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Natsu's POV

"You lied to me Shinra." Natsu sharply pointed out with an irritated frown.

"I don't know what you're talking about Tuna-chan." Shinra replied back with an innocent close eyed smile.

She deadpanned at him, contemplating to flick his forehead or to pull his cheeks as they walked the busy streets of Ikebukuro. Trying to find people to interview about the legendary 'Black Rider' with the camcorder in Shinra's hand. The way that Shinra was talking on the phone earlier, when she took care of those foolish kidnappers, he made it sound like something was wrong with Celty. Or at least, that something happened. It turned out that he completely mislead her, something she should've suspected because of how he is. He wanted to have a companion to travel around the city interviewing people about Celty and what they thought of the legend. He even wanted to interview herself, which she thought was idiotic.

Why interview someone about something that should be a mystery to them?

Which is why when he asked, she gave him a well deserved flick of the forehead. It gave him a noticeable red spot right in the middle, but has started to fade away slowly. Shinra whined about it for a minute, but now he's just carrying on with a smile as he looks for more people to interview in the city.

So far, Natsu hasn't been impressed with the people Shinra had chosen to interview. From idiotic men mimicking and making fun of the legendary 'Black Rider' to those shallow teenaged girls that were bullying a young girl with glasses and was only stopped because of Izaya's influence, as well as Kida's friend. Overseeing it all on the building's rooftop. But, Natsu wondered on why exactly her bespectacled friend wanted a recording of all these people giving speculations and thoughts of the 'Black Rider'. When she asked, Shinra only replied that he wanted something to look back on and so he can watch it with Celty in time. But Natsu knew that there had to be more then that, however, she stayed silent and accepted his answer.

As of now though, Natsu wants to know who exactly they're going to interview next. Mocha eyes scanned throughout the crowd around the pair of friends that walked side by side, her only seeing ordinary people that held the typical human nature within them, all the same. Natsu's brows furrowed down at the thought as she continued to scan. As her and Shinra were about to pass by an alleyway that connected closely to another street, she spotted familiar high pigtails going towards the alleyway.

Mocha eyes slightly widened in recognition, and then she heard an excited gasp next to her. Shinra had a gleam in his eyes as he spotted the pigtail girl and called for her to stop for a moment as he speed walked towards her with camcorder at the ready. Natsu looked on with a frown, then realizing that perhaps Celty told Shinra about her job with Izaya. She walked calmly towards them, her gaze not ever leaving the young girl with the pigtails. The girl seemed to notice her gaze, as her eyes moved from Shinra's to her own nearing form, her eyes seeming to widen slightly in recognition.

Rio Kamichika.

The girl who wanted to die but lived.


Natsu watched with blank observing eyes as she stood at the neighboring rooftop next to the one that Izaya anYou d the young girl were talking on. Mocha eyes never straying from the pair, her ears trying to catch as much as she could, despite the distance.

When Izaya informed her about his devious plan, she-like always-told him she'll be nearby if anything happens. A smirk was all she received from him as a response, the same response he gives to her fierce and protective words. This wasn't the first time she watched in the shadows as Izaya showed his beliefs of the world and humans to suicidal people. The odd way he did it however, caused the people who wanted to kill themselves before grow to hate him. Which Natsu didn't quite understand. She never understood humans who wanted to kill themselves, but perhaps it was because she had things to live for. Izaya for one, Natsu thought as she watched Izaya give his signature smirk and see the confused face of the young girl as Izaya continued to speak.

Do they want to disappear from this world? Do they not want to feel pain anymore? Do they just hate their arbitrary and mundane life? Do they feel like they are no one in this world filled with people?

Why do they think such things?


She may despise humans and their true nature, but not for them to kill themselves and choke in their own blood. That would make her like any other despicable human out there.

Not like she won't be willing to become despicable if it's for Izaya's sake.

Whatever the reason, she doesn't understand it. And she knows Izaya doesn't either, but he loves his humans anyway.

Mocha orbs narrowed slightly as they watched the young girl, Rio Kamichika, attempt to slap Izaya. Him seeming to insult her with words that Natsu couldn't catch. Only for the smirking Izaya to dodge and the girl falling at the edge, Izaya's swift hand being the only thing that would keep her from being like all the other stains in the ground. Natsu watched quietly as Izaya brought the girl to safety, seeing her shoulders sag in relief. Indefinitely proving to Natsu that the young girl didn't actually want to die, even though from what she heard from Izaya and observed beforehand, she had quite a cynical view of the world.

'Perhaps, she changed,' Natsu thought offhandedly as she watched Izaya walk away towards the roof's exit, him saying unnecessary cruel words like always. Natsu gave out a quiet sigh at his behavior, hearing him say that he knew she never intended to die and then giving his farewell. Going through the door and closing it behind him, leaving Natsu alone as she watched the girl that was still by the roof's edge.

Natsu raised an eyebrow as she saw the girl's body slightly tremble from what it seemed to be rage. Rio then turning back towards the edge, and stepping closer to it as she stared at the stains on the ground with what now seemed passive eyes. The raven-haired woman let out a quiet noise of exasperation as she knew what the young and apparently childish girl was about to do, her eyes then spotting a dark shadow by the alley.

'Foolish girl.' Natsu thought with narrowed eyes as she flexed her arms and legs.

As the girl leaned over the edge, letting gravity slowly take her, Natsu dove from the roof and caught the girl. Watching the girl's eyes widen as Natsu turned her body so she would take the sudden impact instead of the girl, spotting the dark tendrils appear under her. Feeling the tendrils on her back, softening the landing as she managed to land with both feet on the ground without causing harm to the young and foolish teenaged girl that she slowly let go from her arms. Natsu spotted Celty walk towards them, as mocha orbs scanned the young girl's face, which was wide-eyed and filled with confusion.

Celty took out her PDA and began to type, Natsu waiting patiently as she continued to look at the girl's features. The pigtailed girl glancing between them both in bewilderment.

'Are you okay?' Celty showed her PDA, Natsu looking at the young girl who seemed at a loss for words. Natsu glanced at Celty and gave her a nod, Celty giving her one back as Natsu began to scan at the area around her to parkour back up again. She saw from the corner of her eye Celty beginning to walk away as they suddenly heard the young girl's voice speak.


This caused Natsu to glance back at the girl, Celty as well, them both looking at the young girl who glanced between them. The quiet duo shared a look, Celty then beginning to type on her PDA once again and showed it to Rio.

'Because the world isn't as bad as you think.'

The young girl read and then glanced at Natsu, who gave a firm nod and quickly and effectively climbing the building with masterful skill. Celty leaving on her motorcycle, her horse neighing in response.

Leaving the young girl with eyes filled with a spark again.


Afterwords, she received a lecture from Izaya on how she says she hates humans but always seems to rescue them. All she did was give a knowing glance at Izaya, knowing that in his own way he saves them as well. However cruel he might do it, he's saved a few people from suicide because of his manipulative ways. Izaya only gave her a smirk in response to her glance, and a shrug. Mocha orbs softening in return.

And it seems that her hunch was right, Natsu thought as she looked over the young high schooler. Who now turned her attention to Shinra, seeming to not want to acknowledge her any further besides a small and quick grateful smile towards her as Shinra began to question her.

That cynical look within her brown eyes are now gone, no longer dull. Now, a light in her eyes that seemed to be hopeful and clearer. Hinting that the young girl Rio sees the world differently now.

'Thats good.' Natsu thought, as she watched the high schooler walk away from them without looking back. It was then that she turned her eyes towards a pouting Shinra that was facing her, asking why wasn't she the one that questioned the girl, since she knows her. Natsu let out a sigh, and spoke that it seemed that Celty told him that she was there when Celty rescued the girl. Shinra immediately putting on a confident smile and waved his finger around, saying that of course Celty would tell him everything.

Natsu deadpanned at him.

But, this talk about Celty, reminded her on a nagging question that's been on her mind. As they walked towards Ikebukuro Park, Natsu cut off Shinra's chatter.

"Shinra, is Celty aware what she is?"

Shinra glanced down at her in surprise as they walked side by side, the raven head looking up at him with curiosity appearing in her normally blank mocha orbs.

"Why the sudden question Tuna-chan?"

Natsu thought back during all the times she was with Celty and Shinra in their apartment, not once remembering Shinra or her calling her a Dullahan or about the legend behind it. It was odd. Natsu replied her observations to Shinra, who only gave her those irritating close eyed smiles of his.

"Tuna-chan sure is smart~. But, it's more of Celty being aware of who she is rather than what."

Natsu furrowed her brows at her friend. His glasses glinting from the sun with a knowing small smile as he looked down at her small frame. The tense atmosphere immediately disappeared once Shinra got back into his regular easy going expression as he mentioned on how shouldn't she being picking up her sisters from training. At this, the young woman narrowed her eyes but gave a slow nod in confirmation to his statement. Their pace slowed to a stop in the middle of the famous park of Ikebukuro. Shinra opened his arms to grab a hug from Natsu, with him only receiving a hard flick to the forehead. Natsu heard Shinra give a pained whine and a goodbye as he slowly walked away while rubbing his forehead, mumbling along the way.

Natsu watched him walk all the way towards an old man who seemed to be an artist, and turned away.

Her eyes turning back into being narrowed, her thoughts in a whirl to what Shinra said as she walked towards her little sister's and rivals martial arts place.




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