8 months later

"And then I got out of the broom cupboard and ran away."

Jennifer laughed heartily. She, Penny, Ted and Samar were by the window in the common room. It was one of those days where Samar would come back from a disastrous date and tell them about it.

"Alright you lot. I am going to bed." announced Jennifer.

"Yeah me too." said Penny.

"Oh come on you ladies! It's Saturday night. You don't go to bed at 11 p.m on Saturdays." whined Samar.

"Samar exams are coming up next week. We really should maintain some discipline now in our studies."said Jennifer

"Oh boo hoo Jen. Just go to bed. Don't get me to join the cult." waved off Samar.

"Fine then, Goodnight! Goodnight Ted."

"Goodnight Jen! Hey don't forget to look over my essay!" replied Ted.

"I won't. I will bring to you tomorrow at breakfast."

"So next Friday is the last day we will get to visit the Central village." said Penny while getting ready for bed. "You know Michael Gambon. He asked me out today. I might go with him."

"When are you going to ask Ted out?"asked Jennifer.

Penny whirled to face her,"You know! Did Samar tell you? I swear to God I WILL KILL HIM!"

Jennifer laughed at her facial expression,"Relax Penny! It wasn't Samar. I have known it for a while. It is not that hard to draw that conclusion when someone sees the two of you together. You both are crazy for each other everybody can say that."

Penny blushed asked in a low voice,"You haven't told any of this to Ted have you? Or Samar?"

"No I haven't."

"Good because I don't wanna start something up and then muck it up again." said Penny.

"Again?What you mean by again? Have you dated Ted before?"

"Yeah jeez Jen how can you not know that. Everyone knows that. We were the it couple during our sixth year."said Penny.

"I wasn't there remember." spoke Jennifer softly.

"Ooh er right." chuckled Penny,"Sometimes I forget that you are an immigrant."

"So why did you Ted break up?"

"Because it got too serious too soon and I wasn't ready for it."


"What about you and Samar?" asked Penny with a wicked gleam in her eye.

"What about me and Samar?"asked Jennifer nervously.

"I have eyes too you know. I saw you flirting back at him the other day. Also I once saw you looking at his ass for more than ten seconds -"

"Okay okay I get it. You know I like Samar." admitted Jennifer.

Penny just looked smug and said,"So are you going to do anything about it?"

"I don't know," answered Jennifer dully,"I mean I like him a lot. Today I am here recovered from my accident and a lot of it because of Samar. Opening up to him about the rape was by far the best decision I made. If it wasn't for him I wouldn't be comfortable with guys this soon. He is just my male best friend Penny. But lately I have been wanting to do more than just hang out with him. I mean the other day when I saw him flirting with that girl I wanted to do nothing but hex that that make sense?" said Jennifer.

"If you like him so much then why haven't you asked him out?" asked Penny.

"Well, I don't know if he likes me back."

"Okay now that is ridiculous. He is head over heels in love with you Jennifer. Everyone knows that." said Penny exasperatedly.

"Yeah head over heels in love with me and sleeping with practically the whole female population of Princeton."scoffed Jennifer

"Jennifer he knows that you are not that type of girl who rushes into things like this and that's why he is biding his time. Look listen why don't you talk to him about this tomorrow?"

"Yeah maybe."

She was sitting in the library when Samar joined her.

"Hey Red wassup?" he greeted.

Jennifer grimaced,"What is it Seamus? When are you going to stop giving me stupid names?"

Samar just looked at her perplexed.

"What?" asked Jennifer.

"You just called me Seamus."

"I did",said Jennifer suddenly realizing she had indeed called him Seamus. Where did that come from?, she thought.

Seeing her puzzled expression Samar said, " Well maybe this Seamus character is someone from your past life. Maybe this person looked like me or something."

Jennifer laughed and said,"I don't think there is someone else like you Samar."

"Are you flirting with me Miss Neveu?"

"I wouldn't dare . Anyway why are you here?"

"Oh I almost forgot. You weren't there at dinner so I thought you would be locked up in the library as always. Its almost past curfew. Come on let's go back to the common room."

Jennifer collected her stuff and the two of them ran from library to avoid being detected by the caretaker.

"Wait wait I hear footsteps", said Jennifer to Samar.

"Yeah I hear it too", he said looking around. He took her hand and led her to a nearby broom cupboard and said, "Lets hide in here till the coast is clear."

He opened the door and both of them got inside. A few seconds later they heard footsteps and then a while later the footsteps faded.

"Whew that was close", said Samar. But Jennifer wasn't hearing him. The cupboard was too warm and they were standing too close and his face was just millimeters away from hers. He looked at her and slowly tipped her chin up and brought his mouth down to hers...

"Hi Jen got your homework done?"

Jennifer came back to her dormitory to find Penny sitting on her bed wearing her nightdress and brushing her hair.

"Oh yeah I finally finished it." said Jennifer unable to meet Penny's eyes.

"What's wrong Jen? You look like you have been clubbed on the head." said Penny scrutinizing Jennifer.

"Nothing." said Jennifer still not looking at Penny.

"No something has happened and you are not telling me. Come on tell me what happened!" Penny took Jennifer's hand and spun her around


"Hey its nothing serious. Its just that-" said Jennifer unable to explain what had just transpired

"Samar and I- well we kissed."

Penny let a shout of delight and asked,"Tell me exactly how it happened. Every little detail."

Jennifer explained what lead to the kiss and ended up telling her that Samar asked her out.

Penny asked,"What did you tell him? You told him yes didn't you. I would be fucking furious with if you have said no to him."

Smiling to herself Jennifer said,"I said yes and we decided to go to Central Village this weekend."

Having said that she excused herself to bathroom and began to undress. She didn't Penny that all the while she and Samar talked about their first date she felt a weird sense of deja vu.

I must have had this conversation with someone in the past. I wish I knew who it was.