southern California and Utah. Chichi stared at her list again

"I have Columbia, Princeton and Miami FL" she said. Goku wiped his forehead as if exhausted. Thing whole thing was taking way longer than he had expected it to take. His stomach growled. He looked at Chichi like a small kid would look at his parents when he wanted food

"I gotta eat" he said. Chichi frowned

"We're about to be done! This is the most important decision we're ever gonna make in our lives Goku! This is where you're going to spend the next four years of your life not to mention the fact that we-" his stomach growled louder making her hold her words for a second. He held his stomach

"Sorry" he said. Chichi stared at his repented sweet little frame. She smiled. His face was just to melt for. Immediately she frowned as if trying to stay mad at him

"Fine! Get a sandwich and come back. We're not done yet..."


"You're going to Paris!" Bulma was on the phone with none other than 18. She had to hold the phone far from her ear since 18's voice was way too loud for her ear to handle. 18 kept talking

"Yes! I leave tomorrow at 8 o'clock in the morning!"

"Really that's great! I'm glad you guys are taking the trip. I'm telling you, you won't regret it"

"Oh, I know! I'm so excited! This is like the greatest Christmas present ever! I feel lightheaded right now"

"What airline are you flying in?"

"We're going on this private plane his grandfather owns. His granddad loves traveling so he bought his own plane with like a private pilot that they call whenever they want to travel"

"Oh! That's awesome. Take lots of pictures"

"Oh" she squealed "I will. This is going to be so great!"

"Yeah..." Bulma sounded busy

"What are you doing?" the blonde asked. Bulma held the phone to her ear with her shoulder

"Oh nothing, just fixing some stuff in my room. You know…rearranging"

"How'd the college thing with Vegeta go?"

"Not too good. We're on a break" she said hearing 18 gasp at the other end of the line

"No! You're kidding!"

"Nope. It's better for the both of us actually. Right now I'm not sure of what I want either. We're facing really tough decisions here"

"What's the matter?"

"I'd rather not go into details-"

"You shouldn't" she heard a manly voice call. Bulma gasped turning around quickly only to find herself with none other than Vegeta arms crossed on his chest with the side of his body against the doorframe. She went back to the phone conversation

"Hey do you mind if I call you back? I have to finish up with my room-"

"Oh! Sure. Talk to you later B"

"Ok, Bye"

"Bye" she hung up. The blue haired female stared at him as he stared down at her his gaze penetrating her own

"How long have you been standing there?" Bulma asked. He scoffed pushing himself off the doorframe

"Long enough to hear you babble to your friends about me" he said walking in her room. She put the phone down on the base aside her bed

"I wasn't 'babbling' about you. The topic came up" she cleared up. He shrugged his shoulders carelessly taking a look at the pile of folded t-shirts on her bed. They were all his

"What's this?" he asked. Bulma stood beside him now looking at his t-shirts as well

"This? This is the load of clothes you've left here through these past five months. It took me about an hour to explain to my mother why your laundry was mixed with mine" she said. He smirked. Bulma grabbed the packet of folded shirts

"Take them home" she pushed them against his chest "I'm getting in trouble and it's not even my fault" she said. He grabbed the shirts unwillingly putting them back on her bed. She breathed out

"Can you please?" she grabbed the shirts again pushing them harder against his chest "I don't want to deal with this again. My mother gave me so much shit about it. It wasn't even funny" she said. Vegeta stared at her with his cold frame

"Any other reason you want to get rid of these so fast?" he asked. She looked away from him trying to find the nearest thing to pay attention to. True, her mother had been a bit upset about it…but there was another other reason. As soon as Vegeta had called the 'time-out' she had wanted to clear her room from anything Vegeta-related. It just reminded her of him; she already thought about him and their situation 24/7 it was enough to have to come back to her bedroom and be reminded of it too.

Bulma spotted her cell phone on her bed and immediately leaned over to grab it and put it on its charger

"You know? You could've called to say you were coming. I do own two phones" she changed the topic looking at him now. He had placed the shirts back on her bed

"Ok what part of 'I don't want to get in trouble' do you not understand?" she said walking over to grab the shirts again. He stopped her holding her arm before she could grab them. Their bodies suddenly became close…almost too close…

"Let go" she wanted it to sound like a command but it sounded more like a weak plea that meant 'don't'. He smirked at her

"Should I?" he asked self-assured. Damn him. She loved that she could read him like a book. She hated, however, that he could see right through her too

"What do you want, Vegeta? I have to finish my room-"

"Your room is already clean" they looked around at the same time. Vegeta was right. She mentally kicked herself for that

"Let go. I have a lot of paperwork I need to get done-"

"What for?" he cut her off. She sighed

"College" she specified. He let go of her both of them facing each other with about two inches of space between them. He kissed her. She wanted to push him away but a whole weekend had gone by without his warmth, his breath, his skin, his lips, pushing away suddenly seemed like too much to lose...

Bulma sat on the bed dragging him with her. She cupped his face in between her hands the kiss lasting as he crawled on top of her pinning her beneath him. She looked for the rim of his shirt immediately pulling it up and over his head. The tank top underneath it was gone in less than a second as well the couple engaging still in the passionate kiss that resembled just how much they had missed each other. Vegeta's lips trailed off to her jaw line following her tender neck. She breathed out as she felt his smooth lips travel through her skin exploring her essence, her taste. She loved his tongue devouring her skin...

He closed his eyes as he felt her touch burn his skin. Her hands roamed through his back reaching his firm and tight ass. She held it tight in between her hands. Vegeta let out a breath kissing her skin with more desire than he had ever expressed. Bulma went underneath the pants, massaging his ass, squeezing it hard then letting go getting used to the slow rhythm. His hips gripped hard against hers. Bulma thrust her hips up expressing with her body what she wanted him to do with her. Vegeta stopped opening his eyes wide. He immediately retreated holding his face above hers as he held his body up in a pushup form. Their breaths fought each other… but so did their hearts…

"We can't do this" they whispered on each other's lips. Vegeta rolled over seating up beside her. Bulma followed his example both of them panting

"Why are you here?" she stared at him. Vegeta swallowed

"I don't know" he responded. Bulma sighed standing and walking in front of Vegeta. She sat on him cupping his face in her hands and kissing him. Vegeta complied with her request kissing her back with the same fervor she had begun to kiss him with. Bulma broke the kiss for a second

"Sad. We never made up our minds about sex" she whispered kissing him. He smirked

"We didn't disagree, did we?" he asked mischievously. She pressed her crotch hard against his member causing his muscles to tense up. He held her ass hard against him. His lips devoured her skin again kissing her neck and her shoulders. His hands ran up her bare thighs a short flimsy cotton skirt covering the upper part of the skin there. She let her head roll back giving him better access to the skin of her neck and her chest. Her phone, of course, rang. They stopped looking at the device as if it had been an uninvited intruder from hell. They decided to ignore it Vegeta's hand beginning to explore her ass as they engaged in yet another kiss. After the last ring the answering machine beeped. Bulma's mother voice was heard loud and clear

"Hey honey. I bought that Colombian coffee we love so much. I can't wait to give it a try! I'll be home in five. See ya'" she said joyfully hanging up the phone. They broke the kiss panting on each other's lips

"We shouldn't do this" Bulma breathed out "it'll make everything harder than it already is" she added. He kissed her

"You're right" he kissed her again "we shouldn't" he added with another kiss. Bulma embraced her arms around his neck making the kiss last a while

"I'm serious" she kissed him twice

"Are you really?" he asked as he kissed her again. She nodded kissing him

"Dead serious" she kissed. Vegeta ran his hands up her bare back, underneath her mint colored tank top. He realized one thing: no bra. Bulma hated bras and the whole idea of wearing one even though she loved shopping for them. His touch made her skin grow goose bumps. She sighed as his tongue gently massaged her own. His kisses were so soft yet hot. Her hands entangled themselves in his black unruly hair in an attempt to keep his lips from falling away from hers. She hated to love everything about him. At times when she needed to sort things out the fact that she did could only work against her.

Vegeta's hands moved to the front parts of her body. The bra thing, of course, worked excellent under such circumstances. He cupped her breast in his hand squeezing it gently while making the kiss more fervent as he massaged the breast with his hand. Bulma moaned softly. The front door of the house became open. Bulma and Vegeta both opened their eyes alarmed. She stood from him running to her mirror to fix as much of her hair as she could. Vegeta stood from the bed grabbing his tank top and putting it on rather fast. Bulma's mother came in her bedroom not two seconds after Vegeta had gotten fully dressed

"Bulma" she called finding herself with Vegeta first. She smiled at him

"Vegeta! Why Bulma didn't tell me you were coming over! This is gonna be great. Won't you be a good guest and join us for dinner?" she said excitedly. Bulma turned away from her mirror

"He would mom but he has this thing he has to attend to tonight, right Vegeta?" she said looking at him nervously. Vegeta was about to confirm when her mother began speaking again

"Oh, but don't worry. It's not a fancy dinner or anything. It's just a couple of crab cakes and garlic shrimp appetizers. Won't you join us?" she giggled. Bulma sighed hard. She knew there wasn't a way out of this one. She looked at Vegeta with her 'I'm out of excuses' face. Vegeta, clearly, had no choice but to accept. Her mom nodded

"Great. I'll tell Lucy to do more for the three of us" she said exiting the room right after. Bulma's gaze went back to Vegeta

"I don't even have a clue about this" she slid the strands of her soft blue hair behind her ears. He stared at her

"About what?" he asked. She sighed

"About us" she clarified walking over to take a seat at the edge of her bed. Vegeta grabbed the remote to her TV and turned it on her attention immediately going to it…


"… this is ESPN live news. I'm Roger Anderson and this is my partner Peter Smith. Now Peter, Vegeta's Ouji's decision to play football-"

"Incredibly surprising, Rog. This kid has got game and he's got talent. It seemed impossible to me that he'd go to go college. He's already good enough to go pro but he's also an impeccable student therefore the decision to go to college was more of a 'looking out for him' situation"

"Are you happy about this decision, Pete?"

"No… not exactly (laughter from both announcers) I was ready to see him go pro being that it is the level that he should be playing at. It is the level that matches well with his talent. College is just going to be another one of those leagues that will prove not good enough for him"

"What teams from the NFL did he turn down to go college?"

"I know there were offers all the way from Florida to Oklahoma"

"So the kid was nation-wide?"

"Well here's the thing, Rog. Still after College he'll be one of the youngest and most talented football players to join the National Football League. As opposed to all the players that join the NFL on their second or third year of college Ouji is going to start no matter where he goes. He'll be the youngest and hottest sensation of the NFL. His contract will weigh more than some of the veteran players' contracts. One thing I tell you though"

"What's that?"

"I sure can't wait for next year to come around. Ouji will be announcing what college he's going into. Probably the college that will win four national championships in a row for the first time in the history of college football"

"Somehow I don't think I want to disagree with you on that one, Peter. Vegeta Ouji has great potential. He'll be a good team leader regardless of schools…"

Bulma looked away from the TV staring into her man's eyes. He breathed in

"I'm going to Notre Dame" he announced. Bulma felt like she could jump up and touch the ceiling. Yet she remained calm

"When did you decide this?" she asked him. He shrugged his shoulders

"Few days ago. I figured I could win wherever I go. Notre Dame hasn't won in a while" he said

"Have they even offered you?" she asked. Vegeta shook his head

"Why waste time trying to get the top recruit in the nation to come to your school when your team sucks as bad as they do?" he said confidently. Bulma nod once

"Oh. So they didn't even take a chance to offer?" she asked making sure she understood well. He nodded. Bulma stood from her bed walking up to him and kissing him no warning. His body naturally got used to her

"I love you" she broke the kiss to look into his eyes "I love you so much" she kissed him again. He embraced his arms around her feeling her arms embrace him around his neck. For the rest of the day they did just that… hold each other for the longest time… hoping the kiss would never have to come to an end…

The Next Day

"I'm so nervous. I'm so nervous but excited but anxious but excited. But nervous but excited-"

"You need to chill out blondie. The flight's gonna take us a while. I'm not gonna take this all the way there" Raditz interrupted her excitement as the couple walked down the halls of the airport looking for the private gate to depart to Paris. 18 punched his shoulder playfully

"Ass, I'm really excited that we're going to Paris. This is so unusually and indescribably great. Looking very handsome to travel might I add" she complimented smiling. He scoffed smirking. She suggested/obligated him to dress up to travel and after much fighting and arguing over it he ended up doing so. 18 was not only an overly manipulative person but she was the queen of blackmails. She had like a thousand up her sleeve

"Why thank you. Now I can look as 'naturally adorable as you'" he mocked the words. The couple came across a Starbucks. 18 gasped

"Oh! I need to get a venti dark roast. It's so good here" she saidd as they stopped in the middle of the lanes. He sighed

"Go now if you wanna get one. I'll go to the gate" he said. She nodded

"K" she kissed him once "I luv you" she kissed him again people walking around them annoyed as they moved past them

"Excuse me" they heard a voice say. They broke the kiss turning to look at the origin of the voice. It was Krillin. He was trying to walk around them just like everybody else but so many people were trying to budge them it was hard for him to make it out of the lane. They broke away their breaths getting caught in their throats. Krillin, if anything, stared at 18. He then resumed his steps. 18 shook her head in disbelief

"What are the odds, huh?" Raditz broke the silence. 18 sighed

"I'll get the coffee. I'll meet you there, ok?" she kissed him one last time turning on her heel to get inside the Starbucks shop. Raditz resumed his way to the gate…

Chichi's Place

"Ok. Final decision?" Chichi asked as her and Goku laid on her bed early in the morning, Goku in between Chichi's legs, to discuss finally where they were going to go to college. Goku sighed

"Ohio State" he said. Chichi widened her eyes

"What?" she exclaimed. He jerked up from his resting form

"What?" he asked. Chichi's blood began to boil he could see it. She furrowed her brows in anger

"You mean to tell me that after all this time you decided to go to Ohio State which wasn't even on your list?" she tried to keep her voice under control. Goku shrugged his shoulders

"I thought I… liked… it…best…Chi…" he said slowly. Chichi breathed out then leaned and hugged him as tight as she ever could

"Yes!" she said excitedly. Goku's frame became puzzled

"Are you happy?" he asked as she embraced him tight

"Yes! I chose Princeton!" she stated. Goku nodded


Bulma's House

Vegeta had spent the night over as usual. It was early in the morning, however, and they were still awake her on top of him talking about nothing at this point

"It's seven o'clock in the morning" she smiled on his chest as he ran his hand through her soft hair the other one caressing her back. He sighed

"I'm falling asleep" he said sleepily. She giggled shortly a long yawn following right afterwards

"Me too" she kissed his chin. He looked down so their lips could meet kissing her once

"What have we been talking about for so long?" she asked his nose resting on her head now. He breathed in profoundly

"I sure as hell don't know" he said. Bulma giggled again kissing the skin of his chest gently

"We have all these plans. You think we'll make it?" she asked looking up at him. He embraced both his strong arms around her waist

"I don't think you should worry" he said. She sighed

"We're not going to see each other every day anymore-"

"Woman we have a year and a half before that happens" he cut her off. Bulma smiled

"I know that. I'm just worrying about the distance. It's a legitimate concern" she said. Vegeta rolled his eyes. He brought his hand to his mouth yawning as he did so. Bulma blinked her eyes tiredly

"Let's go to sleep"

"…mm" she heard Vegeta reply with his eyes closed. She closed her eyes as well her cheek resting on his warm chest

"..ok" they both fell asleep Vegeta holding her tight as she snuggled closer to him to keep warm. She loved the warmth his skin produced. It was about so many other things but it all came down to his lips, his warmth and his heart. Three things she didn't think she would ever stop adoring from him…

Vegeta opened his eyes staring at the ceiling thoughtfully

"She fucked you over and you love her for it" he remembered that argument he and Raditz had a while ago. He scoffed softly so not to wake her up

"What do you know" he thought "that son of a bitch wasn't that far off…" he faded into dreamland holding the woman of his thoughts in his arms securely as though he'd lose her if he ever let go…

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