In the morning at Cappy Town, the sun is rising on the horizon. Gooey is sleeping in his bed at his house. Abruptly, I jumped on Gooey's bed and bounced on his bed excitedly to wake him up. "Wakey wakey sleepy do!" I exclaimed. Gooey woke up in a flash that he screams shortly that he jumps to the ceiling. "Guess what, Gooey?" "What do you want, Neil?! Five more minutes." Muffled Gooey, while he is stuck on the ceiling. I pulled Gooey out of the ceiling and placed him on the bed. "We got free tickets to participate on a cruise trip. Just the two of us!" I said. "Yes! The first time that we can go to the cruise... Wait a second; remember last time on the Spring Break trip to Florida? You forced me to be your stupid servant. If you and I are going to the cruise trip and used me as a pack mule again, I am not going." Commented Gooey. "Ok ok, I promise. I will let you relax and I will be the pack mule because I am strong that I have been working out." Gooey and I are packing our bags to get started on our cruise vacation.

(The scene fades to a cruise ship sailing on the open sea.) As we moved into our stateroom, Gooey and I unpacked our bags in the state room. "Tool Gun, check. Snacks, check." I thought. "Want to go swimming on the pool, Neil." "Sure Gooey, why not. I am a green fox boy that allows Gooey to relax instead of a pack mule." "Aww, that was so nice of you." I put on some swim trunks and some sunglasses. I zapped at my luggage from my tool gun and saved it on the Tool Gun for some backup. We left the stateroom and I locked the door with my room key card and placed it on my swim trunks.

At the swimming pool, it was crowded; but it will have to do. Gooey climbs up on the diving board; abruptly, he sees a huge iceberg on the horizon. "Iceberg incoming!" Announced Gooey. Everyone begins to panic around the cruise while the alarm sounds off. "I hate 'Titanic.'" I thought. The cruise collides with the iceberg and slowly sinks. "Quick Gooey, come with me to the speedboat!" I advised. Gooey and I evacuated out of the cruise and we docked in the speedboat. Then the cruise completely sinks into the ocean.

"At least we got our bags backed up in my Tool Gun." I said. While we are stuck in the middle of the ocean, I saw some people stranded in the ocean; Ash, Brock, May, Max, and Pikachu. "Hey, a little help here? Save us." Called May. I accelerated my speed boat to come to them, so I can rescue them. "Grab onto my hand, May." I said. She grabs a hold on my hand and I lifted her into the speed boat. The rest of them were docked into the boat as well. "Thanks for saving us; but who are you green fox boy?" Asked Max. "I'm Neil The Fox, the mascot of the Gemerl720 franchise; even the writer of this story." "But how are we going to find some land?" Commented Ash.

I glanced at a submarine that has the color of red and black. "Let's try going into that submarine." Stated Gooey. "What is your name friendly blue guy?" Asked May. "I'm Gooey, I am a friendly blue blob made of Dark Matter. I have the same personality as Kirby-"

(Scene cuts to the plains with a lot of N-Zs.) "Get on with the fanfiction already!" Clamored the group of N-Zs. "Alright alright!" Grumbled Gooey.

(Scene cuts back to the ocean with a speed boat and a red and black submarine.) As we head to the submarine, it belongs to someone. "It belongs to that damn Team Magma!" Growled Ash in anger. A skunk comes out of nowhere and sprays at Ash. "Aw man; aw." Cried Ash. He coughs so hard and vomits. "Ew eww ewwww! Someone vomited, oh my god!" Panicked Gooey. The skunk disappears all of a sudden; even the vomit disappears as well. We boarded off of the speedboat and landed foot on the submarine. I pulled out a Tool Gun and zapped at the speedboat to remove it. "Hey, where did you get the Tool Gun from?" Asked Brock. "I got this from Garry's Mod. Everyone in the Gemerl720 fanfiction has Tool Guns." I replied. A group of Team Magma grunts have kidnapped us and we were sent to the Team Magma HQ.