Sailor Moon: Truth of Nightmares.

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Let's begin.

Prologue: Another story begins.

"Where there is light, there is darkness. Where there are pasts, they are connected to the future. I want to restore everyone's memories-including yours and mine."~Cloud Strife.

Once upon a time, the story began with a Princess of the Earth's Moon from 1,000 years ago, where the Universe was in peace, until the loss of her twin sister who died due to the powerful darkness in her heart, and then the arrival of the evil Queen Beryl and her forces of the Negaverse. In the midst of chaos, the Princess and her lover, the Prince of the Earth, and many female warriors lost their lives during the war. In the last hope, the princess's mother, the Queen, used the Legendary Imperium Silver Crystal and the Cresent Moon wand to seal away the evil forces.

In her last strength, she used the crystal's powers to revive those who were lost in the battle, and send them to be reborn in the future on Earth with no memories of their past. The queen dies in her sacrifice and the Silver Crystal shatters into seven rainbow crystals which were placed into seven people for safe keeping.

In the year of 1996 in the 20th Century, the Princess, reborn as a normal teenaged school girl, soon discovers she is a warrior to fight against the evil forces of the Negaverse who somehow escaped, and she in turn becomes a powerful warrior named Sailor Moon, with the aid of four other Sailor Scouts and the mysterious Tuxedo Mask who is really her lover reborn as well. Finding the Seven rainbow crystals and learning of her true idenity as well as recovering some of her memories, the Princess and her friends and loved ones destroy Queen Beryl and drive away the Negaverse once and for all, and Earth was saved.

But not for long. For the next three years, after Beryl's demise, Sailor Moon and her allies would be forced into more battles to protect the Universe, and soon, all of other universes in the great Realm of Light.

In the same year after Beryl's fall, Sailor Moon soon learns of her daughter who arrived from the 30th Century while being pursued by the evil forces of Nemises led by the evil Doom Phantom. With the combined powers of both the present and future Silver Crystals, Doom Phantom was completely destroyed, and the future Princess returns home to reuight with her mother-Sailor Moon's future-self.

More advenutes came along the way, and not just for Sailor Moon and her allies.

In 1997 a year later, Sailor Moon and her allies find allies in four new Sailor Scouts, one of them being equally as powerful as Sailor Moon, her daughter returning to the 20th Century in training in becoming a Sailor Scout herself, fighting against the evil Death Busters. At the same time, a ten year old girl who has powers that could be just as powerful of that of Clow Reed who, before his death and before her birth, has chosen her to be his successor for the powerful Cards he created with the aid of his two guardians of the sun and the moon.

In the same year, Sailor Moon and her allies soon face and defeat the evil Dead Moon Circus with the aid of a guardian of the Golden Crystal.

Another year later in 1998, known as the Legendary Long Year which happens once every 1,000 years, while the Cardcaptor girl succeeded in becoming the new master and then transforms the cards into her own, Sailor Moon and the other nine Sailor Scouts soon defeat and save Queen Nelenia(sorry for the misspelling of her name), and after her future daughter returns to the 30th Century, Sailor Moon is soon reuighted with her twin sister who was also reborn and is also another new Sailor Scouts, as well as facing a new enemy of the Dark Galactic, led by Sailor Galaxia who in reality was underl control of Chaos, the true enemy and culprit of the previous enemies the Sailor Scouts fought before.

With the aid of three Lights who have female counterparts who had arrived from an alternate universe, Sailor Moon and her sister expel Chaos from Galaxia, return it to the minds of humanity with the Light of Hope and free Galaxia from the darkness. Galaxia soon departs to return the star-seeds back to their original owners, while Sailor Moon's sister leaves to live in the land of Orre.

In the same year, a ten year old boy who dreams of becoming a Pokemon Master, begins his own journey to accomplish his goal, with his first Pokemon, a Pikachu who at first didn't trust him, but after being saved by it's new trainer from a flock of Spearow, Pikachu soon becomes the boy's closest friend. They soon joined by two gym leaders in the land of Kanto to compete in Pokemon leagues. Soon the boy meets new friends in the Orange Island, Johto, Houen, Sinnoh, Orre, Unova and finally, Ameria, competing in all of the Pokemon leagues and contests, having more companions from the Orange Islands, Houen and Sinnoh.

The boy and his friends, both human and Pokemon, also face against evil Organizations of Team Rocket, Team Magma, Team Aqua, Team Galactic, Team Cipher, Team Plasma and Team Nappers, the eighth organization being different than others in goal to destroy pirates and Pokemon. The boy also learns of another world filled with Pokemon, meeting an exploration team who saved it by preventing Temporal Tower from collasping, and soon learn that a Darkrai is the cause of the Tower's near collaspe.

Meeting immortal pirates who fought against Team Napper's leader who was reborn as well, the boy soon is forced to defeat Darkrai who was vanished from existance, but soon got back on track via a meeting with a king who did not tell him of his idenity at the time, and in the Ameria Stadium, the boy finally succeeds in becoming a Pokemon Master. He soon meets Sailor Moon and the Cardcaptor and the three of them join forces to defeat an Evil King who wanted to rule the Earth via a magical reverse Light which gives anyone a wish they desire.

With the powers of the Reversed Light, Sailor Moon and all of the Sailor Scouts, except for her future daughter who returned for more training and having Pokemon of her own, have their powers and age reversed back two years backwards, including Tuxedo Mask who was in America for studies.

However, the soon joined Sailor Team, joined by the boy and his companions, and soon the Cardcaptor and her two companions, face more challenges of the Realm of Darkness, facing the Shadow Souls led by Xenula, learning that during the brief changed history which resulted Sailor Mini Moon's temporarely erasement, she and two Pokemon who were also erased for a short period of time of their adventures in the Realm of Nothingness, meeting a boy who is chosen to be a Keyblade wielder after being separated from his best friends, being aided by the King's two close friends in a quest to defeat the Heartless from the Realm of Darkness, led by Ansem, the Heartless-half of Xehanort.

Sailor Moon and the Sailor Team also learn of a world full of Fairy-Tales and welcome an Ogre, a Princess who turned into an Orge, and a talking Donkey, soon reuighted with Tuxedo Mask, and journey for Sailor Moon to become a Pokemon trainer in a brief peace, the boy and his Pikachu and two of their companions soon discovering the mysterious Organization XIII whose six members based on Castle Oblivion while keeping a young girl hostage, and soon save her with the aid of one of the members who was on an assignment to elimate the six other traitors and the Keyblade wielder who was put into sleep to recover his lost memories.

At the end of the Legendary Long Year, the Sailor Team also accidently revive an Ice Age herd of two Mammoths, a Sloth, a SaborToothed Tiger and two Possums who all become new members of the Sailor Team, and by the new year, 1999, the Sailor Team soon all learn of the Organization, led by Xemnas.

With the aid of Sailor Moon's sister who was also dealing with the Organization with allies of her own, and four of the outside Sailor Scouts, including the Keyblade wielder and his companions, the King and the boy's two close friends, and the sacrifice of one of the members whom was close friends with the boy's own Nobody, the Keyblade wielder and his best friend who also become a Keyblade wielder, both destroy Xemnas, reuight with all of their friends, and the Realm of Light is saved once more.

However, another mystery is yet to be solved. Like the strange sensations Sailor Moon gets whenever she encounters allies of a Swordsman who has his own enemy who holds his darkness, a female martial artist, a gunbladesmen, a young female teenaged Ninja, an engineer, and a flower girl, almost like she knows them.

But why?

The answer to that question, lies here as another adventure is set to set forth for our heroes.

And so, our story begins.

A figure in a red suit and cape with orangey red hair, standing on the edge of a cliff, overlooking the dark ocean as a storm appears to approach. Another figure appears from the corridor of darkness. He was wearing an Organization XIII cloak, the hood covering his head so his face is not visable. He approuches the other figure.

"Infinite in mystery is the gift of the goddess. We seek it thus, and take to the sky. Ripples form on the water's surface. The wandering soul knows no rest." the man in red quoted as he read a small notebook that held the title "Loveless" on the front cover. He scoffed at the sight of the man standing next to him. "You're late, as usual." he told him.

"Who are you?" the man in the coat asked.

The man in the red coat turned away and looked into the distance, answering, "My name is no importance at the moment. I will tell you when the other two arrive."

The man in Organization coat tilted his head slightly to the side in confusion. "Huh? Other two?" he asked.

"One who is like you, and the other who was erased from existence, due to her abilities." the man in red said, before turning to smirk at his companion, and inquired, "I don't see Roxas today, but, are you game?"

The name Roxas was the name of a certain Keyblade hero's Nobody, which made the man in the black coat cringe a little, but he kept his cool and replied, "Yeah...those two guys better hurry up so we can get this over with."


A Sailor Moon, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy VII, Pokemon, Cardcaptors, Shrek, Ice Age and Disney Crossover...


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