Believe it or not folks I'm not actually dead. As some of you may know, I'm currently active duty in the United States Army. And let's just say life's been one crazy ride these past few months. I recently transfered across the country to my new duty station. Seeing as first impressions with a new unit is huge, I pretty much spent my first three months here working my ass off. Which definitely paid off. I've recently graduated from Sapper school, which is considered one of the hardest schools in the army, and one of only three tabs authorized to wear on your shoulder (the other two being Special Forces and Ranger).

And believe me, I had no idea I could go over a hundred forty four hours with four hours of sleep and a hundred twenty fucking pound rucksack. That shit sucked. I went from 195lbs of muscle to 170lbs of scrawny badass. Lol

But because I was able to tab Sapper, I was told I'm going to Ranger school at the end of the year. So yeah. A bit hectic.

I love writing. Fanfiction has been my secret hobby for years and I love the feedback you guys give me, both good and bad. However, I've reached a point in my career where I need to take a break from my hobbies and focus on improving myself as a soldier and a leader. WTT isn't abandoned. No bullshit. I've written a good chunk of the story already, but unless you want me to just post the conclusion, you guys are gonna have to wait a bit longer.

Hopefully I can put some stuff out for you guys relatively soon, and I'm sorry this isn't the next chapter you were waiting for. Until then though, I hope you've enjoyed and I'll catch you on the flip side.

-Private Jenkins

PS: For those of you that do know what Sapper school is, the answer is yes. I did karate chop a bunny rabbit, and yes. It was fucking delicious.