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Perhaps it had something to do with his Akashi genetics.

It hadn't been scientifically proven, but their close friends and acquaintances came to believe so.

Akashi Seiji grew just like his father; he excelled in everything. He passed his exams with flying colors, became the basketball team's captain as well as the student council president, and mastered his private lessons with utmost excellence. His tutors sometimes asked why he needed the lessons in the first place.

It was nearing cultural festival, so the red-head had to stay back for meetings for the past week. Not to mention he had a Shogi competition and a practice match against another school just a few days after the festival. Everything was hectic. Then again, he never complained and did his best to manage his time.

One day, his vice president ushered him to go home early. He persuaded him to take a rest for at least a day, lest he gets sick on the day of the event. He had always been a worry wart. Seiji wanted to argue back, but deciding it didn't worth his energy, he complied.

The sun hadn't disappeared in the horizon yet. There was still a few minutes before five so he decided to take detour to buy his mother's favorite milkshake and a cherry sundae for himself before going home.

Seiji had texted his mother that he will be home late before his vice president's offer. However, deeming a follow-up message was unnecessary, he put his red and black phone in his pocket.

He walked home at leisure pace. Turning right once and then going straight, he could see his house's gate standing tall and proud among other houses nearby. Yet that was the least of his interest now.

The red head entered the premises, absentmindedly admiring his mother's carefully tended garden, and pushed open the main door.

"I'm home."

The sight that greet him made him want to go back to school and bury himself in his duties.

"A-ah, Sei-kun. Welcome h-home" His mother, even with the state he's in, greeted him back. His poker face was cracked by his palpable blush. His father –that unsympathethic, incosiderate, thick skinned father of his– only nodded in his direction once, not an ounce of guilt was seen on his face after scarring his son.

Seijuurou was straddling his mother on his waist on the couch –he won't look or sit on it the same way ever again– as he tied his hands with his tie. His hands were busy fondling and mapping his mother's body. Tetsuya's blue shirt was pushed up while his pants was half way open, showing his bulge that mirrored his father's.

Seiji immediately averted his eyes. He refused to confirm if he saw a collar and chains beside the couch or not. He would pay anyone if they'd just tell him that was just his Schizophrenia getting worse.

He meant; come on, he's a middle schooler. A modest one at that. He didn't want to delve into that kind of knowledge yet no matter how much he loved biology –especially having his parents as the subject. His father should know that.

"Father, please don't do it on the couch. The living room is not sound proof. And I am only fourteen. Please avoid doing it somewhere I could see." To his credit, his voice didn't quiver when he said that.

"Sei-kun is right, Seijuurou-kun. Please stop." His mother gently pushed the other man's chest, admonishing him from touching more than what Seiji saw. Seijuurou sighed.

"Fine. We're continuing it in our bedroom. Seiji, do your homework." He carried his mother bridal-style to their room. The teen pretended he only heard the last sentence.

His father then stopped and calmly looked at him over his shoulder. "Oh, and do you mind bringing those chains and collar here. We'll need it."

Seiji didn't know if his father was plain dense or he just lacked in children education.

Perhaps the Akashi genetics, with all their brilliance and merits, lacked common sense in their alleles.


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