The next day Berri woke up and went to Conker's room and shook him a little.

When Conker saw Berri he cried loudly "Go away!" He exclaimed backing away from her.

"What's wrong Conker?" Berri asked worried about him.

"You scawe me!" Conker lisped genuinely terrified of her.

"Why are you scared of me Conker?" Berri asked her boyfriend.

"You yelled at me, slammed the door on, and pulled my ear that's why." Conker said.

"Look Conker I'm really sorry about that I was stressed out, can ever forgive me?" Berri asked.

Conker thought about it, then said "okay I can fowgive you." He then hugged her.

"Good now let's check your diapee." Berri chimed happily checking the inside of his diaper.

Conker soiled his diaper and it smelt pretty bad.

Berri plugged her nose "Looks like someone made stinky." She said playfully.

"Change me!" Conker exclaimed.

Berri took him to a changing table and changed his diaper "There we go, better?" She asked.

Conker nodded "Mama can I have spankies?" He asked cutely.

"Sure Conker." Berri said playfully picking Conker up and laying him down over her lap, raised her hand and brought it down firmly on Conker's diapered bum.

Conker smiled at the slaps swishing his tail, playfully wiggling his bum "I wuv you mama." Conker said.

"I love you to Conker." Berri said smiling continuing to spank Conker watching him squirm cutely.

Conker moaned in pleasure as he was spanked he than got an idea he reached back and covered his bum.

Berri grinned "No Conker, no blocking." She playfully scolded pinning his hands down and lowering his diaper revealing his somewhat pink rear landing harder smacks.

Conker smiled as he was spanked "I'm sowwy mama I'll be a good squirrel." He playfully whined.

Berri continued to spank him "Well you should've thought of that before blocking." She scolded him.

Pretty soon his bum was red and hot Conker smiled sitting Berri's lap, hugging her.

"Mama can I ask you something?" Conker asked cutely.

"Go ahead Conker." Berri said.

"Can you be a baby yourself?" He asked.

"Sure Conker." She said.

Conker squealed in joy, hugging Berri really tight.

Berri was surprised by how tight it was "Alright Conker let mommy go." She said

Conker let go of Berri really happy about this.

Berri picked up a nearby phone and called Rodent "Hey Rodent can you come over and help us?" She asked.

"Sure Berri I'll be there soon." He said getting dressed in jeans, a t-shirt and, shoes.

Conker squealed in in excitement with a big smile on his face.

Berri smiled and went to get some baby supplies and came back setting them down and lying down "Okay Conker I'm ready." Berri said happily blushing slightly.

Conker walked over taking her shorts, lifted her legs, powdered her butt and, diapered her "Thewe we go done." He said cutely.

Rodent came in "I'm here!" He called entering their room completely surprised Conker and Berri in diapers.

"Oh...hey Rodent." Berri said blushing deeply.

Conker blushed as well.

"Well this is weird." Rodent said awkwardly, breaking the silence.

"Rodent Conker is now an adult baby and so am I." Berri said sitting up making her diaper crinkle.

"Yep!" Conker said proudly standing up.

"Well you two are really cute in diapers." Rodent complimented blushing a bit.

"That's why I called you over, to care for us like babies." Berri said.

"Just a small question would I get spankies?" Conker asked.

"Huh?" Rodent asked.

"Conker likes being spanked." Berri whispered.

"Oh okay Conker you will get spanked." Rodent said.

Conker squealed in glee.

Berri giggled a little, crawling over to Rodent "Can I call you daddy?" She asked.

"Sure you can Berri." Rodent said happily patting her diapered bum.

Conker crawled over to them "I'm hungwy!" He exclaimed holding his tummy as it growled.

Berri messed her diaper and started crying.

Rodent ran to her laid her down, undid her diaper, wiped her bum, gave it a gentle slap and, diapered her back up.

"Feed me daddy!" Conker whined.

"Daddy just feed him." Berri said.

Rodent picked up Conker carried him to the kitchen and fed "What do you want Conker?" He asked.

"Pop tarts!" Conker squealed out.

Berri left the room, crawling around the house.

Rodent got the pop tarts opening a pack and fed the pastries to Conker.

Conker happily ate them getting messy in the process.

Berri soon came in topless, showing her breasts.

Rodent saw this and over to Berri "Why aren't you wearing a top?" He asked.

Conker looked at them blushing a little.

"Babies don't have to wear shirts." Berri said cutely.

"You're right Berri, but baby girls wear shirts." Rodent said.

"Daddy has Bewwi been naughty?" Conker asked.

Berri was a little bit nervous about this.

Rodent gently took her hand guiding her to a nearby chair, pulling her over his lap, baring her butt and, spanked her.

Conker's nose began bleeding at the site and didn't notice.

Berri enjoyed it but didn't want to tell Rodent afraid he might stop.

Rodent spanked Berri for 10 minutes pulled her diaper up "Are you going to be good Berri?" He asked. "Conker your nose is bleeding." Rodent alerted Conker.

Conker checked and screamed.

Berri got up and hugged her boyfriend.

Rodent got some tissues for Conker, putting them in his nose to stop the bleeding.

Conker smiled hugging Rodent cutely.