Chapter 10: Nothing Changes

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Darkness. That was all Marco saw the entire time. Technically, he practically saw nothing. Whether he was awake or not, even that was hard to tell. He should be dead by now. Yet, he was still breathing. Marco didn't know where he was. He couldn't even remember what happened. He almost didn't know who he was. But he knew at that very moment his body was in the hospital. His inner conscious was stuck in a mysterious black abyss with no way out. He also knew this was all because of his doing. He knew everything was his own fault. And yet, he still gave in to the madness.

Time went by, but Marco couldn't tell what day it was now. How long has it been now…a day? A week? Still hard to find out. From the moment he got stuck in his never-ending slumber, his hearing from the outside world was dim. From time to time, he would hear voices from other people. He heard words of apology, which confused him. He heard words of prayer, which he yearned to fulfill. From time to time, he tried to see the light. But as usual, darkness was all he saw.

But then Marco heard one particular voice. A voice he felt like he should know. A voice that he heard all the time in every sleeping moment. Marco wanted to know the owner of this voice. The way it always talked to him was like music to him. And he always waited to hear it again. But this boy wanted more from it. This voice is what strived him to wake up. This is what strived him to try. Voices were always unclear to hear, but on one faithful day, Marco gave it his best. He knew if he opened his eyes, he would be able to hear clearly.

So one day, he managed a peek.

"I'll be here for you!" he heard the voice say. "…I love you, and I'm never going to let you go again."

'That voice,' Marco thought. He knew it very well now. And now he wanted nothing more than to reach it.

He forced his eyelids to lift just a little bit more. From then, he finally, for the first time in months, saw light. He slowly lifted his arm up, wanting to touch the light. He could almost feel his body just rising up towards it. The closer he got, the more he felt something slip into his hand. It was small, warm, and soft. His fingers twitched, as if never wanting to let go.

He did the next thing he thought of and just squeezed it.

"Marco? Marco! Marco!"

Could this be it? Maybe it was finally time. The final moment of his awakening. And Marco could not be any happier inside.

With the light finally coming into full view, Marco's eyes popped wide open.


Star stared as she watched the brown-haired boy's eyes very slowly peek open. Marco managed a small groan as he looked at the blonde.


"Marco!" The young girl couldn't help it. She jumped up from her seat and enveloped her best friend in a hug. "You're awake!"

"Star, I…" Marco stared at the blonde, blinking away his drowsiness. Once he'd gotten a hold of himself, he coughed. "Choking!"

"Oh! Sorry!" Star backed away, a light blush on her cheeks. "I'm so glad you're finally—"

"Star, I'm sorry," Marco took the girl by her shoulders and stared into her eyes. "I heard everything. This isn't your fault, OK? It was mine. I pushed you away, and didn't care about what you thought. I only cared about myself and that was a dumb thing for me to do. I'm really sorry."

Star stared at the boy for a while before breaking into a smile and putting her own hand on his shoulder. "Marco, it's fine. I'm just really glad you're all right!"

"Really? Even though I was a jerk to you…"

"Well, I guess I'm mad at that. But I forgive you!" Marco smiled at her. "And, um, just asking out loud here, but I don't suppose you heard what I said earlier—"

"Yeah. I did."


Suddenly, Marco smiled. "I heard everything, and I feel the same way. I love you too, Star."


"I said, I love you too."

Was it him, or was Star grinning. "I'm sorry, can you repeat that?"

"I said, I l—"

He was cut off when he felt a pair of soft lips press against his own. Marco's eyes widened a bit, but he slowly gave in. He gently wrapped his arms around Star as he kissed her back. The two each savored the moment, neither paid attention to the world around them. The passionate kiss lasted for a good long while, before they finally pulled away and stared into each other's eyes. Star was the first to break out as she punched Marco's shoulder. Hard.


"I'm not going to kiss you again unless you never do something stupid again!" the girl scolded angrily.

Marco looked at her like she was crazy, but then he suddenly smiled. Then it turned to a chuckle. Then Marco suddenly burst out laughing. "What?" Star asked, confused.

The boy tried to die his laughter down as he took Star by the waist again and pulled her close. Star was surprised, but gave in when Marco pressed his forehead against hers and smiled.

"Then I promise nothing like this will ever happen again."

Again, Star couldn't help it. She felt more tears fall down from her eyes and fall against Marco's bed. But these were tears of joy now. She and Marco laughed as they stayed in that position for a while, not wanting to ever leave each other's side.

Marco was able to check out of the hospital hours later. After many contract signings and one short 'We're Glad You're Awake' party, Star and the Diaz family had to remember tomorrow was a Monday. The night went by pretty quickly and soon, it was time to go to school.

The duo stood side by side as they looked at each other and smiled. "What do you think everyone's gonna say?" Marco asked nervously. Now without his visions, he was just the normal "safe kid" again. And frankly, he wasn't very excited of what everyone had to say about that.

But Star was there to cheer him up with a smile. "I'm sure they'll be glad you're back~" With that, the boy had to smile.

Star held her hand out, and Marco took it in his. The blonde squeezed it reassuringly, and Marco nodded briefly. Hand in hand, the two entered through school doors together.

What everyone actually wondered about the moment they came in was about the duo themselves. Some had gasped, most had whispered, but all of them were really just silently staring at the intertwined hands of Star Butterfly and Marco Diaz.

"Hey, Marco!" someone greeted.

"Glad you're back!"

"Good to see you awake!"

Star knew for a fact that these people didn't even care when he was asleep. They could care less if he was awake. But when she saw Marco thanking them all with a big smile on his face, she knew she couldn't just ruin this day for him. So she smiled sweetly as they made their way to class.

At the halls, Star was glad they then came up to some real friends. "Marco!" Ferguson cheered, arms wide. He took Marco and gave him a giant Ferguson hug, lifting the boy in the process.

"Agh, yeah! Hey guys!"

"You're finally up!" Alfonzo gasped, grinning as he patted his friend's back. "Good to have you back, buddy!"

Marco chuckled at his friends' antics. "Thanks guys. Good to be back." He then stepped back and took Star's hand again, as if wanting her comfort.

The two boys noticed this and broke into wild grins. "You guys…" Ferguson started.

"Heh. Yeah. We are."

"That's great, you two!" Alfonzo said happily, putting his arms around the two's shoulders. "We're so happy for you!"

"Thank you, Alfonzo!" Star laughed.

Ferguson then came in and gave them another hug, lifting all three of them this time. "Oh, if only we could get ourselves girlfriends too!" he sighed.

Marco had to laugh. "Yeah, good luck with that, buddy! Also, could you put us down?"

"Right, right! You guys need your space. I understand that! We'll see you guys after school!"

"See ya~!" Star sang as they all left.

The duo finally arrived at their Math classroom and everyone turned to them. They all gasped when they saw Marco and gasped louder when they saw their hands again.

That boy Justin was the first to react. "Marco's back!"

Everyone stopped what they were doing to go greet him again and ask questions. Marco answered them all, until he suddenly saw a certain someone in the crowd. Once everyone got back to their seats, Jackie stepped forward.

"Hey, Marco," Jackie greeted awkwardly.

"Hi, Jackie," Marco greeted back.

"Hello, Star?" Star put in, all smiles.

Jackie chuckled. "Right. Hey, Star. Marco, I—"

"Whatever you have to say, Jackie, it's all right," The boy looked at his former girlfriend and smiled. "I heard everything. I forgive you."

Jackie first blinked at him, a little confused, but then she smiled. "Thanks. I'm glad you understand…and I'm glad you moved on." She nodded at Star and winked. The blonde chuckled nervously and rubbed the back of her head. "Treat her well."

"Oh, I don't think that's a problem." Marco grinned as he put an arm around Star's shoulders. The blonde only blushed slightly and smiled back.

Jackie laughed, understanding. "Awesome."

At that very moment, the bell rang and the grumpy troll teacher that was Ms. Skullnick barged right in. "Catch you guys later," Jackie whispered, as they all finally took their seats.

"So it's true, our star student is back," the troll grumbled. "Congratulations and all that, but now it's time for a pop quiz."

Everyone groaned loudly, but Star and Marco didn't. They just looked at each other reassuringly and smiled.

The school day came around and ended just as quickly as last night did. The two housemates walked back home and just started to relax in Star's room. Once they got there, Marco actually yawned.

"OK, school was one thing I did not miss the entire time I was asleep," he laughed.

Star giggled as well. "Now you know what I dealt with the past three months!"

"I feel like I could do another round after today! But I'd miss you if I did."

"Awww!" Star walked up and sat down beside him on her bed and happily nuzzled against him. "That's sweet~"

"But I did miss you, Star. Your voice is what got me to wake up, you know." He smiled at her. "I'd probably be dead if it wasn't for you."

Star smiled. "Then I'm glad we're both OK." Marco leaned down and kissed her on the forehead.

"It's just too bad it took us this long to realize our feelings for each other…"

"Well, you did think you liked Jackie~"

"Oh, so you're saying you didn't like Oskar?"

"I wasn't as obsessed as you~"

"What?! That's not true!"

"Says the one who had the Dream Spider~"

"You would've been bitten if it didn't come to me first!"

"Shh, it's all in the past now~"


The blonde cut him off by giving the brunette another kiss. Marco couldn't help melting into it. "OK, fine," he said after a while. "I was obsessed, you happy?"

Star laughed as Marco pulled her closer again. "At least we're together now."

At that very moment, they heard a crash. The two looked at each other, got off the bed, and went to the window. They were more than surprised when they saw Ludo and his goons down at Marco's backyard as usual.

"Star Butterfly!" Ludo shrieked. "Don't go thinking you disposed of me! You may have beaten me last time! But I am back! I will take your wand! And I will destroy you and your friend!"

"News flash, Ludo!" Star called back. "He's my boyfriend now!"

"Ah, just like old times," Marco chuckled. The monsters started climbing up to Star's room and started shaking the building, hoping for it to fall down.

But even Star didn't care at the moment as she smiled at Marco awkwardly. "I know we're in this relationship now…but you're still up for backyard monster fighting, right?"

"Are you kidding? We'll never outgrow fighting monsters! Nothing's ever gonna change that!" Marco grinned and gave Star a quick peck. "Especially when times now are much better."

"Aww, Marco~"

"Love you, Star."

"Love you too!"

The building started to collapse and the monsters cheered as they watched it fall to the ground. Unfortunately for them, they spoke too soon.


Suddenly, something came blasting out through the wall, and Star and Marco emerged from it with determined faces. The monsters growled, ready to fight.


They should've known for a fact that nothing could stop this duo now.

~The End~