Mad About You
Chapter 1: A New School

AN: This fic is Kai/OC. My first beyblade fic! BWAHAHAHAHA! Please review! In the fic, Kai and Ayame are both 17, and are seniors in high school. The other Blade Breakers are 16 and are juniors. By the way, Beyblades do not exist in any way in this fic. And remember, Beyblade takes place in Japan, so just pretend they're speak in Japanese in my fic ^^


Kai banged on the locker hopelessly, hoping it would magically open if he banged hard enough.

"God, I hate this. This school, this place, everything," he mumbled to himself. "If only my stupid grandfather hadn't felt it necessary for me to move here. Damn him!"

Kai had had enough. He was trying this one more time before he killed someone. Slowly this time, he turned the knob.

30-42-10. No such luck.

"AUGH!" Kai yelled in frustration, raising the attention of the kids still roaming the halls before class. He didn't care. He didn't know them anyway, and he had no intention to meet them. He wasn't exactly a people person, and he never had been. He wouldn't be here long anyway. Not if he had his way.

One more time. If it didn't work, he decided to screw the locker and carry his crap around all day. He turned the knob even slower than before.

30-42-10. He pulled the handle up slowly but hard. Yes! His locker was open! Now what did he need to do again?

Kai pulled out his schedule. He had physical education first, with Coach Kudou. Great.

Gym had always been his least favorite class, and the name Kudou sounded evil already. How could you get gym first anyway? You walk around all sweaty the rest of the day without showers, which he had heard the school doesn't have.

But this was all beside the point. He didn't need any books for gym, so he could leave his stuff here, but there was always the possibility, or in Kai's case, the unerring truth, that he wouldn't be able to get it open again.

So he looked at the schedule again. After gym he had Art. Then English. Great. His next last favorite class.

For art he needed his sketchbook and art supplies, and for English he needed his workbook. He'd be pretty loaded up.

Oh well.

He grabbed what he needed and headed out to gym. When he reached the gym, a horde of people were staring at him. Especially the girls.

It was a coed class. Damnit.

"We have a new student, class," the teacher prompted, upon seeing Kai. "I'm Mr. Kudou. I'll go get you a uniform, now," he said to him. Then he turned back to the class. "Please take this time to get acquainted to your new classmate." Then Mr. Kudou was gone.

Some girls looked at Kai with sudden interest, others spoke under their breath to each other and giggled. The boys seemed upset by this- most of them mumbled to each other in hushed tones as well. Kai could make out a little of what they were saying.

"Hey, wanna go talk to him?" A cheerful-looking boy with blonde hair asked.

"I dunno," a blue haired boy with a baseball cap responded. "He looks a bit like a sour puss."

"Yeah, but he could probably use some friends. I know what it's like to be new. And you shouldn't judge people by their looks, Tyson," a black-haired boy with fangs said.

Kai ignored the rest of the conversation. He couldn't care less if he had any friends. He didn't need them. He didn't need anyone. No one but himself.

He did notice them headed his way though.

"Hi! I'm Max. What's you name?" the cheerful blonde boy asked, once they had reached him.

Kai remained silent.

"Hey, you got a name, tough guy?" the blue-haired-hat-wearing boy asked. Kai crossed his arms silently and leaned against the folded-in bleachers.

"We're only trying to be nice to you!" the black-haired boy said. "You're not going to be very popular with that attitude," he added, smiling. More silence from Kai told them that they wouldn't get any friendlier with him anytime soon. But they wouldn't give up.

"I'm Rei." The black-haired boy smiled at Kai.

"Well, I'm Tyson," the blue-haired boy said. "As of today, I'm dedicating my entire high school life to finding out your name," he laughed.

Tyson was silenced by the teacher coming back into the gymnasium.

"Well, here's your uniform, Kai. You don't have to get changed today." He turned to the class. "We're having free gym today. Play whatever sport you want. I'll take out the basketballs and volleyballs if you'd like to play those sports." Pretty much all of the girls went to sit on the bleachers to talk. About Kai, most likely.

Max smiled and turned back to Kai.

"Looks like we know your name now, Kai." The three of them smiled. Kai didn't return one.


Art class was no better. Kai hated his teacher, Mrs. Ainoe. She was so spacey and far-out she creeped him out. After she introduced Kai, she went on with the lesson.

"Today we're going to draw portraits of each other. I've already picked your partners." Everyone in the class moaned at their teacher's words. She started rambling off names, and of course Kai was completely lost.

"Kai and Miss Hamaguchi..." she continued repeating names. Great. Miss Hamaguchi. It was a girl. But who was Hamaguchi?

Kai waited for someone, anyone to make their way towards him. But no one came.

Kai stood up after everyone else had sat down with their partners. They all stared at him, and he ignored them. He made his way over to Mrs. Ainoe.

"Who is Hamaguchi?" he asked, not bothering to hide his annoyance. Mrs. Ainoe searched the room for the mysterious girl.

"Ah, she must be absent today." She went back and filed some more papers.

"Do you have another assignment to complete then?" he asked, the annoyance obvious now.

"Yes." She handed Kai an art book. "Read this and answer the chapter questions." She went back to filing papers.

Kai sighed. This wasn't fair. Just because Hamaguchi was absent today he had to do book work.


English wasn't bad. It was horrible. Turns out, Hamaguchi was in this class with him too, whoever she was. So were Max, Rei, and Tyson. They kept bothering him all period, asking him questions and telling him about themselves.

And before that, Kai had to tell the class about himself. And since this was English 3, he had to tell them in English. Seeing as he was Japanese, and he hadn't spoken English since last year, he was a bit rusty.

"Uh, my uh, name is Kai. I uh, like, odango's-, uh, buns, well, that is, bread rolls. I used, uh, to go to the Sango School, and uh, that's me." Several people snickered under their breath at Kai's stuttering and others started talking amongst themselves quietly. At least the teacher was nice about it.

"You seem a little rusty, Kai," Mrs. Johnson said, a smile on her face. Kai forced a nod and sat down.

"It's alright, we'll have you back into the swing of things in no time. Open your workbooks to page 90."

"Hey, Kai," whispered Max. "Wanna eat lunch with us?" Kai looked down at his schedule apprehensively.


Finally! Lunch time.

The only problem was... where to sit. Kai almost never ate lunch in school; he waited until he got home to eat. School lunches were brutal. That wasn't his issue.

He saw Max and Rei waving at him from a table across the lunchroom. They were alone, except for a reluctant Tyson and a brown-haired-glasses-wearing boy with a laptop. Why not? He had nowhere else to go...

He sat down beside Rei.

"Hi. I've heard a lot about you, Mr. Kai. I'm Kenny," said the brown-haired-glasses-wearing boy sitting with them.

"I'm Dizzi," said a voice.

"She's my laptop. I programmed her to talk so I wouldn't be lonely," Kenny turned red.

"Kenny's a genius," Tyson said.

Kai nodded and pulled out his CD player and headphones.

"Oh! What are you listening to?" Rei asked.

"Eminem," Kai said simply. "He's my favorite American artist."

"Never heard it before." Max interrupted. "How'd you get it?"


"At least you go him talking. Don't stop now, guys!" Tyson chirped in. Kai ignored him. He turned the music up loud enough to drown out all of the chatter in the lunchroom.

When I just a little baby boy,
my momma used to tell me these crazy things
She used to tell me my daddy was an evil man,
she used to tell me he hated me
But then I got a little bit older
and I realized, she was the crazy one
But there was nothin I could do or say to try to change it
cause that's just the way she was...

Max tapped Kai on the shoulder and he looked up briefly. He paused the song.


"Can I hear it now?" Kai reluctantly took off the headphones and handed them to Max. After a few seconds his face contorted and he shoved off the headphones.

"What is that?! My English isn't that great, but that sounds really angsty!" Max cried. Kai shrugged. Tyson snatched the CD player and put in his own CD.

"Excuse you!" Kai exclaimed in his low monotone voice. Tyson handed it back to Kai.

"Try that! It's not English though, it's J-POP..." Kai decided to give it a try. How bad could it be?

hanarerarezuni ita yo zutto
minareteru keshiki ga atta kara

It was incredibly bouncy and…. girly. He couldn't listen anymore.

"What the hell is that?" Kai cried.

"Ayumi Hamasaki. Why? Like it?"

Kai stared at him like he was crazy. Luckily the bell rang. Kai grabbed his stuff and headed to history, the last for him today. He had the rest of his necessary credits for classes so he only had 4 classes and a lunch a day.


Kai introduced himself for the umpteenth time today and then sat down. What was it with him and this girl? He sat next to Hamaguchi in this class too! And of course, they had a group reading project in this class, too.

So he read alone. Kai wasn't complaining though. He liked being alone, and wasn't surrounded by weirdos like that Tyson for the first time all day. He had a feeling this would be his favorite class from now on.

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