Author's Note: I own my imagination and nothing else

Two Shreds are Better than One


Oroku Saki sighed as an all too familiar voice rang throughout the technodrome. "What is it now Krang?" he replied as he entered the control room where said brain creature had been working on the trans-dimensional portal. The portal had been severely damaged during a recent fight with the turtles and Krang had been working nonstop in an attempt to repair it.

"Well for starters the portal is nearly fixed." Krang said as he pushed several buttons on the control panel. "Okay… So what's the problem?" Shredder asked; confused as to why Kraang was panicking when things were going right for a change.

Suddenly the portal activated; something was coming through! "That is the problem! The portal itself is working but the controls are still fried!" Shredder started to panic as he and Krang started pushing random buttons in a desperate attempt to turn off the portal. Unfortunately in their panic Shredder and Krang had no idea what they were doing and just pushed a bunch of random buttons. This resulted in the portal overloading and then exploding. Fortunately for Shredder he was unharmed by the blast and apparently Krang wasn't hurt either, much to Shredder's chagrin.

"This is all your fault Shredder!" Krang accused "My fault?! How is this my fault?!" Shredder asked "I don't know it just is." Krang responded "Well at least the portal blew up before anything managed to get through." Shredder said bitterly.

However unknown to the two bickering villains something did manage to get through the portal…

To Be Continued…