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Someone is watching my every move. The fact is, they are good enough that I cannot spot them.

I don't like this.

No one has ever bothered to pay so much attention to me before.

With someone watching me, I can't do what I normally do.

I have to dumb my training down and pretend to mess up so this person doesn't know how good I really am.

Not a new Genin.

Most likely a Genin or Chunin with experience.

Not Iruka-sensei, I know what he feels like.

He's warm.

But this chakra isn't very kind.

Nor is it warm at all.

It seems familiar though.

Wait a minute...

I whip around, sending the kunai in my hand, at my watcher.

A large wall of sand blocks the item, and then, it's all clear.

The Gaara guy from Suna!

He is watching me train.


"What do you want?"

Standoffish, unconcerned.

I try to come across as both and maybe a little annoyed, even though I'm actually really interested in what he has to say.

"You... are like me."


He Shunshins to ye side and I shift to keep my front facing him. Even if he doesn't seem homicidal, I can never bee too careful.

His eyes are teal and outlined in the most black of blacks I've ever seen.

I don't think it's eyeliner.

Bags can't get that dark either.


"You are like me. They hate you. Despise you. These worthless people try to tear you apart."

Oh Kami, he knows!

"Why fight for them? Why are you a ninja?"

I scoff, "Why are you a ninja?"

"I can kill people easier."


Well then.

"I aim to be powerful. Their opinions don't matter to me at all. I know what I am and I am using it to better myself. Why should they have any say in why I do what I do?"

"Why not get rid of them?"

I shrug.

"There are some here, who even though they know I'm a monster, they like me for some reason. The Hokage is one of those people. Out of respect for him, I don't do anything rash."

"No one likes a monster. There is only hatred."

"The people who hate me are too stupid to understand. Hokage-Jiji was there when I was made a Jinchuuriki, he understands the process since he's a Fuinjutsu expert. But most others don't try to see me differently. Some think of me as a poor orphan and that was what made them decide to be kind to me. Eventually, then began to generally like me. I now have five people I will protect, but the rest of this village could burn and I wouldn't care."

It's not like I can be blamed for hating these people.

I'd save the Ichiraku's, Iruka-sensei, Jiji, and Haku, but anyone else in this world can go hang.

"You are strange, Uzumaki."

"I guess."

Gaara followed me around for the rest of the day.

I went for Ichiraku's and he didn't eat.

I walked through the village and he made note of the sneers and glares I received.

Hell, I took a small detour into a porn shop just to see if it affected him, but no.

He's like a machine.

He simply stares until you annoy him.

It's kind of creepy.

Sabaku no Gaara left when I decided to visit Hokage-Jiji.

He simply Shunshined away.

With Jiji, I pretty much stole a book from the shelf in his office and left to read it atop the monument.

After I finished it, I went to put it back, finding a meeting in progress.

Jumping though the Hokage's window while there are Jonin in the room is not a good idea, just for future reference.

I nearly got skewered by a dozen kunai. Though I did manage to dodge ever single one of them.

Jiji sighed, "Hello, Naruto."

"Just returning the book, Jiji."

"You can place it on my desk."

I did so and gave a hearty wave, before hopping out the window again.

Never again.

They could have killed me had I not be so good at dodging!

I should up my speed training.

Yeah, that'll work.

We've been nominated for the Chunin Exams.

Ducky, Chrome-Dome, and I are on our way to the Academy building for the first in the Chunin Exams.

The Uchiha seems ready to fight, Pinkette looks ready to vomit, and I just want to get this over with.

But I have faith that we'll at least make it to the preliminaries for the Third Exam, so it can't be that bad.

I shiver.

Everyone is looking at us.


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