Just A Little Luck


Amanda watched, more out of boredom than curiosity, as a red station wagon pulled into the gravel driveway of her old house. Josh stood beside her, frowning.

"Why don't we go welcome them?" he asked with a smile, flashing his fangs. It surprised her how well her brother and parents had adapted to being vampires in the two years since they'd been bitten.

Her father was free to work on his book all day and night and he'd even started a writing club that met on Wednesdays. Her mother grew more active in the PTA and found friends in the other mothers here. Josh was just happy to feel even more included.

And Amanda was finally a part of the community. Sure, she didn't particularly get along with Elizabeth but there was a quiet truce there. And Ray was a bonus. He'd spent the time making it up to her for how things had gone when she was human and they were going on a date this Monday.


She pulled herself into the small opening of the window and jumped, landing soundlessly and pulled herself out the crouch quickly. Josh landed like a superhero from a movie and she couldn't help but roll her eyes at him.

As they made their way up the street from Kristen's house where they'd been hanging, she noticed two boys climbing out of the car. The scent of their blood was exceptionally enticing. Fresh meat, she thought with a smile as she and Josh stared up at the house. The dirty brick exterior, decrepit black slanting roof, dark windows that looked like eyes. It looked like home.

"Who're you?" a voice demanded sharply.

Amanda turned.

The boys were cute—one with dark hair fashioned in a side-cut and the other with overly-long hair that fell at an angle across his face—and obviously confused at the sight of Amanda and her brother.

She couldn't stop the smile that crept across her face and knew how she must've looked. Strange and uncanny like Ray had whens he met him. "I'm Amanda. This here is my brother, Josh. You must be the new family Mr. Dawes was talking about. Dark Falls isn't that bad of a place once you get used to the routine."

As she continued to speak, she saw a glimpse of blond hair in the thicket of trees beside the house. Ray. Her heart skipped a beat.

"And where do you guys live?"

"Oh, down the street, but when we first moved in, I used to live in your house."

"Amanda, what I tell you about bothering the new family?"

She turned and saw Mr. Dawes. "Sorry." Sheepishly smiling, she waved to them and headed down the street. Ray walked out the trees and joined her, sliding an arm around her waist.

Unable to quell the urge, she glanced back one time at new family before facing forward and grasping Ray's hand tightly in hers.

This, despite all the bad things and the hurt and the heartache to get there, was where she was meant to be. Of that she was certain.