It had been six months since Azula had returned home, back to the Fire Nation royal palace. After four years in the institution, she was finally released, after showing great progress in her mental health and going through therapy. She had been very resistant at first, not willing to admit that she needed any kind of help or wanted it, but after making a deal with her brother, the Fire Lord, that she would gain freedom through this, she grudgingly agreed. The progress was slow at first. Many times there were changes in her therapist due to some "accidents" of crossing territory into her personal life that she did not want to approach, but soon enough that had to be addressed. She refused to talk to anyone about her relationship with her mother. Anyone who tried to argue otherwise would get burned severely. After being approached by her brother about the situation, it took a different turn, one that even he did not see coming.


"I'm not going to engage anyone on that topic…and you cannot convince me otherwise Zuzu." She lay on her bed in the room she was kept in. Her bed was on the far wall away from the door under a window that over looked Ember Island. Ironic that it was here that she was forced to reside on, the place where their family was the happiest at one point. The furnishings in the room were not all that bad. She had a dresser to keep her clothes in, even though that wasn't many and it was only the garbs that the institution provided. She had cosmetics for her pleasure of using, and a desk with books she had requested to read and pass the time. When you have the Fire Lord as family, there were some exceptions and rewards for good behavior.

She lay there with one arm behind her head and the other held in front of her. Zuko watched her create a ball of blue fire in her hand. She was making the flame swirl and flare to her will. She almost seemed at peace, her eyes captivated by the life force, in her own world that no one could enter. One might believe they could sneak up on her unaware, but that would be a death wish. He knew all too well her senses had been adapted to focus in on everything around her. He remembered trying to sneak up on her all the time to try and scare her like she did to him when they were kids. Each time he thought he had actually succeeded, she surprised him by talking like she knew he was there all along or hurling a ball of fire where he would be hiding. It was usually the later.

Her brother sighed heavily and pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration. He had been working on controlling his temper, and it had greatly improved, but when it came to his sister…well, all that went right out the window. "Azula…you can't keep avoiding this…it's the reason why you had your breakdown in the first place."

She closed her fist around the azure flame, dissipating it immediately and sat up abruptly. She glared daggers at him and looked ready to argue the point but stopped the moment she met her brother's eyes and the retort died on her tongue. He gazed into her golden orbs, one eye brow raised. Do you really want to argue about this? She looked away and sat farther back on the bed with her back against the window. She had one knee drawn up and her arm draped lazily over it. She looked at the scenery instead, deciding that it was the most fascinating thing in the world. But he knew her better than that and she knew that as well. "I can't…" Her voice betrayed the pain that she was feeling about this conversation and the forbidden topic surrounding it.

His eyes gained a look of concern. It was rare to see his sister display her emotions to him. He noticed though, that it was becoming more frequent. He had started visiting her after the first year, fear keeping him away, afraid of what she would say or do when she saw him. At first there had been harsh words and accusations thrown from both sides, even a few fire balls, but after they had laid everything out on the table, they both had gained a new respect for one another. He made frequent visits at least once a week and they had slowly started opening up to each other, repairing the damage that had been done to their relationship.

He crossed the room and kneeled before her, placing a hand on her leg in comfort. She visibly flinched and slowly turned her head to look at him. Her breathing had picked up slightly but she was able to hide it from her sibling. There was a reason why they had breathing exercises as kids for their fire bending. The key to her nations elemental bending was from the breath. It helped the user to gain control over the fire they created. And depending on how heavy or how light your breathing was, decided how much command you had over it. Breathing also helped to gain control over your emotions. The prodigy was no short of a master at that.

He thought he noticed a shift in her demeanor but he discarded it. He was the first to speak. "There has to be someone you can talk to about this." He paused, gave his next words some thought and continued "Is there anyone you would be willing to talk to about this?"

She didn't respond right away. Her gaze becoming distant and deep in thought. There was only one person she would be willing to talk to about their mother. He was kneeling right before her. Would she be able to, was the question. She knew that she couldn't avoid this anymore than she could avoid the impending doom her father had set her up for. The betrayals she had faced due to the ideas placed in her head…the absolute pathetic loss from the Agni Kai against her brother for the throne. The last thought made her grimace and she closed her eyes only to open them up a second later.

She hesitantly placed her hand over his, grabbing it lightly. He was visibly surprised by this show of affection from her. Her eyes locked on his and Zuko was taken aback by the intensity of her stare and the words she spoke had thrown him off guard. "You" It was all she said.

[End Flashback]

From that point on her recovery had sped up significantly. She still talked to her therapist about topics ranging from her childhood, to her friends, to her father. They never once talked about her mother. That was reserved for when Zuko visited her. He learned a lot about why she terrorized him as a child due to jealously towards his relationship with their mother. He also came to the realization that all she wanted was to be loved by her mother. She never outright said it that way but he could tell that it was implied. Her emotional breakdowns that she had avoided like the plague caught up with her just like the lies placed in her head that became reality. She was finally able to come to terms with the way she was raised. The love from her mother she never truly had but she came to the conclusion that her mother must have loved her. 'A mother's love never dies' Zuko would say to her. The abuse her father put her through and accepting that he only used her and never cared about her. And the final fact that there was someone who still did love her.

Since being back at the palace, the prodigy was able to once again pick back up on her fire bending training, the one thing that defined her for who she was besides the rare form of bending blue fire. It was a request she had made almost instantly upon her return. Her brother was almost reluctant to agree but then he thought back to the times in her room at the institution. The blue flames she conjured upon his many visits to see her, the way her eyes shown with excitement and fascination for the fire: A sense of recognition. He came to realize that it was a huge part of her life that she found solitude in, a form of therapy that he came to understand. She was born of fire. She was fire. Not to be contained or controlled. She was as beautiful as she was deadly just like her element: A dragon.

They had started out their days by sparring. He would try his hardest to out-best her. And many times they were evenly matched. Azula realized a long time ago that he had greatly improved and could not help the twinge of pride for her brother's progress. Many times she found herself on the defensive but her being the quick thinker and strategist like she was came back with techniques he had not yet seen in her fire bending form yet. He wondered if they were actual forms she had picked up or just invented on the spot. Her cat like grace kept him on his toes and never once did she falter. Going against her now was a far cry from their last fight with each other. She was in control once more. Her mind set. Instincts sharp. She was called a prodigy for a reason. And yet he was no longer jealous of her talents. If anything, it gave him a drive to get better and eventually him coming to ask her to teach him. She had accepted without a second thought, making sure not to leave out a few smart remarks. She had to play the part of sibling sometimes.

Azula was now training him in the art of generating lighting, the purest and most powerful form of fire bending. The deadly serpent of electricity was not to be controlled, only to be guided, but at the same time you are its master. They had been at it for about an hour.

He found that she was strict in her teachings and gave no chance to slack off. She was quick to correct and all too willing to demonstrate. Many times they found themselves laughing and teasing one another through fire bending. Sarcasm filled with fire being shot always proved to lighten the mood. Now they stood, or rather he was on his back with her towering over him, feet on either side of his body, two fingers pointing down towards him, her trade mark smirk playing on her face. She was panting lightly and him heavily, the scowl on his face making it more apparent who won. A light sheen of sweat covered their bodies, the duel coming to a halt. The winner was obvious.

She laughed softly and her eyes held triumph. "I win again Zuzu."

He scoffed "Obviously…" He turned his face away, "though it was clear you cheated…" He glanced back up at her and grinned.

Azula's eyes widened "Cheated! So, knowing pressure points is now considered cheating is it?"

"You just can't accept the fact that I would have won if you hadn't used them. I had already over powered you with The Phoenix Kick."

"Oh, right…so dodging your attack and coming up behind you to knock you down was a sneaky thing to do." She pulled her arm away and straightened up. She wore training pants with bindings that only covered her breasts. Her muscles were clearly defined on her soft stomach. Her hair had been pulled up into a pony tail, her bangs framing her face. She narrowed her eyes. "Well then…I guess I'll just leave you here to fester in the sun."

His eyes widened with horror "You can't just leave me here!"

"Why not? The night's still young…there's plenty of other things to do than stand here shadowing you from the heat." She had taken to glancing up at the sky towards the ever sinking sun. It was twilight but even here the sun beat down as hot as ever. Then she looked down back at him, her eyes grew playful, a sly grin forming on her face "Unless you like what you see…?"

Her brother's mouth gaped open and he struggled to find the words for a comeback. A light blush covered his cheeks. "W-what?"

She laughed "So it's true right?" She placed her hands on her hips, a knowing look creeping into her eyes. "I mean I wouldn't blame you…"

"N-no! Why would you say something like that?" His eyes glanced over her body for a split second, taking in her lithe form. She had curves in all the right places. Her breasts weren't too big or too small either. They fit her frame perfectly. Her legs were toned along with her arms and stomach. It was true that she had an amazing body but to think of her like that? Forbidden thoughts crept into the dark recesses of his mind. Things he would like to do to her… He shook his head mentally. You can't view her that way! She's your sister! He couldn't help the slight arousal and distracted his mind by resting his eyes back on her face. She had noticed his roaming eyes and his blush deepened "Would you help me up already!"

She crossed her arms, still looking down at him, her eye brow raised. "You've been able to for the past few minutes Dum Dum…"

"Oh…" There was a tense silence that seemed to stretch for eternity. She stood there still, gazing at him, eyes narrowed. He avoided eye contact. They seemed to be analyzing his every movement. Each breath he took. Swallowing self-consciously he spoke "C-could you get off me now…?"

She was quiet for a moment before responding "I suppose…" She walked away, allowing him to get back on his feet. He turned his back towards her and dusted off his training pants from the dirt that had gathered on it. Not that it really mattered at this point but the short converse between him and his sister ruffled him. He could feel her still staring at him, making the hairs on his neck rise. Was she wondering why he had looked her over? Could she read his thoughts? He wouldn't be surprised if she could…his sister always knew what he was thinking and feeling. Then again he was never very good at hiding his emotions.

He took a deep breath and turned around to look at her. She was observing him. She was clearly thinking but her face gave nothing away. As usual… "You won't be able to create lighting with all your emotions displayed for everyone to see Zuko. The point of generating lighting is to discard all emotions and imbalance: A calm mind." She was walking towards him as she said this and stopped just short of a few feet between them. He tensed. "If you want to be able to do this then you need to control yourself."

Zuko nodded his head in understanding. He quickly steeled himself and wore a mask of confidence, even though inside he was in utter chaos. Azula's proximity was sending him over the edge. He felt like he was about to jump into a pit of rat vipers, although the danger was not yet visible, it became more obvious the closer you approached.

"Is there something bothering you…?" Azula had noticed a great shift in his demeanor in mere seconds. He was getting good at creating the illusion that he was in control, that there was nothing that could move him. She guessed that in becoming Fire Lord he had learned quickly to do so if he wanted to maintain authority. He could never get away with that when she was around though. That was a grave mistake if he thought he could. The one thing that always had given him away to her was his eyes. They never lied to her. No matter how hard he tried, she could always figure him out. His range of emotions was easy to distinguish. His thoughts as legible as if she were reading a book page for page: Anger, frustration, pride, confusion, honesty, and confidence. Those were among the few she could pick up from him any time of day.

This new emotion, however, was not one she had ever seen. She noted how his breathing had picked up when she had closed in on him. The way his jaw clenched. The muscles in his arms flex. The way his eyes shifted over her. They showed how unsettled he was…like he was nervous. And even deeper than that was something that sent shivers up her spine.


It took all her willpower not to show how this affected her. She stood there like an unmovable force and refused to break eye contact. She would not show weakness. But the longer she stared him down, the more she let herself get swept up into the storm of emotions that got harder and harder to tame. She felt trapped under his golden orbs. Electricity sparked between them and was so tangible that it raised the hair on her arms.

"Azula…" His voice had deepened and grown husky.

The power of him saying her name was more than she could handle. She felt a growing tightness in her stomach. Her face flushed lightly. Gods damn it! She clenched her jaw. She had to stop this before it got out of hand. She went to move but found that her body stubbornly refused. Panic stirred within her as she realized she didn't want to go anywhere, to stop the motion of what was being kindled between them. Azula knew how wrong this was…but at the same time she didn't care. She never was one for morals but she knew when dangerous territory should not be crossed.

This being one of them.

She was slowly starting to lose that wall of security she kept up around herself. Just give in…let go…

She didn't even notice his hand until it touched her face. It shocked her out of whatever poison had taken over her body. And she found she was able to move again. She backed away faster than she would want to admit and turned around. They were here to train. She was here to teach. He was here to learn. There was no room for distractions.

He seemed to realize what he had been about to do or what she thought he was about to do. He said her name again, causing her heart to race, "Azula…I..." She had never been so unsure of his intention in her entire life growing up with him. She had always calculated what he was going to do. Always ten steps ahead. Perfectly in control. This was the first time that she couldn't see the end result. It both terrified…and exhilarated her all at once.

She cut him off from anything he was about to say. "I am going to demonstrate this to you first." She started walking away from him till she reached the middle of the training arena, putting a safe distance between them for more than one reason. "Then I'll have you try."

She took a deep breath, pushing back any distracting thoughts down into the dark recesses of her mind. Any turmoil could blow back up in her face if she didn't. "Besides requiring a calm mind, you need to be able to separate the energies around you: Your yin and yang." She got into the horse stance, the beginners stance, after taking another deep breath to calm her nerves. She didn't even look at him. She couldn't afford to. "Once you are able to do that, you can begin…" She slowly started to make wide circles around her, letting the energy that was lighting form. "Wide low circles to start…eventually you will be able to do it on instinct…" Her voice had softened. She loved this form of fire bending above all else…it was peaceful. Upon starting, the deadly energy had started to spark the air around her, causing her hair to flow lightly into the air. She became entranced. "Remember that you are there to guide its path…" Everything seemed to slow down around her…she locked her eyes on his and noted the way his breath caught in his throat. "You are not there to tame…" She didn't even try to look away. "Only to guide…and when you're ready…" Her heart beat faster. "Let it go…" She whispered.

In nearly a heartbeat, she twisted her body faster than his eyes could register and watched as she directed the lighting up into the air. He had watched her move with such grace that he couldn't look away. He could see every muscle that flexed and moved to her will. You are not there to tame…only to guide… The look she had given him had stirred a deep emotion he had never thought would be possible to have…especially towards his sister of all people. The danger of that look only enticed him.

She stood there for a few moments before turning back to him. Her eyes found his and in them he saw desire. Zuko didn't know whether he should say something or not. He didn't dare approach her. So he opted to staying where he was. She slowly started walking towards him…only this time it was different than her usual air of authority. His mind brought him back to a late night in the palace, the first night upon his return, the confrontation in her room, and the way she had looked at him. It was the same thing happening now. He swallowed and forced himself not to move away. Run! He didn't want to. She stopped only mere inches from him. He was sure she could hear his heartbeat the way it was thrumming against his chest. "Your turn…" She murmured.

He hesitated but only for a second before making his way to the center of the arena where she stood moments before. She followed behind him more slowly. He was consciously aware of her presence. The air around them was charged with something more than just electricity. He got into his horse stance and took deep breaths, trying with every fiber of his being to calm down: To erase every unwanted, sinful thought. The lust he felt in wanting to take his sister right then and there was almost unbearable. Why couldn't they just have a normal relationship? He hated to admit it but their sibling bond had been anything but normal since they were kids.

He heard her making a humming noise in the back of her throat before approaching him. Her eyes flitted over his body. He struggled not to squirm under her scrutinizing gaze. "Not quite right…" she mumbled to herself. She laid a hand on his chest, causing him to take a sharp intake of breath, and moved him back, straightening his posture. She traced her fingers over his abs for only a moment. He dared not look into her eyes. Azula lingered in front of him for what seemed like a century before backing up a few paces and watching him "There…now begin."

How was he supposed to even begin when she kept on making this seemingly easy task of emptying his mind near impossible? He took another deep breath. When he tried this with his Uncle, he had told Zuko that he needed to calm the inner turmoil within himself. He knew that that struggle between good and evil was gone. He had been confident in starting this training process but now with his attractive sister giving him mixed signals, the hurricane of emotions began. The lust and wants of her flesh threatened to overcome him. He closed his eyes and struggled to empty his mind once more. It was several minutes before he dared to try generating any lightning.

He started his low wide circles around him. The air started to spark with electricity. He felt empty, calm, at peace. The serenity of this exercise was intoxicating. He could stay like this forever. But the more energy he cut, the more power he held in his body. He wondered briefly how long he could hold all this in. He was tempted to try. "Zuko…"

Her voice…that's all it took for him to become unbalanced. The illusion that he was alone was shattered in mere seconds. He had to release this electrical current somewhere. He started to panic and opened his eyes. Azula's sharp gaze found his and they widened, she saw that he was losing control and quickly took his hand in her right. Before he could say anything she flowed through the movements he had learned from his Uncle in redirecting lightning and pointed her left arm outwards. The force at which the lightning came out knocked them both back onto the ground.

Azula lay there stunned. She brought her left hand to her head, her eyes tightly shut. Idiot! Does Zuzu really think he can control that much lightning on his first go? She struggled to catch her breath. It had been knocked out of her the moment she made contact with the ground beneath her. She took deep breaths and though there was still pain, she managed to get back to a normal breathing pattern. She was then consciously aware of a weight on her chest.

She slowly opened her eyes and looked down to see her brother had fallen on her. He must have tried to shield her or some other heroic nonsense. She scoffed and then really assessed the situation. His face was right beside hers. Her arms were laid out above her head, her legs on either side of his body. Her face heated up and her heart raced. If some guard caught them like this, they might assume that their training had taken a swift turn elsewhere. Zuko did not station any guards here today. There was no need. He said that he trusted her. Azula thought about Mai catching them in such a position. The accusations ran through her head unbidden. The explanations that came to mind seemed lame. She would have to be the one to lie their way out of this. Zuko was of no help in that area of expertise. The training arena they used was private and surrounded by walls and shrubbery from the garden. Not like they were likely to be seen anyways…

All of a sudden her brother stirred. He groaned and lifted his right arm up and placed it on his head. She held her breath and tried not to make any noise or movement, almost like she was trying to stay invisible. Cause that's going to work so well! He's definitely not going to notice you under him! She scolded herself mentally.

He then opened his eyes and they widened. They were almost as big as the moon herself. His face had grown a deep shade of red. She would find it humorous if she weren't in the same position he was. She could not help the way her heart thrummed violently in her chest. The wall that stopped any emotion she didn't want to display had broken down in seconds when she met his gaze. She felt vulnerable. Her breathing had picked up considerably. She had never wanted to admit it…even to herself…but she had always found him rather attractive even when he got his scar.

Her feelings for her brother had grown since they had last reunited all those years ago when she had started her hunt for him and their uncle. She had never been sure why…maybe it was because of their connection to one another: Their shared history. The way he looked at her with such anger and hate and yet, underneath it all, a deep understanding of her that no one else seemed to have or cared to even explore. She realized that she wanted him back in her life and so, she had perfectly found a way to get him home when she conquered Ba Sing Se with him. She had been happy that he had chosen her over the Avatar and his friends. It meant a great deal to her than she would ever let on. Then, as they started to get back to their normal life as a family…he left her again. And she had felt such a deep sense of betrayal, only causing her to fall more when her friends back stabbed her and the father she had sacrificed everything for, left her with a meaningless title…a throne she had fought her brother for. He then sent her away to a mental facility…only humiliating her further. After a year of hiding and avoiding, he had come back for her. She had been angry. Blinded by fury she attacked him and he mirrored her. It had been necessary for the both of them. She realized after calming down and discussing what to do next, she was grateful for his return and willingness to help. He had proven to her that he would never leave her. That he actually loved her.

Now here they were. And whatever happened next would change the course of their relationship with each other. Azula didn't know if he felt the same…he might never. Just brush it off. He had Mai. He didn't need her. That thought almost brought tears to her eyes but she stubbornly swallowed them back. She was not going to self pity over trivial things that shouldn't matter.

Her brother gazed back down at her. A flash of emotion flitted across his eyes. Her breath caught in her throat. His eye lids lowered and his face drew closer. His lips lightly brushed hers. She felt desire pool between her legs from the fleeting contact and anticipation; her eyes losing their look of intensity and was replaced with gentleness. He was hesitating…and Azula couldn't blame him. Everything around blurred and it was only them. "Zuzu…" her voice was just above a whisper.

And he closed the gap between them. He kissed her softly and she returned with eagerness. His lips molded nicely with hers. They were soft but they showed how confident he was of himself and the situation. She brought her arms up around his neck and pulled him closer, deepening the kiss.

Zuko slowly brought his left hand up and grazed it over her side and up to her breast. Azula shuddered at his touch, goose bumps following the trail of his hand. His fingers seemed to dance lightly below them before he made up his mind and caressed her. She moaned softly into his lips. The pleasure of this simple act was stirring feelings within the pit of her stomach. Heat was growing between her legs.

How much did she dare to test his boundaries? However far she wanted to. He could never refuse her. She bit the bottom of his lip, smirking as he gasped before allowing her entrance. Their tongues battled for dominance, only heightening the need for each other more.

He broke the kiss, his forehead pressed against hers and they lay there panting lightly. Love and desire danced in their eyes. She caressed his scarred face gently. He shivered and closed his eyes briefly. "How long…?" He managed to ask.

"Four years…"

He opened his eyes again. And in that moment, it didn't matter what anyone, who saw them, thought, or the shear fact that they were siblings by blood. All that mattered was what they did next…she pulled him down again for another kiss. "I love you…"

He traced the edge of her brow softly with his thumb before replying. "I love you too…"

She allowed a small smile and reached up again for a kiss, this time searching for something more. He responded to her search in letting his hands wander over her body. Feeling the muscles built from her years training. His hands traveled down and he shifted into kissing the side of her neck, to which she leaned into, trailing down till he came to the binds that held her breasts out of view from him. His hand at the same time played at the hem of her training pants.

She took a sharp intake of breath as she felt his teeth pull down the binds. She shifted her body to make access easier for him. He found the edge and pulled the string with his teeth. The cloth loosened up and slid down slightly. He nudged it aside and traced circles around her nipple with his tongue at an agonizingly slow pace.

She tried to swallow the sounds of pleasure that desperately wanted to escape her lips. All that came out were whimpers. It was humiliating allowing him to see her like this. The instinct to show him up was strong but the need for him was over powering every sense she had left in her. Should they be doing this? The quick answer: No. They were brother and sister. Did she care? Not in the slightest. She pulled his head closer, urging him on, kissing the top of his head. "A little eager are we…?" She could practically hear the smirk in his voice.

"Oh…shut up…" Azula took the opportunity and let one of her hands glide down his chest, taking her time. She noticed how his breath quickened. A little eager are we? She wanted to taunt back but she held her tongue. Instead she focused on his body and how it felt beneath her fingers. She could feel his nicely defined abs. He worked out every day and trained in the morning. The proof of the result was here.

As she got closer to his pants, he took her tit in his mouth. She breathed in sharply and a moan escaped her lips. He suckled her gently, his teeth grazing lightly over her nipple. His other hand slid under the hem of her pants. His middle finger slipped between her folds, and he lightly drew them up and down. The pleasure she derived from it caused her to lose whatever sense of moral control she had left. The prodigy couldn't help but rock her hips with his movement. "Zuko…" she breathed out.

Encouraged, he suckled her harder while be plunged his finger into her core. He was rewarded with an almost animalistic growl from deep within her throat. It wasn't long before she was soaked, her body begging him for what she wanted, while she stubbornly refused to say the words out loud. Words were never needed with them. The feel of his hand inside her, the way her body twisted under his touch and the sounds she let out was pushing him over the edge. He wanted her so badly and the nagging thought that this was wrong was slowly turning into a distant echo. The image of Mai briefly swept through the haze of his mind. What would she do if she caught them like this? In all honesty…he didn't give a damn.

He brought his face up to kiss her firmly on the lips to which she replied with lustfulness. He felt her hand slip down into his pants and grab his hardened member, making him gasp. He felt her grin smugly as she slowly started to pump her hand up and down. Damn it felt good. He tried to keep up with his own acts but the pleasure was too much. His movements faltered and he let out a low moan. She picked up her pace in response, increasing the pressure, as she brought him closer to release.

He pulled his hand out from under her pants and started to pull them down, all while not breaking their kiss. Her hands matched his in impatience as she undid the string that kept the prize from her. She was beyond being reasoned with. Nothing he or any one said could stop her from what she desired. And yet, through this sinful act that they were about to commit, he had to be sure this is what she wanted. The rational part of his mind hadn't stopped working through all this. He stopped her action with his hands. She looked up at his gaze and frowned slightly, her eyes holding a look of annoyance at being held back and brief confusion. Was he having second thoughts?

"Are you sure this is what you want…?"

Azula looked at him and thought that was a stupid question. Why wouldn't she? Then she noticed the concern in his eyes. He was just looking out for her, putting her first before his own wants and needs, like he has always done their entire life. The realization brought a smile briefly to her lips before pressing them against his reassuringly. "Yes"

Before she could process what he was doing, he picked her up off the ground and carried her to the edge of the training grounds, away from any prying eyes. Any witness to what they were about to do. He placed her down on her feet behind one of the pillars, putting his hands on either side of her. She pressed her back up against it, feeling a thrill go through her body and unwanted nervousness. It was almost annoying…she should be the one dominating, not him. But the way he held himself, his body portraying the controlling, confident side of him, left her heart beating fast.

"You're sure…" He whispered in a seductive tone.

She was almost hypnotized by this darker side of him and she loved it. Who knew her brother had it in him? Not to be outdone, she brought her hands up around his neck and brought his face just inches from hers, their lips barely touching. "I want you to fuck me…" she whispered.

"As you wish my princess…" His voice lowered dangerously.

He crushed his lips hungrily against hers. She matched his hunger, not holding anything back, as she slipped her tongue into his mouth. They both wrestled for dominance, their hands eagerly roaming each other's bodies. Azula felt a fire start burning inside her, heat radiated from each other's bodies, along with the electricity dancing between them. She moaned into his lips as he pressed his body up against hers, his obvious erection rubbing up against her most sensitive area. She ground her hips against his in response, earning her a moan that sounded so unlike the gentle brother she knew.

He broke their kiss briefly, gripping the sides of her pants and pulling them off. Her body shook with eagerness, as he tore off his own training pants, tossing them aside. They resumed their kissing, as he slid two fingers inside her once more, she spread her legs, moaning her approval. She was more than ready, he knew, but keeping her on the edge till she begged was too enticing.

"Zuko…please…" she moaned loudly, her legs almost buckling beneath her from the sheer pleasure.

He brought his lips to her ear whispering "What do you want 'Zula…?"

Oh, how she wanted to burn him. She knew what he was doing and wanted to refuse but the growing fire in her only caused her to whimper. "I want…" moan "you…"

With this, he hosted her up as she wrapped her legs around him and gently pushed his cock inside her. She gasped as she felt him go deeper, he fit tightly inside her but it felt so good. She gripped him around the neck, as he slowly started pumping. He groaned loudly. "You're so wet…" Gods she felt so good.

She moaned louder as he started pumping faster into her, clawing his back while biting his shoulder. She never thought she could ever feel something this good. He brought his head down and started sucking her right breast, causing even more inhuman sounds to escape his sister "Faster Zuzu…" She barely managed to voice as she reached down with one hand and started rubbing her clit. The pure ecstasy she felt was over whelming. She was getting closer as she knew he was as well. The fire that had been growing from the beginning needed to be released and soon. Her eyes shut tightly in bliss but not before she noticed the electricity circulating around their bodies. She didn't pause to even think about it as she neared her peak. Her brother let go of her breast and brought his mouth up to hers again, kissing her hungrily, breaking the kiss not even a moment after as he finally reached his climax the same time she did, moaning loudly. She couldn't keep it in any longer; her body rocked against his fiercely as she let loose the fire that had been burning in her body. Blue fire escaped her mouth and into the air above, as she screamed in her ecstasy. At the same time the lightning that had been wrapping around them like a dragons body and increasing in intensity, shot up into the air causing a deafening sound to crackle over the Fire Nation Capital.

His movements soon slowed down to a stop as did hers. Still holding her up, he pressed his forehead against hers, breathing heavily. Their bodies were covered in sweat, shining as the sun sent its last rays into the sky, the blues and purples of the night matching the calming tempo of the two. Zuko slowly caught his breath. Never had he had sex so intense before in his short life. Not even Mai could have brought the same experience that his sister did. It almost made him feel guilty. He shouldn't have enjoyed it as much as he did…but there was just something about this women he now held in his arms that made his life so complicated and yet exciting all at once. She knew him better than he knew himself and dare he say it, better than Mai.


He opened his eyes, locking his golden orbs with hers. For the first time in his life, he saw uncertainty in her eyes, but also a fiery determination that almost made it seem nonexistent. He smiled as he kissed her softly, setting her gently on the ground, making sure she could stand first.

She pressed her back against the pillar as he stood over her. She cursed being so much shorter than him. It made him look intimidating…and attractive. The realization of what they did was slowly creeping over her. She couldn't believe what just happened but at the same time it was no surprise…things had never been normal between them. She then remembered the lightning that was being formed between them. She laughed softly catching his attention.

"What's so funny?"

"I guess my lessons paid off…you're a master at generating lightning now." Placing her hand on the burnt side of his face, she stood on her toes and placed a kiss on his cheek. "You didn't notice did you…?"

"Notice what?" His eyes held a look of confusion.

He was so dense sometimes. She shook her head dismissing it. Another thought then crept its way into her mind, an important one that now needed to be addressed. One he needed to figure out. "The real question…is how are you going to tell Mai?"