"You're all out of ideas Pine Tree!", Bill yelled as he blasted Mabel. "Not yet Bill!", Dipper yelled as he consulted the book. "Azary-Mentrio-Porto-cephius!", he echoed. However, he read the wrong spell. The spell was to open a PORTAL to another world.

A portal opened, sucking them all in. "Woah. Where are we?", Mabel pondered. "Probably in the bottomless pit again", Soos responded. "Ha Ha.", Mabel laughed. "THANKS A LOT PINE TREE!", Bill said aloud, "NOW I CAN TAKE OVER ELMORE AND GRAVITY FALLS!". "Elmore? Can I make money there?", Stan questioned.

Before anyone could say no, Bill ripped through the darkness and went to takeover Elmore. Dipper grabbed the rest and jumped through the portal. "What the...", they all said. Elmore looked as happy as can be. "This is way different from home.", Wendy said. Dipper, still shooken up, said "We can't let Bill take over this place! We got to group with the people in this town and fight back!". "Ha ha! Nerd." Mabel said.

And with that, they were off to find help.