"You, Kenna, Henri. You're all alike. You only ever think of yourselves," Bash muttered. "You walk through life stepping on everyone else, especially people like me. When did you last speak to me? When was the last time you took the time out of your very busy schedule to visit me? Only when you wanted something from me, a favor. I am done with favors. Kenna and I are married in name only, did you know that? Or were you too busy with the Prince of Conde to notice? She has made it perfectly clear that she's moved on. Just as you have made it perfectly clear that you never cared for me. You only care for yourself."


"No! Let me finish! You are a Queen, yes you've always loved reminding people of that. As a queen you have spent your whole life being served by other people who fulfill your every wish, follow every demand. You think they live to serve you. You think we are all here to serve only you. But Kings and Queens serve the realm and the people in it. The people like me. But no, you only serve yourself. You have only ever served yourself. Think of all of the hearts you've broken, mine! Think of all of the lives you've ruined!" The words flew out of his mouth like lava. The pain poured from his lips, unleashing years upon years of pent up furry left buried deep within. He couldn't stop himself, and even if he could he didn't want to. He released it all: every memory, every torment, every bruise, every broken bone, every insult, every betrayal, every pain, everything at once.

"But people like Kenna, Henri, and you never once think about someone like me! Never! I am still just a bastard. I am no one. Always. I serve my brother and France, only for my wife to get mad that I am not home with her. If I am home with my wife then something goes wrong and I alone have to fix it, only me, because God forbid someone else lift a finger around here! No, you and Kenna are too busy with your dances and your dresses and your men to notice that this country is burning! We are all going to ruins and all you can do is…" He stopped, trying to catch his breath.

"Bash…" Mary whispered, raising her fingers to his cheek. He swatted her hand away.

"Don't tell me you care now. Why should I believe a word you say when you have proven yourself to be the most selfish and fickle woman in France? I serve my brother the king. But you…I don't serve you. You are my sister-in-law, but you are no sister of mine, and you are not my queen anymore. I am done taking your orders. I am finished with you. The only reason I am still at this court is Francis. Without Francis, you and Kenna and everyone else would never see me again," Bash spat. "You betrayed Francis. You pushed him aside just as you pushed me aside. You're a married woman and a queen and yet you act like a spoiled little girl who turns men in to dolls! I am not your doll, I am not yours to command, I am not yours now nor will I ever be."

With those words still hanging in the air, Bash turned on his heels and left Mary standing on the balcony alone.

"Bash, I am your queen, don't turn your back on me!" she cried.

"If you are a queen, as you say, then you should act like one." Then he walked away for good this time.